【Translation】 NoT Regret


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NoT Regret

CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也), Watanabe Hiroshi (渡辺紘)

Track 1: True Love


M: Darn. I’ll go on ahead then.

M: Are you alright?

M: I know, there’s no way you are fine.

M: I’m at my limit. Sorry.


M: Are you okay?

M: Huh? She’s asleep?

M: What’s with that? She’s already asleep by the time I pull out, did I push her that much?

M: Oh well, it doesn’t really matter.


M: Eh? You…are asleep, right?

M: Seriously!? You were awake?!!

M: That was so embarrassing.

M: No, err, how should I say it? It feels like my aim was to kiss you while you were asleep.

M: No, I just was saying that although it might seem like the case, it doesn’t mean it was. It’s just that your face when you fall asleep from exhaustion after doing it is just too cute.

M: I was thinking that it must’ve felt good today too.

M: Ah! What am I saying???

M: Don’t laugh.

M: Oh, god, I let my guard down. I get careless any time I’m with you and just let out my true thoughts.


M: I guess so. When I say my true thoughts, it means I’m not lying.

M: Did I say something strange?

M: That aside, it’ll soon be 1 year since we first started dating, right? How about we go on a trip to commemorate that?

M: We haven’t gone anywhere lately, right? So I thought it’d a great opportunity for that.

M: Alright!

M: Now I ought to find a good place, don’t I? It is a rare celebration, after all.


M: What place would be nice?

M: How do hot springs sound? It was fun the last time we went, also, I’ll go search for a room with an open-air bath.

M: I know, right? I knew you’d understand how special that feels.

M: Oh, right, there’s was a hot spring I’d like to recommend.

M: Err…where’s its homepage. Oh, there it is. Look, it’s this place. The view’s extremely wonderful, right?

M: Yup.

M: Oh, but it’s a rare occasion, so we should look at more options. It’s an important day, so I don’t want us to make a sloppy decision.


M: Eh? Could it be that it’s tacky that I’m so concerned about our anniversary?

M: Is that so? Thank god.

M: But when I met you, it was almost as if I was reborn…or something like that.

M: My memories of you grow every day and I find all of that to be precious. Like this photo for example.

M: Yup, it’s one I took when we went to see that movie.

M: I said I wanted to see it and you suggested that we watch it together, didn’t you? It was the first time I went to the movies with you, so I was pretty tense you see.


M: On that note, here’s this photo. It’s from our first trip together.

M: I thought it’d look beautiful to photograph you in the middle of a field of flowers, but it’s funny how it’s almost like some live still painting.

M: Yes, I know, it’s my fault. Sorry.

M: I thought it’d look cool if I took it was I went down from beneath. That said, they’re all my deeply cherished memories.

M: I’m truly glad to have met you and it’s truly wonderful that I’m able to date you.

M: Thank you.

M: Let’s make even more memories in the future, okay?


Track 2: Encounter and Restraint


M: This is bad, I completely forgot about the report and presentation. I’ll work hard so it wouldn’t become a joke of me becoming your junior, but I don’t think I can complete the report by tomorrow.

M: I know, I’ll do it.

M: Can you come over to my house and cook dinner?

M: Eh? You won’t? Why?

M: I won’t do anything strange! Also, what are you referring to when you say “strange”?


M: Oh? You aren’t going to say it? Could it be that you were thinking of something you can’t speak of?

M: You’re so naughty.

M: My bad, my bad, so-

K: Huh? Is that you, Motoharu?

K: Ah! I knew it, it was you, Motoharu. It’s been a while.

M: Uh…it’s been a while, Kazuki.


M: Ah, no, he’s-

K: Is she your new girlfriend by any chance?

M: New? There’re better ways to put it, is there not!?

K: Haha! Sorry, sorry.

K: Oh, I was in the same class as Motoharu back in high school. The name’s Adachi Kazuki, nice to meet you.

K: Eh? To shake my hand immediately…how defenseless.

K: No, I was just thinking that she seems like a nice girl.

M: Well, that’s enough, right? Because in that case, we’re leaving.


K: Wait. There’s no need to be in such a rush, is there? Or are you in an actual rush?

K: Oh, sorry for interrupting. Was it a date?

K: That’s not it? Then is it part-time work?

M: This is enough, is it not!? See you, Kazuki.

K: Oh, I get it. You must’ve forgotten your assignment, right? Am I correct?

K: You’re off doing that again, Motoharu.

K: This guy was super forgetful in high school and he would be stuck there during after-school hours. Well, I guess you couldn’t say that to your girlfriend. You wanted to look cool, right, Motoharu?

M: Shut up!

K: That said, it was pretty bad. Because he couldn’t leave until he submitted things, he couldn’t make it in time for his meet-ups with girls. And then, the girls that he dated wouldーー


M: Stop blabbering on about it!!!

K: Whoa. Don’t get so angry.

K: Haha! What a scary face.

M: You…

K: Hey, Motoharu, your girlfriend’s super understanding.

M: She’s a nice girl.

K: You seem to cherish her, Motoharu.

M: That’s right.

K: It’s great that you two seem happy.

M: Yeah.


M: It’s about time we-

K: On that note, it doesn’t feel like Motoharu has told you about the all mishaps he’s had during high school. For example, this guy…


K: He flipped over a bucket while he was cleaning the hall.

M: That may have happened…

K: Also, during the closing party for the school festivalーー

M: Seriously, STOP MENTIONING IT…!!!

K: I can’t? But you were quite the jester.

M: I said stop!


K: I thought so. You don’t know about Motoharu’s past, do you?

K: Well, there are a bunch of things he can’t say.

K: Motoharu was quite the rascal. That said, past Motoharu had cute parts to him. You wouldn’t have imagined that that was the case now, but I have an interesting photo. Are you curious?

K: I’ll show it to you, so let’s drink together next time at Motoharu’s place.

M: Why does it have to be my place?

K: You want to see photos of the mischievous Motoharu, right?

K: Well, I’ll bring some nice drinks next time.

K: Oh, right, do you have any preference?

K: In that case, I’ll just bring my usual. Motoharu, you haven’t moved, right?


M: I haven’t.

K: Well then, I’ll tell you when I can come. See ya.

M: See you later…


M: Seems like a good person? …Maybe.

M: Oh, sorry, how about we go home for now? I have to go finish my report.


Track 3: Secret


K: Now then, cheers to the drinking party with the three of us!

M: Cheers…

K: As I thought, this beer tastes good.

K: Oh, so you’re the type that understands the taste. This tastes good, doesn’t it? It’s a German beer, but it’s pretty expensive.

K: Since it’s a long-awaited drinking party, we ought to have good beer, don’t we? And that’s why I splurged and bought them. Oh, but I guess it’s dull to talk about money.

K: So you honestly thank people during situations like this, huh.

K: It feels nice, and I like it.

K: Did Motoharu fall in love with that honest side of her too? Or was it some other reason?


M: I mean, I do like her honest side.

K: What’s with that vague answer? …So there is some other reason.

M: Not really.

K: Like compatibility during sex?


K: Hahaha! Sorry, sorry, I guess we ought to drink more before I get to that topic.

M: That’s not the problem.

K: Oh? You’re a girl who can make a dirty joke. That’s great.

M: There’s no need to play along, you know?


K: There’s no need to act so cold. But well, I’ll be hated if I keep going on about that, so I’ll stop.

M: Of course, you’re in front of a girl, after all.

K: Just a question. How long have you two been dating, Motoharu?

M: About a year.

K: Seriously!? A year’s amazing. How did you two get together?

M: You…

K: It just means that she’s just that charming. Isn’t that, right?

K: Oh, she’s shy. How cute. That said, I never imagined that such an earnest girl would be dating you, Motoharu.


M: It doesn’t matter.

K: I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, so where did you two meet? Was it in university?

M: Yeah, we happened to be taking the same course…

K: To find a smart studious girlfriend, you’re pretty impressive, Motoharu.

M: You-

K: Don’t sulk. Though, this does put me at ease.

M: What do you mean?

K: I thought it’d be lonely if you had changed during the time we’ve been apart, Motoharu. We used to get along together so well.

K: Yes, yes, we met and played together in high school. We went to all sorts of places, karaoke, bowling…


K: Oh, right, right, as promised, I brought Motoharu’s high school photos. It’s fine to show her, right?

M: Hey, Kazuki!!! You brought some troublesome photos, didn’t you!?

K: I didn’t. Who do you think I am, Motoharu?

M: That’s…

K: It’s alright, trust me. Okay?


K: No, it’s nothing, just wait a bit. Err, oh, there it is. This is the smartphone I had during high school.

K: Okay. It’s this one.

K: Yes, yes, our school had typical male uniforms. The boys had long jackets and long trousers while the girls had blazers, so it was a weird combination.

M: That reminds me, they weren’t sailor uniforms, right?

K: So you prefer sailor uniforms, Motoharu.

M: Not really, that’s not what I mean.

K: Then, then, then, did your current girlfriend wear a sailor uniform? Or did she have blazers?

M: Hah!? What are you talking about???

K: Hahaha! That’s so like you. Oh, were you panicked because you were imagining it in your head?

M: No! I was just thinking that some school uniform cosplay would be nice.


K: I knew it.

M: That’s not what I mean, so umm…

M: I’m going to the toilet.


K: He’s quite the interesting fellow, isn’t he? He immediately lets things slip.

K: He was like this during high school too. He’s a bit absentminded, and that’s why he ends up saying unnecessary things.

K: Eh? Cute…? Him?

K: Could it be that you fell in love with Motoharu because of that?

K: I see. I get it.

K: You’re the first girl to call Motoharu cute. He didn’t give that kind of vibe during high school.

K: Although the way he accidentally lets things slip from his mouth hasn’t changed, he’s done well to deceive you. You have full trust in Motoharu, after all.

K: I have other photos from high school. Would you like to see?


K: Here, this.

K: Oh, the girl sitting beside him is Motoharu’s first girlfriend. And the next photo is the next girl he went out with. By the other way, the other girl beside him, although they never went out, is a girl he’s done it with.

K: You see, in reality, he used to sleep around with a lot of girls.

K: Every day he’d kiss and do it with a different girl. He even did it in school.

K: Whenever he forgets his assignments and has to stay behind after school, he would get slapped by the girls who had been left waiting in vain.

K: I’ll leave it to you whether you want to believe me or not, but I’m not lying.


K: He’s a pretty terrible guy, don’t you think? Despite being a playboy, he’s pretending to be a devoted man and fooling you.

K: Though, since you’ve been dating for a year, that might actually be genuine.

K: But well, you don’t know when he might start sleeping around again.


M: What are you doing, Kazuki?!!

K: Eh? I haven’t done anything. I was just showing her photos from high school.

M: Photos? Don’t tell me-

K: Hahaha! Motoharu, you’re getting way too worked up.

M: Kazuki. You…!!!

K: Why are you angry? I was merely telling her the truth; it’s not fair to hide it.

M: So!?

K: You’re mistaken if you think a playboy like you could become upright. I’ll praise you for holding back for a full year, but you’re already growing tired of it, aren’t you?

M: You’re wrong!!!

K: Liar.

M: No, you’re wrong, you’re 100% wrong…!!! It’s true that I’ve played around until now and went back and forth between women; I thought it was easier because I didn’t have to take responsibility.


K: I know, right? As expected, you’re-

M: BUT…!!! But she’s different.

M: Yes, you’re different. You and you alone.

M: To tell you the truth, at the start, I thought it would be the same as it had been until now. Occasionally, I would think it’d be nice if I had my way with a different type.

K: Tch. I knew you’d think that.

M: IT WAS ONLY AT THE START!!! …Because she was different from all the other women before her.

M: I met countless women who seemed fine with me doing it with other girls, and even when I grew bored and stopped contacting them, they would never say anything to me. And that’s why I thought I’d continue my ways, but she wasn’t like that at all.

M: No matter what the topic, I could surprise her and she’d laugh. She would actually listen to what I was saying.

M: Remember? You said listening was only natural.

M: I had never met anyone like that before. It’s always been people who simply wanted to go on about themselves.


K: She listens to you, huh.

M: You haven’t met anyone like that, so you wouldn’t understand, Kazuki. Once you meet a girl like that, you’ll definitely have a change of heart.

K: Oh?

M: Nevertheless, it’s unpleasant, right? …To have someone like me as your boyfriend.

M: It makes you wonder if you could trust me, doesn’t it?

M: It’s all over now……


M: Eh? Don’t worry about it?

K: In other words, it’s a story of the past, so it’s not a big deal. Right?

M: Will you…forgive me?

M: Look, I’m looking at you!!! I can’t live without you, so-

M: Thank you.


K: How did it turn out like this? Even though he’s actually…

K: Looks like I’ve witnessed something nice, Motoharu.

M: Kazuki, you..!!!

K: My bad. That said, even if you hide it, she’ll find out one day, right? Since you’ve been dating for a year, it’s better to do it before you lose the chance.

M: I mean, that is true, but…

K: Your girlfriend is an incredibly nice girl. To be honest, I’m jealous.

M: You’re not wrong.

K: It’s nice.


K: Well, that was my fault just now. Come on, drink some more. I bought wine as well. Paper cup’s fine, right?

K: From here on out, let’s only talk about light-hearted things.

M: You’re the one who started this mess, so you’re the one to talk.

K: True enough. Sorry, sorry.

K: Let’s have a toast.


K: Drink. Drink.

M: I’ll have some as well then.

K: Go ahead, drink more. Lots more.


Track 4: The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side


K: Well, you can still drink, can’t you, Motoharu?

M: I…can’t drink any more.

K: Really? It feels like you can keep going though.

M: I can’t. Any more and I’ll…

K: Oh, he fell asleep. Shit! I forgot this guy has no alcohol tolerance.


K: You never knew? Could it be that he made it so that he never drank in front of you?

K: Oh? He really wanted to look cool in front of you, huh. He treasures you quite a lot considering that he’s been hiding it all this time. He was probably extra careful to make sure you didn’t find out.

K: You too. To accept Motoharu for who he is, you must have a good heart.

K: Or are you actually angry and just pretending it’s alright?


K: Hmm. You seem like an honor student. You certainly are a type that hadn’t been around me or Motoharu.

K: Motoharu had really been saying that he’s serious with you.

K: That’s right, even if it’s like this, I’ve been with him longer, so I know. He’s serious about you. As for me…

K: I now want you.

K: Of course, I know that you like Motoharu, so I’m not planning to break you two apart by force. That said, please look at me just this one time for just this one night.


K: You can’t? …Are you worried about Motoharu?

K: Don’t worry, when he falls asleep after drinking, he’ll sleep like a rock till morning.

K: Are you against it no matter what?

K: So you care about Motoharu that much, huh. But this isn’t cheating, you know? Because your feelings are for Motoharu, after all.

K: If your heart remains entirely his then it isn’t cheating.

K: I see. This seriously is the first time I’ve seen an obstinate woman like you.

K: Though, that does get me more fired up.


K: What I’m doing?

K: Huh? Don’t tell me that you don’t understand the situation you’re in right now? You’ve been push down forcibly and have both your hands pinned down.

K: Now then, please tell me what’s about to happen in 10 words or less.

K: Needless to say, I know your reply.

K: So you’re holding back. Oh well, it’d be a pain if you were to make a ruckus.

K: I’ve taken an interest in you, and I want you; it’s as simple as that. But you’ll probably say “I belong to Motoharu”, right?

K: No, I want you precisely because I realize that.

K: Naturally, you have the right to chose. However, we must first check your body first before a decision is made.


K: That’s right. A body check. In other words, sex.

K: My, my, running away is pointless. I told you earlier, didn’t I? As long as your heart still belongs to Motoharu, you aren’t unfaithful. In other words, it’s not cheating.

K: But the most important thing in life is physical compatibility. So to make a decision without checking physical compatibility is surely a mistake.

K: In any case, stop thinking about trivial things and just test it out one time.

K: I’ll make you feel far better than what Motoharu can.


K: You’re struggling way too much, don’t you think? If you don’t settle down, Motoharu will wake up.

K: Yes, yes, you ought to be quiet.

K: What’s this? You have quite a cute bra on. Is this your preference?

K: Don’t get embarrassed over me seeing your bra. You’ve shown it to Motoharu countless times, haven’t you? So it doesn’t matter who sees it now.

K: Lift your right arm a little.

K: Take your shirt and bra off together.

K: What? Did you not hear me? I said that I want you to take off your shirt and bra. Or do you prefer doing it with clothes on?


K: Yes, that’s right, you should’ve been obedient from the start.

K: Okay, now we’re ready.

K: First off…

K: Hey, don’t run away. Were you surprised that I bite you? It’s punishment for not listening to me.

K: See?

K: It hurts to be bitten, right? That’s why it’s punishment.


K: Hmm? You tell me to stop, but it seems like you’re enjoying it.

K: Look, you’re moaning.

K: You surprisingly enjoy pain, don’t you?

K: Don’t lie.

K: See? Haha! It looked like it felt really good when I forehead-flicked you. Oh, right, since it’s not on your forehead, I guess it’s a nipple-flick. Though, it doesn’t really matter.

K: Let’s test this place too.


K: This place seems to feel good from the start. Like I thought, you enjoy pain, don’t you?

K: You’re still denying it?

K: Though, you aren’t fooling me.

K: This is wonderful. You have such nice reactions.

K: You don’t have to deny it so adamantly. Because, look, that place of yours is already wet.

K: Haha! You’re covering it with your hands.

K: You know, I wasn’t exactly looking at it. I was just imagining that that was the case. That said, seeing that you’re trying to hide it…

K: I was right on point, wasn’t I?


K: Eh? I got it wrong? If so, prove it to me. Show me that place of yours.

K: Take off your skirt and casually say that your panties aren’t wet. You should be able to do if they’re not wet, right?

K: You can’t? …So I guess it’s a lie.

K: Even though you’re wet and you’re feeling it, you’re trying to fool me, huh.

K: Come on, take off your skirt.

K: If you’re wet, I’ll punish you for saying that you weren’t turned on. Oh, right, how about we wake him up?

K: If you take it off obediently and it’s not wet, I won’t do anything.

K: If I’m wrong, I don’t mind groveling on the ground. However, if you are wet, you know what’ll happen, right?


K: Come on, hurry up and take it off. Otherwise, I’ll shove it in by force.

K: Okay, now spread your legs.


K: See? You are wet. It’s soaking right through.

K: You’re hella wet it seems.

K: Like I thought, you enjoy pain. And yet, here you are lying that you aren’t wet.

K: You’re silence again, huh.

K: Oh well, it’s fine. In any case, you’re definitely being punished.

K: I won’t let you resist. Let’s remove your panties for now. Come on, lift up your legs.

K: There we go. Off it goes.


K: It’s nice. It’s super cute.

K: Oh, right, I should undress too.

K: It’s hard to do it while standing straight up, so place your hands on the bed. And of course, you won’t resist, right?

K: You’re quite submissive. You want it so badly that you can’t help yourself, right?

K: Though, I mean, even if you were to resist, you’ll lose the will to before long. Because, look, you’re soaking wet.

K: You’re incredible. You’re completely drenched.


K: Despite being in this state, you’re still attempting to lie.

K: However, you can’t fool your body because…look, my fingers went in so easily. My two fingers were swallowed up immediately.

K: Wow. It’s coiling around them.

K: It feels like a little birdie who’s starving.

K: You’re still denying it? But…I wonder how long you can keep resisting?

K: Whoa there. Don’t change your position.

K: Wait a sec.


K: What are you saying? After coming this far, there’s no way I wouldn’t stick it in.

K: Quietly wait with your butt out.

K: I’m making sure to put on a condom. I’m considerate, aren’t I?


K: Sorry to keep you waiting.

K: Come on, spread your legs a little wider.

K: I told you to spread them. Did you not hear me? Do you want me to force you to?

K: Yes, yes, that’s good.


K: Amazing. You’re good.

K: As expected of Motoharu’s woman, it feels like you’ve been used a lot.

K: You see, Motoharu’s good at shaping women, and that’s why it feels so good to do it with his women.

K: This is incredible. It feels so good.


K: That’s a nice reaction. Your body’s trembling.

K: You’re about to cum, aren’t you?

K: You’re finally honest.

K: Sure, go ahead and cum. I’ll let you cum.


K: Haha! You came already.

K: I knew it, Motoharu’s women are the best. That said, the night’s still long.


Track 5: Fair


K: Hmm? Oh, Motoharu, you’re awake.

M: Kazuki, what do you think you’re doing to someone else’s girlfriend?

K: You can’t tell by looking? …I’m doing it with your girlfriend.

K: She feels super good, as expected of a girl you molded, Motoharu.


K: I’m not fooling around, I’m actually making her feel good. Come on, take a look at her face.

M: !?

K: She’s quick to cum. Meanwhile, I still haven’t cum yet.

M: You…FUCKING CUT IT OUT!!! In the past, you kept laying hands on other people’s girlfriends time and time again. And because of that-


K: So what about it?

M: In any case, don’t get her tangled up in it.

K: Too late, she’s already involved. Plus, she already came. Regardless, she’s feeling good.

M: You, that’s enough-

K: You see, people don’t change. Motoharu, it seems like you’re under the impression that you became earnest after meeting this girl, but that couldn’t possibly happen, right?

M: But I did become earnest.

K: You’re such a liar. Why don’t you take a look at that place of yours? You’re turned on, aren’t you? Haha!!!

K: Your personality really hasn’t changed.


K: You’re curious about his character too, right?

M: STOP!!!

K: Motoharu here, is a terrible guy who gets turned on from seeing other men fuck his woman.

K: It’s not a lie, I’m 100% serious.

K: I’ll show it to you. I’ll show you that thing of Motoharu’s as he witnesses another guy thrusting into his girlfriend.

K: Come on. I want to show it to her, so strip. After all, you’re hard as a rock.

K: Show it to her, MOTOHARU!!!


K: See? What did I say?

K: Even though it hasn’t been touched, it’s nice and erect.

M: Sorry.

K: Pfft. HAHAHA!!! That’s the first thing you say? You really are an interesting fellow. I’ll reward you for showing me such a funny scene, Motoharu.

K: I’ll start moving a little.

K: Whoa. Oh, but she’s really feeling it. So when I sit down with that still inside, that’s what happens.

M: What are you trying to do, Kazuki?

K: As I’ve said, I’m giving you a reward.

K: Look, I’ll get down from behind, so get on all four.


K: Yes, that’s good. Motoharu, why don’t you stand over there in front of her face?

M: You…don’t tell me-

K: Now why don’t you do him with your mouth? You’re able to do it, right? Let’s make Motoharu feel good as well.

K: I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you blow him while I make you cum?

M: You don’t have to!!!

K: You can, right? Earlier, you finally became a good, obedient girl, right? Or do you want me to show Motoharu the way you lose yourself whenever you receive painful punishment?


M: There’s no need for you to do something like this…

M: Please stop.

K: Hey, Motoharu, it’ll be difficult for her if you don’t come closer.

K: You both got nice expressions.

M: You’re wrong…

K: In that case, I’ll alsoーー


K: You clamped down so hard just now.

M: It feels good…

K: It looks nice, Motoharu. Well then…

M: It-

K: It must hurt, seeing that it’s rock hard.

M: Shut up.

K: It must feel real good. Well, isn’t that great? You two match each other.

M: Match?


K: Oh, Motoharu, she’s a girl that enjoys pain.

K: Hey, don’t deny it.

K: Motoharu, why don’t trying pinching her nipples nice and hard?

M: I feel bad doing that.

K: It’s fine, it’s not a bad thing, she enjoys it.

M: No, I know.

K: She’s a girl that says no even though she really likes it. So come on, make it quick.

M: I’m sorry…


K: She’s tightening so much.

M: You really are feeling it…?

M: That’s not a face that says that I’m wrong.

K: Darn, this feels too good.

M: So you had that kind of kink, huh.


K: She’s at it again, trying to say that that’s not the case.

K: Oh well, I understand now that when you say no, it means it feels incredibly good. More importantly, I’m close to my limit.

K: Come on, suck Motoharu off properly.


K: Damn. I’m about to…


K: Wow. Wow, this girl’s so good. She’s seriously amazing.

M: Please release it from your mouth.

M: This is enough, is it not? So hurry up and pull out.

K: I know. Yeah, yeah, I’ll pull out right now.


M: Are you alright?

K: This girl is honestly great. It feels like this is the result of your training, Motoharu.

M: You…

K: How about you do it this time, Motoharu? You haven’t cum yet, right? Plus, it doesn’t look like she’s had enough.

M: Something like that-

M: Eh?

K: See? She’s up for it.

M: Here, a condom. Ah. Or should I be the one to put it on?

K: Stop, you disgust me.


K: Oh, right, if you’re going to do it, do it in the backwards sitting position. I want to tease her nipples while you two are doing it.

M: Again, you’re-!!!

K: Look, she’s telling you to do as you wish with her. So hurry up and enter from the back.

M: I know.


M: Get on here.


K: That’s a nice expression.

K: Come on, Motoharu. Move.

M: Shut up.

M: I’ll start moving.

K: This is a wonderful sight. In that case, I’ll also…


M: It feels good. Wow, it feels so much better than usual.

K: What? It normally doesn’t feel this good?

M: Not’s not it.

K: It’s fine, it doesn’t matter, be a little more honest. “It feels so good. My girlfriend feels amazing after she’s had sex with other men.”

M: You’re wrong. That’s, that’s…

K: You can’t even deny it anymore.

K: It’s inevitable, but that’s just how you are. You can’t help but feel good, right?

K: Come on, continue.


M: No…it feels so good.

K: Yes, that’s right. Be honest.

K: This got a nice feel to it now. I’ll lick this other place well then.


K: You’re about to cum, aren’t you, Motoharu? Like I thought, you’re turned on by this, aren’t you?

K: Cum. The two of you together.


K: Did you cum?

M: I’m sorry. But even so, it felt absurdly good.

K: It was wonderful. Let’s do this again.


Track 6: Imbalance


K: You actually came.

K: I’m happy. Welcome to my house.

K: What’s with that? Don’t put on such a scary face. Are you angry that I released the photos of the aftermath of us doing it the other day?

K: Don’t give that look. It was a joke. Of course, I wouldn’t do it.

K: Besides, it was only the face, so no one would know that it’s after we’ve done it.

K: Well, in any case, please come on in. And I’ll go bring out some tea.


K: No need to be so on edge. Seriously, I’m not going to anything. At the very least, I won’t do anything unless we’re in consensus.

K: Oh, please sit over there.

K: Where was it? Ah. I only have overpriced tea. Is that fine with you?

K: No reply, huh. I guess that’s a yes.


K: Sorry for calling you all the way here. That said, there’s something I wish to discuss with you no matter what.

K: Sorry about the other day. Sorry for forcing you to have sex with me.

K: Though I say that, I understand that it’s not something I can be forgiven for.

K: I actually like you for real.

K: For your information, this isn’t a joke nor is it a game. I’m saying this with full seriousness.


K: In the beginning, I thought you were a stubborn woman, and I thought it’d be fun to poke fun at you. However, regardless of what happened, you were always looking at Motoharu, right?

K: After seeing that devotion, it really riled me up.

K: You really are a good woman. And so, I want to make you mine.

K: ーーLet me be your boyfriend.


K: Despite feeling it that much while you were having sex with me, you still say that you’re Motoharu’s girlfriend, huh.

K: But well, that’s fine for now. I’m confident that I’ll be able to dominate your body.

K: Hey, hey, saying that will make Motoharu sad, you know? The one who wished for this situation more than anyone is none other than your boyfriend.

K: I’m not joking.

K: Me, you, and Motoharu. Let’s get in a relationship where we do pleasurable things with the three of us.

K: Don’t worry, Motoharu has already agreed to it.


K: There’s no way I wouldn’t get Motoharu’s approval with a matter this important.

K: He gave his okay, you know?

K: Isn’t that right, Motoharu?

M: It’s exactly as he’s said.

K: You, me, and Motoharu. It’s something that involves all three of us, so I called Motoharu over beforehand.


K: Motoharu, take a seat over there. Let’s have a proper talk.

M: Yeah.

M: Kazuki and I more or less spoke the next day. I talked to Kazuki about you.

K: You really are a good woman, so I asked him to give you to me, but Motoharu had no intention of breaking up with you.

M: I want you to have sex with Kazuki while remaining my girlfriend.

K: Couldn’t be the case otherwise. Look, Motoharu has laid everything down, so why don’t you start being honest too? About how it actually felt good.


K: Don’t try to dodge it. You were making such a nice expression.

K: You were super turned on when you were doing it with me while Motoharu was asleep beside us. And then when Motoharu woke up and saw me inside you, you got even more aroused.

K: After, you gave Motoharu a blowjob while I was fucking you. You were moaning, and finally, you came.

M: After that, it was my turn inside you.

M: The sound of your nipples being sucked and your moans were such a hard-on.


K: No need to call me cruel. Both Motoharu and I find you so cute that we simply can’t help ourselves.

K: I don’t think it’s a particularly bad thing.

K: Because look, you’ll be loved by two people. Two times the love, don’t you think that’s amazing?

M: The fact that I love you hasn’t changed. In fact, I feel that I love you more than ever before. Your eyes that yearned for me as you were having sex with Kazuki, I love them so much.

K: See? Seeing that’s what Motoharu has said, let’s get along. Alright?


K: You may choose to remain silent, but deep down, you’re the same as Motoharu, no? You were more turned on than usual when you had sex with a man that wasn’t Motoharu while being right in front of him.

K: That said, you weren’t merely engulfed in pleasure. Because in doing so, it allowed you to realize that your love for Motoharu was far deeper.

K: Of course, I know that I can’t shift your feelings toward me that easily.

K: Even if I’m looked upon coldly by the world, as long as I can have you near me…for now, that’s enough for me.


M: I know that I’m not normal, and because I knew, I hid it.

M: But the other day, this thought came into my head. If it’s you, you just might be able to accept the two of us.

M: I feel bad for hiding it all this time, but I’m happy to finally be able to say it.

M: Yes, it’s because I love you. What I said about being practically reborn when I met you was true.

M: I love and cherish you more than anyone. And that’s precisely why I had the desire for you to accept everything about me.

M: Is that not possible…?


K: It can’t be helped. During times like this, as expected, it’s best to ask her body.

K: You weren’t fully able to liberate your mind because it’s been tied down by your common sense until now, right? However, your body’s not like that.

K: And so, let’s ask your body whether you desire a three-way relationship between us.

M: You’re right.

M: Let’s do it with the three of us.


K: Those eyes… Looks like you’re in the mood for it already.

M: As I thought, you prefer it when it’s a threesome, don’t you? Or…do you simply enjoy being watched?

K: Oh, I see! There might be a chance that that’s what she enjoys.

K: In that case, why don’t we do some exhibition play? Certainly, she seems to enjoy thatーto the point that she’s willing to do it while Motoharu was beside her.

M: If we’re going to do it, I’ll be the one to put it in. Got it?

K: Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten that you’re the original guy here.

K: You prefer it that way, right?


M: Let’s do it.


M: Even if you say no, you won’t actually refuse, will you?

M: Sorry that I’ve turned you this way. Of course, you’d be shocked.

M: I’m sorry that I couldn’t become a normal lover, but…I won’t do anything bad to you. From now on, more, even more, I’ll make you experience a level of pleasure you haven’t yet experienced before. Okay?

K: That’s right. So relax, unravel your body, and leave everything to us.

M: It’s pointless if it’s not you. I want no one else but you.


K: Consider how kind you are, you’ll understand, right?

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