【Translation】 Ayashi no Chouai naru Sho ーYatagarasu Renboー


Thank You to Lux for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

怪しの寵愛為る処 ー八咫烏恋慕ー

CV: NikuQTarou (肉Q太郎)

Track 1


Again, huh. Why didn’t you call me sooner? Aren’t you all battered up?

Do you hate having to summon me that much, Miss?

Good grief, it’s quite inconvenient being the shrine maiden charged with protecting the nation, isn’t it?

Hehe. Don’t glare at me, you called me because you couldn’t handle the situation.


I’ll finish this job quickly.

Stand back, my reward will diminish if you get any more injured than this.



This isn’t the full extent of a Yatagarasu’s power. Now disappear without a trace.


Now then, are you alright, Miss?

You were seriously done in, you’re covered in wounds. First, we ought to tend to you, don’t we?

Come on, I’ll carry you, so don’t struggle.

Hey, hey, I just told you not to struggle. There’s no one watching, so stop being embarrassed. You’re injured, so settled down.

Okay, good girl.


Okay, I think that’s about it.

I treated everything that I could visibly see. Is there anywhere else that hurts? After all, I don’t know the state of your internal organs.

What’s with that? You have a rather dissatisfied look on your face.

Do you hate the fact that I’ll be consuming your spiritual powers? Or do you hate the fact that we need to have sex in order for me to consume your spiritual powers?

No need to scowl, it’s a waste of your pretty face.

Rest assured, I won’t go overboard since you’re injured. I’ll embrace you gently.


Your body has gotten a bit cold, your breasts are this chilly.

I’ll warm you up with my bare body.


You’re trembling and desperately trying to suppress your voice. Do you hate being held by me that much?

If so, then why did you form a contract with me?

The taking of your spiritual powers is the price for summoning me, and it’s done by combining our bodies.

You’re the one who consented under those conditions, no?

By pleasuring you like this, it’ll make you release your spiritual powers, and that’s what I’ll consume.

You’ll feel good and I’ll have a full stomach, what’s there to complain about?


Don’t cry. Do you hate being touched by me that much?

Though I guess it’s only natural, of course, you don’t have to sex with a monster like me.

Eh? That’s not it?

Why would you overlap your body with someone you don’t have feelings for?

I see. You’re quite wet behind the ears, Miss.

No, it’s also my fault for not putting it into words.

You know, if I just wanted to devour your spiritual powers, I could just pin you down forcibly and rape you. However, I would never do that.

Instead, I touch you in this manner and search carefully for your pleasurable spots and ways to ruin your composure.


It’s because I want to see you in that state, Miss. It makes me happy to see you feel good from my touch.

Miss, I love you.

Hey, why are you crying even harder?

Eh? You’re crying tears of joy now?

Oh. Jeez, don’t say such cute things, I’ll lose my self-control, you know?


Your nipples are already erect, and your body’s hot too.


You’re crying out in quite the adorable voice, aren’t you? If you stir me up like that, I won’t be able to remain gentle, you know?

Ah, this place’s soaking wet and your insides are swallowing up my fingers and just won’t let them go.

Do you want what I’ve saved up here?

I like it when you’re honest.


You’re tighter than usual.

Don’t tighten up so much, I won’t be able to move.

I can’t endure any longer. Hold on tight.


How’s that? We joined even deeper this way, no?

Sorry, but it’s your fault for being a woman.

How about it? Does it feel good?

What are you being embarrassed for?

Your…power’s pouring out controllably. I can’t eat that much.


You can’t stop it?

I see, then get as messed up as you’d like and lose yourself in me.

Come on, hey, does it feel good?

You’re making quite the indecent expression, you know? Your nipples are hard too. So, are you feeling it?

How quick, how lewd.

It’s leaking out of your mouth.


It’s no use, I’m at my limit.

Listen, I’ll pump everything inside. On the off-chance something happens, I’ll take responsibility.

I’m cumming, so take in everything!


Did we climax together?

She lost consciousness? …I guess I overdid it. I ought to apologize to her once she wakes up.

Sleep soundly, I’ll always be by your side.


Yo! Are you awake?

Whoa. You don’t have to force yourself to get up, I went a little overboard yesterday.

Why are you bright red?

Hey, Miss, from now on, don’t hesitate to call on me. I don’t want to see you covered in wounds like that; if anything, you should at least let me protect the woman I love. I’ll be by your side for as long as you want.

There’s no need to feel anxious, my heart was yours since the moment I first laid eyes on you.


Hey, are you listening?

Don’t say it while hiding under the futon.

Okay, I’m coming. Your warmth’s calming. Even if you dislike it, you’re mine, both in mind and body.

Miss, I love you.


My first meeting with the young miss was in a graveyard.

I called out to you of genuine pity as you muttered apologies non-stop in front of a small crumpling grave.

“Hey, woman, stop crying, it’s annoying.”

The eyes that glared at me silently were so intense and beautiful. Even if her eyes were red from crying, I could sense a strong will behind them.

“What’s this? To be glaring at me… Do you want to be killed?”

Without backing down nor faltering, you told me that you desired power.

And whilst glaring at me, you said this: “I desire immense strength for the sake of protecting the nation. I don’t mind offering up my body in order to meet that end, so please grant me power.”


To be frank, it gave me shivers, you know?

From there, I prayed that I could one day make you mine.


And so, that wish has finally been granted.

It’s nothing, I was just talking to myself. Did you recover some of your stamina after resting by yourself?

Then, I’m sorry to say this, but let’s go for it one more time.


It’s not exactly because I wanted your spiritual power. I want to just monopolize you.


Come on, mount firmly on top of me and move however you like.

Yes. You’re quite good at it, aren’t you? Despite being so embarrassed earlier…

Your mind turning funny?

Please do. Indulge in me, yearn for me alone.

You’ve become quite indecent, haven’t you? So here’s your reward.


How’s that? Does it feel good, Miss?

If you’re shaking your hips that furiously, I can tell even if you don’t answer me. I’ll massage your breasts as well.

Well, you like it when I do this, don’t you?

You’ve gotten even tighter.

Show me more of your melted expression.


Are you about to cum?

Go ahead, climax whenever. I’m about to cum too-


I’ll embrace you as many times as you’d like.

Power, pleasure, passionate love, this soul, this body, they all belong to you.

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  1. Lux

    This is so romantic and interesting! I really wish it could be longer and have more story elements in it. Fantasy drama cd’s of this type are a rare find!


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