【Translation】 Ukiuki Weekend 2 Enkyori Renai chuu no Kare


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うきうきウィークエンド2 遠距離恋愛中の彼

CV: Tai Yuuki (泰勇気)

Track 1: I’ll go!


Hello! That’s right, it’s your Ryo!

Well of course. My beloved girlfriend has caught a cold, after all.

Don’t mind that.

That aside, how are you feeling? Are you feeling a bit better?


You’re still coughing…

Don’t say you’re all better, okay?

Hmm, let’s put it on hold this week.

Hey, hey, you’re jumping to the wrong conclusion. You won’t be coming to me, but in exchange, I’ll head there instead.

It’s fine. I’ve been there for 2 straight months before.

Also, there’s no need to worry about travel expenses. As your boyfriend, please allow me to do that at least. Okay?


It’ll be alright! In that case, I’ll nurse you. Besides, all my fatigue from work will disappear once I see your face.

Hey, hey, don’t sound so gloomy, you won’t get better when you should that way, you know?

Oh, is there something you’d like to eat? I’ll make you anything.

That answer worries me the most.

Hmm…in truth, I wanted to cook you Ryo’s special curry, but as expected, that’s way too much when you’re sick.

You’re so kind. But nope, I’ll make you something easy-to-digest.


Okay, how about Ryo’s special chicken rice gruel?

Got it! I’ll go buy the ingredients.

Oh, and I discovered a super delicious pudding at the cake shop near my house so I’ll buy that as well.

I want you to try it. It tastes seriously good, so look forward to it.


No. Umm…I’m sorry I couldn’t see you right away when you caught the cold. Sorry that I wasn’t able to be by your side.

No, even if we’re long-distance, there’s still a bunch of things I could’ve done for you.

Although it’s already been a year, I’ll work hard so that you don’t ever have the time to feel lonely because of our long distance.

Okay! Look forward to the weekends then.

Be sure to take your time and rest and not push yourself before then, okay?


Yup! Good answer.

I’ll see you then. I think I’ll arrive before morning.

Mhm. Good night.


Track 2: I’ll lay you down


Sorry for the intrusion!


It’s been so long, I missed you so much!!!

Sorry, sorry, it’s been so long that I accidentally went on too strongly. How are you feeling? Have you gotten better?

Let’s see…

Hmm, it doesn’t seem like you have a fever.

Oh, that’s great. I was super worried, you know? Please take it slow at home this week, okay?


Nope. The colds during this time of the year bounce right back if you’re negligent, so listen to what I say.

Good girl. Good girl.

Oh, have you eaten?

Since I bought ingredients, shall I make you something nutritious?

You’ve already taken your medicine? Good job. In that case, I’ll put the grocery in the fridge.


Eh? What’s the matter?

Mhm, I know.

I wanted to see you. Sorry for taking so long, it’s disheartening when you catch a cold, isn’t it?

There, there. I’ll be with you all day today, so it’s okay to be selfish.

Hmm? What is it? Please don’t hesitate to tell me.


Haha! Jeez, you’re so adorable.

Don’t worry about that, you should know that my body’s pretty tough, right? I haven’t caught a cold in 3 years, so I won’t get it from just a kiss.


It’s a long-awaited kiss, isn’t it?

As expected, I really do love you.

Why are you grinning? Damn, I’m suddenly embarrassed now.

For a man, that’s not a compliment.

I see. I’ll allow it then.

Oh, it’s tiring to face each other inside the futon, right? I’ll be your arm pillow, so lie down.


You’re welcome.

Everything…I guess that sounds contrived. But I don’t have any other response other than that.

We’ve been dating for almost 2 years, but I feel like I’ll always love you. And so, doesn’t that mean I love everything about you?

You’re asking that?

Ah, your yawn rubbed off on me.


No, no, it’s probably a sign that your medicine is taking effect. Plus, I was up early in the morning. How about we take a nap together?

Hey, hey, give me your legs.

It’s calming when my thighs are sandwiched between your legs.

Really? When I’m sleeping alone, I hold them between my arms. Is that weird?

That said, I can be nice and close to you this way, and it’s super soothing.

I know, right? See? I’m all sleepy.

Good night.


Track 3: Ryo’s Special


Oh, good morning. You slept well, didn’t you?

Seriously? Then, I guess it was worth coming. How’s your body feeling?

That’s wonderful. I don’t know what I’d do if you got worse after I came here. Do you think you’ll be able to eat?

Well, that’s a good sign.

I’ll be done in a bit, so, please wait a moment.


It’s fine, it’s fine, continue sleeping. I’ll bring things over to that table right now.

It’s fine to have one of these days, no? It’s your reward for working hard all this time.

Okay, now that I’m done, I’m bringing it over. My original plan was to make rice gruel, but it’s sad with that alone, so I made hotpot.

Tada! It’s Ryo’s special chanko.

This way, you’ll be able to eat lots of vegetables, and I thought that’ll be good for your body.

Those chicken meatballs are handmade. Though, I made it while looking it up at my smartphone.


Not at all. I made them while thinking that I’ll never win against you, I’m bad at everything except curry.

Of course. I’ll serve it up for you.

What would you like to eat?

Okay! It is your favorite food, after all.

Okay, here you go. Make sure to eat lots. Oh, and what do you plan to do about the rice? I was thinking of having the rice gruel last.


Okay, then rice gruel it is! Now then, let’s eat.

What do you think?

Really!? Let me try.

Mmm. You’re right, it is pretty delicious.

No, no, this is a simple task.

Oh, and, please eat the pudding for dessert. Yes, that’s right, it’s super tasty!!! I’ve always wanted you to try it.


Track 4: I’m worried about your health……


Okay, there we go. I’ve dried your hair and you’ve taken your medicine, so let’s sleep early today.

It feels nice to have someone else wash and dry your hair, right?

……We didn’t get to bathe together, though.

It’s nothing, I was just talking to myself. Today’s theme is me being your butler for the day.

Good night, Miss.


Did I get that wrong?

Don’t laugh so hard.

Okay, well then, let’s sleep.


It has your wonderful scent. The futon feels so nice.

Hmm? What is it?

Me too, I’m happy to see you too. Plus, it puts me at ease that you’re better than I thought.

Oh? You’re saying such happy things.

You know, when you’re having a hard time, it’s okay to whine. It’s okay to be selfish and say that you want to see me.

Naturally, when you’re sick, I’m willing to toss aside my job and come rushing to your side.


I know. But you know what? That’s why I’m here. Being overly self-conscious and not relying on me for anything will make me sad, you know?

And so, even if it’s only when you’re really having it difficult, please tell me.

Of course. Come here.

I love you.

I really love you.


Hmm? Oh, my…is ready?

If I kiss the girl I like then, you know……

Nope, not today.

I came to nurse you. If you strip naked now and get a fever again, then what’s the point of me coming here?

Please don’t tempt me, okay?


Oh, as your boyfriend, it’s only natural, so let’s hold hands and sleep quietly tonight.

I’m super happy even if it’s just this.

Mhm, I think I might be a bit sleepy too.

Good night.


What’s wrong? You can’t sleep?

Are you feeling unwell by any chance?

Is that so?

To be honest, I took quite the long nap too.

Darn, that was super cute just now! Come on, turn this way.

I like it when you’re looking shy. I want to make love too. When we hold each other in the pitch darkness, doesn’t it feel like we’re in a world with just us two?

It’s quiet and the only thing you can hear is the sound of the ticking clock.



Yup. Looks like I’ve been exposed.

No, since it’s you, I figured that you were pushing yourself and trying to act lively. So, now that it’s night, I was kind of worried that you might be feeling worse. And once that came to mind, I couldn’t sleep.


You’re right. This isn’t good because this just means that I don’t trust you. Sorry.


You’re quite…upfront today.

So that’s why.

I can’t stop myself either.

It’s kind of hot when I’m massaging your boobs from the back.

Oh, you’re wearing no bra.

Hey, look, they’re sticking out slightly. They’ve gotten super hard, I can see them clearly even with your pajamas on.



Your body’s trembling.

Go ahead, place your weight on me.

As always, you’re weak to your ears. Let me see which ear you feel it more from.

You have a really nice reaction to this side as well.

How should I say it? You’re quite sensitive today. I get super aroused when I hear your moans, so please let me hear more of it.

Plus, it lets me know that you’re feeling good.


Hmm? What is it?

Eh? That’s enough? But I still haven’t-don’t tell me that you’re feeling sick? Like I thought, today is…

You’re somehow sexier than usual.

Okay, I get it. Please lift up your hips a little.

There we go.


Whoa, you’re drenched, I haven’t even done anything yet.

Do you hear these amazing sounds?

I’m saying it on purpose, I love it when you’re embarrassed.

Err, the condom is…

Eh? Are you sure?


I was planning to do it one day, so I don’t particularly mind.


No, it’s nothing. You’re more aggressive than usual and it’s nice when you’re acting naughty too.

Damn, it feels so good.

It’s pretty hot doing it with just your top on. I feel like I’ll cum right away.


W-W-Wait!!! I’m close to cumming.

The sense of closeness when doing it raw is incredible.

H-Hey, you mustn’t-

If you move so much I…

It feels good, but having you ride me isーunfair. Dammit. Then, I’ll also…


You trembled. Does it feel good when I pinch your nipples?

But when I do it, your insides clench down, so I was thinking that it must’ve felt good.

Having your legs sprawled out like an M is way too erotic. I can clearly see the place I’m entering.

Look, can you see it?


I love that expression.

You’re moving your hips too fast. I’m cumming, it feels too good-

I can’t, no more…


That was close. Next is my turn.

I love you.

Simply by having you inside my arms, I can no longer act normal. I wish I could hold you like this forever.

Hey, I’m gonna cum. I’m cumming inside you!


I love you.


Track 5: I have to wipe off the sweat


Wow, I came so much.

This should be enough.

Ah. Stay there, I’ll bring a bath towel.

I’ll remove your top. Please raise your arms nice and high.


Oh, you’ve sweated quite a lot.

I have to wipe it off, it’ll be bad if you start having fevers again.


I thought it’d be better than leaving you naked, but you ended up sweating too much it seems.


I think you’ll be fine now.

I told you over the phone, didn’t I? That I’ll nurse you.

Oh, that reminds me.

Here, wear this. It’s my nighttime sweater, and it’s made of very comfortable fabric. It might be a little big, though.


I know, right?

Yup, it suits you, it suits you.

Is it alright…if I left that set here? You see, umm, isn’t it nice to feel like we’re living together by having my stuff at your house?

Don’t laugh.

Now then, how about we get in the futon?


Yes, yes, lay down. I’ll cover you with the futon.

Do you think you’ll be able to sleep now?

I know, right? You were so rough that I came right away.

It’s dark so I can’t tell, but your face is red, isn’t it?


Here, an arm pillow.

As expected, it’s fun being with you.

It does seem like you’ve recovered, so how about we go out tomorrow?

Mhm, the weather’s great, and if it’s not too far, let’s walk there. If you’re not feeling sick tomorrow morning, that is.


Now then, let’s sleep in preparation for tomorrow.

Let’s enjoy ourselves fully tomorrow.

Good night.


Track 6: Pleasant Awakening


Something feels good……

What are you doing!? That’s morning wood-

Please stop.

It feels good, but please…don’t talk while blowing me. Please don’t stare at me. If I see your face, I’ll cum.

That’s not a good thing!

Stop, please let it out of your mouth!!!


That was close.

Now that it has come to this, I’ll pay you back!


Come on, spread your legs nicely.

Oh, what’s this? You’re super wet. Did you become like this from blowing me?

In that case, it’s my turn now.


It’s incredible. What an amazing voice, your neighbors might’ve even heard it.

It’s fine, let them hear it.

I’ll make them hear it.

Hey, hey, if you move around too much, it’ll be hard for me to lick, you know? And while you’re embarrassed, more is spilling out.


This time, I’ll remove the top as well.

Such a feast for the eyes.

Like I thought, your body’s sexy.

Not at all?

I like it, so that’s all that matters.


Your nipples are super erect.

Your nipples are weak, aren’t they? So I’ll lick them lots.

Here too.

Just hearing that voice excites me.

You like it here too, don’t you?


Your lower half has become quite the mess. My fingers are already soaked.

Say, is it already if I go rougher?


It doesn’t hurt, right?

Go ahead, cum.


You let out quite a lot, didn’t you? Look, my hand’s completely drenched.

It was cute.

You know, after hearing your cute voice, I can’t hold back anymore. Is it alright if I put it in?

Err, condom… Where, where, where is it at?

Wait just a sec.


Nope, if you say that, I’ll immediately get carried away and that’ll become the norm.

There it is.

I’m ready.


That’s not the case. You see, I really do cherish you, you’re precious to me, so I don’t want to be lenient on myself.

Thank you for understanding.

I’ll put it in then.


It feels so good. You’re so wet.

Please don’t go anywhere, please remain by my side forever.


I’ll say it as many times as you want.

I love you, I love you.

I’m about to cum. I’m sorry, your insides feel so good that… That’s right, I love you so much that I’m losing my mind.

Darn, I’m cumming. Are you cumming too?

I can tell, your insides are twitching.

I’m sorry, I’m cumming!


I’m sorry, I was so riled that I wasn’t thinking of you. Was it hard on you?

Thank god.

I love you. I love you so much.


Track 7: Ways to Spend Sunday


I’ve said it, haven’t I?

Of course.

Come here, I want to adhere to you closer.


I think we went a little too rough in the morning.

Well, you were doing something like that while I was sleeping…

What’s this? I can’t see your face, but is it perhaps red?

Jeez, you’re so cute. Give me a break.


You won’t want me to leave, right?

Then, shall we return to my house together? To tell you the truth, I was successful in being promoted the other day.

But I wanted to surprise you.

My salary’s higher too. It’s vague, but I’m starting to visualize the future.

I was thinking of starting afresh and moving to a slightly bigger place.


Thank you.

You see, in the future that I see, you’re in it. So, could you please come over and live together with me?

Ah. Of course, I’m not saying that it has to be now, so you don’t have to force yourself to. I know that you have friends here and a job you’re working hard at.

In any case, I’ll take care of you. When you’re having a rough day or you’re feeling sad, and you want to quit your job and live together with me; but even if you aren’t, you’re free to make the move any time.

Hey, hey, don’t cry.


I like the tearful expression that I rarely see, but even so, I prefer it when you smile.

You’ve been holding back all this time, right? And I’m sorry for that.

You really are adorable, I want to take you back with me right now.


Why? About that, a lifetime is hardly enough time for sweethearts to be sweethearts.

There’s that as well, but I’ve been considering that too. You see, to go beyond being lovers is to become family, no?

I…very much want to become like that with you.


Your face is red again, you know?

And so, I want to fully enjoy the time we have as lovers together with you. So, I don’t want to waste time because of things like the hecticness and fatigue from work or the long distance, that’s all.

My beloved girlfriend is finally with me, so it’d be a waste not to enjoy it.


I’ve somehow gotten sleepy from acting all serious. Well then, let’s sleep a little more. A Sunday like this is pretty pleasant actually.

You’re saying such delightful things.

Okay! To celebrate your recovery, I’ll treat you to anything.

Let’s think of where we should go after we get up.


Brunch at a stylish cafe?

Sounds good. Let’s head there first then.

Good night.


Track 8: See me off with a Smile


Hmm? Oh, it’s already 5 o’clock?

I have to get ready and leave.

It’s so blissful waking up to my beloved girlfriend beside me.

Let me take a video.


Good morning, this is my girlfriend.

She has quite the cute face when she’s sleeping, doesn’t she?

She’s smiling. I wonder if she’s seeing an interesting dream?

That is bad, I have to make sure she doesn’t wake up…


Ah! I woke you up, didn’t I?

No, you were so cute that umm, I couldn’t help but to take a video.

Not at all, you were smiling like an angel.

Please don’t tell me to delete it.

Mhm, I won’t show it to anyone. Yay!


Good morning. Also, sorry for waking you up.

Hmm? You’re always so cute.

Here’s your good morning kiss.

Uh-huh. I’m off in the morning, but I won’t make it if I don’t board the 6 a.m. train. I have to go home and change, so I thought I’d leave as is.

Nope, I didn’t think I’d be here till Monday. Sorry for staying so long.


You’re right, I’m apologizing so much this morning.

Mhm, I know, but I’m the same. I wonder if it’s the recoil from going on a date and having a happy day yesterday.

Nevertheless, it’s sad to part.


Stop, you mustn’t cry.

I told you yesterday, didn’t I? When you’re sad, you’re free to come over to my place at any time.

And so, today’s not a sad farewell, it’s an “I’m off” with a future.

If you’re so lonely you feel like you’re going to die, just toss everything aside and rush to me.


Come on, smile.

As expected, that smile’s the best!

Thank you, I’m now motivated thanks to you.

Really? Then let’s both work hard. Let’s knock the depressing Monday right out of there.


Ah, I have so much fun with you that I lose track of time.

Okay, I’m heading off.


Just to the entrance is fine, you still have time before your shift starts, right? So please sleep a little longer.

Well then, I’m off…!!!


Secret Track


Oh, the dumpster’s so close when you use the emergency staircase.

Uh-huh. I used to always take a detour around through the front entrance.

M-m, this much is nothing.


No, I was just thinking that you aren’t wearing any underwear under that one-piece pajama.

No, I mean, I don’t have that kind of hobby, though.

That said, the way that the sound echoes, the warm air, the vibe of the emergency staircase weirdly turns me on.

This is bad…


Are you sure?

Oh, but it’s unfair if it’s just my requests, so I’ll give you oral.

It’s fine, it’s fine, turn that way.

Please place your hands on the rails.

Ah. Are you turned on too by any chance?

Something’s glistening, though?

So you were aroused.


You’re aroused because of me…?

I see.

Hey, suppress your voice, someone might come.

It’s such a turn-on when you’re holding back your moans.


It’s no use, I’m so excited that I’m near my limit.

Can I do it now?

I have one in my wallet. Please wait a second.


I’m putting it in.

It feels so good…


Come on, hold back your voice.

I’ll start moving.

Please don’t squeeze so tightly. You’re being unfair.


Somebody came.

Don’t worry, I’ll cover your mouth. We’ll be discovered if you let out your voice.

Seems like they’re gone.


I’m so turned on that I’m already about to cum.

Sorry, I’m already-



Was the position not hard on you?

That felt super good.

We both soaked in sweat, aren’t we? I went about it so suddenly. Sorry.

Okay, how about we head back home and take a shower together? As an apology, I’ll wash your entire body.

For you to be that happy… You really are an adorable girlfriend. I’m so blessed.


It’s the hair of my beloved girlfriend, so I’ll wash it even more gently than I do my own.

I bought ice cream yesterday with that in mind.

However, the cookies and cream are mine, got it?

Nope. Haha!

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