【Translation】 Gastronomie ~Goshujin-sama to Maid no Bishoku Club~ Vol.4 Midorikawa Tokage


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Gastronomie ~ご主人様とメイドの美食倶楽部~ 第肆巻 緑川十影主催

CV: Takeuchi Ryouta (竹内良太)

Track 1: Master and Sacrifice


What’s this? So you were alive.

Despite ordering the butchers to close the bag shut then transport it here, they skimped out on that it seems.

Hey, Meatball, where were you produced?

How annoying. The chef-special chocolate cake that I went through all the effort to buy has gone to waste.

What? You want to eat cake too?

Too bad, there’s no share for you. Besides, it would be inappropriate to feed food to an ingredient like you.


What’s with that expression?

Don’t tell me that you didn’t know that you were an ingredient?

In that case, the meat shop fooled you and switched you in there. I feel bad for you, but it’s your fault. The world isn’t that kind, much less to a young girl. Obviously, you’re the easiest target for prey.

But rejoice, this is the restaurant “Gastronomie” and you’re now to be cooked as the main dish for our exquisite gourmet banquet.

Ain’t that great?

Chosen by those with refined palates, you’ll be devoured eagerly.


On that note, today’s course is Italian.

For Aperitif, we have Aperol Spritz. For Antipasto, we have a salad of minced seasonal vegetables, pumpkin soup, and pilchard fritter with tartar sauce. For Primo Piatto, we have penne with ox tongue and savoy cabbage ragu.

For Secondo Piatto, we have an unnamed girl garnished with a tiny tomato.

And for Dolce, we have chocolate tortino and rum gelato paired with espresso.


What do you think? It’s a pretty impressive menu, don’t you think? You should look forward to it and allow yourself to become well-cooked fried meat.


Did you forget that you’re in a sack? You realize that you can’t run in that state, right?

Look, I’ll take the bag off.


What’s this, Meatball? You aren’t wearing any clothes.

It’s pointless to try and hide it. The meat shop’s pretty diligent to strip you of all your possession so that we could begin the pre-cooking at once.

Come on, come here.

Oh? Meatball, you possess a rather tasty-looking figure. In consideration of your marbled meat, I’d like to hear your name.

You’re a prostitute that got thrown out of some shop, aren’t you?

Huh? You have no name?

Don’t think a convenient excuse like remembering nothing can get you out of this.

Listen, I hate poor jokes like that. Under whose orders were you carried here? Hurry up and spill it…!!!


Is that so? If you claim to know nothing then allow me to quickly have a taste of your body.

Come here. Get on top of the table.

I’ll check the taste and build of your entire body.


It’ll be troubling if this much surprises you.

Speaking of which, although you’re thin, your chest’s big. Listen, I’ll be massaging them, so don’t hide them.

Meatball, look, the tips of your breasts are already red, are they not?

I’ll taste these as well, so stay still.


They have a pretty nice feel on the tongue.

And now the other one…

This place is quite nice as well.


Your ears are cute too. Let me nibble on them a little.

Are you crying?

You’re rather skilled with your acting. Rather than a prostitute, are you an actress instead?

Spread your legs, I want to see how this place is.


Oh? It’s a pretty high-quality alabone. It might be a bad idea to cut only this part alone and eat it as sashimi.

Don’t move. If you move, even worse things will happen.

Spread your legs wider and give me a clearer look.


It’s not really wet. I guess the stimulus wasn’t enough.

Oh well, in any case, how about I cover you with olive oil and then devour you?

You know, I told you not to move, right?

If you flail around too much, I’ll tear your heart out while you’re still alive and use it for some black magic ceremony.

I hear that the heart of a young girl tastes similar to a chocolate cake.


My profession? You can tell by just looking, can’t you? I’m a pious pastor who serves under God.

Incidentally, my place had been a Shinto shrine, but because of the occupying forces that came postwar, it’s been changed into a church.

In essence, it’s changing religions to whatever the situation demands.

In other words, God won’t save you.

Did you know? To summon a demon, you need a young girl to scream out repeatedly, and in the end, you slit their throat and offer their fresh blood. A sacrifice so to speak.


Are you scared? Because if you’re scared, all you have to do is tell me the truth behind everything.

It seems like you really are stupid.

You merely had to quietly open your mouth and apologize.

Oh well, it’s fine, I had my fun.

This smells nice, right? How about we mix this into your alabone?


Now that it’s dripping with olive oil, it’s all the more lascivious.

No need for your place here to be twitching, I’ll put something in there right away. However, it’ll only be my fingers.


It’s a bit cramp. Are you squeezing down on purpose?

What is this…? It feels odd.

Hey, don’t cry. Don’t cry!!!

Damn it, out of all things, you’re a virgin. What the hell is going on here?!!


Hey, do you really not remember anything?

I’m so confused right now. Why’s there a memoryless, clothless girl left inside the bag of ingredients inside my kitchen?

Aran said he doesn’t know either.

The only other person who’d play a trick like this is J, but they’re not here right now.


Hey, you, let me see your head for a bit.

There’a bump. I guess you got amnesia from being hit and struck on the head. To be saddled with this kind of burden, is today my unlucky day?

Meatball, wear my gown, don’t be walking around naked.

Hah? Are you dumb? What kind of pastor would actually fry a girl oil? Obviously, I don’t eat people.

More importantly, you can’t even fit in my pot to begin with.

The reason I said I’ll eat you for show is so that I could teach you a lesson about how you’d meet a terrible fate if you remain naive about the world and enter strangers’ houses.


It’s great that the person who found you was a virtuous and upstanding person like me, had that not been the case, you’d probably be getting raped and violated right about now.

So, be grateful to me. Be wholeheartedly grateful to me.


If you understand then stop crying. Also, blow your nose. Your face is a mess with your tears and snot, you know?


Track 2: Master is a Pastor


And that concludes today’s service.

The church’s blessed bread is being handed out at the exit. Please take a piece with you before you leave.

However, “man shall not live on bread alone.”


Yes, you’re welcome. I’ll see you again next week.

My, my, everyone’s so lively. It’s great that the children are healthy, but they have to make sure to do their homework.

Let’s play again tomorrow, okay?

Of course, goodbye. Everyone, may God bless you.


I’m finally done with my day job.

I’m tired, I’m so tired, I can finally smoke.

That first puff after all that labor is wonderful.

God is generous, so they’ll forgive a diligent pastor for smoking. Also, Meatball, there’s a piece of bread left for me, right?

Hah!? There isn’t? The kids took them all?

Damn it!!!


No, I don’t care if you give canned food or drops or whatever else to the darn kids, but handing over Sunday’s baked bread is out of the question.

I worked hard since early fucking morning and that was the one thing I was looking forward to.

The reason I smile and push through being in front of those bored hags and listening to the endless complaints of those old men who can’t control their voice during my work on Sundays is so that I could eat the bread you baked.

Not only that, today was also the walnut bread I liked.

People don’t live to eat, but we can’t live unless we eat.

Shit. The next time they come, I’ll punish those kids by making them recite their multiplication tables.


Be quiet, don’t pat my head.

Oh, right, Meatball, why don’t you compensate me for it?

When I think about it carefully, it’s not the kids’ fault that I’m hungry, it’s your fault for not saving a share for me beforehand. Take responsibility and ease my hunger.

Hah? What are you trying to do by bringing out broken pieces of chocolate? Aren’t those the leftovers from what was given to the kids prior to the service? Did you think that would be enough to appease my anger?

I’m being awfully looked down upon, aren’t I?

No, are you underestimating me?

Who picked you up after you had lost your memories and hired you as their maid, and looked after you for a year? Who is the Master you should be whole-hearted devoted to? Tell me.


That’s right, it’s me.

On that note, you know what I want, right?

Yes, come here. I feel like sucking on something better than tobacco. Meatball, bring out your tongue.

Yup, that’s good.


With this, I feel a little better.

What’s this? You’re making a lewd expression. Now then, that place is probably already wet.

If so, why don’t you prove it to me?

Roll up your skirt yourself, lower your panties, and show it to me. If you’re not wet, you’ll be able to do it, right?

Hah? You’re embarrassed?

There’s no one else here, there’s only me. Also, it’s your Master’s orders, isn’t it your job to obediently follow orders?


What’s this about it being a sacred place?

God too is tired from the service, so let’s entertain him. You can call it church work.

Come on, make it quick.

I’ll pull down your panties, so hold up your skirt.

If you’re too tardy, Aran might come, you know? He received an investigation request and was summoned by some rich family, and since he probably isn’t able to handle it by himself, he’ll come coerce me or one of the other three into helping him.

If you don’t want Aran to see you being fucked vigorously then listen to what I tell you.


No one would ever imagine that the famed lovely and sweet Meatball here who looks after the kids at church would be wearing such vulgar underwear.

It really suits you. Your legs are beautiful, after all.

It feels like a waste to have it all hidden by this long skirt, but it’s even more of a shame to have someone else see it, so we’ll leave it as is.

Now then, it’s time for inspection.


I can tell from a glance even if I don’t touch you. You’re soaking wet.

Since when?

You were staring at me intently during service, weren’t you? So were you already wet then?

You get wet just from looking at me?

You’ve got quite the serious illness. Though, I suppose it’s my fault for making you that way seeing that you have no memories.

If that’s what you say then it can’t be helped.

I’ve been so busy with associational work that we haven’t had any contract in almost 2 weeks. I probably made you endure quite a lot as well.

I’ll do it properly. Take off all your clothes so that they don’t get dirtied.


My, you’re embarrassed about that.

In that case, leave your skirt on the way it is, but take off your top. I’ll remove your underwear for you.

So, what do you plan to do? Where do you want me to make love to first?

Hey, don’t try to run.

Take a seat on top of my lap.

That’s not it, turn your butt towards me.


In this position, God can get a clear view of it all. Come on, spread your legs, and show off your fine place.

Hey, don’t struggle.

God’s a man, so of course, they want to see. He must certainly be fatigued from humans forcing their troubles upon him, so let’s entertain him with this place.

It’s slippery and it seems like my fingers could slip in at any time.

Do you want me to put them in? Or do you want me to trace around the entrance?


You’re about to cum from just this, aren’t you?

I’ll lick your ears. You like it, don’t you?


Idiot, your voice’s too loud. If anyone’s on the other side of the door, they’ll hear it.

Shh. Sshhh.

There’s now a bunch of tears collecting in your eyes. How cute. You really are stupidly cute.

Meatball, let’s show your breasts to God as well.

Let’s have him savor these soft to massage parts.


It’s embarrassing? …But you enjoy feeling embarrassed.

Earlier, you were handing out bread and candy to kids with a modest expression, and now you’re here with your legs wide open moaning on top the lap of a man in broad daylight on a Sunday.

If the believer saw this, they’d collapse to their knees.

Hmm? What’s wrong?

That place of yours has been twitching for the past while. Do you want “that” inside you already?

However, it’s still too early for that.

I’ll break it in with my fingers, so just cum for now.


Oh, you’re so wet that your fluids are spraying around each time I move my fingers. To wet the floors of a holy chapel, you’re an unthinkably lecherous woman.

Are you about to cum?

If you think your voice will leak out, I’ll kiss you.


Hmm? Hey, did you already cum so much that you’re body’s gone limp?

Isn’t that a bit early?

Come on, lift up your hips. I’m at the limit of my endurance.

I’ll put it in, so relax.


Because of how long it’s been, it’s a bit tight. Are you alright?

Okay, it’s in.

I won’t immediately start moving till you get used to it, so take a deep breath in.

Yes, slowly. Nice and slow.

Hey, don’t tighten!


Huh? Punishment? Why would there be divine punishment?

God quite enjoys watching us do this, so let’s show him more of it. Since it’s two lovers loving each other, there’s nothing wrong with it, is there?

Is it okay now? I’ll start moving.


You’re sucking me in way too much. If you do that, I’ll cum right away.


Idiot, even though I’m finally inside you, it would be a waste to end it so soon.

Where do you want it?

Tell me honestly and then I’ll hit that place.

I see. You want it deeper inside you, don’t you? You’re quite the greedy maid, aren’t you?

Come on.


Incredible. I feel good too.

Huh? What is it?

You already came? If so, cum again and I’ll cum deep inside you.


Shit. It’s been accumulating, so I came a lot.

Are you okay?

I won’t pull out just yet, so stay still.

Hmm? You want me to kiss you?

Wait for a moment. Slowly lift your hips and then stand up.

That’s right. Is it out?

I’ll wipe it up with a handkerchief, so open your legs up a little and turn your butt towards me. Take a breath in and push out what’s inside you.

You don’t want it to spill out while you’re walking, right?


There, it’s clean now.

Turn this way, I’ll button up your blouse.

Hey, we’re not kissing just yet. We have to make preparations, so put on your underwear.

Okay, with this, we’ve destroyed the evidence.

Though, I still have to clean the floor and chair.

I’ll hold you in my arms, so come here.


You’re a surprisingly spoiled child, aren’t you?

Hmm? What’s wrong? You want to do it again?

No, we have to refrain here. Once we get home, we’ll do it until you’re weak in the knees…is what I thought, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be possible. Aran has arrived.


Aran, you aren’t even a believer so don’t barge into a chapel acting like you own the place.

I know that the church’s doors are always open, but when they’re physically closed, you are to ring the bell. And so, what did you come here for?

Aran, stop sniffing for scents.

So what if we did it? Do you have a problem with us doing it? Because if you do, please tell me.

We were both occupied with different variety of things, so we weren’t in contact for a while. You’d get in our way once we got home, so it wasn’t a bad idea for us to do it here.

Again, what did you come here for?

By the way, there’s no more Sunday bread, the kids went off and ate them all.


It’s so frustrating that it’s like the floor is crumbling underneath you? Well, I understand how you feel, it was vexing for me too.

That said, you wouldn’t go out of your way to come here for that, right?

What happened?

Hah!? You want me to perform an exorcism.

What the hell are you saying? Has your brain gone rotten? Demons don’t exist.

Nevertheless, I will do it for the right price. I just have to act as such, scatter around well water and pretend that it’s holy water.


I see. So there’s been poltergeists in the underground library located within your client’s imperial Shinto shrine, and as a result, the bookshelves have been getting knocked over daily.

While we’re on that topic, is there a girl experiencing puberty in that house?

Hmm, so the third daughter’s 16.

They say it’s common for pubescent girls to become easily riled up after reading Western literature.

Well, we’ll go with that. As you’ve suggested, tomorrow, I’ll stay over at the Buddist temple inside the shrine to determine the true nature of this demon. In return, please prepare a room for me and Meatball to reside in.


No, don’t say that she’s my bride, say that she’s my maid. It’ll excite the demon more that way.

Also, as a reward, I would like to receive 3 bottles of a certain wine stored at the temple.

Yes, I’m quite familiar with the temple. I was invited there countless times for luncheon meetings with the head.


What’s wrong, Meatball? We’ll be staying at the mansion of a wealthy family tomorrow, and I’m sure we’ll also be having a feast, so why are you pale and shaking your head?

Oh, right, you’re scared to death of ghosts and ghost stories.

You’re pretty amusing.

Meatball, we’ll have a party with tomorrow’s bread.


Track 3: Master and Satanic Rituals


Meatball, careful where you step, it’s dark.

Hey, what are you shaking in fear for? I went out of my way to guide you down to the temple basement.

Oh, right, I didn’t discuss the matter regarding the imperial Shinto shrine with you.

During the Edo period, this was a family that amassed its fortune from rewards from the shogunate for secretly slaughtering countless clandestine Christians.

They were cursed by the Christians and are rumored to be possessed by demons generations after generation.

And said demon might just reside here.


What’s wrong?

Haha. Your expression just now was wonderful. When we first met, you were shaking in fear in the same way and that made me take interest in you.

Come on, grab onto my arm, you might slip down the stairs.

Incidentally, we’re heading to an illicit place of worship. Not. It’s a wine cellar.

The current head of the family is a collector of wine and has collected them from various makers, so we’re going to take a look at that collection.


Okay, we’ve arrived.

Mmm…it smells nice here. There’s wine in the process of aging too. There’s nothing to set a table with nor food, but it is what it is.

Why did I come here, you say?

My main goal was to take a look at the wine, but my second goal was to search for signs of the demon.


Hey, don’t run away!

Though, I don’t mind if you escape if you can walk up those dark stairs yourself.

That’s right, it’s best if you cling onto my arm.

The sole witness, the third daughter, claims the demon came out of the basement; I suspected that there might’ve been a secret passage that connects aboveground, but that doesn’t seem to be the case since it’s smaller than I expected.

You want to leave already? Even though it smells so wonderfully of grapes?

I feel like I could become drunk from the smell, so are you not intoxicated as well?


Lift your face and open your mouth.

I got turned on after seeing you in a maid’s outfit after so long. We won’t get to be alone together again until the dinner later is over, so I’ll eat you now.

It’s nice being able to savor you in a way like this.

Bring your left leg to me.

Don’t struggle, I’m removing your underwear.

Hah? How do you plan for me to do it without removing your underwear? I don’t mind shifting it aside, but considering that it’s you, it’ll become a wet mess.


You don’t have to remove your heels, leave them on.

It’s fine, shoes with heels so high you can’t walk in them suits you. Those delicate legs that look close to breakpoint are all the more irresistible.

Okay, turn your butt towards me and place your hands on the rack.

I’ll take your top off.

You might feel cold, but I’ll make it hot soon enough.

Spread open your legs and stick your ass out towards me more. Let’s give the demon here a close look at that place of yours.

Don’t worry, that place of yours is incredibly beautiful. I’m sure the demon is greatly satisfied.


Stay there, I’ll lick it for you.

Enough, don’t move. You like being licked, don’t you?

Does it feel good?

Your nectar’s slowly trickling down.


What are you doing? Get up at once.

It’s a closed room, so your voice is echoing.

No, no need to hold back, it can’t be heard from the outside.

Hmm? What’s wrong? Why are you shaking your hips?

Oh, you want it inside?

If you want it then spread it open yourself and ask for it.


Okay, well done.

I’ll insert my fingers so cling onto them tightly.

What’s wrong? Are you about to cum even though I just put them in?

If I’m wrong then stand up properly.


As always, you have a body that easily gets wet. It’s slippery down the entire length.

No, no need to apologize. It’s cute, and I love it.

Hmm? What is it?

You prefer that it wasn’t my fingers?

I get it, I get it, it can’t be helped. We don’t have time, so I’ll stick it in.


Look, it’s your beloved Master’s ‘that’. Can you tell?

I’ll insert it slowly, so savor it.

Well? Can you tell that the tip’s in?

Hmm? Your heels are shaking?

No, keep them on. If you’re not at least propped that much, with my height, I won’t be able to put it in properly.


It’s squeezing and sucking me in. You really are cute.

Do you feel it when I lick your ears?

I’ll massage your breasts. You like it when I massage them while I’m inside you, don’t you?

Loosen up a little, I won’t be able to enter all the way.

What’s the matter? Are you unable to stand?

Persevere through it, I’ll support your hips.


Yes, it feels good. I feel like I’m about to melt.

There, it’s in deep.

Right. I have to lick this place as well, don’t I?

It’s in all the way. I’ll start moving.


Shit. It’s amazing when I do you from the back. I’m hitting your good spots, aren’t I?

Don’t hide it because…I’m the same.


Could it be that you’re the demon?

You seduced me, you tempted me, and then you corrupted me.

I would like to enjoy this longer, but we don’t have the time. Are you about to cum soon? Well?

What’s this? You want to see my face?

It can’t be helped, I’ll pull out.


You don’t want that either?

Then, loosen up a little, it’s so tight that I can’t move.

Yes. Good girl.

I’ll enter from the side, so twist your body this way.

Hmm, right, shall we kiss?


When we lick each other, even our tongues feel good, huh.

Come on, try lifting your leg.

We ought to show the demon the sight of you being penetrated deep and satisfying yourself.

You get turned on when you’re embarrassed, don’t you?

…It’s become even more of a sloppy mess.


Are you close to cumming?

I’m about to cum too.


That felt good. You truly are adorable.

Do you like me?

However, what I feel isn’t “like”, it’s love.


What’s this? You look intoxicated.

How cute.

That said, it’s almost time for dinner, so I’m pulling out.


Turn around, the stuff I released is dripping down from your place here. It’s a shame that I can’t take my time and appreciate this wonderful sight though.

Look, I’ll wipe it up for you, so stay still-

There was someone here?

It’s the demon, of course.

The demon was peeking and was watching us make love from beginning to end from the shadow of the caskets.


No need to worry, it was a demon, not human, so no one will know.

Since we’re now dirty, let’s return to our room and change. And once we’re done that, it’ll be time for dinner.


Track 4: Master’s Exorcism


I’m back.

What’s this, Meatball? You weren’t asleep yet?

You’ll get cold after taking a bath, so get in the bed already.

What Aran and I were doing, you ask? I went to sprinkle salt in the library where the demon appeared in order to exorcise it.

Even though I took a bath, I’m exhausted from having to do twice the amount of work.

Come here, let’s get in the bed together.


Hmm? The library?

It was splendid. There were books on wine mixed in with the encyclopedias and there were porno books from the Edo period as well.

It seems like the head’s been gathering things they enjoy.

The demon rises up from the basement in the dead of night and the bookshelves would be knocked over afterwards. If that were the case, they must really love the pornos.


I woke up super early today, so I’m sleepy as hell. Will you be willing to become my body pillow?


You’re warm. Not only that, you’re also soft and you smell nice.

Even if it’s an unfamiliar bed, I feel like I can sleep as sound as a rock as long as you’re there.

Hmm? Why does the demon appear, you ask?

Idiot, there is no demon. And even if it does appear, I’ll chase it away, so sleep with ease.

Good girl.

Good night.


Is it already morning?

I thought you were asleep earlier.

Hah? What’s with that noise? Aran, did you start practicing dance?

What’s this? Someone has come.

How annoying.


What is it, Aran? What did you come here for? Is this noise your doing?

It’s not…?

Oh, the demon has appeared in the library. It’s a pain, but I’ll go take a look.

Meatball, are you coming as well?

You’re anxious alone, right? Put on your gown and come.


The noises have stopped, let’s hurry.

If I’m not wrong, this is the library. I’m opening it.

What? It’s pitch-dark.

Aran, go in. It’s your case, so you should be the one to go inside and become my shield.

Shut up! Just light something.


What’s this? This is rather flashy, the bookshelves and books are a mess.

Oh, everyone from the family has arrived. With this, everyone’s been gathered.

No, the reason the demon appeared wasn’t that my exorcism was ineffective. In fact, it worked and it was immediate.

The demon is here, so who do you think the demon is?

It is the person who claimed to witness said demon.

Head, it’s your third daughter.

Head, as proof, please check the bottom of her slipper.


No, it’s not dirty. Please give it a smell.

Does it not smell of mint?

To tell you the truth, we sprinkled mint-scented salt under the bookshelves.

That’s right. We made it so that the person brought down the shelves would walk right over.

The library may have reeked of mint, but we had mint tea tonight, so it should’ve been difficult to notice.


No, Head, you must not criticize your daughter, for she knows nothing. After all, this was something she did unconsciously.

As her father, you’ve given your daughter strict discipline. Do you not force them to attend lessons every day even if their marks in school are good?

What do you think? How about you give them a break from studying and let her go to the countryside to recuperate?

Please let her play around as she pleases.

If you do that, she’ll surely be cured of her ailment and quickly return to health.


Thank you.

Do you understand now, Head?

Now then, it’s already late into the evening, so let us now rest.

Yes, of course. Good night.

May you be blessed with sweet dreams.


Track 5: Serving Master


Goodness, with this, things are more or less in order. It’s not easy being a clergyman.

Hey, Meatball, can I have a smoke? I’m hopelessly tired right now.

I can’t get enough of that one puff after work.

Oh, right, Meatball, let’s take a shower together.

Why that is…?

It’s because I have some unpleasant sweat on me. I get cold sweat every time I have to act like a loving pastor.

That said, my acting’s pretty good, right?


Hey, don’t try and escape, I’m just washing your body.

Your place here is dirty, so I stuck in my fingers to scoop things out, that’s all. It troubles me when it’s that dirty.

Hmm? You’ll be washing me as well?

I’m grateful, you’re indeed a bride who can read the mood.

No, today, I guess you’ve returned to being an indecent maid. Because if so, please service me well with that mouth of yours.


Can you get on your knees?

Good, now adhere to me.

Yes, that’s good, now open your mouth.


The inside of your mouth is warm and soft, and it feels good.

You’ve gotten so good. Before, you were so bad at it that you couldn’t even look at it with your eyes.

Yes, suck it more.

It’s fine to be vulgar. Is your husband’s ‘that’ tasty?


What’s with that expression?

To think that you, who’s earnest and shy at church, would be a woman who is eager to do things such as this…I’m sure the believers would faint if they knew.

It feels good.

You really are sucking on it as though it tastes good.

I’m about to cum already…


That’s enough.

Hey, stop!

Dammit, so you don’t want to stop. I’ve gotten myself quite the hopeless bride, haven’t I?

I’m cumming!!!


What? You swallowed it?

Let me take a look inside your mouth.

So you really did swallow everything. And you’re there making that lewd expression.


Rinse your mouth.

Is it clean now?

Then let’s kiss.


Your service’s the best, it melts away all the fatigue from the day.

Hey, hey-

Have you not sucked on it enough?

Come. If you want it so badly, let’s have your insides suck on it.


Let’s head over to the bed.

Since we did it from the back last time, this time I’ll enter from the front.

You like that, don’t you?


Eh? Was there really no demon?

There’s another side to what I said earlier. The third daughter didn’t knock over the bookshelves because they were suffering from their studies. The head wasn’t able to have a son, so in return, he was strict in disciplining his three daughters.

Due to that misfortune, all the members of the family are abnormal.

The eldest daughter was in opposition of her parents and is now obsessed with the current women’s liberation movement.

Next, the second daughter is living together with her husband, but she’s famous for playing around with men. The only people who aren’t aware are her parents.

The way she avoids the eyes of her husband and parents is by dragging young guests into the basement and would start shaking her hips after having some aging wine.


I was invited before as well, but I refused, of course.

The third daughter was probably spying on that constantly. And then, she probably got aroused and ran amok because of her sexual frustrations.

Perhaps, by making those noises, she was trying to divulge the falseness of her surface-level modesty.

Only God knows what’ll happen, but I pray that the third daughter follows an honest path. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now then, let’s end this topic.

By the way, what kind of bread are you baking next Sunday? My cute Meatball…no, my Angel.

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  1. Anonymous

    Little note since I spent a lot of time on the stupid game: Jay is J, she’s a woman and a big part of the game’s backstory. Alan might be Aran, Animate had it written as Aran on their english site, but who knows if the creators cared lol. 亜蘭 for the kanji


    1. Criy

      Thank you. I was trying to reference the game for the names (the CDs themselves lacked it), but his route was unavailable on NiNOYA’s new combined app during the time of translation.


      1. Anonymous

        My last line got cut off looks like. Thank you for the translation! I’ve been wondering what Tokage’s CD was like for a while.


  2. Anonymous

    I was wondering if you were going to do the other volumes, i really enjoyed this one so i was just curious. I’m really thankful that you do the translations on here though cause other blogs I’ve looked at aren’t as consistent as you are 😁


    1. Criy

      As a general rule of thumb, if it is commissioned, then it is unlikely I will do content related to it (be it tokutens or other volumes). Also, my current plans are already posted in the side bar.


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