【Translation】 Kare Pillow vol.13 Nakayoshi Kareshi to Tanjoubi ni Hen Stellaworth Tokuten


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after love ~やっぱり、もう少し~

CV: Taniyama Kishou (谷山紀章)

Track 1: after love ~as I thought, a bit more~


What are you reading?

Flower gifts?

Oh, are you giving presents to someone?

To your friends for their birthday?

That’s not it? Ah, I got it, you’re giving it to me.


Hah? Are you serious?

No, I’ve never received flowers before and the last time I took care of any was in elementary school. I’m not confident that I won’t cause it wither.

Why are you laughing?

Of course I’d try to make sure it doesn’t wither if I’m receiving it from you. And also, were you joking?

Haa…why did you have to lead me into pomping about it so seriously?

So then, why are you reading that? If it’s flowers, I gifted you some for your birthday.

Eh? What? Preza? Can you repeat it again?

Preserved flower?

What’s that?


Oh? I still don’t know even after you told me, though. But in any case, they preserve the flowers in a beautiful state.

So you want to turn the flowers I gave you to that umm, flower something.

Let me have a look at that too.

Eh? The flowers in the photo are like that?!!

So they really can preserve them in a beautiful state. Not only that, it’s written here that it has lasted ten years.


Hah!? They cost that much?!!

If you like flowers that much, I’ll buy you more. It’s more enjoyable to look at new and different flowers rather than the same one, no?

Are those flowers really that special?

Oh, I see.

Nope, I’m not returning it to you. I said, no.

You know, I’m indeed happy that you’re treasuring those flowers, but you’ve only been looking at that since the moment you came to my house. Don’t you think it’s about time you paid attention to me?

I’ll return it to you after.

Besides, there’s no way I would’ve been able to hold back after you said such cute things.


Hey, right now, look at only me.

Are you in the mood to do it now?

There’s no point in denying it because you’re incredibly easy to read. For example, if I were to kiss you like this…

Look, your eyes are dazed.

Be honest. I’ll do amazing things if you’re honest.


This place is already sticking up. It feels good like I thought.

Oh, that reminds me. Please wait a sec.

So, do you know what this is?

Not that, this.

Eh? You don’t know? But I’m sure we used it at the love hotel we went to last time.

You looked like you felt really good, so I bought one with the intention of using it again.

Do you really not remember?

That’s clearly a lie. Since you were feeling that good, there’s no way you wouldn’t remember.


Oh, I got it, you’re saying it on purpose because you wanted me to hurry up and use it on you.

Sure, I’ll punish you for neglecting me earlier.


That’s quite the reaction. Are you feeling it more from your boobs than from below?

It doesn’t matter, it’s not like there’s a set place to use them.

And also, you remembered how we’ve used it before, didn’t you?


Hmm? Does this really feel that good?

You’re making quite the lewd expression and it’s getting me kind of jealous.

Whoa, this is incredible. What is with this sound?


Lift your hips, I’ll take everything off.

Jeez, you really hate doing it in bright places, don’t you? What a waste.

Well, this is fine, right?

Your legs. More. I’m sure you know, right?

Yes, just like that. If you close your legs, I’ll use it plenty on your boobs, got it?

Good girl.


How lewd, it’s pouring out endlessly..

As expected, you’re more turned on when I use these toys than when I’m gentle. Am I wrong?

So, how is it?

You look like you’re about to cum already.



You cried out in such a nice voice. Like I thought, you like this, don’t you?

I’ve gotten hot too after seeing your orgasm face.

You’re already sweaty.


What? Are you going to touch me?

Then undress me.

Oh, you’re surprisingly aggressive.

No, it’s fine.


Hey, don’t tense up all of a sudden.

What? Are you trying to pay me back for earlier?

But too bad, it’ll only rile me up further.

Now continue. Please.


It feels good. It’s great, it feels really good.

This is bad…

It’s enough, can I enter inside you?


Have you gotten wet again while you were touching me?

Look, it’s already this…

My fingers. Look, my fingers are soaked.

You’re fully ready to go, so it’s fine, right?


Your insides are incredibly hot.

Adhere to me closer, and…make sure to wrap your legs around me.

That’s right.


Deeper, do you want it deeper?

Then turn this place.

Your insides squeezed down really tightly just now. Were you surprised by the sudden change in position?

But you can tell that I’m in far deeper than I was before, right?


Damn, this is quite the fine sight. It ain’t bad looking up every so often.

Wait, because you’ve lost strength in your legs, it’s slowly making its way even deeper.


Are you about to cum?

Me too.


As expected, I prefer having a proper look at your face when you cum.

The bed is narrow so don’t fall off, okay?




Somehow, you were extremely lewd today.

Jeez, don’t be angry, I’m praising you.

How should I say it? Ah! Would it make sense if I said you were charming?

What’s with that face?

You’re making fun of me, aren’t you? I speak my mind. Good grief.


Say, it has been bothering me the whole time, but are you wearing a different perfume from usual today?

I knew it.

No, it smells really good. I feel like I smelled it before somewhere.

Eh? So that’s why.

Huh? You went out of your way to find one that smelled like the flowers I gifted you?

Is that so? So it was by chance. You know, this is where you say something cute like I tried my hardest to search for one.

No, I don’t particularly mind, it’s just like you.

Still, it’s a nice scent.


Is it ticklish?

Come on, come closer this way. Place your head here.

To be frank, that was the first time I’ve ever gifted someone flowers, so I was a bit nervous when I gave them to you.

Also, I didn’t think you’d be that delighted?

That’s just what it is?

I’ve seen it in dramas, but I don’t often see guys around me actually doing it. I guess I didn’t know if it would make a girl happy.

And so, I was relieved after seeing your reaction.


So umm, about processing those flowers…

Yes, that preserved thing.

You shouldn’t be worrying about the minute details at a time like this.

Don’t laugh.

So it’s regarding preserved flowers, if you really want to go through with it, I might consider it a bit more.

Oh, I’m not referring to the one I carelessly chose last time.

Since it’s going to be around for a long time, I’d like to be particular and choose something with a better shape and is more suitable.

So what I’m trying to say is…


Since we’re going through all these lengths to preserve it, wouldn’t your wedding bouquet be better?

I’m happy that you found it special, but birthdays come every year, no? However, a wedding happens only once.

Why are you looking out into the distance?

As I’ve told you before, I wish to marry you one day.

Hey, hey, say something-


You…don’t startle me like that.

I’ll pass. It’s too late, I won’t complain.

But that was incredible, so I’ll return the favor.

Hah!? One more is fine, no?


It’s always one thing or another with you.

Thank you.

I ought to prepare two wedding bouquets for our wedding day, don’t I? One to keep and one to toss.

How about we go through a catalog later?

But, it’s fine for us to remain like this a little longer, right?

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  1. Anonymous

    Idk if you can take requests but I been looking every where like every where for a translation for this cd the title is Your handsome boyfriend moans like a woman in sex, it’s a really interesting cd I was hoping if you can translate it I know it’s a lot to ask you don’t have to.


    1. Criy

      Hi, sorry, but as I’ve stated in my FAQ, I do not take requests. Since I’m a full-time student with a job, it’s already difficult to continue translating as it is (translations take avg. 10-12 hr a piece) and I do not wish to set up a precedent in regards to requests.


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