【Translation】 NoT Regret Animate Tokuten


Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也)

Track 1: Dialogue


Hey, don’t fight back. You quietly nodded when I asked you to come over to my house, and this time, I didn’t threaten you, did I?

I merely invited you by saying “let’s go drink at my house!”

Don’t tell me you actually thought that I called you over just for the sake of a drink, right? When you’re alone with a man, you should know there’s a possibility of that happening afterwards. So, it’s only natural for me to do this.

Come on, lift your arms, I won’t be able to undress you like this.

Other one.


Now you’re being obedient. At the end of the day, you love sex, don’t you?

No need to be shy, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying things that feel good, so be honest about it.

At the very least, I love pleasurable things.


I love it when you show me those naughty expressions of yours.

You’ve been acting like such a good girl until now, haven’t you? …Even though you enjoy pleasure this much.

Really? Because it doesn’t seem like you’re pretending to like it.

You have such a greedy look on your face, you know?


That’s not a look of “I don’t want it”, it’s an “I want to have sex. I want to feel good, I want to be teased more…even more.”

You should just be honest and say it.


You’re staying so firm. I wonder how long you’ll last.

Let’s remove your bra.

Since we’ve come this far, there’s no stopping midway, you know? Because I’m ready to go.

Despite telling me to stop, you still do it regardless. Even when you’re seen naked by a man that isn’t your boyfriend, you don’t resist.

And when I tease your nipples, you never attempt to escape.


It’s not like I made any strange request. All I said is let’s have sex.

Even though you’re still Motoharu’s girlfriend, I haven’t said anything about it nor I have forced you into anything. I’m respecting your wishes.

Here too.


Can I touch the place below?

Hey, don’t be silent. Say yes.

Eh? You’re not refusing it, are you? Since you’re naughty, you’re able to enjoy sex with me, aren’t you?

Though, even if you refuse, I’ll still touch it.


Oh, you’re wet.

As expected, your body is honest. I love that part of you, it responds honestly whenever I stroke it with my fingers.

If I lick it like this…


Like I thought, your body is honest even though your mouth never is.

You like me too, don’t you?

You’re silent again, huh.


Yup, it’s honest.

I want to hear how you feel, not your body.

You won’t let me hear it…? No matter what?


Why is Motoharu’s name popping up this point even? I’m the one who’s talking to you right now, no?

I’m not asking for an excuse.

Even though I’m saying that I love you, why are you answering with Motoharu?


Forget it. You’re plenty wet, aren’t you?

I’m putting it in.

Also, undress me. You can do it, right?

Yes, yes, take things off carefully.


That’s enough.

Lie down and wait. I’ll make you feel good.


Darn. As always, you’ve got a nice body.

Your body never lets me go, right?

Hey, you like me, don’t you? Come on, say that you like me.

Why’s it not possible if it’s not Motoharu?

You’re not going to say anything?


I’m sick of that.

Come on, at the very least, feel it more, because at least your body’s honest.


I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Your body belongs to me, right? Right?


What an idiotic-looking sleeping face.

You’re sleeping right across someone and you’re off sleeping with a man you didn’t even like. What a careless person you are.

With you, it truly is just your body, isn’t it?

Why won’t you say that you like me? Why did it have to be Motoharu?

Had I met you first, would I not have been left feeling this way? …I really do love you, you know?

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