【Translation】 Oyasumi Kareshi 4 ~Tsundere na Kareshi to Sugosu Yoru~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

おやすみ彼氏 4 ~ツンデレな彼氏と過ごす夜~

CV: Ooshita Kouta (大下孝太)

Track 1: Invisible Feelings


Oh, you’re awake?

Yes, this is my house.

You’re half-asleep, aren’t you? You came to cook, didn’t you? Look, it’s all prepped on the table.

Oh, you were quite comfortably asleep on the sofa.

Yes, because you were asleep on the sofa, I carried you over here.

Huh? What time is it now?

No, I mean, it’s not really something to apologize for.


Yes, I ate the things you made earlier.

It’s late so it’d be weirder if you weren’t sleepy.

Just because I’m working, doesn’t mean you can’t sleep. Sleep when you want to sleep.

I keep telling you that you don’t need to worry. I’m not holding back, I’m saying this seriously, do you realize that?

Oh, umm, you can stop this. If you’re tired then there’s no need for you to force yourself to come here and cook meals. Don’t concern yourself with me and take your time and rest.


There’s no way you aren’t tired.

Even though you have your own circumstances, you come to my house every day to cook and wait until I come home.

Like I said, it’s enough.

Besides, it’s not like I return at a set time and you know there’re times where I stay over at my workplace, no?

And if that happens, the food you made will go to waste.

Even if you don’t worry over it, I’ll eat my meals properly. Although I can’t cook for myself, I can eat out, so I’ll be fine even if you don’t go out of your way to cook for me.

I’m not a child, so I can consider proper nutritional balance when I eat.

Like I said, you don’t have to come here and cook. Got it?


You have work tomorrow, don’t you?

Oh, then what do you plan on doing? Leaving, or staying?

If you plan on leaving then I can drive you home, but if you’d like to stay, there’s a change of clothes in the closet.

!? Hey! Why are you crying???

Don’t cry. Err…oh, right! Tissue, tissue.

Here, wipe your tears.

Stop crying. I’ll wipe your tears for you so turn this way.


What’s up with you all of a sudden?

Huh? What is it?

What do you mean? I never once said that you were a bother.

The reason I told you not to come over to cook isn’t that it’s bothersome…I just didn’t want to burden you any more than I do already.

It has always been on your mind? What has?

What do you mean by that?

I remember, it’s been one year since we started dating, so what about it?

Eh? Of course not, I have no intention of distrusting you, regardless.


It’s not a lie.

Hah!? Don’t ask me strange things.

You know, why would I date someone I didn’t love? So why are you asking me that now?

My attitude makes you anxious?

What do you mean? In what sense?

No, even if you ask me that, it’s not like I have any troubles. And if I don’t have any troubles then there’s nothing for me to confide in you for.

Why must I tell you if I have a fever? A fever will cure itself if I sleep; having to nurse me is a little over the top.

Of course.


No, it’s not that you’re unreliable. It’s pathetic and odd for me to continually rely no and depend on you, no?

I can understand you relying on and depending on me, but it makes me feel effeminate when I’m the one doing it.

Eh? You want me to rely on you? You want to pamper me?

Don’t you think it’s effeminate and pathetic of me?

No, umm, how should I say it, uh…are you serious?



Track 2: Hiding Embarrassment


No, the reason I don’t rely or depend on you isn’t that I have anything against you. Like I said before, I find it pathetic and effeminate of me to do so, so I make sure I don’t, that’s all.

Is there any point in me lying now?

What is it…?

I’m not fired up!!!

No, it’s not unusual, or rather, it’s the norm, no? It would be pathetic and lame for a man to start complaining while having their girlfriend comfort them, wouldn’t it?

Ah! Don’t cry.


I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that I made you feel lonely.

That’s uncool of me, isn’t it?

If you want me to rely on and depend on you then…if I start doing that-no, I will do it. Plus, it’ll be easier since I don’t need to pay in advance.

It’s true, so don’t cry anymore, okay?

It’s just that if you ever start feeling that I’m a little pathetic, please tell me immediately.

Even if you don’t think that now, you might think that one day.



A hug?

It can’t be helped. Is 10 seconds enough?

Too short?

No, isn’t it harder on you? I’m completely fine with eating convenience store bentos.

I mean, I’m fine with it as long you are.

I got it, just don’t overdo yourself, okay?


Eh? Today’s dinner?

Ah, no, I wouldn’t have eaten it if it was bad.

I get it. It was good, it was good.

Is that enough?

Good grief, don’t get angry. It was all good…

Even if you ask me which…ah, the hamburger steak was the most delicious.

Why are you laughing?


What do you mean by cute?

Oh, I take that back, the stewed taro was the most delicious.

When I thought back, I realized that the stewed taro was more delicious than the hamburger steak, that’s all. There’s no special meaning behind it.

What is it? …Don’t stare at me.

Enough, don’t stare at me.

You’re always on about food, you glutton.


I’m not exactly trying to fool you.

Really!? You’re making hamburger steak tomorrow…?!!

Ah! No, like I thought, I’ll pass.

I wasn’t happy!!!

You know what will happen if you don’t get a gripe, right? Be prepared to be tickled.

No, I won’t wait. Take this!


What an incredible reaction, you really ticklish, aren’t you?

Ow! Don’t hit me.

Ah, it hurts. You’re hitting me for real, aren’t you? OW!!! It seriously hurts.

I won’t yield, you’re the one who should surrender…!!!


What are we doing in the middle of the night?

Huh? Food again?

You’ve asked that several times already.

Like I said, the thing I mentioned earlier.

The thing you mentioned earlier is the thing I mentioned earlier.

Not the stewed taro.

You know, well, like I said, the hamburger steak!!! It’s not like I particularly like it, it’s just the only thing I can think of right now, so please make it that.

Why are you laughing?


But even so, you’re strong.

I thought my arm was going to break, so aren’t you stronger than me?

As if I’d let you pull the same move twice!


Track 3: I’d like to become upfront


Hmm? What is it? Weren’t you planning to hit me?

Why are you staring at my face?

Because, you know, you’re making an extremely lewd expression right now.


What? I won’t wait.

Like I said, what is it? Do you not like being kissed?

Then it’s fine, no?

You can’t sleep? I can no longer stop since you made such a lewd expression so take responsibility for it.


Do you not want to do it?

Then there are no problems.


What is it this time? Are you fine doing it with your clothes on?

Nope, I can’t wait for you to take a shower.

I’ll undress now.


In reality, you’re extremely aroused, aren’t you? And your nipples are erect as proof of that.

Well, take a look, I can pinch them with my fingers.

Hey, why are you averting your eyes?

You’re too easily embarrassed. Come on, turn this way.


Oh? You want me to lick you?

If you’re being so shy, it’ll make me want to say it more, though.

Hey, how do you want it?

Say that you want me to lick your nipples.

How cute.

It’s nothing. Like I said, it’s nothing.


Well, take a look, it’s gotten so hard that it’s pushing back my tongue.

Your hips are moving, you know?

What? Do you want me to touch this place already?


It’s extremely wet. Aren’t you getting wet sooner than usual?

You’re already soaking wet.

It’s true, you hear these sounds, don’t you?

And inside too.


It’s so wet that one of my fingers entered in an instant.

Shall I put in one more?

It’s in.


Since when were you wet?

When we kissed?

So you said let’s sleep despite being like this. What did you plan to do if I did intend to sleep?

Were you planning to masturbate after I fell asleep?

I kind of want to feign being asleep so that I could watch.


Wait, where do you think you’re touching?


Jeez, to start teasing me so suddenly-

No, in terms of why it’s erect, that’s…you should know even if I don’t tell you.

Don’t touch it any more than this.

I get it. I’ll say, I’ll say it.

……It’s because I want to do it with you, obviously.


Jeez, why must I be forced to say it?

Look, I’ll remove it, so lift your hips. Let me lick this place.

No saying no.

If you’re going to resist so much, I’ll tie up your hands.

No, I mean, I don’t necessarily have that kink, well, it’s not like I’m completely disinterested either.

Ah, what are you saying, idiot?

You aren’t that against it either.

Liar, this place twitch the moment I said that I’ll tie you up. See?


Hey, are you fine with being teased with just fingers?

I knew it, you wanted to do it.


Then lift up your hips properly. I’ll be removing it.

Spread your legs.

Your face is bright red.

I’ll stare at it thoroughly and lick it fully.


This place is now as hard as your nipples.



You’re about to cum?

How quick. Is that how badly you wanted me to lick this place?

Don’t hold back your voice, let me hear it.


Did you cum?

And there you are, making a lewd expression.

I’m at my limit too. I’m putting it in.


Huh? Why are you looking?

It’s not like you can’t, but…

I take that back, don’t look.

I’m fine, like I said, don’t look!!!


I’m putting it in.

Wow, it’s really tight. Your insides are as erotic as always.

Somehow, you’re squeezing more tightly than usual. Since it’s been so long, is it not hard on you?

Rather than being painful, it feels really good for me.

It’s no use, if it’s not a toll on you then I won’t hesitate from moving.


It’s really sucking me in.

Don’t stare at my face so much.

Why that is?

It doesn’t matter why. If I kiss you, you won’t be able to see, right?


Your hips are moving. Do you want me to thrust up against this place?

Oh? I’m wrong?

Then I won’t hit anymore.

Why are you making that face?

Even though I planned on teasing you a little longer, if you make such a cute expression, it’ll make me want to do it.

One more time? Why?

Even though I planned on teasing you a little longer…

Is that enough?

The rest?

If you make such a cute expression…no, I won’t say it. Look, the place you want me to hit is here, isn’t it? Well?


Aren’t you a little too delighted?

You clamped down really tightly just now.


Hey, does it feel good?

I see.


I’m at my limit, I’m about to cum.

Hey, you’re close to cumming too, right? Your insides are twitching.

Even though you just came a while ago, you’re about to cum again? …That’s amazing.


I’m cumming!


Track 4: Before Saying Goodnight


Are you going to take a wash in the shower?

I’ll bring out the towel and your change of clothes so please wait.

Err, if I remember correctly they’re here.

Oh, they’re there.


Here, your change of clothes.

Are you sleepy?

How about you take your shower tomorrow and just sleep? Since it’s you, you might fall asleep while you’re taking your shower.

That was close. From now on, please put aside your bath if you’re sleepy and just sleep.


Oh. Hey, you’re buttoning up your buttons wrong.

Pass it to me.

Hmm? It can’t be helped so I’ll put it on for you.

Okay, it’s fine now.


I’m not exactly being kind.

Ah! Don’t stare at me. Hurry up and go to sleep.

Hmm? Somehow my eyes are clear.

Uh-huh, I think I’ll be sleepy in a bit, so I’ll kill time by looking at your idiotic sleeping face.

It’s impossible since you’re sleepy, no?

So give up and show me your idiotic sleeping face.

Hmm, if you say that, then it is only human to want to see.


You’re awake with your eyes half-open.

Oh, right, what time are you waking up? You need to return home and prepare for work, no?

If I drive you there then you’ll be able to sleep a little longer.

I won’t get tired from just that.

I’m asking you to wake me up, so wake me up properly.

If you understand then sleep.


Oh, you look like you wanted to be kissed, so I did it.

Be quiet.

I’ll turn off the lights.

Hmm? Hands?

It can’t be helped. Here.


Hurry up and sleep, you’re losing sleep time.

Mhm. Goodnight.


Track 5: Umm…


She’s quick to fall asleep.

You were rather tired, weren’t you?

Of course you are, right? You came to my house after work and cooked me dinner, after all.

Oh, your eyes are a little swollen.

I made you cry quite a lot today, didn’t I? But if I try to cool it now, she’ll wake up in surprise.


If it’s still swollen tomorrow, I guess I can cool it then.

If I remember correctly, the ice was…

Oh, it’s there.


She’s actually asleep, right?

She is sleeping, isn’t she?

You see, in reality, it makes me really happy when you come over to my house every day to cook dinner the way you do.

When I return home to the open lights, you would say “welcome home” to me with the smell of your delicious cooking.

It always makes me think that “Ah, this is what you call happiness.”


Sorry for making you cry so much today. I was happy that you wanted me to rely on and depend on you.

But…are you really okay? You don’t think I’m pathetic, right?

I won’t be able to bear you thinking that I’m a useless man, you know?

It’s true that I believe that relying on and depending on others isn’t manly, but more than anything, it’s a face I put up so that you’ll think of me as a reliable man.

!? What? Are you awake?


Oh, just sleeptalk. That threw me off.

I guess I’ll sleep too.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s hamburger steak.

Good night.


Track 6: Next to Hayato


Your body is so warm…it feels really nice.

Stay by my side forever, okay?


Secret Track


You were in there for quite long.

Are you really fine with your birthday present being a trip to the hot springs? Was there not anything else you wanted?

No, don’t immediately reply, think about it more carefully.

Oh, I see. So that’s how badly you wanted to visit the hot springs with me.

No, I mean, if you’re fine with it then it’s fine.


Huh? This?

It’s local sake from inside the fridge. Would you like a drink as well?

I’ll grab one more glass-

What method of drinking is that?

I get it. Then continue licking until you know.


The yukata’s nice, it’s easy to remove.

Be quiet.

We’re both indecent. Your nipples have already turned like this.

Look, I’ll lick them for you.


You’re feeling it too much.

Said the person who kissed someone while they were drinking sake.

Hmm? I’ll leave it at that.

In that case, you’re this wet because you’re drunk?

Why are you saying such cute things at times like this?

What’s wrong with thinking one’s girlfriend is cute?

I ain’t drunk.


Hey, shall we head over to the futon?

Let’s go then.


Since we always do it on a bed, a futon feels new, doesn’t it?


Hey, make sure to tell me if there’s something you’d like me to do, okay?

I’m not being a tease.

Today’s, you know, your birthday……

I just want to make you feel more pleasure than usual. Is that a bad thing?

So, what would you like?


Eh!? W-why my…?

It doesn’t feel good at all for you when you do that, no?

No, I understand that, but I want to touch you too. Now that I say it, I do want to be touched as well.

Then, well, just for a bit, okay?

Just a little is fine, okay?


Your tongue’s dangerous. It feels so good.

Hey, turn this way, let me see your face.

Wow, it’s so sexy.


Suck the tip a bit more.

That’s right.


Okay, that’s enough. It’s enough.

Like I said, let go of it from your mouth.


No, you weren’t bad, you were too good.

I would’ve cum if you had continued.

Look, next is my turn.


Hmm? Somehow you’re wetter than before.

Well, did you get turned on from licking me?

This place has swelled so much that it seems like you’ll cum from a simple touch.


Did you cum already?

As always, you feel it so easily.

It’s hard to be touched here while you’re in the middle of cumming, no? So until it settles down, I’ll be leaving my marks on your inner thighs.

If I leave them close to the base of your inner thighs then no one can see them, right?


It’s on there nicely.

Hmm? It tickles?

Bear with it.

And this leg too…


Looks like it has settled down a little.


Is it okay if I put it in?


So you wanted it inside you that quick? …It’s wrapping around me though.

I feel like I’m about to cum simply from seeing that expression.

I’ll start moving, okay?

And I’ll tease the part you love with my fingers while I’m at it.


Does it feel good?

Jeez, why are you covering your mouth?

Oh, you’re worried about whether the rooms next to us could here? There’re guests in the neighboring rooms after all.

But if you do that, it’ll make me want to force your moans to leak out even more, though.


I know, I know, so don’t be angry. If you’re going to suppress your voice, rather than using your hands…let’s do this instead.


I’m already about to cum…

You too?

I can tell. You don’t just squeeze tightly when you’re about to cum, you also grab onto me and hold me close.

You never noticed?

I thought that aspect was cute-

It’s nothing.

I won’t say it. Come on, concentrate.


You came, right?

Me too.


We’ve sweated a lot.

I’ll wipe it off so I’ll go grab a towel, right now.

Huh? What is it?

Like I said, why do you keep saying such cute things?

It can’t be helped then.

Look, I’ll hold you.


What is it?

!? Don’t ask the obvious.

You know, I’ve said this before, didn’t I? Why would I date someone I didn’t like?

It’s special because it’s your birthday.

I, umm, how should I say it, err, you know…

I love you.


Why are you laughing?

Let’s sleep already.

Come on, make sure to tie up the obi for your yukata properly.

Hey, where are you going?


Even if you don’t go out of your way to sleep over there, one futon is enough for the two of us, no?

…So stay here.

Good night.

Happy birthday.

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  1. Nayra

    Happy to have another translation and another drama CD that, I had no idea of ​​existence, but I am sad to find nowhere to download it. Sorry guys, I’m poor.

    Where do you find these CDs? Do you buy them? Or get it on some website?

    And one more question …

    Could you consider the idea of ​​translating CDs by soundcloud? Because there are so many wonderful CDs there.

    PS: I’m so looking forward to the draw! Every day, I hope that my CD will be released for you to translate.


    1. Criy

      Aside from commissions (where the commissioner provides the CDs), I personally buy most of the CDs myself.
      As for soundcloud, those are illegal uploads of said CDs, so I won’t comment on that.


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