【Translation】 Kare Pillow vol.13 Nakayoshi Kareshi to Tanjoubi ni Hen


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かれピロ 「大好きな彼とHして腕まくらでピロートークされちゃうシリーズ」 第13弾 仲良し彼氏と誕生日に編

CV: Taniyama Kishou (谷山紀章)

Track 1: Promise Rings 「I’m happy you’re happy」


It has turned completely dark, hasn’t it? A day really does pass by in a flash whenever we’re on a date.

Ah, somehow my left-hand feels restless.

Jeez, you, I’m referring to the ring. Of course, it’s because I have it on since I don’t usually wear these types of things.

Uh-huh, I know, I won’t remove it, it’s the long-awaited promise ring after all. We had always missed the chance to buy one, haven’t we? …Even though we’ve been dating for about 2 years already.


Hmm? It’s fine, today’s your birthday is it not? So I’d least buy this much.

Haha! Really? Then I should boast about it to the guys in the circle too.

Ah, nevermind, I won’t.

Because it’d be like an assault, obviously.

It created quite the mood when I reported the fact that I was dating you to them. I’m scared to know what’ll happen when they see the ring.

Yeah, I feel scared just remembering that atmosphere, I really thought that something was gonna go down last time; they were seriously glaring at me.

You’re always saying that I’m exaggerating.

Hah!? You don’t understand why I’m cut off from the others?


Haa…you really are dense, you’re completely ignorant to other people’s feelings.

But well, it’s fine, because I’m the one who won you over.

It’s nothing.

Hey, show me your hand.


It suits you incredibly well and the size is perfect.

It does indeed raise the tension when I say it out loud. Err, they said that the designs will match up if we align them like this.

Eh? I’m doing it wrong? Then how do you do it?

Oh, like this?

Uh-huh, it’s great.

But even so, you were surprisingly serious when choosing. It might’ve been the first time I’ve seen you like that.

That said, I’m glad you found one you liked, it gave me a sense of relief.

How should I say it? I didn’t know what I’d do if you had chosen something extremely feminine.

I mean, that is true. It’d take a lot of courage to wear something that’s overly cute.

Thank you for choosing something we both like.


So, umm…are you happy about it?

I see. I’m happy you’re happy.

Hey, don’t stumble because you’re constantly staring at the ring. You’re an airhead, you know?

Yeah, yeah, please be careful, okay?

Oh, we’ve arrived.

Wait a sec, I’ll grab the key.


Come on in.

You can leave your bag there.

Ah, I cleaned it that other day. You know, I’m the type to not stop once I’ve started.

It was amazing, even though my flat’s so small, I tidied out like 3 bags of trash.

Yup, yup, lecture handouts I no longer need, leaflets I got in the mail, and things I left for later start piling up real quick don’t they?

Oh, please take a seat over there.


Hey, I bought cake, when do you want to eat it? Oh, and champagne too-

What’s with that immediate reply? I didn’t get the chance to finish.

So we’ll be having the cake now. I’ll go grab it then.


This champagne tastes pretty good it seems.

I wanted to try it at least once so I bought it. Since you’ll be staying over today, let’s drink.

Yeah, yeah, I’ll bring the cake at once.


Here, it’s the tart you love. You said that you wanted to eat one whole last time, didn’t you?

It’s your birthday. And since it’s your birthday, the cake has to be whole, does it not?

How should I split it?

How about in 6 pieces for now? Or are you going to eat it as is?

I guess it’s hard even for you to eat it like this.

I’ll go slice it up then.


Here’s your slice. I placed it on a plate.

As for me…I refrain from things on the small side so you can eat as much as you’d like. Today’s your special day, after all.

And then champagne too.


Okay, it’s ready.

Once again, happy birthday. Cheers!


This tastes seriously good.

Really? I’m glad.

Mmm, it’s good.

You’re welcome. Well, I wish I could’ve gone more flashy with it, but you don’t seem like that type of thing.

Like covering the entire room with balloons like they show in magazines. One of them could have a letter inside and there could be an electrical billboard with happy birthday written on it.

Haha, that’s what I thought. You’re not a fan of surprises, so you’d probably be angry, asking what I’m hiding while I’m preparing. Besides, I’m not that type of person.


Oh, that’s true, we’ll both be gaining employment next year. It might become difficult to spend a whole day together on birthdays unless our days-off overlap.

But even so, I’m graduating this year. It’ll be a bit lonely without the current hustle and bustle from the guys in the circle.

Our workplaces are already decided and the semester almost done, so let’s play around with whatever time we have left.


Since you said you liked it, I bought the one with an incredible amount of strawberries. So this is the type of thing girls like.


Eh? How did you know? You’re amazing.

Mhm, I won’t be eating more sweets, I’ll give it to you.

But like I said, it wouldn’t feel like a birthday if it wasn’t whole. It’d be boring with a tiny cake.

Eh? You’ll be eating rest since this is a cake I bought for you. It’s your birthday so eat as much as you want, I’ll allow it.

You’re able to eat at least that much, no? Since you love sweets.

It’s fine, eat it all and become more and more round.


Ow! Don’t hit me. It can’t be helped, you know? Since I bought a whole cake.

Be quiet, I thought you’d eat it when I saw it in-store.

Haha! It really makes me laugh when we quarrel even on a day like this.

No, I’m at fault too, I should’ve at least bought something smaller.

You know, we keep getting into fights yet we still haven’t broken up. I’m sure we’ve got quite good chemistry, I can’t imagine dating anyone other than you.


Say, how about you feed me the cake? I might be able to eat more that way.

Hey, why are you hesitating? I want to do it occasionally.

Well, it’s fine, no?


Mmm, it tastes good. I seriously feel I can eat a little more.

Since it’s a rare chance, let me do it for you too.

Open your mouth.

Enough, hurry. Say, “ah.”


Is it tasty?

I see. Here’s one more bite.

Wow, you’re correct. You really know me well.

“Ah.” Open your mouth, say “ah.”

Okay, we’ve finished the cake.


Regardless, the rest we can’t eat, we can’t eat. I’ll put the remainder in the fridge, you’re free to eat it or take it back with you later.

It’s filled with my love so make sure to eat it.


Would you like more champagne?

What? Are you angry?

Good grief. Come on, come here.

Hmm? I thought I’d lift your mood. Is it ticklish?


You have a somewhat nice scent on you. Is it perfume?

Is that so?


It’s on there. Is it okay if I leave more?

I can’t?

Hmm? I’m not drunk. Who would get drunk from just that amount?

Let’s continue, okay?

You’re in the mood for that, no? Have you cheered up?

Hmm, really?


Hmm? But it’s impossible now, I’m sure you know best when things take this turnーI can no longer stop.

Turn your face this way.


Your lips are sweet…

Can we do it here? Because I really want to do it.

Yup, as expected, you know me well.

Then let’s head over to the bed, and I’ll give you plenty of love.


Track 2: In His Room……H 「Your insides clenched down really tightly just now」


Even though I had barely touched your body…what’s with that voice?

You’ve cheered up, haven’t you?

Maybe you’re the one who’s drunk? You can’t hold your liquor after all.

Haha, it’s not like it’s a high tolerance.


Lift your arms, I’ll undress you.

Oh, right, right, the lights.

It’s fine now, right?

Come on, your arms.


I can’t see your boobs with the lights off, though.

Why? I want to see them.

Despite how long we’ve been dating, are you still embarrassed?

But it’s fine, I won’t do anything you’re against today so I’ll take the bottom off as well.


How soft. I really do love your boobs.

Sorry, for being a pervert. Plus, I don’t even know how many times you’ve said it, you should just give in already.


Hmm? Is stronger better?

Huh? Why did you stop just now? It’s fine, you can grab my hair.

It’s fine, okay?

That too…


Your body has gotten hotter and you’re panting too.


Oh, that reminds me, you’re always telling me to do as I like. So for today, I’d like you to tell me what you want if there’s anything.

I’m fine with anything so go ahead.

It’s a special day so I’ll listen to all your requests.

Do you not have any? Like touch this place more…or to tease this place here more or something like that.

Come on, say something before I change my mind.


Yes? What is it?


No, I mean, I did say that I’m fine with anything, but are you serious?

……It’s like I’m in a den with a snake.

No, it’s like not I can’t, also, I’m the one who suggested it. It can’t be helped so I’ll say it as much as you’d like.

I love you.

I love you…


Did you get turned on from a mere whisper?

I really love you…

You have such interesting reactions. If you’re that delighted then it makes me feels like I didn’t satisfy you before.


Lie face down. Let me kiss your back.

There’s a little bit of sweat.

You really can’t handle your flank, can you? Is it that ticklish?

I know, I know, I’ll stop.


What a nice butt, I wish I could have it as a pillow.

Eh? Is that so? I seriously slept? When was it?


I don’t remember though. But I probably did sleep, it seems like something I’d do.

Can you lift your hips a little? I’d like to lick this place.


Mhm, it’s already wet. It’s really drenched.

Your hips are shaking, you know? And I still haven’t licked you properly yet.

You feel it way too easily.

Hmm? What is it? Is the entrance not enough?

Then here too.

My fingers are so slippery that I can’t do it well though.


Hey, don’t pull your hips back, you’re the one who asked for it, no?

There’s so much pouring out and this place is twitching too.

Do you want it inside?

Then can you turn face up?

I’ll insert my fingers.


Does it hurt?

I see.

How soft. So why are you this wet?

Oh, damn, I nearly forgot. Now that you mention it, it’s true.

I love you…

Your insides clenched down really tightly just now. You’re so easy to read and it’s adorable.

Can you take one more?

It went right in.

What a nice voice, it’s incredibly enticing.


Your breathing has gotten more disarrayed. Are you about to cum?

Then cum.

It’s fine, it feels good, no? Come on.



Such a beautiful navel…

Oh, please touch me.

Of course I’d be erect if you show me such a naughty appearance. But this can get even harder so please stroke it.

Yes, that place. It feels really good.

Your hand job’s too good, I’m about to cum. Even though you couldn’t do it properly at all when we first had sex, now you’re too skilled.


Really? I’m easy to read too, huh.

Just a little is fine, so please use your tongue.

Yes, more. More at the tip.

Somehow, I feel strange.


Please let go, I’ll cum if you go any further.


Nope, I want to cum inside, loads inside you.

Well, can I put it in now?

Then please wait a sec. Err, the condom…


Come on, lie down.

I’m putting it in.

I know. I love you.


Wow, you really are wet today, the sounds are loud.

Huh? What is it? You have no strength in your neck? Isn’t that way too quick?

It’s oddly arousing when I see this ring during sex. It feels like you’re mine and it’s kind of dangerous.

Oh, hey, you’re closing your knees together, I won’t be able to reach all the way like this, you know?

Come on, spread your legs apart.


No, more. Like this.

This is incredible, so this position feels that good. I’m hitting your deepest parts, and also, you’re squeezing way too tightly.

What is it? You don’t like it? Or are you about to cum?

Then cum again.

Eh? You want to cum together?

You say such cute things every so often, don’t you?

I’ll lower your legs then.


Your toes are so tense they’ve curved up. You’re tensing up way too much.

Hmm? But if I do this, you’ll be able to relax a little, no?


I’m close to my limit too. This is bad.

Let’s cum together. I’ll move my hips faster.

Sure, I’ll kiss you again.

So tight…

I love you, I love you.




Track 3: Pillow Talk 「I’ll make sure to cherish it too」


Was it good?

I see. Me too, but…

What? Don’t hug me so suddenly.

No, I’m really embarrassed right now.

But it was the first time I said “I love you” that many times. How should I say it, I couldn’t quite help it, and it’s all the more so now that I’m composed.

Darn, it’s so embarrassing…

Is that so?

Oh well, I guess it’s fine since you’re happy. However, I won’t be saying it for the next while.

I said a half year’s worth so bear with it for the time being.


So, are you taking a shower right after?

That’s true, we’re both really sweaty. Then we’ll do that. But before that, I’ll take a break.


So cramped. Could you not come a little more this way?

Don’t “eh?” me.

Come on, I’ll let you use me as an arm pillow.

Okay, there we go.

Hmm? What is it?

Oh, I know, you feel like looking at the other person more than yourself.

Give me your hand.


Hmm, somehow this feels nice. This is comfortable.

I’ll make sure to cherish it too.

But even so, I went through with buying it, didn’t I? It honestly surprises me too.

Mhm, I don’t exactly enjoy things that are like restraints. But somehow, if it’s for you, I don’t mind wearing it.

Wait, do I keep it on in the bath or do I take it off?

Hmm, then I guess I’ll keep it on. Or rather, I sense that I’d lose it if I were to take it off.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding, this is something I’d never lose.



I mean, it is true that I’m quick to forget where my smartphone is after placing it down. But it does make me think, maybe the smartphone is moving around on its own while you’re not looking?

You never know. People often say that toys dance about in their sleep or there being a sports meet in the cemeteries at night.

Why ain’t that a cute joke.

Well, I ought quickly to fix my aversion to tidying alongside my bad habit of forgetting where I left things. It’ll be a mess at this rate.

You know, just imagine me living together with you and our future kids.

Oh, it really does seem possible, As expected, I’d have 0 dignity as a father.


Huh? Why?

Something amazing? I said so?

Oh, hmm…do you not want kids?

Ow, ow, ow, why are you getting all riled up? I can’t understand what you’re thinking.

Oh, you’re referring to that.

I mean, we’ve been together this long, so I’m thinking about our future. Or rather, I can’t imagine a future without you. I’ve decided that you’ll always be with me.

Wait. Hah? Why are you crying?

Good grief, laughing, getting angry, now you’re crying. You’re quite the busybody, aren’t you? Oh, jeez, don’t cry, please don’t cry.


Uh, what kind of person did you think I was?

Though, I mean…I never conveyed it in words. Did I make you uneasy by any chance?

I see, then it’s fine.

I guess I never really talked about the future.

Hmm? My ideals?

Let’s see. If possible, I’d like to live in a detached house. It doesn’t have to be big but I’d like for it to have a backyard; it’s more than enough as long as there’s space for the kids to play around and leave footprints in the morning snow.

As for kids, I think two will do.

I don’t care whether they’re a boy or a girl, but I’d like their appearance and personality to take after you.


Are you serious? If a boy takes his personality after me, then you’ll be angered every single day.

No, I’m opposed. It’ll hurt to look at a mini-version of me.


You’re saying those cute things again. What? Do you love me that much?

Is that so?


I said such embarrassing things during sex, so I guess I’ll tell you.

After getting a job, I’ll propose to you once I’ll save up some money. I may be talking about the future, but I’ll definitely make you my bride.

So, can you wait until then?

Your answer?

It’s a promise.

Come on, pink promise.


Mhm, look forward to it.


I completely forgot about it since we ate cake, but we still haven’t had dinner, right?

Are you hungry? I have some ingredients. I wanted to make the things you enjoy so I bought a bunch.

Err, meat, vegetables, eggs, milk, and also cheese.

Eh? It’s your birthday, so I’ll be cooking.

But today…


You serious? You can cook that?!!

Then I’ll leave it to you, I’m really looking forward to it.

But I love the stew you make. I’m curious about how you’re able to make it without roux, and how is it stew without roux? I really don’t understand how it works.

I haven’t had cheese omelets before but it sounds really delicious.

Well, please make it after your shower.


Okay, now that’s decided, let’s hurry up and take a shower.

Well of course, I’m hungry, so I want to quickly eat your cooking.

Let’s go then.


Track 4: One More Present 「You’re the only one for me……」


Haa…I’m stuffed. I ate so much that I can’t move.

Huh? What time is it now?

Is that so? So there’s still a bit of time left.

Hmm? No, it’s nothing.

Like I said, it’s nothing. Why are you suspicious? It’s nothing like I’m hiding anything.

Jeez, you’re so persistent. You’re so sharp-sighted in such weird places.

No, I’ll get it over with quickly, just wait here for a bit.


Here. Flowers.

The color seemed to suit you when I saw them at the flower shop earlier, so I bought them this morning.

Ah, sheesh.

And why are you silent? I know that it’s out of character for me to buy them, that’s why I was hesitant in handing you them, you know?

Eh? You’re at a loss for words.

What’s with that? For now, you could at least say that you’re happy.

I see…then it’s fine.


That’s a nice expression.

Hey, we’ll probably have lots of fights in the future and I might make you anxious, but you’re the only one for me. Because I seriously love you.

And so, let’s be together forever.

Happy birthday.

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