【Translation】 Tsuki Yogarasu vol.3 Kokihanada


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

月夜烏 ~参・深縹~

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Spirited Away


Haa…it’s youkai extermination again.

Young girls are being spirited away one by one. Tch. Is it actually youkai? Isn’t it just the acts of those guys again?

But well, if that were the case, then it’s all the more reason why I can’t leave the situation alone. Right?


What’s up with you guys? You’re giving me another warm greeting.

Aren’t there too many people for just one person?

Even if I had come along quietly?

True enough.


The year is 1861.

I, who was feared as the three-legged crow for my fearsome swordsmanship, had once been hired by the Choushuu Domain, having cut down countless individuals until now.

Frankly, I have no interest in subjugating shogunates and expelling the western barbarians. I simply wished to become strong.

The weak will die, so to survive, I have no choice but to kill. That is the era I live in.

However, I too was left behind by the daily rapid-changing era.

Without a family, I wander the provinces alone.


There are no gods in this world; they’re merely illusions born from the weakness in people’s hearts.

Losing those who were precious, I spent my days watching as the era passes before me, not knowing what to protect anymore.

Deep inside my heart, the one thing I had left was a promise with a certain someone from my distant past.


Isn’t about time you dispersed? Your numbers have decreased.

I didn’t think you’d put up this much of a fight. That was unexpected.


What? You areーー

I don’t quite understand what happened, but you saved me there. Is it okay to consider you as my ally?

I’d appreciate it if you help deal with them.


Now then, what do you plan to do?



I’m exhausted.

Eh? Despite not having breakfast, as if I could suddenly start moving after just waking up.

Oh, thank you for earlier, you saved me there.

Frankly, it was cutting it a bit close if you hadn’t come. I didn’t think I’d be attacked early in the morning-

Huh? Hey, wait…!!! It’s rude to leave while someone’s in the middle of talking, no? You haven’t said a word since earlier and you’re not letting me see your face either.

Hey, are you listening?

I said, hey!!!


You…were a woman?

I get it now, you’re hiding that fact, aren’t you? And that would explain that outfit.

Ah, hey. Enough, just stop for a bit.


No, I was just thinking that you’re able to wield a katana pretty well despite your slender body. More importantly, where were you taught those skills? It’s rare for a woman to have learned them.

Wait…have you seen you before? Have we somewhere?

Hmm, I can’t remember a face if I’ve only slept with them once. So, does that mean you’ve slept with me twice?


Hmm? Ah, wait! Hey!!!

No such experience?

Is that woman a virgin?


Track 2: Memories


Oh, so that’s where you were.

Wow, there was a small stream in a place like this.

I get now. You’re able to wash your body here without anyone else finding out.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey, don’t point your weapon at me, it’s not like I’ll attack you.

I don’t have any business, but how should I say it? I’ve taken an interest in you.

I get it, I’ll turn around.


It doesn’t really matter if I’m here, right? How cold.

Why are you wielding a katana even though you’re a woman? Not only that, you’re dressing up like a man. Are you caught up in some situation?


Hmm, could it be that you’re doing similar work as me?

Ah, no, it’s nothing. We’re not even in the state to speak to each other.

Oh, right, it’s a continuation of what I said earlier, but I feel like I’ve heard your voice somewhere before. So as I suspect, we must’ve surely met-


Hah? She’s not there. Since when did she…

She escaped, huh.

I guess I was being intrusive, but it still bothers me.

Huh? This is-

Did she forget this?

This amulet…don’t tell me she’sー!?


Track 3: Shuten-douji


I won’t let you go. Not after I came this far.

Oh? I didn’t think you’d treasure this amulet that much.


You’re terrible. Entwine your tongue with mine like this.

That’s a rather cute reaction.


I’m not playing around.

If I say it to you in all seriousness, will you answer me properly?

Like I said, that’s not it.

That’s right, relax your body just like that.

I won’t do anything bad to you, okay?


Oh, you’re awake.

Looks like you don’t quite understand the situation.

Don’t worry, we didn’t go all the way.

It’s true. Even like this, I’m still taking you into account and held back yesterday, so be grateful.


Hey, where are you going?

No, I won’t let you escape. I’ve finally, finally, found you, so as if I’d let go of you that easily.

Hurry up and remember, idiot.

Shall we do it now?

What I’m referring to?


Ah, it’s already 9 o’clock.

Hey! Idiot, did you listen to what I said? I won’t let you escape.


Oi, don’t tell me you plan on chasing after those guys?

Hey, wait!!! No, I won’t let you go.

You make it sound simple, but do you really know about those guys?

You’ve investigated them…? Then tell me just how much you know.



I know of that. It’s the leader of the onis who lives up in the big mountains, no?

The idea you have of exterminating onis is entirely wrong. Just stop, it’s impossible for you.

You don’t understand? You’re a woman, you know?

Their prey is young women, so if you go, you’ll end up as a victim.

Tch, you’re so stubborn.

Just my opinion. So that’s what you think, huh.


I get it, I’ll come along as well. This was originally my job and I’m also personally curious.

Have you heard about cobwebs?

No, it’s fine if you haven’t.


Shall we go?

Oh, I’ll go ahead and say this. Escape immediately if things look to be dangerous, I don’t want you to get injured.

Enough, just promise me that, otherwise, I won’t bring you.

Okay, then let’s go.


Track 4: Venomous Spider


Shuten-douji. They say he loves sake and young girls and is the leader to the onis that live in this area.

It is said that they possess beautiful golden hair.

The gossip amongst the town’s people is that they’re the culprit behind the spiriting away of young girls. But well, it is likely.


Just once. Golden hair is rare so it’s probably them.

It’s irritating, but they’re the handsome man the rumors proport them to be. But what I’m most interested in is whether they’re truly an oni.


Hah? You actually believe in the existence of onis?

That’s just a rumor, no? Just about anyone would exaggerate the event if they saw something unusual.

That aside, are you really planning to follow me pass this point? You can still turn back now, you know?

There’s no need for you to be put in the path of danger.

I see.


They’ve come…

Once again, it’s a large number of people.

Hah. Of course, last time you had an uncontained leak​.

I’ve come to meet your leader, plus, you wanted to bring me to them either way, didn’t you?

What? Not me?

Don’t tell me-


Hey, stop. I said, GET AWAY FROM HER…!!!

Wait! Don’t you dare take her!!!

What is the meaning of this? You attacked me the other day, and yet…why are you targeting her?

Hah? Fixation? I don’t understand what you mean.

I won’t let you off if anything happens to her!!!


I’m done playing around with you.

!? What?

Tch. I don’t know what you’re so happy about, but this is nothing more than a scratch. Don’t look like you won-

Don’t tell me that your blade was poisoned???

Dammit!!! My legs are numb…

You…why are you serving an oni?


Don’t fuck with me.

You’re just there for the enjoyment, so WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT THAT?!! You’re going off taking THE LIVES OF INNOCENTS…!!!

No, you’re wrong, I’ve become strong-



Go ahead and try anything with her, and I’ll chase you to the depths of hell and murder you time and time again.

You’re all mere humans? Don’t make me laugh.

You bunch are nothing more than monsters who’ve lost their human heart. Even ayakashis are more passable than you.

ーーGo die.


You…you were safe?


Why are you stopping me?

Why are you saying such tepid things? They tried to kill you, didn’t they?!!!

This is why I get made a fool by women-

It’s nothing. More importantly, are you okay? Are you not hurt anywhere?

As expected……


Ah, sorry, I can’t move any longer.


Track 5: Promise


Oh, right, I…

Venomous spider? Oh, right, they did say something like that.

I see, you gave me an antidote.

Sorry for making you do this. You really aren’t hurt anywhere, right? Did anything terrible happen?

Of course, you’re far more precious compared to my own life.


You still don’t know even after seeing this?

It’s the same amulet you have…from when we were kids.

Oh, you finally remember.

How many years do you think have passed since then? Of course I’ve changed.


The scar on my eye?

Oh, it’s a wound I received a couple years prior, so obviously, I didn’t have it back then. Speaking of which, how dense are you to have not remembered until you saw this?

I knew though.


Come here.


You haven’t changed since then.

As for me, many things have happened. That said, it appears that neither of us has forgotten our promise.

“You’ll become strong in order to protect those in need, and I’ll become stronger than anyone to protect you.”

To be frank, the days without you had been far too long.

Because of that, I nearly forgot my goal, but it has been an eventful year.


Initially, I assumed I merely got wrapped up in it, but thanks to the people I met, I felt like I remembered things I’ve long lost.

Just that, knowing what I know now, the mistakes of my past are beyond forgiveness.

Those guys talked about how I was in the past too.

Chances are, we might end up fighting against them again.


Idiot, I won’t take you along again. I don’t want to expose you to any more danger than this.

It’s true that I was saved by you this time around but…don’t get too carried away.

Oh? Then we ought to test that, don’t we?

You’re strong, aren’t you? Then you should be able to escape me easily.

No, I’m serious. I’ve always been serious when it comes to you.


Today, you’re wearing a woman’s kimono, huh.

Hmm? Of course it’s not strange, I’d much prefer this. Besides, I’ve always wanted to try removing your kimono like this.

Are you used to this?

That’s just your imagination, no? You’re definitely not used to this type of this.

Idiot, of course that’s better…because I can teach you everything.


Finally, finally…I’ve always wanted to do this with you.


What’s the matter?

Oh, this?

I’ve been touching you, smelling you, and feeling your warmth since earlier, so no there’s no way I wouldn’t become like this.

Is that not the case for you?


They say it hurts a lot at the start, but I plan to be as gentle as possible.

No, uh, I won’t be able to control myself if I get too absorbed in it so I apologize if that happens.


Your place here is beautiful, isn’t it?

I can’t do anything if I can’t see, right? So relax.


It’s wet…but it’s still tense.

That voice of yours, I won’t tell you to suppress it but-

Ah, no, that’s not it. It’s just that I won’t be able to hold myself back if I hear your moans.


I love you. I won’t let you escape this time around. I will never let you go.


Hmm? What is?

Where is “there”?

Oh, here. So it feels good when I do it here.

Looks like that’s the case.

That expression is unfair, I’m about to cum just from touching you.


Hey, are you close to your limit?

Enough, just feel the pleasure. Come on.


Sorry, but it doesn’t seem like I can quietly wait until you’ve settled down. So relax.


So tight…

I’ll start moving so please tell me if it really hurts.


Like I thought, it’s tight.

Hmm? Are you okay?


Looks like I’ve left a proper red mark. Shall I leave more?

It’ll be proof that you belong to me, no?



I’m at my limit.


Are you alright?

Then it’s okay to continue, right?

It’s too late now, no? Besides, there’s no way I could remain quiet after finally joining together with you.

I’ve never once listened to a single thing a doctor has said.

Sorry for being an idiot.


No, as if I’d stop, you’re feeling good too, aren’t you?

Huh? Oh, you became more sensitive, that’s all. It’s fine if your mind goes blank so feel it more.

You squeezed down again…

This place is squeezing down tightly while you say no.



Wow, this place is drenched. It’s gotten a lot easier for me to move compared to earlier.

That might be the case, but it’s definitely not just me, no? You’re satisfying yourself, and you’re already starting to move your own hips.

Hmm? Was that subconscious?

You really are a cute one.

You want me to hit this place, don’t you?



I’m at my limit. As expected, it’s hard on the body.

It can’t be helped, right? It’s your fault for spurring me on. Most importantly, your reactions are just too cute.

Yeah, yeah.


Hey, please don’t leave me till morning, okay?

Uh-huh, I want to sleep with you in my arms. I want to feel you like this.


Yes, good night.


Are you awake?

No, it’s fine, you can continue sleeping.

Is your body alright?

I’m fine. That aside, how’s your body? It was your first time, wasn’t it?

It felt strange, huh.

But you didn’t hate it, right? Because it looked like you were feeling really good.


Well, I woke up before dawn. I was reminiscing a little about the past.


I’ll return this amulet to you.

You remember our promise from that time, right?

We were still kids then.

During those days, the village we lived in barely had anything to eat and was filled with suffering people. Everyone was only desperately thinking about how they could survive the day.

Both you and I were just skin and bones, you see. But you were constantly worried about the people around you.

To care about others more than your self, as a child, I had always thought you were stupid.


But it’s true, no? Just about anyone would put themselves first.

Naturally, I thought the same.

You see, I was shocked by your words, “I’ll become strong to protect those in need.”

We were just kids, and only that, you were a woman, so I was wondering what the hell is this person saying?

And that’s why I decided to become stronger than anyone in order to protect you.


I took action before you and left our hometown.

We decided that we’d become stronger the next time we meet. We prepared amulets and even exchanged them with each other.

However, the next time I returned to the village, you were no longer there.

And regardless of your whereabouts, the entire village was gone.


I know, it was attacked by bandits, wasn’t it? I heard that such a small village wasn’t even able to hold up a resistance.

I searched for you desperately; however, I couldn’t find a single trace of you.

From there, I became unbelievably reckless in my pursuit of power. I fought against strong opponents alone and killed countless people.

I was frantic in absolutely finding you.

I was frantic, but at some point, even that goal became uncertain. I was scared that you were already gone and that there would be no meaning in me becoming strong.

So it turned into the mentality that since the weak will die, I’ll become strong.


No, no, if only I had returned to that village sooner…

I see. You too.

I had always found it strange. For what reason were you so convicted?

You had it rough too, didn’t you?

But I’m truly glad that you’re alive. I’m genuinely happy that I’m able to reunite with you like this.

I don’t want to let go of you ever again.


I didn’t believe it either until I saw your amulet and that mole.


We often played by the river when we were kids, no? And that’s when I saw it.

I was in love with you since then, after all.

Of course I’d look at the body of the person I like. It didn’t seem like you noticed, though.

And that’s why I felt happy holding this amulet because it was almost like having a part of you with me.


No, it’s no longer needed.

Even without it, I have you by my side. Besides, our promise was to return them once we reunite from the start.

So here. With this, the promise has finally been fulfilled.

I’ll protect you from now on, so don’t leave my side.


Idiot, what’s up with that surprise attack.

Then I’ll never let you go. I’ll always be by your side.

……It’s a promise.


The year is 1861.

There was once a man known as the three-legged crow.

He regained what was precious and remembered what he ought to protect. And after fulfilling his childhood promise, he continued to fight against the tides of time and lived on the basis of his convictionsーtogether with his beloved, as one half of the other.

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