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CV: Yashiro Taku (八代拓)

Track 1: Second Night


Are you unable to sleep?

You still might be worked up over your emotions.


Come here.

When we were kids, patting your head worked like a charm whenever I had to lull you to sleep for your afternoon nap. I wonder if it still works now.

Does it feel comfortable?

Then, I’ll continue doing it.


Kiss…? Hmm, would it be effective in putting you to sleep?

No, it doesn’t have to be.

Today might’ve been the first time I’ve done it, but I’ve grown to love this kind of kiss.

Is that so?

Then one more.


Okay, it’s over. That’s enough kisses for now.

Don’t make that kind of face.

Sorry. I want to kiss you more, but umm, if we do too much then…

You can tell, can’t you? Since I’m not wearing clothes-

Ah! What are you doing? That’s not what I meant. Don’t say that it’s fine, that type of thing is hard on you, is it not?

Wanting to do it is not what I meant so, don’t worry about it.


Are you really sure?

Jeez, starting seducing me yourself… You’re a troublesome little fellow.

Sure, let’s do it.

I’ll make sure you feel even better than you did last time.


Huh? Does it tickle when I kiss your neck?

Somehow, I feel the urge to do something different than last time. I thought it’d be nice if we do it with your back faced towards me since I can support you.

Do you not want me to hold you?

Adhering right up against you makes me happy, though.

I guess so. I’ll be doing all sorts of different things; I think it’ll be a good idea to slowly test out things as long as it doesn’t startle you.


This is a place where people often feel it, so I wonder if that’s the case for you?

Is it exciting?

Then I’ll do the other side too.


If I do this while touching your breasts, how does it feel?

Your nipples are standing up nice and high. I wonder if your ears are rather sensitive?

What a naughty voice. It’s cute.

Your moans give me shivers.

I’ll touch your low half now. Please tell me just how good it feels.


You’re wet. Plus, it’s hot.

If I touch this place, lots will probably start pouring out.

That’s a nice reaction. Did it feel that good?

They say that this is a girl’s most sensitive spot.

You don’t have to suppress that odd feeling. Entrust your body to me more.

That’s right, just like that.

I’ll insert my fingers inside and stroke both the inside and outside. And how about we try pinching your nipples a little harder?


You look like you’re feeling good.

Turn this way.


Let’s do it while holding each other.

Can you shift your butt and sit on top of my right leg?


Wait just a sec.


I’m done. Now turn around.

Lift your bottom.

I’m pulling it in, okay?

Don’t worry, I’ll support you, so slowly lower your hips.


Yup. The top half is in, there’s just the other half to go.


It doesn’t hurt, right?

Okay, then let’s finish this.


It’s in.

Wow, your insides are spasming and squeezing me really tightly.

You’re filled with me?

The way you put it kind of makes me happy.

I’ll fill you up even more then. So that these insides and the inside of your head are filled to brim with me.

I’ll start moving.

I’ll make sure to rock a lot, so feel it.


How does it feel?

I’m fine with anything, so please tell me what you think.

Uh-huh. You said that it was hot last time too.

Anything else?

I see, the heat grows greater when I reach all the way inside. As I suspected, I’m pretty sure that’s a sign that it feels good.

I’ll teach you the feeling of that heat bursting then.

I’ll go a little rougher. I’ll make sure to smash up against your deep spots, okay?


Huh? Here?

I see, so this place feels particularly good.

Then while I’ll mess up this place……


Well? When I touch other places at the same time, it feels even hotter, right?

It’s fine. It’s fine, so don’t suppress that feeling, feel it more instead.


Your insides are clamping down on me, and it feels good for me too.

Let’s cum together.

I’ll make you cum so……

So, how does it feel when I focus on this part too? It’s nice and perky so it looks like it feels really good. I’m sure you’re already-

Yes, that’s the feeling.

Don’t hold back. Let yourself cum together with me.


I feel good too. I’m already about to cum.

Cum. I’m also-

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Is it hot? It burst, didn’t it?

Did it feel good?

Is your mind blank?

Jeez, everything you say is cute.

Then, I’ll make sure that happens often. I’ll teach you loads about pleasure.

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