【Translation】 Eternal Triangle ~Ani to Otouto ni Semararete~


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Eternal Triangle ~兄と弟に迫られて~

CV: Kumagai Kentarou (熊谷健太郎)

Track 1: Three Person Road Trip


T: Does it feel nice to ride in this car?

T: That’s a relief, so you’re comfortable. I’m glad that my first road trip is with you, it makes me really happy to have you sit in the passenger seat.

T: I see, so you’re happy too-

K: Hey, hey! You two, you forgot that I was here, didn’t you?

T: Oh right, you were here too. Kyouhei. You were sleeping so soundly earlier that I completely forgot.

K: So mean.


K: Oh, but Sis remembered. As expected of my big sister. Compared to that, Big Brother’s cold to me.

T: It’s not like I am cold, if I actually was cold to you, I wouldn’t have invited you on this road trip in the first place.

K: Nn…I mean, that is true. Brother, you and I don’t often meet after having left the house, so I’m grateful that you’ve created an opportunity for the three of us to have fun together. That said, aren’t I the only one left out in the present?

K: Brother, you and Sis are sitting up in front, and I’m the only one sitting in the rear seat.

T: It can’t be helped, right? With this car’s layout, it’s impossible to have three people sit in front.

K: I know that much. It’s just hard to swallow.


K: Eh!?

K: It makes me happy that you’d say that, Sis, but there’s no meaning in me sitting in the front passenger seat.

K: What do I mean by that?

K: …You really are dense.

K: Like I said, I don’t want to sit next to Big Brother, I want to sit next to you, Sis. In other words, I want you to come over to this side, Sis.

T: Kyouhei, you…

K: What? It’s my true thoughts, so what’s the big deal?

T: It’s precisely because those are your true thoughts that it worries me. You’re now 19. I’m sure you’re the only younger brother in the world who’d throw a tantrum over being able to sit next to their older sister.

K: I don’t think so, the world is vast, so there ought to be at least 1 or 2 more sis-cons like me. There could easily be 100 or 200 more.


T: Don’t say such careless things. What’s your basis for it?

K: My gut feelings. Besides, you don’t have a basis for what you’re saying either, right Brother?

T: Haa…we’ll be seeing the ocean soon.

K: Ah! You were in a bad position so you’re ignoring me.

T: I just find it pointless to discuss it any further. Look, it’s in view.


T: Yes, this road’s a sightseeing route along the coast. And since there’s good weather tonight, both the sky and the ocean are blue and beautiful.

K: Oh, I thought it was strange going off to see the ocean when it’s cold, but it’s surprisingly not that bad.

T: Well, I mean, it is warm inside the car.

T: Hmm? What’s wrong?

T: Ah, if I’m not mistaken, that mountain is…

T: Was that you just now, Kyouhei?

K: Hehe… Yes. To tell you the truth, I woke up late and didn’t eat lunch.


K: Mhm, my days and nights have been a little reversed lately.

T: Haa…it’s precisely because I predicted that your days and nights were reversed that I arranged it so that we left in the afternoon, Kyouhei. Were you sleeping in late?

K: I still made our agreed time, so it’s fine, isn’t it?

K: More importantly, I’d like to eat something light, so can’t we pull up somewhere?

T: It can’t be helped. My plan was to drive directly to the hot spring, but I guess I have to modify that. Consider where we are, we’re close to the station shopping district, how about we go for a little eating tour there?

K: Sounds good. Let’s go with that.

T: Are you alright with it too?

T: Yup, then it’s decided.


Track 2: Time Alone with Siblings


K: Aah…I don’t know if it’s because I’m starving, but everything that comes in sight looks delicious.

T: We’ll be having dinner after visiting the hot springs so leave some room in your stomach.

K: I know. I’ll be careful not to eat so much so that I don’t have room for dinner. Ah, there’s a nice smell coming from that shop. I wonder what it is?

K: Huh? Is it…?


T: You don’t have to chase after him, Kyouhei’s no longer a child.

T: That’s right. Besides, even if Kyouhei gets lost, we can still contact him, so there’s no need to be so worried. If I remember correctly, there’s a shop that sells delicious onsen manjus down this way, so how about we head there first?


T: Ah, it’s there. This is the place, isn’t it?

T: Oh, there’s the nice smell of manjus. Since it’s a rare chance, I’d like to buy some, but they’re bigger than I thought. Will you be able to finish one by yourself?

T: You’re right, we still have dinner. How about we split it between the two of us?

T: As for Kyouhei… One will be enough for him. And then let’s buy a box for our parents as a souvenir.


T: Excuse me, I would like two individual onsen manjus, plus a box of them as a souvenir.

T: Oh, I have just enough. Okay, please take this.

T: It’s fine, let me pay for this much at least.

T: No, not just this, I’ll be paying for everything today.

T: Don’t hold back, this is the reason why I work. If there’s anything else you want, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

T: Thank you.


T: Eh? A close couple…? Are you referring to us by any chance?

T: Do we look like a couple?

T: I-Is that so?

T: So that’s the vibe we have from an outsider perspective, huh. We might even be too close-

K: Okay, the farce is over.

K: Clerk, those two aren’t a couple. If you include me, we’re a group of three siblings. This person’s my older brother and this is my old sister, and I am the youngest sibling, their younger brother.

K: And today, we’re spending time alone as siblings and are on a day trip. Well, isn’t that right, Sis?

K: There you have it. It would be a complete misunderstanding to call the two of them a couple.

K: Well then, we’re off.


K: Haa…for the two of you to head off alone, you really have no gaps or weakness, do you, Brother?

T: It’s not us, you’re the one who ran off by themselves first.

K: Oh.

K: Well, the past’s the past, so let’s regroup our feelings.


K: Sis, I bought the satsuma-age you just brought up. Would you like some?

K: I tried some earlier and I recommend the taste.

K: Hey, say “ah.”

T: Wait, wait, you mustn’t let Kyouhei lead you around. You wanted to try the onsen manju, didn’t you?

K: No, no, satsuma-age’s better, right?

T: No, it’s onsen manju, right?

K: Eh? We’re not exactly angry, though?

T: We just want to know which one you’ll choose.

K: Yup, yup, so eat my satsuma-age, Sis.


K: Yes! It’s satsuma-age’s victory. No, it’s my victory. Like I thought, I’m the one who knows Sis better.

T: I see, so you were in the mood for satsuma-age……

T: Eh? That’s not it?

T: Oh, so you wanted to eat onsen manju too.

K: Eh…? So you didn’t choose me?

K: Oh, I see, you just wanted to eat both. You are right that I would eat what’s salty first.

T: And having both would be a normal choice, but for some reason, I was under the impression that you would eat one but not the other. Like you said, we might’ve been a little worked up.

K: Even when we were young, Big Brother gets irritated over the strangest things.


T: Doesn’t that apply to you more? As your older brother, I’ve given up many things over to you.

K: Really?

T: That’s right, during those days-

T: It would be immature of me to bring up events from the past. It’s about time we return to the car and head over to the hot springs.


Track 3: Unexpected Road Trip


T: Hmm, that’s odd, I can’t seem to light the engine.

T: In any case, I’ll go and investigate it a little, but if the cause isn’t the battery, it’ll be a bit of an issue.

K: An issue?

T: It means there’s a mechanical failure and that we’ll need a tow truck to move it. In other words, we can’t get home in this car.


T: I didn’t think this could happen with a new car. Sorry.

T: No, it’s my fault. Although we were returning within the day, it was still an excursion, so I should’ve checked it more thoroughly. It was a rare opportunity to spend time alone as siblings, and yet…

K: You don’t have to keep apologizing.

K: Oh, since we came all this way, how about we stay the night at an inn?

T: Stay the night? That’s quite abrupt.

K: Since we’re in a bind, I thought we’d try to have some fun. Our car trouble ate up quite a lot of time, so if we were to try and return by train, we’ll definitely be exhausted. And that’s why it’s better if we stay the night.

K: Sis, you think so too, right?


T: I see. You’re right, since we came all this way, let’s enjoy our time.

K: Okay! Since that’s decided, we ought to hurry up and find an open inn.

K: Although we’ve stayed over with our entire family before, this is the first time where it’s just the three of us, and it excites me. Let’s line our three futons together like we did in the past and sleep side-by-side.

T: You…

T: For your information, the rooms will be gender-segregated.

K: Eh!? Why? We’re siblings, so it’s fine, no?

T: No, we’re already at that age, so we should at least be in separate rooms.


Track 4: The Brothers’ Secret


K: Aah…that was a nice hot bath.

K: But even so, I never thought that there would be only one room open. Like Brother said, it wouldn’t be very good for me to sleep together in the same room as my old sister since I’m already an adult, but if there’s only one room then it can’t be helped, right?

T: Your words and your expressions don’t match, Kyouhei.

K: Sorry, dinner was good and the bath was so nice that it somehow relieved all my tension it seems. Besides, it’s been 10 years since we last slept today, hasn’t it? The way it’s sort of like a school trip makes it fun.

K: I know, right? As expected of my Sis, you understand me well.

K: Although it’s unfortunate that the car broke down, I’m glad that we were able to stay the night.


K: Oh, there are three futons lined up together! With this, we’ll be able to sleep side-by-side.

T: We have to decide who’s sleeping in which futon, don’t we?

K: Sis is obviously in the middle, no?

T: Well, I’m satisfied with that.

K: Why that is…? If Sis sleeps on the left or right, we’ll be scrambling for the middle. In any case, you’re in the middle, Sis. Once that’s decided, the rest will fall in line.


K: The duvet’s so warm. I feel so cozy.

K: Oh, I see, my body’s warmth might’ve been because of the hot springs too. Somehow I feel like I’ll be falling asleep early today.

T: That’s a relief. Let’s not stay up late and just sleep then today.

T: Good night.

K: Good night…


K: Bro, are you still awake?

T: What? Were you not going to fall asleep early?

K: I was feeling sleepy at first but…as expected, I just can’t fall asleep in a situation like this.

T: I mean, that’s true.

K: Augh, having Sis sleep next to me makes my heart race, so I can’t.

T: You…don’t say it when the person in question is right next to you.

K: It’s fine, Sis is famous for not waking till morning once she falls asleep.

T: It’s only famous within our family. More importantly, you’re already a university student, so how about you stop taking advantage of your place as the younger brother and stop acting child-like and spoiled?

K: As the big brother who dotes on Sis, you have no right to say it. Your expressions are completely different when you’re talking with me and you’re too blatant about everything.


K: Sis is super dense when it comes to personal relationships so she hasn’t noticed yet, but you were completely exposed by that clerk. Those aren’t the eyes of a brother looking at their sister.

T: I see, my face was so cheerful that we were mistaken to be a couple.

K: Yup, yup. Also, stop trying to bribe her using money. Even though you’ve abandoned hope, you don’t know when to give up, Brother.

T: It’s not like I have given up.

K: Eh?

T: It’s true that I gave up, left the house, and started living alone. But I didn’t give up completely.

T: Kyouhei, I think you’d understand.


K: Yeah, I know how you feel. I guess I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t give up.

T: You too, huh.

T: What do you plan on doing from now on?

K: I’ll tell her my feelings.

K: Obviously, I don’t intend on telling her today, but I can’t be holding it off. I plan on telling it to her straight.

T: You’re right, she’ll never notice unless we tell it to her nice and clear. Even if she hears the contents of what we’re saying right now, I’m sure she’ll have no clue. The fact that we see her as a romantic interest despite being siblings bound by blood won’t get through to her if we aren’t upfront.


T: Ah, what am I saying? We talked way back then about how our feelings should be kept secret.

K: Yeah, yeah, you can continue worrying about that, Brother, because I’ll definitely tell her one day that I love her more than anyone in the world.

T: Wait, I can’t let that pass, the one who loves her the most is me. You’re second, Kyouhei.

T: !!!

K: Huh!? Wait, since when were you awake, Sis?!!

T: You don’t wake up till morning once you fall asleep, so why?


T: Oh, I see…

K: So you never fell asleep in the first place.

K: Wait. Does that mean you hear our entire conversation?

T: In other words…

T: Yeah, no matter how dense you are, you’ll know once you’ve heard that much.

K: I planned on telling you eventually, but since this is the situation, it can’t be helped.


K: Calm down, Sis, I’ll talk to you properly about my feelings.

K: I’ve always loved you, Sis. No, I love you even now. My feelings aren’t just platonic, it’s even more, um…

K: I love you. Sorry for hiding it all this time.


T: I want you to listen to my confession before responding to Kyouhei. I love you.

T: I’m not kidding, it’s not a joke, I genuinely love you.

T: I think you should know after hearing the conversation earlier, but I once tried to give up and put an end to my feelings for you. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t something that could be abandoned that easily.

T: And I think that’s just how much I love you.

T: So, what do you feel about me?

K: Not “me”, but rather us.


T: I mean, that is true, just about anyone would be shocked after suddenly being confessed to by their own biological siblings. Besides, it’s normal to have never seen us in that light.

K: I suppose so. It might make you apprehensive because there’re two of us and one of you, Sis, but normally speaking, it’s us that’s strange.

T: Hmm? But what…?

T: That’s-

K: Could it be that you couldn’t fall asleep for the same reason as us, Sis? Was your heart racing because you were sandwiched between us?

K: So your pulse was up.

K: Sis, do you know who your heart was racing for?

K: If you don’t know then how about we check?


K: What do I mean by that?

K: By doing this…

T: What are you doing, Kyouhei!?

K: What I’m doing? I’m just kissing her, though.

T: You can’t be kissing her like it’s nothing. And also, for siblings to be doing something like this…

K: But this is the fastest way, no? Not to mention, I’ve distressed myself enough over the fact that we’re siblings, so I’ve decided to stop idling around.

K: I’ve made a choice so that I wouldn’t have regrets.


K: Hey, Sis, did you hate your kiss with me?

K: I see, so you didn’t hate it. I guess you might like me, Sis.

K: Brother, what are you staring off into space? If you’re frustrated, why don’t you give it a try yourself?

T: Don’t instigate me too much.

T: I’m sorry. Like I thought, please let me check too, I don’t want to lose without having done anything.


T: How’s that? Do you not hate my kiss either?

T: Thank god.

K: Hmm, so that’s how it is. I guess we won’t know with just a kiss. When it comes to this, she needs to make a proper decision on who she prefers it seems.

T: Since she said she’s against neither of us, how do you plan on making her decide?

K: You’re so thickheaded, Brother. We’ll be doing things beyond kissing and checking our physical compatibility.


Track 5: Yearned by Takuma


K: Does it feel good?

T: So you like having your ears licked, huh. You’re leaking out your cute voice, you know?

K: Why are you muffling it with your hand? It’s cute so you could’ve left things as is.

K: It’s embarrassing…? In that case, I just have to make you feel so good that you forget your embarrassment.

K: I’ll touch your boobs, Sis.


K: It feels extremely lewd to touch them like this while you have a yukata on.

K: Sis’ boobs are so soft, but…this part has gotten a little hard.

K: You trembled just now. That was because I touched your nipples, wasn’t it?

T: That’s not it, right? You were simply feeling too good from having me lick your ears, right?

K: No, it’s definitely her nipples. See?


K: I knew it, you look like you’re feeling good.

T: I see, that’s certainly true.

K: Well, you can tell, can’t you? Sis feels better when licked by me.

T: I admit that she’s feeling good, but aren’t you wrong about the fact that you’re better? Simply speaking, she just feels it more from her breasts than her ears.

T: Since Kyouhei’s playing with your breasts, I’ll touch this place instead.


T: You aren’t against, are you? You were rubbing your knees together earlier.

T: Ah, even your underwear’s wet.

T: You feel it rather easily even though it’s your first time.

K: Oh? You’re already feeling it that much. Does my tongue really feel that good?

T: I’ll be removing your underwear.


T: You’re extremely wet. Since when were you like this? When you had your ear licked? Or was it your breasts?

T: Do you really not know?

T: Then you might’ve even been wet when we first kissed you.

T: Can you truly say that that wasn’t the case? Since you said you didn’t know just now…

K: Big Brother can be quite a tease during times like these, huh. That’s a bit of a surprise.

T: I’m not being a tease, I just want her to speak honestly.

K: You’re still teasing her, though. Isn’t that right, Sis?


K: I knew you were thinking that. But don’t worry, I’m kind, unlike our mean older brother.

T: I’m trying to be kind too. I want you to feel good, that’s all.

T: I’ll stroke this place gently and give you pleasure. I’ll slowly loosen up your insides using my fingers and lick your clitoris with my tongue.

K: What’s with that lewd expression, it’s super cute and arousing.

K: It gives me mixed feelings when I think about how you’re reacting to Brother’s tongue, if possible, I’d like to be the one to make you feel good.

K: This time around I won’t just be licking you, I’ll pinch this place with my fingers too.


K: Sis, your nipples are rock hard. So it feels so good that they’re this stiff.

T: And your juices aren’t stopping either, it keeps pouring out no matter how much I lick.

T: I already told you that you aren’t against it, no? This is when you say that it feels good.

K: Hmm? Weird? What do you mean by weird?

T: Aren’t you about to cum?

T: Look, I knew it. In that case, I’ll go even rougher.

K: I see, you felt weird because you were about to cum. Then me too.


T: Ah, it looks like you came.

K: Oh, it’s true. Her eyes are dazed. It’s so great being able to see Sis’ orgasm face. I’ll make you feel even better.

T: I was planning on kissing her.

K: Too bad, I got to Sis’ lips first.

T: First come, first serve, huh. I guess that applies to this place too.

K: !? That place is…

T: Sorry that it has ended up in this shape. Is it alright if I was the one who took your first time?

T: Ah, there’s no need to worry about Kyouhei.

K: No, I want you to care, but I was the one who readily took your first kiss, Sis. Besides, I don’t want to be your first, I want to be your last, so it’s fine.


T: You don’t look happy about it at all. But since the person themselves said it was fine, then there’s no need to worry, right? I want to be the one to take your first time.

K: Despite acting so flustered when I kissed Sis, you’re completely into it now.

T: You’re the one who pushed me into this point, Kyouhei.

T: So, is it okay if I put it in?

T: Thank you.


T: I’m sorry, no matter how wet you are, it still hurts when it’s your first time, right? But it’ll start feeling good once you’re used to it.

T: It’s all in. Are you okay?

T: I won’t start moving until you’re used to it, so let’s kiss lots more.

K: It’s fair that Brother’s having all the fun. I can’t stand to just watch, so please let me pleasure you too, Sis.

K: You enjoy having your ears licked, right?

T: You’re beginning to moan. I’ll start to move then.


T: Your insides are tight, but it feels so good.

T: What about you? Are you feeling good?

T: Oh, that’s a relief.

K: It seems like you’ve become honest, Sis.

T: Your body might be quite compatible with mine.

K: No, that just means that Sis is sensitive.

T: Well, we’ll know the truth once your turn comes. Regardless, you can’t deny that she’s feeling good because of me.


T: I’ve always wanted to do this.

T: You thought I was a genuine kindle brother, didn’t you? But in reality, I wanted you so badly I couldn’t help myself. I imagined myself digging into, penetrating and grinding against your insides repeatedly to comfort myself.

T: If you had seriously rejected me this time around, it would’ve never turned out this way.

T: Sorry for harboring this cruel love…


K: It’s troubling when you’re apologized to while they’re moving hips so vigorously. Isn’t that right, Sis?

T: Well, yes. Since my mask has already come off, there’s no point in putting it back on.

T: I love you, I love you. I love you.

T: It doesn’t matter if we’re siblings anymore, I love you as a woman.

T: Say, can you please call me Takuma instead of Big Brother? Just this once so, please.

T: Thank you, that makes me happy; it’s almost like a dream.


T: It’s no use, your insides feel so good that I’m about to cum soon.

T: You too?

T: In that case, let’s cum together.

K: Don’t you dare cum inside.

T: I know that without you telling me.


T: I’m about to cum-


Track 6: Pestered by Kyouhei


T: I love you.

K: You’re not allowed to go any further than this. It’s my turn next so refrain yourself from kissing her.

T: What’s with that? It’s fine for me to at least savor the aftertaste, no?

K: My dick is about to explode so you can’t.

K: So, Sis, right now forget about Brother and think about just me alone.


K: You’re letting out your voice even though I’ve only kissed the nape of your neck.

K: Sis’ back’s beautiful.

K: Oh, I got it! I’ll take you from the back.

K: Get on all fours, Sis.

K: Don’t worry, it’s not that embarrassing. So please, okay? It’s the request of your cute little brother, so I’d like you to go along with it.

K: Thank you. Like I thought, you’re kind, Sis.

K: I’m putting it in.


K: It’s entering more easily than I thought. I guess Big Brother spread it out quite a lot.

T: You won’t be able to satisfy her if you insert yours after mine.

K: I wonder about that. I may not win against you in terms of girth, but length…

K: Look, see? I’m reaching places that couldn’t be reached earlier. Besides, I can enter even deeper inside from the back so I can mess up your innards. So what do you think?


K: What a nice voice. Sis, your insides are warm and wet, and it feels good.

K: Well, it appears that you’re physically compatible with me too. Or rather, you sound like you’re feeling even better than when you were doing it with Big Brother.

T: About that. She’s just feeling good because I broke her insides in fully earlier.

K: I wonder about that, Sis seems to be liking my dick better.


K: Hey, give me an honest answer. Between me and Brother, whose feels better?

K: How strange, what’s the matter? I don’t hear a reply.

K: Brother, do you know what she said?

T: She hasn’t said anything, she was just moaning since you weren’t stopping your hips, Kyouhei.

T: Jeez, what’s with that sloppy mouth, it’s way too hot.

K: Well, it’s fine. In any case, it means that she’s feeling so good that she’s unable to respond. Being drilled into by your little brother’s dick and moaning, you really are indecent, Sis.


T: I can’t, I can’t hold back any longer. Can you lick me?

K: Getting fellatio is unfair.

T: It’s your fault for being in all the way from the back.

T: You don’t have to take the whole thing to your mouth.

T: Yes, that’s good. Good girl. Your tongue’s hot and mellow, and it feels good.

T: I said that you didn’t have to swallow it, but if you want to do it then, listen, do it slowly so as to not dig your teeth in.

T: Your mouth may not be wide, but you’re good.


K: Ah, I should’ve done missionary instead of doggy. But well, I guess it can’t be helped since I’m the one who decided on that. Besides, it won’t be a problem if I thrust you so hard that you can’t move your mouth.

K: Sis, focus this way. I’m the one who’s penetrating Sis’ place here, so please feel just me.

K: Damn, your insides feel so good that I feel like I’m about to cum first.

K: I often fantasized about having sex with you like this, Sis, but this is unimaginably great.

K: I’ll massage your boobs from the back.


K: You know, earlier Brother said that he loves you as a woman and not as a sibling, but Sis, I love you as your sole younger brother.

K: It can’t be categorized as familial love, though.

K: I love you, Sis.


K: Your insides clamped down just now. What were you reacting to?

K: I love you.

K: Sis, could it be both?

T: Sorry, but I’m using your Sis’ mouth right now, so she can’t reply.

K: How frustrating. I definitely won’t lose to you, Brother. Sis will be together with me forever.

K: I love you, I love you, my one and only older sister.


K: If you squeeze so hard, I’ll cum.

K: Oh, but, does that mean you’re about to cum too, Sis?

T: I haven’t lost to you either, Kyouhei.

T: I’ll start moving my hips a little at the end, okay?

K: Ah, you’re stuffed with your siblings’ dicks both from the top and bottom. How pitiful.

K: That said, this would’ve never happened if you hadn’t been indecisive, Sis. I would’ve been gentler with you if you had chosen me at the start.

K: Or rather, you tightened again when you got face-fucked.

K: Sis, are you a masochist? The type who likes being treated cruelly?

K: Well, I won’t mind at all if you were.


T: I’m close to cumming. I’ll cum inside your mouth.

T: I’m sorry, it’s fine if you spit it out.

T: Eh? You already swallowed it?

K: To make your little sister drink your semen, you really are the worst. But well, I’m terrible too. Sis might just be a masochist who gets off of being treated like this by her twin brother.

K: Could it be that you came just now?


K: What a shame, we weren’t able to cum together. That said, I made Sis cum, and it makes me happy.

K: I’m sorry, you just came, but please bear with it for a little longer.

K: Sis’ insides are clamping down. It’s wonderful.

K: I’m about to cum, I’m about to cum.

K: I’ll cum onto your back. I’m cumming!


K: That felt incredibly good. How was it for you, Sis? Between Brother and me, who was better?

T: It seems like she’s still not in a state where she can reply.

T: In any case, let’s take a shower in the indoor bath and then talk.


Track 7: Who will you choose?


K: Now then. So, who felt better, Sis?

K: Well, I already know that your answer is me, but I ought to ask just to be sure.

T: No, I was better, right?

K: There’s no way, she moaned way louder when she was doing it with me.

T: I wonder about that. She started licking me midway so we weren’t able to hear her voice properly.

K: Did you foresee that and had her give you fellatio?

K: How mean, you’re a dishonest adult, I would never want to become an adult like that.

T: If that’s what you say then you’re not one to talk, you’re quite sneaky yourself.

Both: We’re calm.


T: That aside, you just have to give us a reply. And so, which is it?

K: What is it? Are you having a hard time saying it? We won’t have hard feelings regardless of who you choose so just tell it to us straight.

T: It’s fine, give us your honest answer.

K: Mhm. Eh? Both?

T: Did you really feel just as good with either of us?

T: In other words, it’s a tie.

K: Eh? I thought it would definitely be me. Somehow it reminds me of when we were contesting over satsuma-age and onsen manju during the day.

T: You certainly did choose to eat both, didn’t you?

T: But well, I’m not against a three-way. Of course, ideally, you choose me.


K: I’m absolutely against it. I want it to be just Sis and me, so even if it takes time, I want you to make a choice. I’ll bear with the three-way until you do.

K: I love you, Sis.

T: I’ll always love you.

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