【Translation】 First Step! Animate Tokuten


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CV: Yashiro Taku (八代拓)

Track 1: Both in Suits


Huh? What a coincidence. Are you on your way home right now too?

I visited the main office for training today. On the other hand, this is your second day of being a student-teacher, right?

Good work out there.


How should I say it? It’s a bit new for us to both be in suits.

Let’s head home together, and you can drop by my house for a bit.


How is it being a student-teacher at my alma mater?

I see, that sounds rough.

Oh, but it’s only your second day, isn’t it? So you’ll slowly get used to it.

Uh-huh, it is rigid, but what about it?


Did I look that cool in a suit?

Haha, I should be saying that about you, no? It gives you a completely different image than usual, and it’s very adult-like.

It’s lovely.


Say, would you be angry if I said that I wanted to embrace you in this state?

It’s sexy, so my heart’s been racing since earlier.

I want to remove that suit and hold you. Or is that a no?

It’s fine, they likely won’t be back within the next hour.

Thank you.

I’ll take it off then.


Can you take mine off?


This is incredibly lewd.

Your open shirt, your white bra, and that tight skirt… Somehow it feels like we’re doing something indecent.


Can I shift it aside and touch you like that? I’ll make sure to take it off properly later.

Your nipples are already hard.

Are you turned on too?

They became like this because I’ve been saying embarrassing things?

Oh? Then let me try saying some even more embarrassing things.


While being touched and licked in that outfit, do you realize what kind of lewd expression you’re making?


Because you have such nice reactions, it makes me want to tease you. You’re the one who stirred me up.

After seeing your naughty state, I ended up like this.

Could you lick it?

If you’re not against it… I’d be happy if you can get down in that outfit and do it while looking up at me.


I know. Today’s the only day I’ll be making that selfish request.


It’s good, it feels good.

While you’re licking me, lift your face. And as you look me in the eyes, lick me more.


You really are lewd. Even though you were so shy the first time, you’ve gotten quite good at fellatios. Although I was the one who taught you, as of now, I can’t win against you.

It feels so good that I’ll end up cumming right away.


This is bad, I want to enter inside.

Thank you.

It’s enough, so come here.


I’m removing your top and skirt, okay?


It’s beautiful. I feel you grow more beautiful each time I embrace you.

All that’s left is this, isn’t it?

I’m taking it off.


You’re pulling my strings.

You’re so lewd. You’re soaking wet even though I haven’t touched you yet. And your insides have already turned soft and are squeezing down on my fingers.

Is it alright if I put it in as is?

Thank you. I’ll quickly put that on.


Is it okay if I do it from the back?

Get on all fours.

In exchange for licking me, I’ll make you feel plenty of pleasure.


It entered so easily.

I’ll start moving. I’ll thrust up against the spots you love lots.



Despite how many times we’ve done it, why do your insides still feel this good? It feels good every time we do it, and my love for you grows even greater.

The moment I saw you in suits today, a part of my mind was already imagining this.

I’m almost like a no-good man, aren’t I?


You too?

I guess so. We think of these things because we love each other, don’t we? I love both you and having sex with you.

If we both feel the same then, is it alright not to suppress it?

Uh-huh, I won’t suppress it, or rather, I can’t suppress it.

I’ll start moving faster. You move too.


I want to cum together.

I’m hitting your good spots, right? It feels good when I scrap against it, right? …So good that you can cum just from penetration.

Let’s cum. I’m already about to cum.


Your insides have begun twitching. Are you about to cum?

Cum, together with me.

I’m cumming!


We came together, didn’t we?


Yeah. Like I thought, your skirt has gotten a little wrinkled, hasn’t it? …Sorry.

Is that so? But that suit really does suit you.

I’m sure you’ll grow even more beautiful from here on out. You’ll gain all sorts of experience, and become even more mature than you are now.

Hey, don’t say I’m sounding like an old man!

It gives me some rather mixed feelings considering that I’m an older boyfriend.


It’s fine if you don’t understand.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

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