【Translation】 Kekkon Shoya -Dorei Joushi to Joou Shinshain-


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

結婚初夜 -奴隷上司と女王新社員-

CV: Kayama Junta (華山馴田)

Track 1: That Kind of Relationship


Welcome home.


More, do it more.


I was worried since you returned home late.

Hey, I want to have sex.

Let’s do it. After all, I’m your dog.


Track 2: Keeping Custody Again


Eh? What’s the matter?

No, I can’t wait, you always have me wear a chastity belt. Since you’re controlling my ejaculation like this, my asshole had been waiting for your return all day.

It was so lonely when you weren’t back.

So please praise me, reward me.

I’ll serve you. I don’t mind if you train me to the point that I can’t leave you, so please take my virginity.

I learned this and that because you ordered me to, and wearing a collar within the house became a given-


No, don’t kiss me. If you do it so suddenly, it’ll swell and start throbbing…and my mind will turn strange.

Don’t touch it over my clothes.

You’ll step on me, so good luck on cumming lots?

No, stop, please do it after removing the chastity belt!!!


I can’t ejaculate just yet, I’m trying best to cum lots inside you, and yet…

So much is gushing forward.

Eh? You’ll stop holding back, so please endure it?

I got it, I’ll rub it over my clothes so please step on the shaft and head of my penis.


It’s gotten hard again…

Is it nice the way it’s gotten bigger?

I’m so happy. I get all giddy when you praise me, Master.

Even though I’m your superior and we were in the same office together earlier, you’re now stepping on me with those high heels.

I’m having my dick stroked and stepped on while having a chastity belt on…

I want to hurry up and put it inside you.


Eh? You’ll put it in?

I’m so happy.

Uh-huh, yes please, hurry, hurry, please, please I’m begging you.


Track 3: Let’s do more…Master


Am I supposed to get on all fours?

I got it.


Is that an anal vibrator?

No, being fucked from the back feels really good, so I like it. I’m happy.

Crawling on all fours and lifting my hips up like a dog…all my shameful parts are being seen by you.

No, don’t just look, hurry up and shove it in.

Hurry up and shove it in.

Please shove it in. Please shove the big vibrating dildo deep inside me. Please penetrate my ass.



It feels so good when you hit my weak spots.

I’m close to cumming…


It’s leaking out. My voice, my saliva…

The vibrating dildo feels incredible, and the angle at which it’s grinding against me is amazing, it’s hitting all my good spots. I’ll cum.

No, it feels so good. No…

I’m cumming!


If I change my position, I’ll again-

Please kiss me more. More.


It feels good. I’m cumming, it feels so good. I’m being spoiled again.

Please don’t stop.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I’m cumming lots!

Please don’t move. It feels so good when you move it around.


More. Let’s do more, Master.


Track 4: Teach me more


Eh? The real deal starts now?

My head’s spinning after cumming so much. Even though the vibe was pleasuring me so much deep inside… Your insides are so tight, Master.

I love it, it feels super good!


Does my dick feel good?

I’m so happy.

When you move, your insides tense up…it’s amazing, my ass is feeling it too.

It makes me happy when you say I’m so perverted that it’s cute.


You’re putting in more strength…

When you put in more strength, it feels like my semen will get squeezed out.

No, stop!

I’m sorry. No, not that, I’ll get addicted to it.

I’ll cum from your hips.

Please move your hips more. I’ll remember the type of sex you enjoy, I’ll make sure to tighten up my ass, Master, so please feel good from my dick.


Please don’t strike it. I’ll lose my mind if you strike against it.

Thank you.

I’ll make sure to not cum until you say it’s okay and I’ll do my best, I’ll do my best to tighten up my ass.


Will I be touching your clit?

Eh? You want me to show my belly like a dog and rub your clitoris as you straddle me?

I want to do it.

Please say it more. I want to ejaculate while cumming from my ass. I want to cum inside you too, so I’ll do my best.

I rub your clit and service you as I squeeze down and cum.

I’ll do my best not to ejaculate, I’ll do my best to become a good slave, so please don’t end this situation. I can’t live without you. I’m lonely.


Did it feel good when I squeezed my ass?

I’ll thrust harder and do my best with my strokes, so I’ll cum as I rub your clit.

It feels so good, you’re moving your hips so fast.


If you move so fast while I’m cumming inside you then my mind will fly off.

Not my ass, I’ll cum…!!!

As you stroke my dick, it’s getting ready to ejaculate all on its own.

I’m happy. I’m happy, but I’ll cum.

Even though I shouldn’t, even though I shouldn’t cum. No, I won’t do it.


I’m so sorry, I came. I’m really sorry for cumming on my own without permission even though you haven’t cum yet.

Please don’t move while hitting my ass!

I’ll apologize so…

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for cumming.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming again. I’m reaching the point of no return!!!


It feels good. My ass feels good. I like being hit, being penetrated, so please don’t say that you’ll stop!

I’m a Do-M slave who swore loyalty to you so please don’t throw me away…!!!

I’ll make sure to move my hips, and I’ll squeeze my ass so that you can have lots of good orgasms.

Please teach me plenty about sex until you’re satisfied.


Track 5: Together Forever and Always


That felt good. That felt really good.

I didn’t think the Master disciplining me over the Internet was you. Not only that, you were disappointed in me as a boss, weren’t you?

Despite being someone you had always relied on, I obeyed you and put myself as being below you for many, many years as a slave. We even did orgasm control and anal.

And when I realized it, I was so embarrassed that I wanted to die.

But…I’m glad you accepted me.

This perverted me will be in your care from now on, my beloved, beloved Master.


That felt good.

I love you, this is the first sex with the person I love.

I’m happy.


It’s almost like a dream. I love you, Master.

I love you…I love you, I love you, Master.


Ah, Iーー

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      1. Daze

        Ah…I think it makes sense now that I did some research. I was confused as to how him clenching his butt cheeks would make her feel better, but I think I understand more now. Dear lord, this is one of those times when I’m thankful I have my own laptop because of the questions I search up lmao


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