【Translation】 Tsuki Yogarasu vol.2 Shuan


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

月夜烏 ~弐・朱殷~

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Dark Vermillion


The year is 1861.

I, who was feared as the three-legged crow for my fearsome swordsmanship, had once been hired by the Choushuu Domain, having cut down countless individuals until now.

Frankly, I have no interest in subjugating shogunates and expelling the western barbarians. I simply wished to become strong.

The weak will die, so to survive, I have no choice but to kill. That is the era I live in.

However, I too was left behind by the daily rapid-changing era.

Without a family, I wander the provinces alone.


There are no gods in this world; they’re merely illusions born from the weakness in people’s hearts.

Losing those who were precious, I spent my days watching as the era passes before me, not knowing what to protect anymore.

Deep inside my heart, the one thing I had left was a promise with a certain someone from my distant past.


A fire, huh?

With this level of rain, the fire should be extinguished before long.

Hmm? Huh? “Save me”?

Are those guys searching for you?

Sorry to say, but I don’t want to be involved in something troublesome.

Hah? You’ll be murdered?

I’ll make sure to be repaid for this afterwards.


I’m a simple passerby, so who are you?

What are you planning to do with this woman? Because from what I can see, there are three men chasing after a single girl.

Either way, it isn’t just two people, it wouldn’t be fun.

I didn’t want to get involved in this if possible but my eyes haven’t worsened to the point where I can quietly watch as a woman gets killed.

You’re not worth drawing my katana for, so enough of the tedious talk and come at me.


Like I said, I’m just a passerby.


You’re being noisy.

I told you I’ll be taking my thanks, didn’t I? …So be quiet.


Jeez, you’re wearing such a flashy kimono. You’ll be found immediately if you’re wearing this, you know?

…And your skin is extremely fair too.

Just about anyone can tell that you’ve escaped from the red-light districts. But well, I don’t hate these types of things.

Oh, right, let me check something.


As expected, it’s not there.

No, I was just talking to myself.


Like I thought, you feel it easily.

It’s in a better state than I imagined.

You use this every day, don’t you? …Though, it is your job.

No, I’m not mocking you, I was just impressed that there are women as strong-willed as you.

I haven’t.


Huh? Why are lips off-limits?

Is that what you call the art of coaxing​? You’re good at capturing the hearts of your customers, no?

Though, right now, you’re merely satisfying yourself as I tease you.

Did it feel good?

Oh, I’m a precious customer? In that case, if that’s what you think, how about you surprise me a little. You should know how to capture my heart, no?


What’s the matter? Am I supposed to undress myself?

Yeah, yeah.

Be quiet.


What’s with that? If so, then don’t look this way.


What’s this? Are you trying to edge me?

Yes, that’s right.


You’re still continuing that?

Of course, I’d rather cum from your mouth than your hands.


Sheesh, I know that you’re good so hurry up and open your mouth.

Annoying, just hurry up.


Don’t bite down or dig your teeth into it even by mistake, got it?

I’m cummin-


Huh? Don’t tell you swallowed it?

No, I was just thinking that you must’ve swallowed it often.

Oh? Next will be inside you then.

Why did you think it would end now? There’s no one I’d be satisfied with just one round, right? So come on, open your legs.

Do you have complaints?

Oh, I see, you pleasured your clients with just your hands and mouth, huh. And that’s why this place wasn’t often used.


Oh? Well, I suppose that’s the case. You would get tired if you used this every single day.

I understand.

I won’t put it in unless you ask me to. I’ll caress you plenty until you want it so badly that you can’t help yourself.

You said it.

Then which one of us wants it first will be a test of endurance.

You really are a strong-willed woman, aren’t you?


Track 2: Trouble


Oh, it’s morning.

Hey, wake up, it’s morning.

Once it’s noon? Idiot, this isn’t some red-light district so wake up.

Good grief.

Don’t act spoiled. I told you, didn’t I? This is a room I rented so listen to what I say.

Quiet. Last night wasn’t-

Dammit! Remember, next time I’ll definitely……

I’ll go get it, so wait here.


It’s the proprietress of the inn, so what are you all scared for?

Oh, right, that reminds me, you ran away from the red-light districts. I didn’t think you’d take advantage of the chaos to make your escape.

Well yeah. There’s been a lot of fires here lately, so I understand your train of thought in using that to escape.

That said, rules are rules.

You probably entered the red-light district because you’ve been burdened with your family’s debt, so you have to at least repay that.


I’m wrong?

Huh? You’ll be murdered…?

Speaking of which, you did say that last night. But they won’t kill you no matter how many times you run away.

To silence you?

Did you hear of something contentious?

I can’t do anything if you’re not self-aware of it.


Huh? Oh, this is the food I ordered earlier. They delivered it over to us just before.

For your information, there’s no share for you.

I paid for this with my money, so it’s my breakfast. I won’t sell it to you, so go ahead and say whatever you want.


Idiot, who would do it in the morning.


I get it, I’ll give you half of it.

It’s hard to eat when you’re looking at me so hungrily.

Here, just half. Got it?


Jeez, to have picked up a stray cat…

But even so, you really are pale. If you’re like that, it’s only a matter of time before you’re found. You have to get a little more tanned.

Get stark naked and walk about in that courtyard over there.

You’ll be discovered immediately if your skin’s pale, you know?


What? Are you too embarrassed to?

Ah, I get it, I get it, that was my bad, it was extremely rude of me.

Stop grumbling and just eat. If you don’t want it then return it to me.

So you’re going to eat?


Track 3: Tattoo


Hey, there’re weeds there too.

You can’t even weed? Just how bad at things are you?

You have to grab it more by the roots, if you grab it by the top, it’ll only be torn apart to pieces.

Don’t be like, “oh, I see”, will you even be able to survive properly after this?

Roll up the sleeves and base of your kimono higher. Make it so that more of your wrists and ankles are exposed to the light of the sun.

You’re the one who said that you’ll pay for your meals with your body, no?

Be grateful that I have the disposition of being a womanizer.


After weeding, you’re supposed to clean the hallways and help with the cooking, was it?

Well, do your best.

Now then, I’ll be doing a bit of work.

Ayakashi extermination.

Fires have been continuously occurring in the past while, no? And that’s the cause.

It’s very much like the acts of an ayakashi. A house will be set ablaze once they get onto the roof, is how the story goes.

Though, I mean, I won’t know until I go.


Idiot, you have things you have to do here, no? Besides, you’ll be killed if you’re found by those guys.

Stay here quietly, don’t leave this inn no matter what happens.


It’s unexpected that you’re so knowledgeable about this ayakashi. Why do you know?

Huh? Then what kind of person was that guest?

They had a tattoo on their arm…? Did it have the shape of a spider’s web?

What do you mean by cob?


Have you said this to anyone else?

Then what did you hear?

I see.

You don’t know, huh. You probably heard something that you were supposed to hear from a drunken customer.

They’ve probably all been executed by members of that organization, so you’re the only one left.

What else have you heard?


I see. Like I thought, they’re behind this incident too.

You don’t have to do anything, just stay here quietly.

Listen, never go outside.

Listen to what I tell you and wait here quietly.

No buts, you’ll wait, won’t you?


Okay, good girl.

Hmm? Have you gotten a little sunburned? Your face is a little red.

That’s good.

I’ll be going then.


Track 4: Mania


Tch. Was I too late?

No, this is the right time.


Oh, as expected, this red kimono is striking. You thought I was that woman, didn’t you?

Yo! I heard that kneeling ayakashis were like chicken. You see, I understand it now, you certainly look like you’re dumb.

I’m referring to you, the person who’s been causing the fires in this area.


Sorry to say, but I’m not a mere passerby.

As expected, you know of me. Now tell me why.


Hey, won’t you tell me one thing?

What is the meaning behind that insignia on your arm?

You’re part of some organization, aren’t you? So who’s the one dishing out the orders?


Isn’t about time you surrender, old man?

It’s one after the other.

You’re in the way!!!


Now then, what do you plan to do? Your katana has flown away in the other direction.

Don’t move.

Spill the information on your organization. What’s that tattoo supposed to be? What meaning does it have?

Who are the figures commanding you?

If you aren’t planning to answer then, hmm…how about I crush your eyes first?


You’re human? But you guys are supposed to be ayakashi, no?

Besides, I never said that I’ll kill you, I merely said that I’ll crush your eyeballs. I’ll grant you pain, but I won’t kill you.

Now spill it.

!? Hey!

A katana…? No, what is this? Where did this fly out from?


Golden hair?

Is it an oni-no, wait, that’s impossible.

Who are you? What are you?

Hey, wait-

Damn it.


Track 5: Ecstasy


Oh. Ah, no, this isn’t my blood, this is just some splatter.

I’m a bit tired, so I’ll be sleeping. Don’t wake me up until morning.

Don’t worry, I’m unharmed.

Your kimono…?

That reminds me, it was slashed by a katana and soaked in blood, so I threw it away by a river.


Be quiet.

It can’t be helped, right? Besides, it’s more convenient that way, in more ways than one, and you’ll find out tomorrow morning.

Enough. Just sleep quietly today.


What is it? I told you not to wake me up till morning.


Oh, it’s that hour. And so, why are you making such a ruckus?

Oh, about that? So it has blown up, hasn’t it? As I predicted, there are wild animals waiting to pounce every which way.

The young girl who was murdered is you.

A blood-stained kimono was found stuck by the riverside, no?

What? You haven’t gone to see?

That kimono is the one I discarded yesterday.


Starting today, you’ll be changing your name. Abandon the name you had until now and start a new life.

With such a flashy kimono, they’ll immediately know that it belongs to the woman who ran away from the red-light districts. And considering that it’s blood-stained and torn and left by the riverside, just about anyone would think that you’re dead.

In order words, you’ll have no more pursuers. Isn’t that great?

Be free, live the life you want hereafter.


Now then, it’s about time I left this place too.

Yes, that was my intention from the start. I never stay in the same town for long.

Don’t say such stupid things, what did you think I did all that for? My plan was so that I don’t have to take care of you anymore.

Don’t worry, a strong woman like you can succeed anywhere.

But well, it’d be great if you got to do more house chores. Cooking, cleaning, washing, all the things you haven’t done until now, you’ll be having to do every day.

As a woman, you have to at least learn that.


Speaking of which, did you weed the garden properly?

Oh? I’ll go check then.


I thought it’d be faster to check your body than to check the garden. I’ll check how tanned you got.

What? Are you embarrassed because of how long it’s been?

That reminds me, I have yet to put it inside you even once. Today, I’ll make you say it.


Oh? You really have tanned. Your wrists, your ankles, they were once whiter, no?

Look, just like this area.


Your stomach and the nape of your neck are still pale, so it’s clear when you compare them like this.

What is it? You said that your lips were off-limits so I’m forced to kiss other places.


Was that perhaps another aspect of coaxing? …By trying to make winds blow in your favor.

But well, that’s convenient for me since I can tell right away.


Do you hear these sounds?

You’ll feel it more easily this way.

Well, you can tell that it’s different from usual, can’t you? Your place here has become an amazing mess.

How’s that? You want something thicker inside you, no?

I see, then it can’t be helped.


It really is incredible, it’s pouring out endlessly.

Whoa there.

As if I’d go all the way with it. I told you, didn’t I? …That I’d make you say it.


What’s up with you? Regardless of how long it’s been, aren’t you feeling it much more easily than before?

Now, what do you plan to do?

I intend on stopping just barely before like this until you say it.


To think you’d say that…

Then as you wish, I’ll do even more mean things.

Not “no”, you should have other things you should be saying instead, no? So what do you plan to do?


I can’t hear it.

Beg me once more in a cuter manner.

So, what now?

Oh? Like I thought, there’s quite a lot of progress made. Now, I ought to give you your reward, don’t I?

But well, I’ve been postponing it all this time so I’m at the limit of my endurance.


Like I thought, your insides are soaking wet.

I’ll start moving.


Finally, I’m inside you.

Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel so good that you won’t regret it.


How’s that? Well?

You can tell that I’m deep inside you, right? The depth of this place, you can tell what place I’m hitting, right?

When I penetrate you deep like this, you clench down tightly.

No? It’s not enough? Then how about I tease you while I’m inside here?


I want to pinch it with my fingers and press it down with my thumb.

You squeeze quite tightly when I do this.


Wait, let me insert it even deeper.

Can you prop up your own legs?

Come on, hurry.

Make sure to hold onto them tight.


I…I’m about to too.


You know, I told you countless times that I can’t take you along. It’s a pain in the ass for me to be together with a woman.

It’s clear as day that you’ll drag me down.

It’s the truth, no?

More importantly, you finally became free, you can live based on your own free will rather than someone else’s orders.

Despite going through all the trouble to arrange a live-in job with the proprietress, do you plan to put that charity to waste?

……Besides, I can’t let you get involved in this.


I’m talking to myself.

Things will be a bit complicated from now on.

Stay healthy.

Try not to approach drunkards in the future, okay? If you hear something you weren’t supposed to hear, you might have your life targeted again, after all.

Also, make sure to fully learn the housework.


You truly are a strong-willed woman.

See ya.


Now then, let me rest quietly somewhere before I get hired for my next job.

A spider’s web. A cobweb, huh.


The year is 1861.

There was once a man known as the three-legged crow.

The formerly renowned swordsman was deserted by an ever-changing era. Without a family, he wandered the provinces aloneーfor the sake of fulfilling the promise he made with a certain someone long ago.

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