【Translation】 Koukatsu Trap ~Ichizu Osananajimi × Gouyoku na Otoko~


Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

狡猾トラップ ~一途幼馴染×強欲な男~

CV: Kasama Jun (笠間淳)

Track 1: After Work


Good job at work. You’re on your way home right now, aren’t you?

I’ve come to pick you up, so come on out quickly.

No, turn right.


Here. This way. I’m here.

Hard work out there.


Are you okay? Are your feet alright?

Good grief, I understand that you’re happy that I came to pick you up, but that’s dangerous, you know?


Hmm? I was finished with work earlier, so I came to pick you up. Also, I’m finally off on the weekends, so I thought I’d take you over to my house.

It’s a usual sudden happy surprise, no?

Huh? I’m not forcing myself.

I’m certainly busy, but don’t worry about that. Sometimes I want to just throw work, the company, and everything else to the wayside to be with you.

I won’t. You hate irresponsible guys, no?

I’m happy you’re concerned about me, but are you not happy that I came to pick you up?


Just a hug? Are you not going to kiss me?

Haha! You’re being way too shy. It makes me want to do it all the more, you know?

It’s dangerous to move, no?

Come on, lower your head so that you don’t hit the roof of the car.


There, there. Good girl.

You’re nice and seated now. I’ll fasten our seatbelts.

Okay, we’re going home, but is there any place you’d like to drop by at?

A continuation from that hug?

How cute.

Mhm, it conveyed your happiness from earlier.


I might not be able to stop. Let’s continue this when we get back.


Track 2: At His Flat


I’m home.

I’ll let you down so wait, you don’t have your shoes on. Remember, be careful with your footing.

Both the food and the bath’s ready, so what do you plan to do?


Then I’ll get in too.

We’ll be bathing together. I told you that we’ll continue things, didn’t I?

It’s fine, no? It’s all the same no matter where we undress.


Does it feel good?

I feel good too. They’re soft and I like them.

I’ll be taking that off. Regardless though, turn this way.

I wanted to kiss you.


Oh, right, you’re free on your birthday this year, right? Because we’ll be having a grand celebration.

It’s great that you know.

Well then, let’s continue.


Oh, is it my phone? It seems to be from work.

Sorry, please wait a moment.

Ah, don’t leave. Stay within my arms.


Yes, what’s wrong?

Hmm? Hah!?

No, continue.

I see. I see. Hah?!! I just got home, there ought to be something you can do.


Sorry, I’ll be leaving for a bit.

Yes, I know, I’ll head there immediately. I’ll be there, so calm down.

No need.


Haa…are you serious?

Oh, sorry. It’s fine, it’s fine, there’s just been a little trouble. However, I have to head back to the company.

I was planning to make love with you till morning after all this time. I guess we have no choice but to put the clothes back on.

I’ll limit myself to just head pats.

I’ll return tomorrow and I’ll comfort you more then, so please wait in my room.


Oh, jeez, I don’t want to leave. But…I’ll bear with it.

I’ll be going.

Like I thought, I want at least a kiss.

One more.


Mhm, I’ll be going then.


Ah! I’m home.

Sorry, can you grab me some food? I’ll be returning back to work right away.


Your hands are cold, it feels nice on my face.

Did you tidy things up?

Thank you.

Mhm, I’m a bit tired.

No, of course I’m fine. I feel livelier after seeing your face.


Oh, right, I promised to pat your head, didn’t I?

Well, I’ll be taking a shower to refresh myself, so will you come in as well?

Ah, no, as I thought, we can’t. It won’t end with just washing off the sweat and I really don’t have the time. It’s not possible.

That reminds me, I’ll send you home after taking a shower.

If it’s hard to get yourself ready to leave immediately then, feel free to head home whenever you like.


Thank you for worrying about me.

That said, I won’t be returning here for the next while and it’d be poor of me to make you wait any longer than this.

I’m really sorry.

Mhm, thank you. I really am okay.


Track 3: Sudden Storm


Sorry for coming here so suddenly.

I don’t need a towel. Please don’t go.


The company has gone bankrupt.

The other guys at work are fine, I introduced them to new jobs, and I was finally done with that today. There was also a whole load of other things that I had to do so I’m sorry that I hadn’t contacted you for the past while.

I have to do something about the debt.


It’s a bother when I bring up this type of thing so abruptly, right?

But at this rate, I…won’t be able to make you happy.

You’re fine with me even when I’m like this? Are you trying to comfort me?

I don’t hate it.



Forget the bath, don’t go, I don’t want to be apart from you.

I’m sorry, I’m soaking wet and I’ve made you worry.


I’m rushing things, aren’t I?

Hey, let’s do it. I want to do it. I don’t want to think about anything at all.

Take that off as well, we’re going in together, no?

Come on, lift your arms.


Are my fingers cold?

Then warm them up for me.


It’s nice and slippery. I want to hurry up and enter inside this place.

It’s a bit tight, is it hard to keep standing?

Are you okay? Please tell me immediately if you aren’t.

I’ll make it even wetter.

Mhm, let’s do it lots.


Your boobs are swaying. They’re so soft.

Your insides are twitching, let’s increase the number of fingers.


You don’t want to? Why?

You want it inside? However, your insides are still tight. It’s stiff, so it’ll be hard on you if I were to put it in.


Are you all alright?

I’ll put it in then.

Turn around and place your hands on the mirror.

Go on, take a look at the mirror. You’ll be even cuter after this.

What a sexy ass.

Mhm, I’ll be putting it in like this.


You like it at your entrance, don’t you? It’s wet and it feels good for me too.

Hey, if you press on me with your hips…

Wait, if I don’t get it ready-

Jeez, you’re stirring me up. It’ll make me want to thrust you even harder, you know? You see, my plan was to rub against you and ease you in as I insert it.


Your voice is super arousing. Let me hear more of it.

Your expression is already soft.

The mirror’s great. Your expression as you’re rammed from the back is cute.

I like it, I really like it. Let me push in even deeper.

You’re squeezing so tightly, did you have a mild orgasm?


You’re trembling. Have you remembered my shape after being stroked by it tons of times?

I can go in even further, right?

I’ll tease your boobs too.

Come on, not yet.


Sorry, it’s big, right? It’s been a while so it’s quite…”that”.

It feels good. So much so that I think I’m turning into an idiot.

Hmm? Go ahead and cum.


It’s incredible when you cum.

Huh? I don’t want to. I don’t plan to stop, I’ll ram you as you cum.

I’m being squeezed so tightly. You like it don’t you?

I’d like to continue, but…


That was long. I came so much.

Turn this way.

I ought to clean that up.


Thank you for cheering me up. Please pat me more-achoo!!!


Damn, at this rate, you’ll catch a cold too.

Let’s get in the bath.

Your hips are trembling, no? I’ll carry you there.


So warm.

Mhm, I haven’t eaten anything. I do want to eat, but I’m a bit sleepy.

M-m, I might’ve worked a little bit too much and there’s the debt too.

Is it okay if I stay here?

I want to be with you, I want to be by your side.

You’re super happy even in times like these, huh. Are you fine with having me?

Jeez, just how kind are you?

Thank you, I’m truly grateful.


Track 4: Time Alone


Hey, wake up.

Good grief.

It’s blinding, isn’t it? It’s morning after all.

Don’t be like “no”. You’re always bad with mornings. I’ve made breakfast, so go wash your face.

!? That was dangerous, are you half-asleep? Are you able to stand?

Okay, now go to the bathroom.


Hmm? Why are you staring at me so intently? Do you want a morning kiss?

Ah, wait, wait!!! Like I thought, I’ll carry you there, it feels like you’ll fall right over.

Hmm? It’s fine to be spoiled, no?

Come on, let’s head over to the bathroom.


Hey, hey, you’re being too flustered, don’t forget your bag.

I’ve slipped in a handkerchief. You’re holding your smartphone in your right hand, no?

As for breakfast, I know. I may have learned by watching you, but I’ve gotten good at it, haven’t I?

No, I’m not forcing myself. When I first started living here, you wanted me to take things slowly, but my mind’s more at ease when I’m doing something so…

Don’t worry about it and quickly go. You’ll be late, you know?

Haha! Take care, careful not to trip.


Welcome home.

Thank you for all your hard work today too. Let’s go take a bath.

I’ll grab your bag so pass me your jacket.

Whoa there, you’re staggering. Were you busier than usual?

Come on, I’ll take off your jacket.


Oh, you were out outside. The weather’s too good, so weren’t you hot?

Today we’ve got cold dishes so it’s perfect.

You’re welcome.

Even though it’s a nightly routine, you’re being way too conscientious about it. But well, that’s one of your good points though.

Uh-huh, we’ll eat right after you bathed, so take your time and relieve your fatigue.


Well, how’s the taste? I tried adding some sesame sauce as the base.

I’m glad it tastes good.

Hmm? Oh, it’s already been a week. I’m enjoying this life so much that it felt like an instant.

I send you off to work, no? Afterwards, I do the house chores, greet you when you return, and let you dig into my cooking.

Hehe, it really is great.


Hmm? Oh, I finally got into touch with my old man and he’s in Norway. He’s been traveling around different countries ever since I left the house.

Although he was shocked that the company went bankrupt, I did my best. Or rather, he was more concerned that I was imposing upon you when I mentioned that I was in your care.

No, it’s fine, if you were to contact him, he’ll start crying and apologizing.

He already messaged you?

Sorry for making you worry.


Yeah, I contacted your old folks immediately. It’s only natural, no? Since I’m staying over at their daughter’s apartment.

They doted on me when I was a child, so it made me feel all the more guilty.

I see… They told you to help me out.

Your parents’ are truly kind, aren’t they?

Huh? Did they tell you to pamper me all you want?

No, how would I ever repay you for that?

Jeez, I’m seriously blessed. I have to recover from this, that way, everyone will feel at ease.


Well, being half-witted is not like me, so I’ll soon return to the way I was. No, I’ll show even greater results.


Eat lots and regain my energy?

Mmm, like I thought it’s delicious.

Haha! It can’t be helped, right? If it’s delicious then it’s delicious.

Come on, you eat too.


Cute. Now go ahead and eat more.


Track 5: Unknown Feelings


Oh, sorry, I woke you up, didn’t I?

Mhm, I’m home.

Yeah, I was out drinking with my former employees and we wound up deep in our conversation.

I reek of alcohol…? But I brushed my teeth though.

That’s not it?

It’s fine if it’s not an issue. I’ll go take a shower at once.


What’s the matter? Are you lonely because I returned home late?

Today’s the one month mark, isn’t it?

Everyone’s doing well at their new workplace so I was relieved.

I know. All that’s left is me.

Our current life…?

It’d be nice if we could stay like this forever, but we can’t have that, it’s too much of a burden on you.

Of course, there’s that!

I mean, even if you’re not concerned, I’m fine now.


Mhm, I’ve found a way of repaying the debt.

You’re surprised, right? I’m serious. During the gaps between house chores, my meager savings increased.

Asset management, or day trading as they call it.

Haha! I’m in the green now. I’ve really made you worry, haven’t I?

It’s because we worked hard together.

And I can’t thank you enough for it.


Mhm. Thank you.

Ah, hey, I said that I’m gonna go take a shower. Are you planning to get into the bath with me?

I guess it’s fine then.


Hmm? Is it mine?

Sorry, I’ll go answer it.


Yes, what is it?

We just talked about it, didn’t we? I told you to leave that facet to me.

Of course, I’ve been out of the house for the past several days. They’ll suspect something, you know?

Woah, woah. Tomorrow?

Yes, at that hour.

I’ll definitely go; however, keep it short, otherwise, I won’t have time to cook.

Hah!? I’m doing it because I want to.

Good grief, that’s the only thing I need done. I’m hanging up.


Huh? That again?



Sorry, as expected, I’ll be taking only a shower, so if you’re tired, you can go ahead and sleep first.

Oh, she’s asleep…


Ah, it’s just as you’ve suspected.

I mean, it can’t be helped that I’m extremely particular about this. Yeah, we’ll go see everything that’s in this area and then I’ll tell her upfront.

Oh, I’m sure she’ll be surprised. If it’s her, she might even cry.

To no surprise, I don’t want to leave it ambiguous.

What am I standing around and talking for? In any case, I’ll leave the rest to you, so stop calling me out every single day.


Huh? Oh, that surprised me. What are you doing here?

Did you just leave work?

I see, good work.

Have you eaten yet?

Oh, so you ate. I was planning to go eat right now, so I thought we could eat together if you hadn’t eaten yet.

Huh? That person earlier?

Eh? You saw…!!!


No, I mean, it’s not necessarily a bad thing if you saw. They’re just an acquaintance. We met by chance, so we stood there talking for a bit, that’s all.

Eh? Me? As for me, err…

I was trying to get a breath of fresh air here.

Also, are you okay with the time? If you’re returning to work then stay safe.

I have to go home and start preparing dinner.


Track 6: Surprise


Oh, good work out there. Are you finished with your shift?

I’m glad that you just happened to be leaving work. There’s a place I’d like you to head right now, I’ll send you the address.

Eh? I’ll tell you the details when you arrive.

In any case, I’m waiting for you. Or are you so exhausted that you can’t?

Mhm, I’ll wait. Don’t go home by mistake, okay?

I’ll see you later then.


Happy birthday!!!

Haha! Are you surprised?

Ah, hey, are you okay? Huh? You have no strength in your legs? I’m so sorry, I didn’t think you’d be that startled.

Ah! You’re crying. I’ll seriously apologize.

Huh? You thought I was going to abandon you…? Why would you think that?

That woman from the other day?


What are you saying-

T-That time, no, t-t-that’s not it. That person is a realtor I’m acquainted with and they’re the ones who introduced me to this flat.

I’ve bought a new house.

Yes, a new home!


Hey. Ah…I’m so s-sorry, I’m making you cry so much.

Err, first off, let’s have you take a seat on the sofa. I’ll go grab some water, so please calm down a little.

I know, I won’t leave, so please listen to what I have to say after you’ve settled. Okay?

Yes, thank you.


Have you calmed down?

Ah, your eyes are swollen. Cool your eyes more.

Are you all right?

I get it. You know, I wanted to celebrate your birthday more grandly, but the company went bankrupt and I was reliant and cared for by you. However, I wanted to reassure you that I’m fine now.

Not just through words, but physically. And I wanted you to be happy.

And so, I bought a house that was even better than the one before and thought I’d celebrate your birthday there.


I know right? This wasn’t what I intended with the surprise. I’m sorry for making you anxious.

That said, there’s one more thing that I’d like to give you.

I’d like you to accept this.

Please marry me!


Okay… Oh, sorry, with it comes to you, I turn into an idiot regardless.

Is it okay if I put on the ring for you?


Is it tight on your finger?

It’s a perfect fit?

That’s a relief. And the design’s to your liking, right? Because I have a general grasp of all the things you like.

What’s the matter?



Uh-huh. More?

Then let’s head over to the bed.

Don’t push it. Let me love you without the futon on.

Okay. Good girl.


Track 7: Even more than Before


Lift up your arms and take everything off.

Lie down.


So your heart’s racing.

My heart’s pounding so I’m the same; I’m extremely excited right now.



They’re already hard. Between my fingers and tongue, which one do you like better?

You’re a greedy one.


I’m glad it was just panties. If you had stockings on, I would’ve ripped them.

You’re so naughty trying to imagine it.


Lift up your hips.

Mhm, next is your legs.

Hmm? What’s wrong? Oh, is it embarrassing when I’m not undressed?

It’s so hot.

It’ll make me shy if you keep staring at me, you know? Come on, take that off as well.

Oh, wow, even your panties are wet.

I’m glad. Now spread your legs.


I’ll make you feel even better.

Let’s have cum once here.


Does it really feel that good?

It’ll feel far better the more you cum. You’re super adorable when you’re acting indecently too.

Let’s mess up the inside too.

One more.

There’re wet and lewd sounds coming from it.

Hmm? Go ahead and cum.


The voice you make when you cum is cute.

Hmm? Me?

Let’s leave that till next time. I want to soften it up and enter inside.

Don’t say “put it in”, it’s still tight. On that note, you’ve been tempting me lately. Do you like it when I ram it in?

I don’t have that type of kink.

Look, I’ll insert a third finger.


Swallow it up nicely.

Ah, you came again.

Just a little?

I get it, I’ll remove my fingers then.


Aah…I can’t get enough of that expression. I’ll insert it right away.

I’m not teasing you. I’m putting it in, so please tell me if it’s too much for you.


Not yet, it’s still just the tip.

Don’t stir me up so much.

Are you still feeling uneasy?

I just wanted to cherish you, that’s all. I won’t let you feel the slightest ounce of anxiety, so I’ll make that clear to you.


It’s nice and tight.

“Stop”…? But I won’t stop. I told you to tell me to stop, but if I were to stop now, you wouldn’t have cum. I know you said “stop” because it feels too good, so I’ll shove it even deeper as I thrust into you.

Your insides are already filled? Even though not all of it is in?

It feels good.

I’ll make you feel even more pleasure, so eat it up more.


A little more…

With this, that’s everything.

It’s spasming so much. Are you all right?

I see, that’s a relief. When I put it all in, it relieves me to see you drowning in pleasure.

I’m happy. Thank you.

I’ll start moving then.


Hmm? You’re already about to cum?

Did you already cum?

Of course I plan to continue.


Let’s do it as I hold you in my arms.

I’ll penetrate you hard, so look, it’s not scary, it’s not scary.

I always do things that make you feel good, don’t I?

Right? Good girl, good girl.


It feels good, doesn’t it? You like it when I churn your insides, don’t you?

How honest. I’ll do it even more then.


See? I’m already at my limit.

Is it hard on you when we’re kissing?

I see. If you’re fine then I’ll do it. I prefer doing it while kissing too.


I came so much.


Wow, your insides are a mess.

Have you understood my feelings now?

Jeez, you’re so cute. I’m glad the company went bankrupt.

Huh? Hehe. What do I mean by that I wonder?

I’ll clean you up, so stay still.



I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.

To tell you the truth…


Track 8: Fixated


I was already planning on quitting my position as company president.

You’re surprised, aren’t you? Since I never said a word about it.

Okay, you’re clean now.

Eh? But…

It’s extremely hectic being the company president, I could barely see you, much less make love. After working so hard not to lose your affection, it would all be meaningless.

I was met with opposition. All the employees went out of their way to stop me.

And so, I found a way to bankrupt the company on purpose.


I’ll apologize for making you incredibly worried.

There’s certainly the part about my father not being Japanese, but I think I ended up doing this because the way I think deviated from normal.

Also, you’re always holding back whenever you see me.

I thought that if I didn’t do that, we could never truly be together.

Being very considerate is very much like you and I know that that’s one of your good points, but I’d like to be gentle with you and have you to myself.

I’m greedy and I don’t want my precious time with you to decrease.

I want you to tell me to stay with you longer.


I’m not blaming you.

To me, you’re someone whom I prioritize over all else. Even though I did my best to make you fall in love with me, there’s no meaning if I can’t by the side of you, who’s the center of it all.

There’re countless ways of making a living and if you want to immerse yourself at your job, I can support you.

…Because being by your side makes me happy.

And I want you to understand that I’d do anything to make that happen.


Though, I mean, after coming this far, it was frankly tiring handling that debt.

It sounds like a lie?

But you know what, you like worrying about me, don’t you? When we were young, you looked after me happily whenever I was grumbling or having issues.

It conversely made me want you to say I’m cool.

How should I say it? Your reactions weren’t quite there, they were faint, and there were times where I felt you’d leave.


You’re not self-aware.

You looked so happy when you said you’d look after me. In reality, you like worthless men more, don’t you?

Eh? You enjoy it because it’s me?

Oh. So you were having fun doting all over me. Is that what you like???

You can dote on me at any time. I’m happy with anything if it’s you.

I mean, I could pretend to be no-good like I did last time.


Eh. Shit, I revealed that I was pretending.

Of course I’ve made no mistakes in that regard, there’s not a single person faced with misfortune in the aftermath. I struggled desperately to prepare new jobs for all the employees and introduced our clients to other companies.

I tied everything up nicely! …Because you’d be concerned about those things.

I knew it. But well, the problem’s been settled.


With this, you understand, right? So don’t be cautious or hold back around me, otherwise…

In wanting to be by your side, you never know if I might pull something again.


You’re only saying that you’re angry. You’re happy and grinning.

It’s cute, though.

Mhm, I really like you too. I love you.

Grow more and more fixated with me and lose yourself around me, alright?

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  1. luxicity

    Lol I dunno why, but somehow because of the cover art and the title, I thought this’ll be dark. I was even expecting something to take a turn for the worse.

    Hahah turns out this is actually fluffy with a minor twist and I cannot 😂 best part is, the guy is reliable enough to even pretend to be worthless (cuz he already has all the back up plans) 😂


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