【Translation】 Personal Prince ~Kroth・Estrum Hen~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

Personal Prince ~クロート・エストラム編~

CV: Suzuki Yuuto (鈴木裕斗)

Track 1: The Real Fun Start Now



This isn’t a bad result. I think it’ll be fine to show this to people.


You, hey! Hey, I’m referring to you over there. Don’t ignore me. Do you not know me, the 5th prince of the Estrum Kingdom?

!? Don’t yell in the library???

Hmph, regardless if this is the library, this is my kingdom.

Huh? What? We have the same standing in terms of academics?


Haha! Hehe. You’re the first woman who’s ever said that to me.

What you said was reasonable, I was in the wrong, I apologize. On that note, are you in the Department of Applied Chemistry? Though, I’ve never seen your face before.

Why do I think that?

The book you’re reading is the famous book by that famous professor in the scientific field, is it not?

That professor’s books are easy to read and easy to understand, they’re perfect when first learning the foundations of applied science.


Eh? You’re just reading it because it seemed interesting?

Pfft, so you’d read such a technical book just because it seemed interesting, huh. How amusing.

“You’re in the way, so please leave”?

Oh, sorry, my bad.



Hey, guy over there, who was she?

Oh? A transfer student? And not only that, she’s in the same class as me?

Things are looking to be fun.


Track 2: High-handed Decision


Hmm…school festival, huh.

Speaking of which, it is that time of the year. This year, our class is…

I see, we’re performing a play. I guess we’ve got to decide roles then; in that case, I’ll write the script.

And while we’re at it, you over there, you’ll be responsible for assisting me with the scriptwriting. I don’t mind a helping hand.


Hmm? What’s the matter? Are you discontent with something?

That’s right, it’s better if you don’t defy me. Your friends over there are rather wise.

Okay, then let’s quickly brief.


Tomorrow’s a school holiday, huh. Then tomorrow noon at the cafe in town should work.

I made it noon so that it’ll be fine even if you slept in.

Don’t be late, okay?

Oh, my apologies, since I’ll be writing the script with her, can everyone decide on the other roles so that we can get the ball rolling?

I’ll do what I can and create a wonderful work.

See you tomorrow then.


Track 3: With the Same Gaze……


Oh, you’re early. There’s still another 20 minutes, I’m impressed.

Huh? You just wanted to read books? Hmm, rather than saying that you have extensive knowledge, it’s more precise to say that you’re diligent.

Oh, this package? This is the script that I wrote.

By all means, please read it and tell me your opinions.


Your throat gets dry while reading, doesn’t it? I’ll go buy something to drink. What would you like?

You’ll buy it yourself?

Don’t say such foolish things. To have you open your wallet despite being alone together will stain the Estrum name.

Since it’s hot, would ice tea work?

It would’ve been cute if you had been honest from the start.


I’ve kept you waiting, haven’t I? I didn’t know whether you liked lemon or milk, so choose whichever one you prefer.

Hmm? Oh, I’ll take the one that’s left. I don’t mind black tea.

Please tell me when you finish reading.

Huh? Oh, while I’m waiting, I’ll take that time to read. Input is important after all.


Ah, have you finished reading?

Sorry, I dozed off. I’m just a little sleep-deprived.

And so, how was it?

Hmm, it’s not bad but it feels like you’ve seen this story before somewhere? Can you tell me which exact part(s) make you think that?

I see. Certainly, there’re many stories of people of high status throwing away their status in lieu of love; however, don’t you find such a simple approach beautiful?

I think there’s virtue in throwing everything away for the sake of love.


Hmm…there’s indeed beauty in a simple approach, but the path there and its conclusion is too easy to predict, huh.

You’re not wrong when you say that a predictable ending might make it boring.

And also, you hate tragedies?

I see. I’ll keep that as reference.

Is there any theme you’d like to recommend?


I see. That’s informative.

That said, to state your opinion without reserve to this extent, save for my tutor, you’re the first one.

Although I’m a member of the royal family, despite not having all that much worth…everyone always takes a step back away from me.

We’ve diverged from the topic, haven’t we? That said, today’s meeting was undoubtedly useful.

It’s gotten completely dark, hasn’t it?

Alright, I’ll escort you home.


Huh? That’s…

My tutor? So they’ve chased me this far.

So what is it? Are you finished with your job? Although you are my tutor, you still have mountains of other tasks you need to attend to, do you not?

Don’t spend time alone with a girl?

But this is a part of the school’s education.

Regardless of my intentions, you will not allow acts that can be misunderstood by the public?


It’s precisely because you’re so thickheaded that you’ll forever be unable to be promoted from being a tutor.

I get it, I get it. Don’t grab my arm.

Sorry. Let’s disperse here for today.


Track 4: The True Feelings of Entrusting Your Life to Someone


Sorry about the other day. That tutor is always nagging me.

I’ve been with them ever since I was young and their head is so thick that they have no level of flexibility.

Ah, forget about them.

That said, if we were to visit the cafe like we did last time, my tutor started a fuss over it. Nevertheless, we have to continue on with the script.

I’ve thought about it, so…is it possible for me to borrow your house?


There is the issue of a royal visiting the house of an ordinary girl, but…

On the contrary, because it’s so unbelievable, not even my tutor would go as far as to force their way into an ordinary household.

More importantly, since we ended up having a passionate discussion last time, I wound up breaking my curfew. But if I were to keep my curfew, I’m sure my tutor will remain silent.

So please, I want to create a script that we both agree to together.


Thank you for being quick to understand.

It’s a bit abrupt, but can I go to your house after school today? I’ve brainstormed a bunch of ideas based on what you had said.

Thank you. I’ll see you again after school then.


It’s Kroth. Please open up.


Am I too early?

That’s a relief. Is it alright if I come inside?

Thank you. Please excuse my intrusion.


Hmm…it’s the first time I’ve visited the house of an ordinary citizen, but it’s nice and tidy. You could say it’s fitting of a girl, it’s got a nice atmosphere.

Oh, is it okay if I sit down on that chair?

Ah. Thank you.

You’re able to brew tea by yourself? Wow.

What!? Just about anyone can do it?!!



Let’s get to the topic of the script. I tried writing about the wartime love story between a military officer from the Republic of Donelia and a girl from the Kingdom of Estrum that you mentioned, so I’d like you to read it first.

Yes, it’s a love story set during the era where the Republic of Donelia and the Kingdom of Estrum were enemies.

Instead of a tragedy, I made it so that they both abandon their status and leave on a journey together.

S-So, how is it?

If it’s like this, it lets you enjoy being at the edge of your seat not knowing what happens after and the aftertaste isn’t bad either I think.


It’s gotten a lot better?

Thank god.



You’re right, the girl’s older brother doesn’t appear much. What do you think I should do instead?


Is that a visitor?

No, that’s…

You, what are you doing here?!! Although you’re my tutor, forcing your way into the house of an ordinary citizen is stepping way outside your bounds.

What? You’re worried about me?

A tutor has no right to interfere in the rendezvous of a royal. Don’t you dare ever come here again.

What? You’re saying that I’m just a kid who’s fooling around?

It seems like you are greatly mistaken about your position. This is a gift for her, the girl whom I love. Do you understand what it means to receive a gift from royalty?


That’s right. When a guy gives a girl a present, it is proof of courtship; so if you understand, leave here at once!


Sorry for causing you trouble.

This is a perfume that I wanted to give you, it’s a favorite of mine. If you’d like, please use it. I’m sure it’ll suit you.

Since it’s my curfew, I’ll be leaving.

Until next time.


Track 5: First Experience and Stoppable Feelings



Ah, no, it’s nothing. Why are you reacting so normally?

No, uh, I brought some books owned by the royal family. Would you like to read them?

Don’t hold back. They’re books from the royal collection, so there’s definitely a bunch of books you’ve never read before.

Oh, is that so? Please read them then.


It’s no use, I can’t concentrate.

Umm…it’s about the other day. It was a makeshift lie, but err, half of it is true. Plus, you wouldn’t think there was nothing when I’m seeing you almost every day.

Ah!!! I don’t know what I should say.

Dammit, it’s not going well at all.

You know, I want you to give me a reply soon. AHH, I can’t do this…!!! You, what do you think about me?

Like I said, what do y-y-you…


You never noticed my feelings?

Are you serious?

It can’t be helped…

I like you, so umm, I’d like you to give me an answer. It doesn’t have to be right away-


“This is how I feel”…? Does that mean you like me too?

Thank god.

On that note, the strength has left my body. So this is how it feels to make a confession. I’ve written it in the script, but the actual experience is completely different.

Ah, sorry, I didn’t mean it in a strange way!

It’s just that…this is my first experience.


Don’t laugh.

So umm…is it okay I give you a kiss?


It’s like a dream.

Say, can we do more?


So umm…is it okay if we do it?

Thank you.

I’ll be as gentle as I can, so please tell me if it hurts.

Oh, right, let’s take off your clothes


Hmm? Huh? Uh, I’m so nervous that I can’t undo your buttons properly…

No, I’ll undo them on my own. Just give me some time.

Okay, they’re off.

I’ll be taking it off then. Can you lift up both your arms?


They’re beautiful. Is it alright if I touch them?

They’re super soft, they’re almost like marshmallows.

Is this how you remove the hook?


They’re lovely. Your breasts are cute.

Say, is it alright if I massage them?

Mhm. Thank you.


Wow, they’re so soft! The way they pull my hands in makes me want to massage them forever.

Does it feel good? Your voice is leaking out.

Your voice’s cute and really soothing to hear. Please let me hear more of the voice that only I’ve heard.


Do you like when I touch your nipples with my fingers?

How should I touch them?

Press on them like this? Or is it better when I pinch them with my fingers?

I see. It feels good when I touch them like this.


Is it alright if I kiss you too?

Turn this way.

Can I kiss the nape of your neck too?


Don’t retrace back. Are you weak to this spot?

You’re wearing the perfume I gave, aren’t you?

Thank you, that makes me happy.


Is it alright if I licked your nipples?

I have to do the other side too, don’t I?


It looks like it feels really good.

Sorry, it seems like I’m at my limit after hearing your lewd voice. It is okay if I put my thing inside you?

Uh-huh. I’ll be gentle.

I’ll take off your underwear and skirt.


So this is what a girl looks like naked. It’s so beautiful that it makes my heart throb.

It’s embarrassing when you’re the only one naked?

Oh, right, sorry, I’ll undress too.

Don’t stare too much. It became like this because I looked at your body, the body of the girl I like.


It’ll hurt if I put it in now, right? I’ll touch your precious place, okay?


You’re pretty wet. It’s drenched.

Does this place feel good? You’re reacting more than before.

Oh, you’re weak to this spot.

Should I touch it this way?

I’m glad it feels good. Say, is it alright if I put it in now?


Ah! I have to put on a condom, don’t I?

I was so focused on you that I nearly forgot.


I’m done putting it on.

I’m putting it in. Can you place your hands on that wall?


Wow, it’s like I’m being sucked into you and going in all the way.

Are you alright? Does it hurt?

I see. That’s a relief.

Is it okay if I insert it deeper? Will you be alright?


Alright, I’ll insert it then.

It’s in.

Can you tell that I’m entirely inside you?

I’m super happy.

Say, will it be alright if I move?

Okay, I’ll start moving then. Please tell me if it hurts.


Your insides are wrapping around me tightly. I’m already about to cum.

I’m sorry, I’m already at my limit.

I’m cumming!


You know, I love you almost too much.

Did you feel good as well?

I see, I’m glad.

Please stay within my arms for the rest of today.



Track 6: Decision to Switch from Tragedy to Comedy


Ugh, I’m so sleepy…


What’s this? Plaza’s quite noisy.

Hey, did something happen? Why are you so panicked-

The school festival has been suspended…?!!

No way, what’s the reason?

Students with dissatisfactory grades keep popping one after another, so this is an emergency measure to counteract that? That’s impossible, our tests are held after the school festival, are they not?

In that case, it must be the act of my tutor.


Hey, is the tutor here?

Huh? The person over there is…

Why are they here?

“Don’t get in the way of Kroth and the school festival”? Whoa, whoa, did she barge in there alone?

That idiot, she’ll get injured!

No, if I were to appear now, I would put her effort in vain.



I should appear. No…

Thank god. As expected, the guards aren’t going to lay hands on a girl.

Is she crying? Why is she crying?

Hey, Guards! I’m Kroth Estrum, the 5th prince. Bring out the tutor right now.


Tutor, you’re responsible for suspending the school festival, aren’t you?

I see, you have no regret nor any intention of explaining yourself, huh. How unfortunate, we’ve known each other for so long.

Tutor, with the name Kroth Estrum, I now dismiss you.

From now on, you’re forbidden to step foot within the castle. Got it?


As if I’d let you.

I won’t let anyone turn my, no, our story into a tragedy. We’ll turn it into a comedy.


Track 7: Almost like it did in that Story…


Oh, she’s there.

You went to the castle yesterday, didn’t you?

Thank you for getting angry for my sake.


Oh, ah, yes, I heard it from people at the castle.

I fired my tutor, but the school festival will probably still be suspended. I don’t think this school will retract a decision once it’s been made.

Having said that, I guess this is the end of us creating a script together.

Eh? Even if there’s no school festival, let’s finish the script regardless? It’ll never be used, are you fine with that even then?


You’re right. We definitely have to complete the story.

Okay, let’s do it!


First, we ought to make a bunch of adjustments. Can you check for grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and missing words?

Thank you.

Let’s do our best to complete it.

Oh, before that, I want to drink tea that you’ve brewed. I really enjoy it.


With this, there’s only the last scene left.

Sorry that you’ve had to put up with me for 2 days. But thanks to that, we’re almost done.

That said, this scene where the military officer from the Republic of Donelia marries the girl from the Kingdom of Estrum…

Eh? You and I should try acting it out?

Idiot, that’s-

But well, if I’m doing it with you, I’ll give it a try.


Can you come this way? I want to confirm that you are mine.

I’ve always wanted to embrace you. Always.

I don’t have to hold back anymore, right?


The fact that you’re here, for it to make me this happy……

Somehow when we’re doing this, it’s almost like we’re really in the story. I’m sure the military officer was probably both soothed and turned on by your scent like me.

Are you turned on too? …Because your place here is already drenched.

Can you use your mouth to pleasure me?


What is this? Your mouth feels so good.

When you lick the tip up and down like that, it sends shivers down my body. The inside of your mouth is wet and it feels super good.

This is bad, your tongue is coiling around me-


Say, can you put the condom on me? I want to enter inside you.

There we go.

I’m putting it in, okay?

Are you alright? Please tell me if it hurts.


Please hold me. I want to feel you with my entire body.

I’ll start moving my hips.


You’re squeezing so tightly. I can tell that your place is moving to match me.

Please hold me tighter…

Your inside feels so good!

In this situation, would you feel better if I were to lick your nipples?


Wow, you’re squeezing even tighter than before.

It feels good…

It’s no use, I’m about to cum. Together, let’s cum together.

I’m cumming!


Your insides felt so good. I’m sure the military officer embraced the girl just like this and loved them.


Well, it’s been said and done, but is it alright if I stay over tonight? I don’t want to leave today.

I love you. More than anyone, more than anything.


Track 8: Together for Life


Like I thought, the school festival remains suspended.

Uh-huh. I heard the headmaster talking within the school, and it seems as though everyone around us has come to terms with the shock of it.

Perchance, there could’ve been a student protest.


Yes, I know. Even if the school festival’s been suspended, there’s still meaning in completing that story.

I’ve gained many things, so I’m fine with that for now.

Eh? I’ve become an adult?

No, I’m still an immature child. That said, having someone precious to them might make a person grow.


Ah. I don’t really care about that.

On that note, is it alright if I ask you one thing? Was there a real-life basis behind the story you told me during our discussion at the start?

Because, in the end, our story was based on that suggestion.

It’s a tale about your ancestors?

I ought to go greet your ancestors, don’t I? After all, it’s thanks to them that I’m able to be together with you like this.


Eh? Do I want to know what happened to them afterwards? Are you referring to events that occurred after the ending that weren’t written in the story?

As for that, it’s the same as us, no?

I’ll protect you, and live alongside you for as long as I live.

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