【Translation】 First Step!


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First Step!

CV: Yashiro Taku (八代拓)

Track 1: Walking while Holding Hands


Sorry to keep you waiting. Good work out there.

Why did you suddenly have a part-time shift? Were you covering for someone?

Oh. Since the season is currently changing, it’s easy to catch a cold, isn’t it? We ought to be careful too, don’t we?

Well then, let’s head home.


It’s been so long since we last went home together.

Both our shifts have changed, and now that you have a part-time job, there’s no longer a day where we have the time to meet.

It’s not a bother, we’re going home as next-door neighbors.

I was happy to receive that message. Even though we had the rare chance of working at the same station, our schedules never lined-up.

Lately, I’ve been glancing at the place where you work while leaving lonelily by myself.

You see, since that area is paned with glass, I can see you when I pass by.

As I go past, I would think to myself, “Whoa, you’re working hard serving the customers. I may be leaving first, but please hang in there for a little longer.”


Of course you never knew. Even if it’s between you and me it’s scary to reveal what we really think.

If it had been a fast-food restaurant or a cafe, I could’ve stopped by before heading home. But since it’s a general goods store, I can’t just drop by just to say something to you.

Even when it comes to buying something, there’s nothing for me to buy in such a cute store.

And so, please message me immediately if you have a sudden schedule change like you did tonight. I’d happily return home with you.

!? Watch out!


Sorry. Are you alright?

What a dangerous cycler, we were just walking normally.

I’m sorry for bumping into you, but I’m glad you weren’t on the side of the road.

Let’s go.


Hmm? What’s wrong?


Do you not like it when I hold your hands?

Really? Because if you don’t like it, I’ll let go.

I see, then let’s stay like this.


I’ll see you later then.

Oh, that reminds me, make sure to rinse your mouth before you sleep so that you don’t catch that cold from work.

But you immediately forget if I don’t remind you.

In the past, you’d forget to wash your hands when we ate afternoon snacks at my house-


I’m treating you like a child, I’m genuinely worried about you.

I get it, I get it, I won’t mention it anymore.

Good night then.


Huh? What’s the matter?

My next day off?

I don’t have any particular plans.

A date? But didn’t you have part-time work?

They shifted things because you were supposed to be off today? Is that so? If that’s the case then of course I’m fine with it.

Roger. Please think of some places you’d like to visit.


Track 2: Today’s the Date


That was pretty interesting. They said that the sequel is set to release next year, but…

You’re right, we can come again to watch it.

On that note, you said that you wanted to go shopping next. What is it that you wanted to buy?


Sure, is there a particular store you’d like to visit?

Oh? A store like that had opened?

I don’t know much about it, but let’s head there.


What? You never decided on what type of shoes you wanted?

You’re being careless again. That said, I understand the feeling of seeing the signs of spring and somehow wanting something new.

A new year and a new semester, it’s the period where you start afresh. Then isn’t it better if we took a look at a whole variety of things?

Eh? My thoughts?

No, I mean, if you like it then buy it. I don’t have much knowledge about girls’ shoes.

I’m not saying that I can’t, but I’m hopeless when it comes to fashion.


Whether I think it suits you?

Even that’s a pretty high hurdle.

I wonder about that. Are you really fine with whatever I choose?

I get it, I’ll decide on it then.


Hmm…this part isn’t quite right. Would this vibe be better?

Ah! This pale pink one is nice.

Mhm, I think it’ll suit you.

I think these were called pumps?

Is that so? I don’t know much about that; I liked it because it felt spring-like. Look, it’s a bit reminiscent of the color of cherry blossoms.

Could it be that it’s a bit too plain?


I’m sure it’ll suit you. You match this type of bright, gentle color.

Here, try putting it on.

How’s the size and comfort?

They fit you, and they’re incredibly cute.


No, it’s fine, I’m the one who chose them, so I’ll make it a present.


Even without that reason, I still would’ve given you something like this as a present.

Not at all. Now go buy it.


You’re eating way too much.

I never thought you’d add on a cake set after the meal. Even before, you really do have a weakness for sweets, don’t you?

Though, I’m fine as long as you’re happy.

You’re welcome.

Now then, it’s about time we headed home.


If we’re out too late, Auntie will worry, won’t she?

You’ve mentioned it already? …Is there still something you want to do?


That…you can’t.

No, just because you’re now twenty doesn’t make it okay. I know that you occasionally drink during dinner with your dad.

Your dad said that he was happy to be able to drink with you.

You know, although both our parents have given their approval, I’m still your boyfriend. So for me to drink together with you is a bit…


Eh? Auntie did?

What kind of basis is that? To say that they feel reassured because it’s me, they’re trusting me way too unconditionally…

I get it. But just one cup, okay?


Track 3: Hidden Feelings


Don’t worry about it.

What is it?

Then cheers to the first night we’re drinking together.


Does it taste good?

A cocktail’s sweet, but it has a much higher alcohol content compared to beer. So don’t drink it all at once, okay?

Then it’s fine.


So what has happened? You never brought up the topic of drinking together until now, aside from today.

Is it because of spring too?

That’s my bad. I never knew.

That said, what made you feel the need to go out of your way to drink with me? Did you want to visit a shop with this type of atmosphere?

Why are you sulking?

You want me to treat you like an adult…?

No, I mean, I never consciously thought about treating you either like an adult or a child in the first place. As I’ve said the other day, my intentions were never to treat you like a child and not as an adult.


That’s right. We’re childhood friends who started dating, but you are you, so it’s not like something drastically changed.

Hey! I told you not to drink it all at once. What do you plan to do if you get drunk?

How could you declare that? You never know, you know?

Are you sure you’re alright?


Hold it together, we’re already made it to your room.

Come on, lie down.

Are you okay?

I warned you, didn’t I? It’s easy to get drunk from cocktails. Not to mention, you really have no tolerance towards alcohol.

It’s also my fault for thinking that it’ll be fine since it wasn’t that strong. From now on, you should stop drinking after one beer.


Do you feel nauseous?

I see. Then, will you be alright by yourself for the time being? I’m going to visit Auntie and Uncle.

For what reason?

I have to report on your situation, and apologize to them, no? Because I let you get drunk even though I was with you.


Idiot, you’re staggering so just sleep. I’ll be back after I finish talking to them-


What’s with you all of sudden?

What are you saying?


Of course I love you, otherwise, I wouldn’t be dating you.


T-That’s not it, there’s no way that I wouldn’t find you attractive. The fact I’ve only kissed you is…

That’s not it either. To begin with, you’re no longer a child.


Since I’ve only been treating you like a child, you thought I’d be a little more aware that you’re an adult if we went out drinking together.

So that’s why you suddenly wanted to go drinking.

And that’s also why you were sulking.


Idiot, that isn’t something a girl should say so rashly.

You’re right. Sorry.

I’m not saying that your feelings are half-hearted. But… You’re drunk, so rest for now and sober up.

Enough, come on, lie down.

I’ll ask Auntie to bring you some water, so drink that and sleep for today.

See you.

Good night.


Track 4: Can’t wait any longer


Hello, it’s me. You’re at home right now, right?

That’s great.

Umm…could you come over right now? There was a sale at the cake shop on my way home, so I bought a bunch. I thought they could be our after-meal desserts.

Mhm. I’ll be waiting then.


Welcome. Come on in.

It’s just the two of us. My dad’s out on a business trip and my mom’s back in her hometown or a class reunion.

I’ll grab something to drink, so please wait in the living room.

You’re fine with black tea, right?


Sorry to keep you waiting.

Choose whatever cake you want. Which would you like?

Chocolate, eh. Then I’ll take the cheesecake.

Here you go. Dig in.


You really do look super happy whenever you’re eating something sweet.

I predicted that you’d come, but since you replied without a hint of hesitation, I was close to laughing earlier.

Really? But you sounded really happy, though.

I suppose so.

Sorry, that was a lie, I know full well Not to mention, I was the one who used cake as an excuse.

I thought we should have a proper discussion. I’ve mentioned it before, but I want to say it properly. You can continue eating, so will you be willing to listen?

Thank you.


When you said you liked me half a year ago, I was really happy. We’ve been together ever since we were kids and while I had thought of you as almost like a little sister, that had changed way prior.

Yeah, I told you before, didn’t I?

I first became aware of it when you were in high school.

I had thought of you as a spoiled little sister, but one day, I made a sudden realization. Before I knew it, you had become extremely beautiful and had begun showing me womanly expressions.

From there, I became suddenly conscious of it. I was at a loss because I thought I’d never view you in that light, but once I started thinking of you that way, there’s no going back.


As an individual girl, your gestures, your expressions, your words, and the way you were honest and cheerful and a bit of a glutton behind closed doors, I began finding that all to be adorable.

It was great that I was aware that I like you, but since I never imagined that you would like me back, it turned into a one-sided love.

Mhm, that’s what you said, didn’t you?

I was genuinely overjoyed when you said that you had loved me ever since you were young.


Our feelings reached each other and we went from childhood friends to lovers.

That said, since we’ve treated each other like siblings for so long, that sense of distance isn’t something you could change so easily.

I had to try and cope with that too.

Plus, I was thinking that you might’ve been confused. You were shaking when I first kissed you and you would tremble whenever I drew near or approached you.

And even when we headed home together the other day, you were bewildered when I held your hand, weren’t you?

You used to be completely fine with hugs and holding hands.


That’s the case it seems. I understand now that, just like me, you were genuinely feeling shy. However, I misunderstood.

Even if you were to see me as a man…I thought there was still more confusion on your end.

To be frank, it had been one-sided for so long that, although my feelings were close to bursting once it became mutual, I was afraid that I’d frighten you if I were to push them onto you.

I cherish you, so I don’t want to scare you.

I can’t let myself be selfish with my desires. I thought I’d wait until your feelings are settled.

While thinking that, I’ve been holding back…

Until the other day, that is.


Uh-huh. The other day, I realized that it was all my misunderstanding when I heard you say, “I’m seen as a child and have no charm. Is that why you won’t embrace me?”

I won’t wait any longer.

I might’ve been afraid of breaking that distance, and tried to escape from it.


You’re not a child, and I find you incredibly attractive.


I love you. And so, I won’t hold back any longer.

I won’t let you wait any more than I have.


Track 5: Joining Everything Together


Are you nervous?

It’ll be okay, just leave it to me.

As you can see, I’m doing the princess-carry. Please wrap your arms around my neck.

I’ll sit down like this, and you’ll be on top of my lap.


How cute.

I really love the way you look at me directly.

I’ll kiss you differently than usual. Is that okay?

I’ll do it slowly, so copy me.


You don’t have to close your mouth. Just do it like this.

All you need to do is to match my movements.

Yup, you’re doing good.

Hmm? What’s wrong? Your breath…? When you put it that way, I wonder when you actually supposed to breathe?

I’m sorry, I can’t explain it well, so let’s try that again.


I got it now. You should be able to breathe if you time it with the moment you let out your voice.

Try letting out your voice some more.

Call my name.

Nice. Not to mention, your voice’s incredibly cute.


How about we take off our clothes?

Jump onto the bed.

Can you lift up your arms nice and high?

I’ll be taking it off then.


It’s beautiful.

Is it alright if I kiss you? In all different places?


The nape of your neck.

Your body’s extremely lovely, you know?


Let’s take off your skirt too.

Lie down.


Just a little is fine, no? You’re cute in your underwear, so show me.

I get it, I’ll undress too.

Oh, umm, you might be surprised, so please forgive me.

Over what?

You know……


Your eyes are wide open.

It’s because it’s happy that I’m able to touch you. It’s so erect that you can see it clearly through my underwear.

I’ll touch you gently, but please tell me right away if it hurts.


So soft. They’re marshmallowy

It doesn’t hurt, right? Will you be okay?


Oh, you don’t have to hold back your voice. If you feel the urge, just let it out.

It’ll be fine.

But if it seems like it’ll reach your house then, at that moment, I’ll seal it away just like that. So, don’t worry about it.

I want to hear your moans.


I’ll remove your bra. Please let me touch them directly.

I’ll start touching them.

How does it feel when I do this? You don’t hate it, right?

Ticklish, huh. I guess that’s how it is at the beginning. Then, how about here?

Like I thought, this place is different, isn’t it?

What do you think?


I see. You’re right.

It’s fine, it doesn’t have to be perfect. That said, this is probably a good spot, so…

They’ve perked up.

Did you know that they become like this when you feel good?

Then let’s do it a little more.


Your reaction’s greater compared to when I used my fingers.

That shudder might be a sign that you’re feeling it.

Please allow me to continue.


Your voice has become sweet.

So you’re able to make that kind of sound, huh. Cute.

I’ll touch this place too.


Your underwear’s a little wet. So you’re indeed feeling it.

Even if you don’t understand it well, that’s what your body is saying. After all, it wouldn’t be like this if you didn’t feel anything.

Is it alright if I take off your underwear?

If it’s alright for me to look, I’ll look. But if you’re against it then, I won’t.

Idiot, that’ll never be the case.

There’s no place on your body that’s dirty. All of it is beautiful.


I’m taking it off then.

Relax. Now, please let me see the place you’ve never shown to anyone else.


I knew it. It’s incredibly beautiful.

It’s a bit red, and even if it’s just a little, it’s wet. It’s getting ready to accept me, isn’t it?

Sorry, I’m so happy that…

Let’s get it even wetter because if I don’t loosen it up properly, it’ll be hard on you.


I told you that it wasn’t dirty, didn’t I? It’s fine so, just leave it to me. I want to burden you as little as possible.


Do you feel it here?

It’s not strange, it’s incredibly adorable.

Don’t hold back, let more out. I want to hear the sound of you unraveling from my tongue.

It has started pouring out from inside you too.

I wonder if it’ll be fine if it’s like this?


I’ll insert my fingers, so relax.



Ah, don’t close your legs. It’ll be alright so, please open them.

That’s right, your insides are being touched by my fingers. Can you tell?

Then focus on that sensation and let yourself feel it from my fingers.

I’m moving slowly inside you, no?

I’ll be entering inside here next, you know?


Was that a throb just now? Your insides were trembling.

You’re super wet. It seems like you’re feeling it more easily.

Hmm? What’s wrong?

Yes, of course, let’s have lots of kisses.


I’ll increase the number of fingers. It might be tight, but I don’t think it’ll hurt.

See? It’s fine. It doesn’t hurt, right?

Cute. Does it feel good when I rub against your insides?


My fingers are soaked.

It might be okay now, but…are you alright with it?

Got it.

Wait just a sec.


That’s right. You don’t think this can fit?

It’ll fit, I assure you. That said, if it’s too much, I’ll stop right away. Please tell me if you don’t think you can take it.

I’m putting it in, okay?


Don’t hold your breath.

Breathe in…


I’m sorry, it hurts, right? Should I stop?

Okay, I’ll proceed slowly.

Open your mouth.

Just a little more.


It’s in. It’s in. We’ve become one.

Thank you for giving me your first time.


I’m happy too.

I’ve finally obtained you, whom I love, in your entirety.

I love you. I love you.


Let’s stay like this for the time being.

If we stay still then the pain should get better, right?

Don’t force yourself, there’s no need to rush. Let’s take our time.

Idiot, don’t go off saying things like that, I’ve waited for this day to come for so long. But your body’s more important, no?


I get it. Then, adhere to me close.

It’ll be alright.

I don’t mind if you dig your nails into my back if it hurts, I’ll accept it all. Let’s feel both pain and pleasure together.


Your insides are amazing. It’s hot, it’s tight, and it feels good.

It’s true. It feels so good that it worries me.

What should I do? I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself.


I love you. I love you.


I’m sorry, I can’t stop myself anymore. But, it won’t be for long.

I’m not being simply conscientious; it feels so good that I can’t last as long as I normally can.


Huh? Hot? Your insides are?

I see. Then, for now, let yourself feel that heat. Since that’s proof that you’ve become one with me, and it’s something that feels good.


You’re about to let out a loud moan?

Sure, I’ll suppress it for you.


I love you. I truly love you.

I love you so much that I can’t help myself.


I’m about to cum…


Are you alright?

That’s right, you’re mine both in body and soul. I’ve now received everything.

Thank you, I’m truly thankful.


Track 6: Promise


You’ve gotten good at kissing, haven’t you?

Do your insides still feel strange? Has it gotten a little better?


I’m sorry for pushing you too far.

Really? But right now, for it to feel good is…

You’re right. When you were feeling it, it felt good for me too, and it made me happy. We’re the same, aren’t we?

From here on out, I’ll make it so that it feels even better. So that your body can feel it fully.


Huh? What’s wrong?


Ah, I can wait, you don’t have to move. I’ll pull out, though.


Will this be okay?

!? What’s with that all of sudden?


Oh, it’s fine. Compared to you, the injuries I got from your nails are nothing. In fact, I’m happy that there’s evidence left to show that I joined bodies with you.


You really are cute.

Thank you for tending to my wounds. But nevertheless, I’d prefer that you kiss me here.


I’m truly happy that I was able to be that way with you.

That’s true. I’d like to end the miscommunication here. I’ll make sure to convey my feelings properly and check yours as well so that I don’t make the same mistake in the future.

It’s a promise.

Let’s communicate our thoughts to each other regardless of what it is, and become an even better couple.


Let’s step forward together.

Step-by-step like we’re climbing stairs, together, you and I, forever and always.

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