【Translation】 Oyasumi Kareshi 3 ~Sabishigariya na Kareshi to Sugosu Yoru~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

おやすみ彼氏 3 ~寂しがり屋な彼氏と過ごす夜~

CV: Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原徹也)

Track 1: My Pace


Oh, welcome back. You must be tired from your late hours.

It’s fine, it’s fine. You suddenly had work, so let’s go on a date another time.

Mhm, let’s definitely go on one.


Oh, this? This is the issue on sale today. It features some images of me.

You see, they happened to be featuring my shop. They say your enthusiast​ boyfriend is quite handsome.

Eh? I wonder about that?

Oh, right, please take a bath before that. I filled it up for you beforehand.

Yup, you contacted me before coming home, no?

I bought some bath salt earlier so I added them. They’re effective against fatigue so I wanted you to try some as well.

No, no, I’m not that kind, considerate, and good-looking. I’m feeling shy now.


You never said that?

As expected of you, I felt like you weren’t going to say it, so I said it myself.

Ah, wait. Shall we go in together? I’m in the mood to give you a head massage.

No, I took one earlier, but I like baths, so taking multiple is fine.

You don’t want me to?

Don’t say something so lonesome, let’s take one together every so often.

Ah, no, no, it’s nothing.

Tch. What a shame.


Yeah, yeah, please take your time in the bath.


Huh? Oh damn, did I fall asleep?

Since when did I fall asleep?

The magazine’s a mess now.

Ah, no, I wasn’t drooling, I fell asleep with the page open so it’s all crumpled.

No, I’ll buy a new one tomorrow and show it to you. If it’s wrinkled then my handsomeness is halved.

It’s the same? How cruel.



Huh? Those are new pajamas.

Oh, they’re quite cute.

M-m, they have a nice texture to them too.

Hmm? Is there something up with your legs? Could it be that they were hurting during work?


I’ll massage your legs for you then.

It’s fine, it’s fine, come on, lie face down. I’ll flip the hem, okay?

As always, you’re testing your luck…


No, no, it’s nothing.

Is this enough strength for you? Does it hurt?

I see, that’s a relief.

Oh, right, are you fine at work? You’re not overexerting yourself?

Hmm? No, I haven’t really got the chance to talk with you much lately. And the fact that you’ve got swelling makes me think that you’re pushing yourself.

Mhm, I’d thought it’d be nice if we could have even a brief conversation, so I chose not to sleep and waited for you instead.

No, I did end up sleeping a little though.


No, no, why are you apologizing? There’s no need for you to apologize.

I know you’re busy with work, so it’s not like I’m blaming you.

Haha! Why are you feeling sorry? What a strange fella you are.

Ah, hey, if you get up I won’t be able to massage you.

Talk…? About what?

Are we going to discuss where we’ll go the next time our days-off overlap? Because there are a bunch of places I’d like to visit with you.

Eh? My thoughts?

Oh, right, like how your legs are as beautiful as always?


No, about being lonely, I…

I can’t win against you.

I get it, I’ll say it properly.

How should I say it, my days-off from work are irregular as well. I’m working the days you’re off, and the days I’m off, you’re working, and it feels like they simply never aligned.

Before we started cohabiting, I was constantly thinking how, oh I’m so lonely, oh I want to see you more, and how time passes so fast whenever we’re together and how I’d to be with you forever.

But now that we’re living together, even if our days-off don’t overlap, we’ll definitely be together at night, and there are times where we’re able to eat meals together.

Although there wasn’t a time where I was extremely lonely, it’s been difficult lately.

It’s almost like how things were before we started cohabiting.


Mhm, I guess I’m lonely.

Uh-huh, to be honest, I’m super lonely.

Ah! What I am saying, that was so embarrassing. Sorry, please forget what I said just now.

Oh, you, you’re being mean.

No, I won’t say it. Rather, I never planned on saying it because I don’t want to become a burden for you while you’re striving at work.

I was planning on cheering you in my own way and supporting you, and yet, in the end, I still ended up saying it.


Why did I say it?

Even if you say that…

If our role were reversed? Like if I were you?

If you had been enduring loneliness-

No, of course I don’t want that!!! I’d definitely hate to put you through loneliness.


I’ve been had.

Like I thought, you’re amazing.


Track 2: The Couple’s True Opinions


Sorry for bringing up such an odd topic even though you’re exhausted.

You’re right, it is important. Thank you.

Really? Your job will settle down in a little while?

If so, then it would’ve been all the more reason for me to endure it.

Yes, I know, the only way is to not repeat it again. There might be conversely times where I am busy.

And I wouldn’t want to make you lonely during those days.


Mhm. Then let’s discuss our true opinions about earlier.

Oh, no being weirdly cautious and refraining, got it?

Eh? I go first? …You can go first.


Okay, rock, paper, scissors!

Ugh, I lost.


Haa…I know.

How should I say it, err, umm…wait, don’t stare at me.

That’s exactly it though, it makes me shy and nervous.

Don’t laugh! I’m pretty earnest, you know?

Jeez, you’re laughing too much. Though, it might’ve relieved some of my nerves. Thank you.


You see, I want to at least have a brief conversation with you every day even if we’re both busy.

Although spending little time with you makes me lonely, if we had at least a brief conversation, then we’ll stop passing by each other and we’ll be able to notice the even little changes.

Yup, yup, I want to be the person you confide in when there’s something troubling you. And if you’re feeling unwell, I’d like to be able to support you.

Therefore, having conversations no matter how busy we are is my true opinion.

How about you?


That’s a relief.

Oh, was it perhaps a bother for me to stay awake waiting for you?

You’re worried about my sleep? How kind.

But in my case, it’s fine-

Uh, umm, then…

Morning? Are you sure about that? In terms of earlier in the morning, we’ll have to sleep early and then wake up a bit earlier.

And then we’ll properly make breakfast, and then talk as we eat.

Then whoever slept earlier will cook breakfast, and if there’s time then we’ll prepare it together. How’s that?

It’s decided then.


Okay, I guess I should start making breakfast tomorrow morning.


Denied. I can’t roll it up well, after all.

I may seem like a perfect human being, but there are things that I’m bad at.

How cruel, you aimed right where it hurts.

You’re amazing, although I tried my hardest not to be read, but you’re able to pick up on my thoughts right now. And that’s why I thought you were amazing.

Like I thought, you knew? …That I was easily lonely.


Right, you are my girlfriend. And somehow, I was weirdly holding back.

Hey, is it okay if I kiss you? Because I feel like kissing you.


Let me charge up a little more.



This is bad, I charged up so much that I’m all energetic now.

Ah, no, I’m more lively mental speaking, but uh, there’s evidence of my liveliness. There’s a place that’s full of spirits that’s asking to be taken care of now it’s energetic.

In other words, I’ll excuse myself now.

Oh. Uh, no, I’m going to the toilet.

Why? Err…


Hehe…that’s right, a man’s fella is very delicate you could say. If I left it as is, I won’t be able to sleep.

Eh? Are you sure?

No, no, don’t force yourself, you’re exhausted from being so busy lately, no? …Your feelings make me really happy though.

Huh? Really? You want to do it too?

Ah, damn, don’t make such a cute expression, I seriously won’t be able to stop, you know?


If you say no now, I’ll cry.


Track 3: Skipping a Beat


Huh? These buttons are hard.

Ah, wait, I want to be the one to remove it. What you’ll be removing is my clothes.

You’ve got quite the knack for it.

Eh? Banzai?

Wait, wait, let me undo the last button.

There, it’s done.

Okay, Banzi.

Thank you.


Mmm, it smells nice.

Hmm? Oh, those bath salts?

Speaking of which, it smelled really good when I added them. Ah, I wish I went in as well, I wanted to take a bath with you.

You aren’t gonna say, “Hey, let’s take one together next time”?

It’s fine, no? I’m dextrous so I think I’ll be great at washing.

How about we practice with you lying down?

Your skin will get chapped if we wash with a towel, right? …So I’ll do it directly with my hands.

Like this.


Look, I’m pretty good, aren’t I? You want to get in with me, right?

Why can’t I?

Oh, I got it, is it because you’ve got a lewd body that gets turned from simple washing?

It’s a real thing, because, look, your nipples are already hard. So hard that I’m able to pinch them like this.


Does it feel good when I pinch and fiddle with this place?

I see. If you promise to take a bath with me, I’ll pleasure you with something better than my hands.


I did it!

On that note, when’s next time? You aren’t gonna distort the meaning of it, right?

Well, I’ll let you fool me for now.


You trembled just now.

Are you feeling it more than usual because of how long it’s been?

The more stubborn you are, the more I want to say it though.

Ah! Ow, ow, sorry, sorry, I won’t fool around anymore. I’ll be earnest in pleasuring you, so please forgive me.


Wait. Hey! Don’t touch my nipples, it tickles.

Stop, it really tickles.

Rather than feeling good, it seriously tickles.

I can’t, I can’t, even if you continue teasing them, it’s not like something will awaken in me. Hahaha!

Instead of being teased, I prefer to be the one during the teasing.

I’ll go on the counterattack now.

I’ll lick this other nipple.


Oh my? What’s the matter?

Were you going to make me awaken? Your hand has stopped moving.

Ah! That was close, I’m glad we didn’t smash our heads together.

Are you feeling it so much that you’re unable to suck?

Oh jeez, if you make that expression, you’ll excite me even more.


Hey, I’d like to remove your underwear so please lift up your hips a little.

Oh, you’re already wet.

Hey, don’t close your legs.

Have you gotten more easily embarrassed than before?

It is true that after such a long time, you’ll start feeling shy, but I get all the more excited the more shy you are.

Come on, spread your legs wide so that I can clearly see your lewd place.


What a fine sight.

That’s impossible, I’d look at it forever if that were possible.

You like it when I lick this place, don’t you?

I’ll lick it lots and make you feel good.


When you look like you’re in so much pleasure, I’ll be all the more fired up.

This is bad, I’m so aroused that it’s a bit painful.

Nope, I won’t put it in just yet. It’s been so long so I’d like to make you feel even better.

Don’t laugh.

Good grief, I’ll make you feel so good that you don’t have the time to laugh.


Hmm? You’re about to cum?


You’re making an extremely erotic face.

Don’t hide your face. Come on.

Even if it tickles, I won’t stop and leave this place out.


I finally get to see it. It’s super cute.

Hmm? You told me not to kiss your ears, but not your lips.

Oh, right, condoms. Is there any left?


Hmm? Eh? What is it?

You’ll put it on for me?

Somehow, that makes me feel shy. I’ll leave it to you then.

W-w-wait, your hands, why are you rubbing it with your hands???

Hey! I’ll cum.

That was close, I was about to cum.

Hey, why are you laughing? Come on, put it on properly.


Thank you for putting it on.

I’m putting it in.


Damn, it feels good.


It’s been a long while but is it not hard on you?

Oh, it’s no use, it feels too good.

Is it okay if I start moving?


This is wonderful.

If I’m that rough, it’ll have on effect on you tomorrow, right? So I’ll restrain myself a little.

Yeah, it doesn’t affect me, but it’ll be hard on you, no?

Could it be that you prefer it rough?

Hey, hey, hey, don’t pull my cheeks…!!! If you do something naughty like that, I’ll bite you.

Hehe, I fooled you there, didn’t I?

Just kidding.


I’ll rub against the spots you love lots, okay?


Does it feel good?

Despite how long it’s been, your weak spots haven’t changed.

My feelings towards you have changed too.

No, I haven’t come to hate you. I meant that changed in the sense that I now love you even more than before.

Did your heart skip a beat just now?

Lies, because your insides squeezed really tightly just now.

I’ll make it so that you say that your heart skipped a beat.


You like it when I tease your breasts while I thrust up against this place, right?

The fact that you came… Can I take that as your heart skipping a beat?


It’s my turn next.


Hey, kiss me.


My heart skipped a beat too. Just kidding.

No, it’s true though.


This is bad, I’m so overwhelmingly happy that I’m burning up. I don’t want to let go of you today.


Track 4: Before Saying Goodnight


Huh? What time is it now?

Whoa, it’s already this hour. If we don’t hurry and sleep…

Sorry, it’s my fault.

I see. I was happy too. I’m almost too satisfied.


Oh, right, we ought to put on our clothes.

Clothes, clothes…

Oh, they’ve all fallen to the ground.

It’s fine, I’ll pick them up so you continue laying down.

This is all of them.


Hmm? Ah, no, when I picked up the pajama, I wanted to fling it away so that we could hold each other and sleep together naked.

Doesn’t it feel good to sleep while adhering our naked bodies?

Well, come closer.

It feels so nice. Your skin is so soft.


I’m fine. I can’t be catching a cold, can I? Although it’s regrettable, I’ll obediently wear them.


Oh, right, I’ll help put them on for you.

Enough, enough.

Hehe, I’ve mastered the undoing of these stiff buttons. And there we go.

Make sure to cover yourself up to the shoulder when the futon, okay?

Nope, it may be hot now, but once you start sweating, you’ll be cold. Come on, cover up properly.

With someone as young and as cool as me, how could you say that I’m like a father?

Mhm, if I say so myself.


Mhm, you’re right. It might feel like a waste to sleep, but we’re already tired, if we stay up any later, it’ll have an effect on tomorrow, no?

I want to talk with you more since I was lonely though.

Look, you look really sleepy right now so you don’t have to force yourself.


I’m a bit tired, but I’m not at my limit. I slept a little earlier too.

See? This now pitiful looking magazine was made into my pillow.

Yup, I’ll buy one at the bookstore in the station shopping area before I head to work tomorrow.

It might be sold out when you want to buy it though, my fans might buy them up.


Oh, she’s asleep. Are you pretending to be asleep?

Hey, are you seriously asleep?

Jeez…at least tuck yourself in before sleeping.


I’m truly thankful for today.


Track 5: Umm…


She’s smiling. I wonder what kind of dream she’s seeing? Is she seeing me in her dream?

See me in your dream, see me in your dream.

Hey, why are you twisting around? You’re actually awake, aren’t you?

Poke, poke.

She’s asleep, huh.

Ah, she smiled again. Hey, if you stick out your arm, you’ll catch a cold, you know? We have to cover it up properly.

Okay, there we go.


You see, I really love looking at your sleeping face. I can’t quite put it into words, but the center of my chest tightens and aches, and that throbbing is really comforting.

It felt like there was a gaping hole inside my heart before I met you.

I had always been lonely and nothing I would do would fulfill me. And I had always thought about what I should do to make this loneliness disappear.

But I met you, fell in love with you, and started dating. And then the loneliness disappeared.

This is the first time I’ve ever loved someone this deeply.


Every time I exchange words with you and overlap our bodies like this, my feels have grown even stronger even though I already love you this much.

I love you much so that “love” isn’t enough to convey it.


Oh, damn, she’s not awake, right?

Thank god, I’m safe.

It’ll be embarrassing if she heard it in this manner.


I want to continue peering at her sleeping face but I should sleep soon too.

Will she wake up this time if I kiss her now?

Ah, it’s no use, I can’t resist the urge to.

Good night.


Track 6: Next to Haru


Come closer, let me hug you.

Nope, I won’t let you go.


Secret Track


Aah…I feel refreshed.

It would’ve been even better if I could’ve gone in with a particular someone, though.

Who am I referring to?

My girlfriend, who’s auspicious birthday is today.


I’m glad we were able to spend your birthday together. The clothes we bought today really suit you.

As expected of the clothes chosen by me, a charismatic, handsome, sales employee.

You weren’t going to say it, so I went ahead and said it myself.

Say, can you wear those clothes on our next date?

Oh, did you take a liking to the food at the restaurant?

They’re quite famous for their lunch-time beef steak. So how about we go there for lunch next time?

It’s decided then.


You look extremely happy.

How adorable. You show it on your face right away.


Hey, could you close your eyes?

Enough, just hurry.

Okay, now bring out your left hand.


You can open your eyes now.

Mhm, it’s a ring.

I thought it was cliche but still wanted to gift this to you as a present. You’ll never receive too many since this is a day that comes only once a year.

Happy birthday.

Thank you for being born, meeting me, and becoming my girlfriend.


No, I’m not drunk. I endured my embarrassment to convey it to you.

I’ll push down my naughty girlfriend who’s laughing!

Although I was shy, I wanted to convey it properly through words. There are things you can’t know unless they’re put into words, no?


I’ll be removing your pajamas, okay?


Oh, the lights?

Nope, I won’t turn them off, I won’t be able to see your body if I turn them off. Today’s a special day, so I’d like a close look.

When it’s bright, I can clearly see when your body’s arousing and flushed and how your nipples are stiff like they’re asking to be sucked.


You’re already wet?

I’ll tease you with my fingers then. You like it when I tease it together with your nipples, right?


This place has swelled up too.

You love it when I stroke this place, don’t you?


I want to pleasure your insides too. I’ll insert my fingers, okay?


You swallowed up my fingers in an instant.

I’ll rub the place you love lots, okay?


Your insides squeeze down every time I suck on your nipples.

Your insides are really convulsing, are you about to cum?

Go ahead, show me your cute orgasm face.


Why are you concealing your face? If you don’t show it to me properly, I won’t let you cum.

Then as promised, I’ll let you cum, so continue showing me your face.


You came, didn’t you?

Hey, let me kiss this place too.


I’m putting it in.


It’s twitching a lot from a mere touch.

Damn, it feels so good.

Is it okay if I’m rougher than usual?

Thank you, I’ll start moving then.


It feels good…

The day after doing this with you, rather than being out of it, I’m more lively than usual despite…having exercised a lot.


That’s quite the indecent sound. It excites me even more.


Hey, I’ll tease this place as well.

It feels too good?

The expression you make while you’re feeling it and your moans are incredibly cute. And they all belong to me.


I’d like to kiss you, but if I kiss you, I won’t be able to hear your voice. How troubling.

It’s a happy anguish.


You’re about to cum?

I’m about to cum too.


I feel so happy right now.

Okay, now that’s done.


Are you looking at the ring?

The design of it is simple so it’ll match any fashion.

Do you like it?

Is that so?

So umm, is your gratitude just words?


That’s a 100/100 thanks.

You’re welcome.


As expected, hugging while naked is nice. Somehow, it’s really soothing.

I know, right?

We’re kissing too much?

It’s fine, I love kisses after all. I’d like to continue, but it’s about time we sleep.

Oh, right, please look forward to tomorrow’s breakfast since I’ll be making it.

The exact thing I’m making is tomorrow’s fun.


Eh? That’s a risotto, no?

You said that you wanted to eat risotto earlier, so I tried REALLY hard to be able to cook it.

AH!!! I spilled the beans.

Damn it, I went through all this trouble to surprise you.


But well, although it’s no longer a surprise, I guess it’s fine.

Hey, let’s kiss one more time.


Look forward to tomorrow then.

Mhm. Good night.

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