【Translation】 Ouji-sama to Okiyome SEX ~Tojiwaretta Ohime-sama~


Thank You to Lux for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

王子様とおきよめSEX ~囚われだったお姫様~

CV: Asahina Yuuma (朝比奈悠馬)

Track 1: Advent of Peace


I’ve defeated the Demon King!

Lovely princess, I’ve come to rescue you.

Yes, I’m the prince of the neighboring country.

There’s nothing to fear, the Demon King is no more and the world is now at peace.

Come on, Princess, let’s head back together. The citizens are waiting for your return, and also, I wanted to see your face too.

Did you know? The one who defeats the Demon King and saves the Princess is promised your hand in marriage.

Yes, this is something your father, the King, decided.


Are you against marrying me?

It’s not strange for you to be surprised when it’s this sudden. Rather than living a life where you’re violated by that Demon King, a life with me is more-

Were you…raped by the Demon King?

What did they do to you?

How cruel, there’s nothing more painful than sex deprived of love.

I’ll soothe you. I’ll overwrite everything the Demon King did to you, so come on, let’s go.


Track 2: The Start of Overwriting


What has the Demon King done to you?

Take off your clothes.

Don’t be embarrassed, I’m your future husband.


You poor thing, there’re so many marks left on you. And these breasts…

Open up your legs.

Your clitoris, your pussy, and even your ass.

They were a horrid Demon King, weren’t they?

It must’ve been a painful experience. I’ll overwrite all your memories right now, so what did they do to your breasts?


Did they lick them, bite them, and tease them with their fingers like this? And did you feel good from it?

What a naughty princess you are.


Your entire body’s trembling even though I’ve only touched your nipples.

What’s the matter? It’s almost like you’re waiting for the next thing. Could it be that you’ve been trained by the Demon King?

Had I been even a little more delayed in my rescue, you might’ve been completely brainwashed by the Demon King

But don’t worry, I’ll be taking the Demon King’s stead starting today.

……I’ll grant you pleasure.


Your nipples are hard and erect. You have quite the indecent body, don’t you?

I’ll suck on them even more.


Hmm? Why are you rubbing your legs together?

So you want me to touch the place below, huh.

Sure, I’ll touch it.


Track 3: Flowing Electricity


How had this clitoris been teased?


Did you get addicted to it?

In that case, I’ll heal you with electricity too. You had electricity channeled into this tiny clitoris until it shuddered, didn’t you?

Ah, you mustn’t move.


Hmm, I guess I should secure your body first.

I’ll tape you up so that you can’t move and your legs remain open, and I’ll have your hands above your head.

What a fine sight.

I’ll attach a low-frequency generator to your inner thigh. And when I press the on switch…

Look, your legs are shaking.

When your legs start shaking, you tense up your thighs and your clitoris stiffens. And the electricity will flow through that stiffen clitoris.

Since this is my first time, I might be a bit nervous.


Look, I’ll move this electrode closer and zap your clitoris.

It feels good, doesn’t it? Your hips are dancing.

I’ll press it some more so feel good.


Hmm? Did it feel so good that it made you scream?

That said, you’ll excite the butlers if you make that sound. Your voice is incredibly erotic and is one that’ll give others an erection.

Come on, let’s do that again.

Mhm. It feels good, doesn’t it?


You don’t actually want me to stop, do you? It feels good, does it not?

Is the stimulus too strong when the electrode is pressing up directly against you? However, that’s how the Demon King tortured you, is it not?

Well, see?

I won’t allow there to be a side of you that the Demon King knows and I do not, so I’ll make you tremble even more.


How adorable.

Did you let the Demon King see this appearance and hear that voice?

Although I was the one who defeated the Demon King, I’m a bit envious of them.

Say, what will happen if I insert this electrode into your pussy?

You don’t want that? But why?

So you’re against it because you’re aware of what’ll happen, huh.

I made tons of preparations so that I could torment you properly, you know? I have three electrodes, one for your clitoris, pussy, and ass respectively.


I’ll insert it into your pussy while the electricity is not running.

Oh, how about I insert one into your ass too?

The entrance is nice and swollen, you know? Is how your ass was originally? Or did it become like this after the Demon King used it for sex?

How cute.

I’m sure the King would swoon if he were to realize that you now have such a cute anus. For his precious daughter to have been used as a plaything and for the person I love to have had their entire body exploited by the Demon King…

……It turns me on.


Listen, I’ll insert the electrode deep inside your ass.

As for your pussy, hmm…I guess I’ll place it one your G-spot and press it onto your clitoris.

Here I go.


It feels so good that you can’t get enough of it, right?

More, show me more. Show your cute appearance to me and me alone. Just me, in this world without the Demon King.

Huh? You’re crying?

Did I overdo it a little? Sorry.


Track 4: Lots of Dildos


I’m not commanding you to show me plenty of your cute side like the Demon King did. Although multiple play is impossible, I prepared lots of dildos.

Look, this tiniest dildo mimics a man’s penis, so it’s fine, right?

How about I have you place it inside your mouth?

You don’t have to open up your crotch. Hold in the mouth up top, this way you won’t be able to howl.

You’ll ruin your throat if you howl too much, no?

The thing that the mouth below will hold is this uneven dildo.


This doesn’t look like a man’s penis, does it?

It has tons of bumps, it’s thick and it’s long, It’ll reach deep inside, won’t it?

There’s no need to be scared, I’ll insert it properly.

Hey, I’m putting it in, so relax.


It went in right, hasn’t it? Your pussy is able to take in this type of thing, you know?

It’s amazing, I might even be a little grateful to the Demon King.

Hmm? Did you think this was the end? There’s still one more hole left, isn’t there? ーーYour asshole.

For this place…

Oh, I got it, how about I insert some anal beads?


These anal beads are able to shake once they’re inside you.

One. Two.

They’ve been swallowed up nicely.

Three, four, five, six, seven. Your belly is filled to the brim, isn’t it?

Eight, nine. Next one’s the late one.



How does it feel to have both the mouth up top and the mouth down bottom filled?

Oh, right, you can’t talk because your mouth’s plugged up. In that case, please feel good while you hold that fake dick inside your mouth. And I’ll move the dildo for you.


It’s extremely arousing.

I can see the red flesh of your pussy popping in and out of sight each time I move and it’s incredibly obscene. Plus, your ass is shaking.

It feels good, doesn’t it?

Then, try pushing out the anal beads one by one.

It’s embarrassing? Why are you saying that now? There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it’s between the two of us.

Come on, put some strength into your abdomen.


Ah, they’re coming out.

Since they were wrapped by your insides, they’re a little warm, and that’s very lewd.

I won’t forget to move the dildo inside your pussy, so push out the anal beads.

How indecent. The Demon King was able to constantly see that appearance of yours, weren’t they?

It’s dirty, and I don’t hate it.


Is the dildo rubbing against a good spot?

I can tell without asking.

Your cheeks are flushed, your eyes are teary, and there’s drool trickling down from the edges of your dildo stuffed mouth. It must feel good.

It’s alright to feel more pleasure. Your body trembles each time I pull it in and out.

You’re restrained, yet you’re moving your body around even though you can’t resist.

It’s very cute.

How many times have you cum?

Cum as many times as you want because I’ll move it even more.


You came nicely, I’ll remove the dildo and anal beads.

All that’s left is finishing the deed.


Track 5: Pleasure of Humiliation and Torment


We’re finally at the main event. My dick has gotten extremely excited simply from seeing your lewd appearance, so stroke it a little.

Ah. Yes, it’s rock hard, isn’t it? This is all because of you, you know?

It’s your fault for being so indecent.

I now fully understand why the Demon King refused to hand you over. There’s no way one would ever consider letting you go after seeing that lewd appearance of yours.

Now then, how about I insert it inside your pussy?


It feels good, your pussy is squeezing down on me tightly.

Even though you just had such a thick, bumpy dildo inside you, it’s amazing that you haven’t gotten loose.

Don’t rush me, I’ll start off slow.


Hey, how many times did you get creampied by the Demon King?

Countless times?

Then this pussy is quite the naughty pussy.

From now on, I’ll cum inside you every day. I’ll clean you up nicely, so don’t worry.


Hey, if you rile me up so much, I won’t be able to hold back, you know?

Oh, speaking of which, I forgot to remove the low-frequency generator. Shall I turn on the switch?

Your face tells me that it feels so good that you can’t get enough of it.


Hey, if you instigate me to no end, I won’t be able to endure it either.


Does it feel good when I thrust up against this spot?

That’s great, I feel good too.

The Demon King was able to have a taste of this every day, weren’t they? I’m glad I went on the crusade for you.

I’ll satisfy all your desires.


Is having only your pussy penetrated not enough for you?

I’ll press the electrode against your clitoris then.


Haha! You’re crying out again. So it feels that good, huh.

I’m happy.

Your insides clench down hard every time the electrode touches you, so I’m about to cum.

Is it okay if I cum? Is it okay if I pour my semen inside you?

Unlike the Demon King, I might get you pregnant, you know? Is that alright with you?


It’s fine, I’ll take responsibility if you get pregnant. Or rather, you and I are already engaged. So it’s fine, right?

I’ll pour everything inside you.


Track 6: The Body Overwritten with Pleasure


It’s not enough, I want more.

You’re cumming non-stop, aren’t you?

It’s extremely indecent, yet cute.


Hey, cum. Cum while being conscious of the meat rod inside you.

You clenched down just now.

The Demon King’s dick or my dick, which one do you prefer?

I may lose to the demons in terms of girth, but human dicks are longer, right?


I’m the only one who can pound your womb like this, right?

Do you like this spot? Do you like it when I hit it?

You like it, don’t you?

I’ll do it even more, so let’s feel good together.


Lose your mind from cumming.

Hey, are you feeling good from my dick? Well? Well!?


Your pussy’s so wet that I start feeling good at once.

Ah, a mix of your juices and my semen is spilling out from the place where we’re joined. Come on, take a lick of it.

How lewd. It’s wonderful the way you licked the combination of our fluids.

Let’s kiss.


I love you. I’m truly glad I saved you from the Demon King.

I love you, I really like you.


I want to cum, I want to cum inside you.

I’ll pour it inside you, okay?


Track 7: The Prison known as Peace


I came loads, didn’t I?

With this, did I manage to get rid of the Demon King’s semen?

I guess not. However, it’s alright, I’ll grant you pleasure every single day and dye you in my colors.

Let’s be happy together, my Princess.

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