【Translation】 XXXPrince ~Hexenhaus


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XXXPrince ~Hexenhaus

CV: CAN (きゃん)

Track 1: Prologue


In a certain kingdom, there was once a prince and princess, and they were siblings.

The older brother loved his little sister and the little sister loved her older brother back. Everyone around them thought of them as such close siblings and watched over them; however, they did not realize that the brother loved his sister as a woman.

The brother attempted to suppress those feelings, but those feelings only grew stronger.

He wanted his sister to notice, and at the same time, not to notice. And those were the two conflicting thought the brother wavered between.


Track 2: The Siblings’ Daily Routine


Young lady, isn’t it about time for you to be wanting sweets?

Is it alright if I sit next to you?

Thank you. Please excuse my intrusion then.


We ought to clean up the top of this table.

Say, is it okay if I stack this book here?

Of course, these scones, eclairs, and lemon pie are handmade by me. I’m not too worried because I’ve made scones and eclairs before, but this is my first time making lemon pie, so it’ll be nice if it suits your tastes.

Go ahead, help yourself.


Hehe. But the face you make when you’re eating sweets is incredibly cute, though.

I get it, I won’t look anymore, so take your time to eat. If you gobble it down too fast, it might get stuck in your throat, or something like that.

This country’s history and tradition, huh. So that’s what you’ve been studying today.

I’ve done it in the past too.

This country’s history is hopelessly long, isn’t it? No matter how many times it’s taught, you can’t remember it all.

Even if I’m the successor, I’d rather make sweets than learn about this country.

If I’m gonna study, I’d rather study that.


If you only have one life then you’d want to do just the things you enjoy, right? It feels like a waste to spend time doing things you don’t want to do.

Oh, you’ve finished eating most of it.

What do you think? Was it tasty?

On that note, there’s still half a lemon pie left. Was it not to your taste?

My share?

Jeez, you’re so kind, you didn’t have to leave a portion for me.

If that’s what you say, I’ll take it. Ah…


Huh? Hehe, you won’t feed it to me?

There’s nothing embarrassing about it, right? You just do it the same way I’ve always done for you. Or do you not want to do it for me?

Then, ah…

Tasty. That said, I don’t think there’s quite enough sugar.

There’s been a food shortage here lately, so I guess it can’t be helped. Though, if I scheme up somethingーー

Ah, don’t worry, things will be fine. The people don’t know our faces, because even now, they believe that they’ll be blinded if they were to catch a glimpse of royalty.

It’s funny, right? Because that same royalty is out shopping normally in the markets.


Mother, eh.

In the case of that person, she’s simply concerned about her public image; it’s not because she’s worried about me.

She’s not even our real mother, so it’s annoying for her to act like she is.

Sorry, I might’ve been too harsh.

But making sweets is my hobby, so I won’t stop even if Mother warns me. I’ll make sure to be careful from now on so that she won’t find out.


It can’t be helped, right? The smell isn’t something you can just get rid of.

Oh, oh, there was cream from the lemon pie stuck on me, I never noticed.

You may say that I’m child-like, but the responsibility isn’t just on me. After all, you’re the one who fed it to me.

It is what it is, thank you for getting it off.

Now then, I’ll be cleaning your fingers.



Hmm? What’s the matter?

Oh, Mother.

There wasn’t anything going on, I was just getting the cream off her fingers. Since we’re siblings, this shouldn’t be an issue, right?

More importantly, what business do you have, Mother? You’re walking in holding a tea set without any servants around.

Oh, right, I forgot I brewed tea to go along with the sweets.

So you went out of your way to bring it over. I’ll take it right now.

Thank you, Mother.


Also, you said that you made some matters to discuss earlier, is it with me, or with her?

Oh, I see. It’s fine if it’s not urgent.

Yes, I’ll return to studying after finishing this.


Haa…we were having a nice moment and she went and barged in. That person seriously has the worst timings.

Since Mother went out of her way to bring this, let’s drink it.

Is it fine if there are no more sweets?

That’s a relief.

Ah, you can continue sitting. I’ll be the one to prepare it, so stay there like a good girl.


Track 3: Elopement in the Dead of Night


Haa…why can’t I seem to fall asleep? I went out to the town and moved around quite a lot.

The town’s market was pretty deserted, it appears that the rumors about the food storage were true.

Although it’s the fault of bad weather that’s been occurring for the past several years, when it comes to that, there’s nothing I could do as a human.

But even so, as royalty, I have to do something. Plus, it’s the talk of the town.

What a pain.

However, it would be troubling if the food supply drops any lower and I can’t make any sweets. And I don’t want to be unable to make them for her.


She really does look super happy when she’s eating sweets and that’s why I can’t stop making sweets.

Oh, that sound is coming from Father’s sleeping chambers.

What are they discussing this late?

Speaking of which, that person did say that they had some business, I wonder what that was.

Our father’s friend, the nation of that King…was a country facing the mountains, I think. It’s been a long time since I last heard of it, did something happen I wonder?

Marriage…? No way, that’s a lieーー

They’re marrying her off in order to receive aid from an ally nation? Don’t joke with me.


The duty of the royalty, for the sake of the people…

As if we care about that.

No, wait, since she’s kind, she’ll surely respond with a nod once she hears that story. A man other than me will be touching her, kissing her, embracing her, and even doing things beyond that…

I’ll never allow that, I will never hand her over to another man.


Father and her said it was in the near future, didn’t they? In other words, we still have some time left.

So if it’s tonight, we’ll be able to escape. Hahaha!!!


Shh… Sorry for waking you up in the middle of the night, but the situation has turned grave.

There has been a scheme, some of our retainers have started a rebellion. And I was told by Father to take you and escape.

Come on, hurry.

Sorry but it’s not a lie. Look, take a good listen with your ears. Or do you think I’m lying?

I’m happy you trust me. Now then, let’s hurry.


We’ll use my usual secret pathway. It’s safe since I’m the only one who knows of it. I didn’t think it’d be useful for escaping the castle, though.

It’ll be okay, there’ll be nothing to hurt you ahead of us. So right now, just trust and follow me.


Track 4: Confession


Are you okay? Do your legs ache? If they do hurt, I don’t mind carrying you for a short distance.

You’re such a good girl, you should depend on me a little.

I won’t force you since you say that you’re okay, but if it does get difficult, don’t hesitate to tell me. Got it?

Mhm, good girl.

Oh, we’re almost there, so please hang in there a little longer.


Welcome to my secret hideout!

Like I said, this is my secret hideout. When we were fleeing the castle earlier, I did tell you that it was beyond the market.

It’s one of those things, compared to the castle, it’s small and there isn’t much here, but it’s not dirty.

It may seem childish, but I wanted my own place. A place where anything’s allowed.


Eh? You too?

That’s a bit unexpected. From my perspective, you seemed satisfied with your current life.

Oh, I guess it’s no longer current, it’s now a thing of the past.

Now, we are neither royalty nor anything else. We can do nothing but pray for our parent’s safety because there’s no knowing what’ll happen to us if we were to return to the castle now. You understand what that means, right?

Do you feel lonely?

Me too, because all that’s left of our family is us two. That said, I’ll be fine because I have you.

You’re willing to remain by my side in the future then I can survive off of that alone.

And you?


Thank god. I don’t need anything else as long as I have you, you’re the only thing I need.

I love you.



Huh? Did I not convey it to you properly? I said that I like you, I love you. If I were to say more, then I’m in love with you.

Is that concerning?

I like you and you like me, that’s all that matters. The fact that we’re siblings isn’t a big deal. Am I wrong?

There’s nothing to constrain us, so be honest.

Or does it feel unpleasant when I do this?


Hey, let’s do something that feels even better.


Stick out your tongue more and wrap it around mine. That way, you’ll feel even better.

Well done.

Damn, it feels far better than I had imagined. Let me feel more of you.


Whoa there, did your legs give out under you?

Oh? You were feeling it so much that you’ve lost your strength. I might be unexpectedly skilled. Just kidding.

Eh? For what reason are you asking that? Are you perhaps against me doing this with a girl other than you?

What do I do? I’m so happy that I think I might die.

It’s not an exaggeration. I didn’t think this day would come even in my dreams.

You’re the only one I’d touch like this…


It’s true. Do you not believe my words?

That’s a relief, I didn’t know what I’d do if you didn’t believe me.

The only one I desire, both now and then and in the future, is you alone. I don’t need anything besides you.

I love you.

Not just me too.  Say it properly, say that you love me too.

I still haven’t heard your feelings clearly yet. I want to hear “I love you” straight from your mouth.


I’m so happy.

Hey, did you know? I’ve always wanted to do this with you.

I can’t wait. I’ve waited all this time, so I won’t wait any longer.

I have no one but you, so please let me feel you within my arms.


Is it alright if I undress you?

Are you embarrassed?

But I don’t want to dirty your clothes. You’re a good girl, so please.

Sure, you can remove my clothes then.


Are you nervous? Your hands are shaking.

It’s fine, take your time. It’s fun when you do this.

Thank you.

It’s your turn next. Come on, lift up your arms.



That’s impossible.

Since your skin’s pale, it turns red even if I just suck on it a little. That said, this place had turned red long before though.

Your nipples are like the strawberries on top of shortcakes, and they look delicious.


Like I thought, they taste good, they taste of you.


We ran quite a lot on the way here, didn’t we? However, there’s no need to fret, rather, it’s more arousing when your scent is thicker.


Your nipples have gone rock hard, haven’t they?

Oh, sorry, it felt so good that I completely forgot. You have two breasts, so it’s a pity if I don’t touch both, right?

In that case, I’ll caress this other place you wanted me to touch then.

They were nice and perky before I even licked them. What a naughty little fella you are.


Sorry, did that hurt a little? They were so tasty that I wound up nibbling on them.

That said, maybe you feel it more when it hurts. That voice earlier was incredibly arousing.

Hmm? I wonder if that’s true.

I wonder if you can still say that when I touch this place too.

Spread your legs.

More. Wider.

It hasn’t changed at all from before. Good grief.

I won’t be able to do anything if you don’t least spread it this wide.


So, why are you this wet?

Your place here is drenched, though. See?

You’re this wet even though this is the first time I’ve touched you just now. Did you feel that good from having your nippled teased?

You said you were just surprised earlier, but you are indeed turned on.



It’s so slippery, it feels like my fingers will slip in as I go about it. I’m sure your insides must feel good. I want to hurry up and shove my dick inside.

I want to ram it in and churn up your insides.

Your hips are trembling even if I’m merely tracing your slit.

How cute. Your clitoris’ erect.

Oh, you can’t tell? You really are pure, aren’t you?


So you’re able to make that kind of voice. It’s more indecent than any voice up till now.

This is your clitoris.

It feels good even if I just stroke it a little, right?


Every part of your body tastes sweet and delicious.

Hey, have you heard that saying “you are what you eat”? Because if that’s true, it’s only natural that your body is sweet. You’ve eaten loads of the sweets I’ve made after all.


Oh, you’re convulsing. So you came.

Your face wet with tears is nice too, it’s enticing. Speaking of wet, I have to get your pussy ready, don’t I?

It seems like it’ll enter easily when you’re this wet, but they say that it hurts the first time. How about I try putting in my tongue first?


Lewd juices are steadily pouring out from inside you. I feel like I’m about to cum just imagining the thought of sticking my dick inside here.

Before that, it looks like you’re about to cum again.

I wish I could say that you can cum as many times as you’d like, but next, let’s cum together.

It’s lonely when I’m the only one left behind.


It’s sucking on the tip, almost as if it’s kissing it.

Are you scared?

Me too, I feel like my mind will go blank if I join together with you.

Relax. I’ll insert it slowly.

Hey, I won’t be able to put it in if you tense up.

Stick out your tongue.



It’s in. I’m inside you.

It feels several times better compared to when I stuck my tongue in. You’re clamping down on my dick.

It feels good.

You can tell that I’m inside you, right?


It’s been completely swallowed up by your pussy.

Like I said, relax. I can’t move properly. Your insides are so tight that I feel like it’ll be bit off.

When I pull back my hips, your insides suck me in as if to tell me not to pull out.

Don’t look at me so greedily, I’ll want to mess you up, you know? If you tighten up like I’ll get so excited that I’ll chafe your nipples.

Look, like this.

Your pussy clenches down whenever I tease them.


It feels good. Your insides feel so good.

I’m about to cum.

Please swallow up all my cum.


I’m still cumming.

It feels so good that I feel like I’ll get addicted


Huh? Did she lose consciousness?

I wanted to continue, but I guess it can’t be helped, she must’ve been exhausted from running all the way here.

I’m really glad I brought you out.

You won’t be showing that face and I won’t be letting you show that face to any other man.

Your first and last, all of it belongs to me.


She’s asleep with such a cute expression.

Good night.


Track 5: Life Alone


What are you doing?

Good morning.

I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I woke up and you weren’t there.

That’s just how worried I am about you, it makes me anxious when you’re not within arms reach of me.

And so, what were you doing? You always used to wake up after me.


Eh? Breakfast? You?

It’s not that I’m against it, but have you ever cooked before?

Watching and doing are two completely different things. Besides, even if you’ve been watching, it has only been a few days since our escape.

If you understand that, stand by the sidelines.

If you want to do something then why don’t you start off with fixing that first? I told you to call me by my name and not Brother, didn’t you?

Didn’t we decide to live here as a married couple here?


Good grief, you can’t be helped. You start calling me Brother right after I told you not to.

That said, you have to get yourself accustomed to it. I’m sure the guys that started the coup are searching for us siblings so it’ll be easier to evade them by being husband and wife.

Besides, in many senses, we’re no longer siblings.



If you’re embarrassed then how about we do something even more embarrassing?

I can ram my penis in your pussy from behind and mess you up. And since it’s bright, I’ll have a clear view of your precious place.

What’s this? So you can say it.

It’s a lie, I won’t do it in the mornings. There’re things that need to be done before that.

Haha! That timing’s way too good.

Just wait, I’ll go cook breakfast.

I had brought some gems so I used that to buy things, and that’s how I had been shopping prior too.


Oh, well, yeah. Since I had always made sure to have at least some on me, I brought them even amidst all that chaos.

The fact I was going out and cooking wasn’t looked upon nicely within the castle, but it’s surprisingly useful when you look at it now, no?

That’s all the more reason to cherish that ring.

I won’t be able to buy you any pretty jewels nor clothes for the time being, so treat that ring with care.


It’s fine, you’re with me so it’ll work out one way or another.

Once things have settled down a little, we’ll buy a house and start something new like taking on a job.

Oh, of course, I’ll be the one who’s working.

Your job is to greet me after I finish work. After all, you are my wife.


I mean, I do like making sweets, but isn’t it a huge endeavor to turn that into a business?

You’re saying such delightful things. I didn’t think you liked them that much.

A house of confections?

I don’t think there’s a craftsman out there that could produce such a thing, though. You’re saying some rather fantastical things, aren’t you?

Oh, you’re right, me who enjoys making sweets and you, who enjoy eating sweets, that would be the perfect new home for us.

But you know, if I make a house out of confections, wouldn’t you end up eating everything and destroying it?

But you would at least eat some, no?


I see, sweets…

However, right now, it’s difficult to get hands on the ingredients. I might be able to do it if we leave this kingdom, though.

M-m, it’s nothing, I was just thinking.

But right now, I ought to make breakfast. Your empty stomach might start making a ruckle again after all.

Haha! Sorry, I won’t mention it anymore.

So what shall we do after we finish eating?


A stroll?

Sure, but promise not to leave my side. Got it?


Track 6: Dilemma


I’m home.



She was definitely there when I left the cabin. Did she go out for a walk nearby?

Damn, I had told her not loiter around by herself. If this was the result, I shouldn’t have allowed her to take strolls.


Who is it?

Motherーwhy? What are you doing here?

That ring…


Oh, her.

My intention was to keep my sights on her so that she doesn’t wander anywhere far, but at some point, she reached even the town, huh.

She’s so innocent that she probably just wanted to do something for me.

I ought to punish her afterwards.


Yes, yes, I’m listening. But even so, you know quite a lot about this place.

A mother’s instinct?

Haha, that’s laughable, you aren’t even our real mother. If you really did cherish us, then you would’ve never married her off.

You’re a horrible mother to have tried to tear her from me.


What’s so abnormal about loving the little sister that I’ve been raised together with my whole life? I don’t understand.


On that note, Mother, did you come here alone?

That’s a relief because I hate hassles.

Ah, like I thought, you plan to marry her off.

I know, this country won’t last unless you do that, right? Though, that doesn’t have anything to do with me.

No, it’s nothing.

But as you can see, she isn’t here right now. I think she’s nearby, so how about we search for her together?


Haha. Hahaha!!!

It’s your fault, it’s because you tried to separate her from me.

The country will starve?

She’ll be gone from my side, and there is no issue more important than that.


I have to clean things up before she returns.


Track 7: Beginning of the End


Welcome home. You’re late.

There’s no need to lie, you went to town, didn’t you? Earlier, the flowers you gave me were ones that you bought in town, no?

And that flower shop’s owner came to deliver the ring to me saying that they received something expensive for the price of a flower.

Good grief, I even told you to cherish this ring.


Don’t worry, I made sure to pay for the cost of the flowers.

But even so, you’ve started becoming crafty. You thought I wouldn’t find out if you set off after sending me off, didn’t you?

But well, since I returned home first this time, I ended up finding out like this.

I don’t mind if you take strolls nearby, but I told you not to visit the town alone, right?

If you want to make me happy, there’s an easier way, you know?


You’re willing to do anything? Are you willing to do anything I tell you to?

In that case, why don’t you suck my penis?

Use your mouth to pleasure me.

You said that you’re willing to do anything earlier, didn’t you? Or is the whole thing about you wanting to make me happy a lie?

Mhm, I’ll be happy if you do it. It’ll make me happier than any present you give me.


Is it surprising to look at it this way? This is what’s always been going inside you, you know?

Then try licking the tip.

Yes, that’s good.


You’re making a troubled expression.

Don’t worry, it feels good.

Try bringing it inside your mouth, inside your cute mouth.


You’re so much of a good girl that it worries me. You’re doing all the things I tell you, aside from visiting the town on your own accords.

Not at all, I was just worried. It’s just that you mustn’t go there alone. Got it?

Good girl. Continue.

The inside of your mouth’s hot, and it feels good. It feels as good as your pussy.


More, take it in deeper.

I’m being swallowed by your tiny mouth.

You’re crying. Is it painful when I hit the inside of your throat?

But I feel incredibly good.

Come on, lick it properly. You want to please me, don’t you?


I thought I liked your smiling face the most, but I might like your tearful expressions too. It excites me when I think about how you’re crying because of me.

I’m cumming…

Hey, what are you trying to pull away for? You’ll be receiving everything with that mouth.


Swallow every last drop. Fill the inside of your body with my scent.

You spilled a little.

I’m sorry, it felt so good that I ended up going too far. And as an apology, it’ll be my turn to pleasure you.


Get on all fours and turn your butt this way.

So your pussy got wet from sucking my penis.

Huh, so you were feeling it too.

It’s slowly swallowing it up. Even though this place was stiff in the beginning, it has been completely molded into my shape, hasn’t it?

Look, it went in all at once.


Hey, are you unable to endure it any longer? You’re wiggling your hips as though you’re searching for your good spots.

You’ve become quite lewd, haven’t you?

I’m not being mean, I just want to remain inside you for a little longer. After all, your pussy’s hot and wet, and it feels incredibly good.

The non-conveyable fellatio earlier felt good, but the feeling that this place is accustomed to me, I can’t get enough.

You wanted this deep inside you so badly that you couldn’t help it, right?


The overflowing nectar is making even your thighs wet.

How about I churn you even more?

You don’t want it to stop, it feels good, does it not? Or should you say, more? You like it when I stir up the inside of your pussy like this, don’t you?

Even though I’ve had sex with you countless times, you’re still constantly going on about your embarrassment.


I think that part of you is cute, but I want to see you beg naughtily for it.

Your insides are tightening up…

You like when I tease your clitoris and other places while I thrust into your pussy, don’t you? You let out quite the sexy voice when I stroke both.

Look, I’ll grind up against you even harder.

Become unable to think about anything but the pleasure and fill your mind with me.


You’re squeezing so tightly……

Are you feeling good too?

I see, then let’s cum together.


Turn this way, I want to kiss you.

Huh? Are you sleepy?

You really don’t have any stamina, do you?

On that note, let’s get dressed.


And as I say that, she fell asleep beside me. Jeez, she’s such a cute little fella.

Ah…we can’t remain here, we have to go even farther, to a place where no one can find us, to a place where it’s just the two of us.

Oh, but I ought to confine her this time around, don’t I?

The outside world’s a dangerous place, after all.

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  1. Lux

    I enjoyed that there was enough plot to flesh out the character in this one. I feel bad for the mom, she didn’t seem to be too bad but when you have a Yandere everything is an obstacle to them haha.

    Thanks again!


    1. Criy

      Yeah, it seemed like she actually cared both for them and the country. She brought them the tea herself and even visited them following their escape unaccompanied (a clear sign of trust).


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