【Translation】 Shinkon Gokko ~Sportsman-kei Onii-chan to Yami Hame Ryoujoku Seikatsu~


Thank You to Lux for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

新婚ごっこ ~スポーツマン系お兄ちゃんと病みハメ凌辱性活~

CV: Fujisaki Yatsumi (藤崎八津美)

Track 1


Yo! Are you on your way home right now? It’s quite a coincidence for us to meet in a place like this.


I’m returning from a shopping trip.

Don’t go “me too.” You shouldn’t be wandering around downtown in your uniform, there might be guys with unsavory intentions.

I’m fine, I was buying things for dinner.

Ah, you forgot, didn’t you?

Since tomorrow’s the winter break, Mom and Dad said that they’d be heading over to Grandma’s place today, no?

Yup, that’s why, starting tonight, it’s just you and me at home.


Oh, I apologize, you’re her friend, right? My little sister’s always in your care.

Ah, yes, I’m her older brother, Seiji. I’m an alumni from your school.

The rumored Seiji?

I don’t remember doing anything that would cause rumors, though. So what’s being said about me?

Oh, I see, Inter-High.

Yes, yes, I was the captain of the basketball team at that time. Though, we lost in the end.

I’m sure my teammates would’ve been happy to hear that. Thank you.


Of course I’m not in that much of a rush. Plus, I’d like to hear about what you’ve been up to a school from your friend. Right?

To call me a sis-con… You’re quite blunt, aren’t you?

I don’t know if I’m a sis-con, but she is an adorable sister; I’ll leave her to you.

It’ll be a problem once she enters university? What do you mean?

Ah, hey!

I’ll be cooking dinner so make sure to come home early, okay?


Huh? You were in the bath?

Sorry, sorry, it was so quiet, I didn’t notice.

Ah. I mean, it’s fine, no?

Here, if you don’t want to be seen then cover yourself with a towel. How about we take the occasional time alone as siblings and wash each other’s back?

Hey, hey, it’ll be fine. If you’re worried, I’ll do my best not to look.

Come on, sit down here.


Hmm? What’s the matter?

Oh, this injury?

No, it doesn’t hurt at all. There’s a scar so it merely looks like it might hurt.

Don’t make that expression, you really don’t need to worry over it.

Come on, I’ll wash you, so sit down facing forward.


How’s that? It’s not too hot, right?

Mhm, I’ll start washing your back then.

Do you not know why I’m washing my hand?

They say that it’s not good for your skin if you wash with a sponge or a towel because the fibers will rub up against you and cause minute abrasions.

Yup, yup, you’re thinking way too deeply, we’re your sibling, you know?

So when did you stop growing? I know that I might be large, but your shoulders are so tiny.

How should I say it? It feels like they’ll break if I apply even a little bit of strength and look incredibly fragile.

And yet, you’re soft all over, whether it’s your shoulders or your butt or the place further below.


I don’t have to wash that part?

Why? Are you embarrassed?

There’s nothing strange about it, we always took baths together when we were young.

Ah, could it be that you’re imagining something indecent with your big brother’s hands?

You’re leaving now? But you’re still covered in soup.


Haa…I got rejected.


Track 2


Oh, hello, Mom, it’s me Seiji. How’s grandma doing?

Oh, I see, it has gotten cold, hasn’t it?

Things are fine on this side. But well, although she’s at the end of studying for exams, she’s laying down on her side watching T.V. right now.

Eh? What’s with that? That’s the first time I’ve heard about it.

Oh, she has already passed, huh.

No, it’s fine. In any case, there’re no issues here, so there’s no need to worry, please stay by Grandma’s side.

And you’re returning in a week, was it?

Got it. Best regards to Father as well. Later, Mom.


Hey, why are you trying to escape?

You were referred to a university outside of the prefecture, was it? I thought you were accepted into the same university as me, so I was shocked when I heard it from Mom.

So, why didn’t you tell Big Brother?

“No real reason”, doesn’t really tell me anything. Although it’ll only be for a year, I was looking forward to attending the same university as you.

Did you keep from me on purpose?


When did you notice?

You said it earlier in the bath, didn’t you? …That I’ve been acting strange lately.

Is it because I switched places with you and got into an accident? Or is it because I readily quit the basketball I prioritized in my life because of the injury I received from said accident?

…Is that why you think I’m acting strange?

It’s not strange at all, you’re far more important than basketball. There’s no comparison that could be made.

The reason I started basketball was because you called some boy cool for getting onto the basketball club, so I thought you’d be happy if your big brother did so as well, that’s all.

I’ve seen you as a woman ever since I was a child, except, you never noticed, so aren’t you a little slow to have only realized it now?


You had always been a cute, adorable girl to me ever since you were born.

I may have held back until now, but I’m done with that.

Yes, I don’t care anymore. I thought it’d also be okay if we could be together without you belonging to anyone, but you noticed and tried to escape, no? Isn’t that why you’re heading for an out-of-prefecture university?

If so, then I’ll make you Big Brother’s woman before that happens.


Ah, that expression’s cute too.

What are you against it for? Do you hate Big Brother?

There’s no way, right? I played basketball and became the student council president and a brother who’s praised by everyone so that you’d think of me as a brother you’re proud of having.

Plus, you were attached to me, going all “Big Brother, Big Brother”, weren’t you?

What’s wrong about us being siblings? Is it because we’re related by blood? So why exactly is it wrong if we’re blood-related?

Historically speaking, consanguineous marriages were normal and some of the children born from said consanguineous marriage were often talented, you know?

So, what’s wrong with it? Your Big Brother doesn’t want to be bound by a rule decided by some unknown stranger and be separated from you.


When I touch you like this, your body starts slowly burning up. Doesn’t that mean we’re compatible?

I didn’t get a clear look in the bath, but your breasts have gotten big, haven’t they?

And the tips of them are perky and are almost like candy.

I’m not sure, but you’re a virgin, right?

Of course I’m worried about that. In the event that you aren’t, I ought to go kill that other guy.

And so, which is it?


Of course, huh. That’s a relief, I didn’t have to murder anyone.

I’ll remove your pajamas and underwear, okay?

Good grief, have you still not given up yet? If you resist too strongly, I’ll have no choice but to do something horrible, you know?

You see, Big Brother doesn’t want to do that. You’re a good girl, so be obedient, okay?

You really are a well-behaved child.


Wow, so this is your pussy. I’ve always wanted to touch this place.

No need to make such an uneasy face, I won’t suddenly shove it in, it’s your first time after all.

I’ll slowly ease it up with my fingers and get you plenty wet, so even if you aren’t that tense and nervous, it’ll be fine.


You like it when I tease your ears, don’t you? Your body relaxed. Does it feel good?

I’ll stroke your insides with my fingers as I do this, so feel it fully.


Hey, does it feel good when my one finger rubs against your tight ass pussy?

You’re still asking that in this type of situation?

……Obviously, I’ll go all the way.

Because that way, you’ll belong to Big Brother alone.


Hey, have you noticed that the number of fingers has increased?

You didn’t notice, did you? That’s how natural it is to be touched by me. I’ll continue to stroke your insides and make you cum.

That’s right, the strange feeling inside your belly means you’re about to cum soon.

Don’t hold back, just feel it as is.




I’ve torn your hymen.

Can you tell? Your Big Brother’s cock is inside you right now.

I’ll start moving, okay?


Whoa, I’m actually having sex with you.

I have my dick shoved deep inside my little sister and shaking my hips so that I could creampie.

This truly is amazing.


Hey, hey, you can’t be doing that. Why are you crying? I have done anything scary nor painful.

Big Brother loves you, you know? …That’s all it is.


It’s no use, your pussy feels so good that I can’t stop my hips.

You squeeze down hard when I hit deep, though. Could it be that you like it deep?

To be feeling good from your big brother’s dick, you’re such a naughty little sister. And since you’re a bad girl, let’s fill your baby box with Big Brother’s semen.


Hehe, no point in struggling, you have a dick jammed inside you, so there’s no way you can escape.

Damn, I’m about to cum.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Swallow up the semen I saved up for you and get pregnant. Have your virgin cunt impregnated by Big Brother’s cock.


I love you, I love you, I love you…

I get the real sense that I’ve wanted to do this ever since you were born. I’ve always wanted to bring you into my grasp like this while pretending to be a gentle older brother.

And now that I’ve obtained you, I have no intentions of letting you go. After all, I love you. Right?


Track 3


Are you awake? Good morning.

Though I say that, it’s already noon.

Oh, those chains?

Starting today, I decided to make it so that you can’t leave me till Mom and Dad return home.

No need to be so scared, please understand that I don’t plan to do anything terrible to you. You’re a good girl, so please be obedient. Just think of this as a dry run for our newly-wed life, okay?

In any case, I’ve made breakfast. I wanted to make the soft-boiled thing you liked, so I bought new eggs. You won’t have stamina if you don’t eat, after all, we’ll be having sex into the night after you eat.

Come on, say “ah.”


How many times have you cum now?

3, no, 4 times, huh.

Are you slightly worn out? But please bear with it for a little longer, I ought to make it a big obscene clit that cums from a simple rub of your panties by the time Mom and Dad returns home.

You like it when I lick your clit, don’t you? There’s been an incomparable amount of juices trickling out from your inside since earlier.

You’re a naughty girl who dirties the sheets, aren’t you?


Did you cum? …Then let’s do it one more time.

It feels good to have your clit messed with right after you came, doesn’t it?

It’s cute how you’re going, “No, stop.” Pressing down on it with the tip of my tongue, biting down gently on it, or licking the entire thing, which one feels best?

Everything? Does that mean everything feels good?

You hate everything, huh.

Jeez…after warning you countless times, you’re still saying such selfish things. I guess I have no choice but to punish you.


Come on, come here.

Do it with your mouth. Lick the tip.

Are you opposed to sucking my dick? But you’d rather not have me forcibly use your mouth, right? I’m sure it’ll hurt.


Your tiny tongue feels so good. Lick it plenty more.

You’re such a good girl, you’re doing good. I want you to kiss the place under the head at times too.

How cute. It seems like it’s impossible to hold back.

Open your mouth wide.

Yes, yes, you’re quite good, aren’t you?

It might be a little painful, but don’t you dare bite down.


It’ll be painful when you try to gag, so widen up your throat like you’re swallowing something.

Wow, it’s all in.

Keep your mouth pussy spread just like that. Big Brother will be using that bad mouth that keeps saying “no” as an onahole.


Why are you looking puzzled? Do you not know what an onahole is?

You see, an onahole is something whose only purpose is to be penetrated and ejaculated into.

Your throat onahole feels so good that I’m about to cum right away.

If I straddle on top of your face as you hold still and thrust into the depths of your throat, it plunges all the way inside, doesn’t it?

I’ll grab onto your head, pull in and out, and use your throat as a cumdump.

Look, I’ll grind against your throat pussy even harder.


It’s no use, I’m letting it out.


For you to be coughing so violently, it must’ve been painful.

Sorry for doing something so horrible. After learning things the hard way, you know not to say “no” or “stop”, right?

Although I said some cruel words, I’ll make you feel good again.

I’m putting it in.


It’s in and it feels super good.

Despite masturbating with your throat and using you like an onahole, why are you this wet?

You really are a cute little bastard.

In any case, as a reward for enduring it, I’ll make you cum time and time again.


I’ll touch your clit as well, so cum as much as you’d like; I won’t stop even if you came.

Hmm? What’s with that expression?

Is it perhaps not enough? Even though you had just lost your virginity, you want to be penetrated violently until you cum, don’t you?

Good girl.


You like it when I do this, right? Your womb is sucking me up so it’s incredibly easy to tell.

You’re squeezing so tightly.

It seems like you came, didn’t you?

Since you’re clenching down so hard, I’m close to my limit too. Even though I came so much yesterday, it feels so good that I’m about to cum already.


Kiss, I want to kiss.

Entwine your tongue and mix your saliva with mine; let’s have plenty of kisses like we do sex.

There’s no point in turning your face away now. Turn this way.



Today I came a full load.

That felt extraordinarily good. As expected, we’re quite physically compatible, aren’t we?


Look, you can tell that’s pouring deep inside you?

It’s overflowing, so much so that everything’s about to spill out. I’ll fill you up with even more, okay?

That’s right, from now on, you’ll having sex with Big Brother every day.

……So that you can’t live without my dick by the time Mom and Dad return home.


Track 4


You’re hardly watching the movie, even though it’s the one you said you wanted to watch.

Are you unable to concentrate because of the vibrator?

The adult goods I bought off my smartphone arrived the next day. Online shopping is quite amazing these days, isn’t it?

How’s the vibrator with tons of motors?

In truth, I didn’t want to insert anything besides my dick, but it’s been 3 days and you’ve still haven’t turned docile at all, so I thought I’d have you play with that today.


If you had listened to what Big Brother said and been a good girl, I would’ve been fine with not inserting it raw.

Yes, it’s true.

Well then, let’s properly watch this movie for the time being.

Good girl.


Hmm? What’s the matter?

You were touching the vibrator yourself again, weren’t you? Did Big Brother say you could do that? I told you to watch the movie, didn’t I?

If you can’t ride it out then what would you like me to do?

Say it.

Say it. You can’t endure it any longer, can you? You just have to say that you want me to ram you with the vibrator.

In exchange, if I use my hands, I’ll fuck you raw.

No lying.


Sorry, I’ll be leaving for a bit.

I’ll return at about 2 pm. I’ll make sure to set up the next movie for you to watch so that you won’t get bored, so take your time and watch.

Oh, right, you’re allowed to cum.

Since I made your chains short, you probably won’t touch it yourself. I’ll set it at the highest intensity, so enjoy it fully.

How cute.


I’m home.

Sorry, sorry, I didn’t think I’d be this late. A little longer and the days will change.

Ah, this is quite the predicament. Your face is bright red and your face is a mess from your tears, and it’s incredibly cute.

The sheets are soaking wet, did you wet yourself?

Of course you did.

The vibrator’s out of batteries, and since it’s been so long, you couldn’t help yourself. Sorry for not noticing.

I padded it with several bath towels, so it has no effect on the bed, so don’t worry about it. Also, I’ll clean up this place here.


Hey, don’t struggle. I’m licking you clean so settle down.

It’s not exactly filthy since it’s yours.

This is enough, right?

Since it appears as though you’ve waited like a good girl, I ought to reward you.

So, can you lie face down?

Hmm? Oh, it’s impossible for me to remove the chains. But in exchange, I’ll let you savor as much as you’d want of Big Brother’s raw dick.


I said I wouldn’t put it in?

Oh, I did indeed say “today”.

I didn’t lie. Since it’s past 12 am, it’s already “tomorrow”, no?

That’s right, the days changed just now. It became rock hard after I licked your cunt, so take responsibility.

I’ll start moving.


Why do your insides feel this good?

I’m being squeezed by your soft insides and your womb is sucking on me. This position feels good, doesn’t it?

It’s called flat doggy-style. Do you enjoy it?

You’re not up-front at all, huh. …Even though you’re shaking your hips.

There’s no way it doesn’t feel good, right?

You moan every time I hit your feel-good spots and it’s adorable. Are you already about to cum?


Did you just say that you want me to me cum inside you? You, yourself, are begging to be creampie-ed, aren’t you?

You finally understood. I’ve finally conveyed to you the extent of how much Big Brother loves you.

Then I ought to meet your expectations, don’t I?

Come on, hey, I’m cumming. I’ll press up against the deepest part inside my little sister’s pussy and cum until my balls are empty.

Come on, orgasm from a cumshot from your brother!!!


I’m super happy. I love you, you’re the only one I need in my life. I can’t live without you.

No, I don’t want to pull out, let me stay like this for a little longer.

You really are adorable.

I love you, I truly love you.


Good morning. It’s already noon, though.

The time?

It’s a little before 12 pm. As always, you struggle to wake up, you were in a daze since 30 minutes ago, no?

Hmm? Why are you making that expression?

Ah, did the cum I poured inside you yesterday spilled out? I’ll carry you there, so let’s give you a wash in the shower.

Thank you…?

You really have come to understand my feelings, haven’t you? There might not be a need for chains.

How about we spend our time normally till Mom and Dad return?


Hmm? It’s embarrassing to have me carry you like this?

Even though we’re heading to the bath right now, are you planning to put on clothes?

I know, I know, I’ll do as the Princess commands.


Huh? It looks like someone here.


You’re right, I’ll go take a look and you can go ahead and get dressed.


It’s locked so you won’t be able to open it without the key.

You’ve tried to deceive Big Brother, haven’t you?

The courier just now was here for a package of yours that was scheduled to be delivered today morning.

Did you foresee this arriving and planned on using that opportunity to escape?

The reason you begged yesterday was so that you could gain my trust, wasn’t it? You thought you could avoid pregnancy if you went and took a morning-after pill, did you not?

I think it’s too late now after the countless times I’ve cum inside you, though.

More importantly, there’s no escape for you. I plan to go a step above and fuck you nonstop from now on, so I’m sure you’ll pregnant.


……So pitiful, yet so cute.


Track 5


These clothes are in the way.

There’s no need to be so frightened. There’s still leftover cum from yesterday so there’s no need to ease you in, right?

Plus, you’re indecent and get wet immediately.

I won’t let you go even if you cry. I make you regret trying to run away from me.


Your insides start squeezing down when I tease your clit.

Are you sure about this? You’re feeling good from being fucked by the big brother whom you hated so much that you attempted run away from him.

You had been thoroughly creampie-ed during these past 4 days during condom-less sex and came countless times. So even if you say no, it’s not convincing at all.


I didn’t think you’d still try to escape.

I planned to insert a vibrator inside you and leave you alone as punishment, but that’s hardly enough, right? It might even be a reward to a whore like you.

Well then, this time, I’ll give you actual punishment.


The place I spanked has turned red and it looks pitiful.

This punishment. You’ll remember it, won’t you?


You’re tightening up…

Your cunt squeezes around me and get super wet every time I hit you. I didn’t think my little sister was this much of a slut.


I’m about to cum!

Tighten up your pussy nicely and take it in.

You’re clenching down…it’s so tight.


I’m still cumming.


Did you think it was over?

It’s still not over yet.

I’ll fuck you until you faint.


Track 6


Are you awake? It looked like you fell asleep from exhaustion.

The day has already changed.

Sorry for treating you so cruelly earlier, the blood rushed to my head when I thought about how you lied to me.


Hmm? Oh, it’s still inside.

Aah…it’s so warm, and it feels good.

Stick out your tongue.


Your tiny tongue’s so cute, I’ll suck it on lots.

Come on, say “ah.”

Swallow up all your saliva.

You’re so adorable. Although I was incredibly angry that you lied and tried to escape from me, I find you so cute that I just can’t help myself.

I love you so much that it’s driving me crazy.

I’ve kissed, fucked, hurt, dominated, caressed, and spoiled you.

I wish to cherish everything about you.

Why did it have to be you? Despite being my little sister, my biological sister, I had no one except you in my sight. I had no interest in any girl beside you.

I’m unable to love anyone but you.


I love you. I love you, I love you.

So cute. My one and only…

I love you.

I really love your frightened expression, your teary face, your worried face, and of course, your smile. All of it is cute.

You’ve always been the cutest girl in the world to me ever since you were born.

So, what do you want?


It’s obvious, no? …It’s to conceive a child and get married.

Although we can’t register our marriage at government offices, I couldn’t care less about such trivial matters.

You’re little sister and my family. From the start, we already possess what you would legally obtain from a marriage, so the rest doesn’t matter to me.

The marriage I desire is for me to use the entirety of my life for you and the child we’ll conceive in the future.


I love you, I love you. I love you, so let’s make babies.


Is it hard on you?

That’s a relief, please feel plenty of pleasure.

Mhm, Big Brother feels good. Is it okay if I cum? Your pussy feels so good that I can’t hold on any longer.

Shit, I’m cumming.


Nope, not yet. I want to cum until I’m empty of my semen.

Though, I mean, as expected, my balls are almost dry.

Does the inside of your pussy feel good? This, the place above the entrance to your womb.

Sure, I’ll grind against it as much as you want.


Sorry, I’ve gotten erect again.

Mom and Dad return home tomorrow, right? They said that they’ll give a call once they’ve reached the airport, so let’s remain connected like this until they do, okay?

Your nipples have perked up. How cute.


Your boobs are so soft, yet, your nipples are this hard and erect. It’s both indecent and cute.


You’ll start producing breast milk once you’re pregnant with a baby, right? So when that happens, please let me drink some as well.

How cruel of you to call me a pervert. Everything that belongs to you, belongs to me, so I have no intention of letting the child monopolize it.

I feel like I’m close to cumming again.

It’s such a nice sight to see my semen pouring out from your pussy in large amounts.

Next, I’ll have you entrust your back to me and then sit on top.


Yup, well done, good job.

And I’ll hold up your legs like this.


If I move while holding up your legs, I’m able to rub against your entire vagina, and it feels extremely good doesn’t it?

Hehe, I’m glad I practiced basketball, because I can carry you easily alone.


This position reminds me of how we were made to pee when we were little and somehow it excites me.

Say that it feels good. Say that having sex with your big brother, having your little sister pussy ravaged by your big brother’s dick feels good.

Well done.


I’ll go at it more intensely.

Even though I just came, I’m about to cum again.

Are you about to cum too?

It’s fine, I’m the only one who can hear it, so let out your adorably lewd moans.

Look, I’m pressing up against the entrance to your womb and I’ll cum right into it. Come on, get pregnant from your big brother’s cock.

Get pregnant, get pregnant, get pregnant…!!!


Your orgasming pussy is soft and feels super good.

You know, if I can’t marry you no matter what then, I’d like to die right now.

That’s right, I’d rather die during sex if I have to be separated from you.

Just kidding, I won’t die.

I have some savings from my part-time job. I’ll move close to your university and let’s live together.

That way, we’ll be true newly-weds, no?


Please wait a sec. If I remember correctly it should be in the pocket of my coat.


Give me your left hand.

Regardless of everything, a girl still desires this type of thing, no?

I swear upon this ring that I’ll love you both in sickness and in health. I’ll never let you escape for as long as I live.

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  1. Lux

    I was so surprised by how intense this ended up being. I almost wish there were more tracks to set up the scenario more to justify his descent into obsession with the listener haha


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