【Translation】 Eternal Triangle ~Ani to Otouto ni Semararete~ Animate Tokuten


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CV: Kumagai Kentarou (熊谷健太郎)

Track 1: Alone with Your Younger Brother


Oh, she’s there.


You weren’t in your room, so I thought you left too, Sis.

Hmm? What are you making?

Meat and potato stew, eh. I knew I smelled something good, especially from this area.

It smells so good.

Sorry, sorry, I just like your scent better, Sis.

That said, since Brother isn’t here, let’s do it with just the two of us. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

Eh? Why? Our parents are at the movie theater so right now’s our chance.


I mean, I did promise not to secretly act before him, but since I’m finally alone with you, I want to do it, Sis.

Please, let’s have sex, Sis.

Are you feeling it now?

Yeah, yeah, you’re just letting things cool so that the flavors could soak in.

You know, you can just leave it, so turn this way.


What’s with that naughty look?

Even though I’ve only made a simple pass, you’re already turned on. Like I thought, you wanted to do it with me, didn’t you?

Sis, your lips are soft and they feel so nice.

Today, let’s do it while standing.

Don’t you think that type of thing is nice every so often? Though, it’s partially because I don’t have the patience to head all the way to the bed.

I won’t wait. I can’t wait.


As expected, your underwear won’t be soaked from just kisses, but…your insides are wet.

Seriously, you get wet right away, Sis. How lewd.

Oh? What’s this? Did you give a little jolt because I breathed on you? Or are you turned on from being watched?

Well, considering you, Sis, it could be both.

It’ll drip down if I left it alone, so I’ll lick it up for you.


How’s that? Does it feel good?

Sis, you enjoy having your clitoris licked, don’t you? I’ll press down on this perky part with my tongue, lick it and suck on it. I’ll lick it until you’re satisfied, Sis.

Hmm? What? You can’t take it anymore?

Oh, I see, it feels so good that you can’t stand up properly.

In that case, I guess I’ll stop.


What are you saying? Of course it’s not over.

Sis, neither you and I have cum, or should I say, the real action starts now.

Don’t worry, I made sure to prepare a condom. Look, I had it in my pocket, so rest at ease.

That’s not the problem?

Sis, you thought about Big Brother just now, didn’t you?

Sis, Brother is more shameless than you think he is, so there’s no need to be concerned about that. Rather than the older brother that isn’t here, I want you to think about the younger brother who’s right in front of your eyes.

But well, either way, I’ll be making so that you can’t think at all.


I’ll be propping up one of your legs, and I want you to hold me, Sis.

This position might be a bit hard to keep, but I’m putting it in like this.

Entering inside you by shifting your panties while we’re both clothed somehow feels more indecent than doing it naked.

It entered it nicely. You’re as tight as always, but it feels good.

Sis, does it feel good? Does it hurt?

I see, if it doesn’t hurt then I’ll start moving.


How is it? Am I hitting your good spots?

I felt like your body trembled just now, do you like being rubbed in this area too, Sis?

Look, here.

It looks like I’m right. I’ve found another good spot.

I love all the spots you love, Sis, so I’ll grind against them as much as you want.


Sis, you really do cry out in such a fine voice. I wish I could record your voice as you moan from being penetrated by my dick.

And then I’ll listen to that recording during days I can’t see you and jack off to it endlessly.

Hey, try imagining your voice as the fap material for your little brother. Does it not excite you?

Liar, your insides clamped down while I was talking.

It’s fine to silent this dishonest mouth, right?


Huh? What’s wrong?

I see, this position on your legs, right, Sis? In that case, I’ll support both legs.

Is this okay?

It’s fine, I’ll never let you fall, Sis, so don’t worry. I’ll be stronger than Brother in this regard.


I’m in deeper than before. Can you tell?

I see. It feels so good that you can’t respond.

I knew it, Sis loves being penetrated deep, don’t you?

Hey, can you hear these sounds? You’re the one who’s making them, Sis. You’re feeling it from your little brother’s dick and leaking out tons of juices. And what an obscene sound that is.

Your face is red. Are you embarrassed?

It’s a bit late, though. The Sis that’d adhering close to me while her face is bright red is just way too cute.

And Sis, your insides are coiling around as if to say that it doesn’t want to let go of me.


I wonder why it feels this good? We’re physically compatible, but like I thought, is it because I love you, Sis?

It feels so good… I can’t stop my hips.

I’m about to cum.

Are you about to cum too, Sis? Then let’s cum together.

Even though it feels good to thrust into after you’ve cum, cumming together is better.

I’ll go a bit faster so grab on tight.

Let’s kiss.


I’m cumming, so let’s cum together.

Cumming, I’m cumming!


That felt so good.

Plus I get to see Sis’ orgasm face, and it’s wonderful.

Like I thought, it’s great when it’s just the two of us. I’m able to kiss you slowly after cumming.

I love you, Sis. Let’s secretly have sex again without Brother knowing, okay?


No, forget when I said just now.

It’ll be troubling if you start looking forward to this type of situation.

I want to push Brother out of your thoughts, so please hurry up and have only me on your mind, Sis.

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