【Translation】 Yo na Yo na Toumei Ningen ni Moteaso bareru DK, Asakura Takuma


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CV: Mizushima Takahiro (水島大宙)

Track 1: The Chemistry Teacher is a Magician


Teacher: Oh, Class President, I was just looking for you. Do you have time afterwards? I’d like to have a little discussion with you in the chemistry prep room.

Teacher: Ah, true enough. You already know, don’t you?

Teacher: Hmm, I’ll head there after visiting the staff room, so head there before me. Thanks.


Hey there, Class President.

What was that just now? Were you called out by the teacher?

Did something happen?

You scored poorly on your tests…? Though you say that, it’s probably still over double mine and yet you’re being summoned over that.

I guess it’s one of those uncalled for things when people have expectations of you.

Hey, wait! Take a look at this. I have a failing mark and I need to take supplementary exams. See?


Male Student: Asakura, what are you up to? The test is over so let’s go for karaoke. Karaoke.

Oh, I’m going, I’m going.

Who else is coming?

Male Student: There’s also Zakito and Yurika…so there’re about five people. Oh, are you coming too, Class President?

Don’t bother the Class President, she has things to take care of after this. Isn’t that right?

I’ll see you later, Class President.


Oh, before we head to the karaoke, how about we grab some takoyaki? I’m feeling super hungry.


Teacher: Oh, you’re here, you’re here. It’s much appreciated, sorry for taking up your time.

Teacher: Umm…it’s about this term’s finals but, were you thinking that it was only sort of bad?

Teacher: Mhm, that’s correct. You never scored lower than 90% in any of your subjects, but this time you got 76% in English and 69% in Chemistry.

Teacher: Chemistry is my subject area so it saddens me to see it drop. At this rate, you’ll be close to losing your university recommendations, you know? Did something happen?


Teacher: Asakura, whom you have an unrequited love for, is now seated right next to you so you can’t concentrate on studying?

Teacher: Hahaha! That look on your face means I hit bullseye, didn’t I?

Teacher: No, I think you’re pretty easy to read. You’re glancing repeatedly at Asakura and didn’t seem to be listening to the lesson at all. And when you returned home, you probably spent all your time reading magazines on the art of pursuit and reading books on the ways of love​, and didn’t study for your tests, right?

Teacher: I suppose so. You’re now preparing for the university entrance exams so you have to take things seriously, don’t you? And I’ll be evaluated based on the test results of the students under me so I’m placing my faith in you.

Teacher: And so, don’t let Asakura distract you, and study properly. Got it?


Teacher: You’re not confident you can?

Teacher: My, aren’t you too serious about that? Though, I mean, I guess it’s appropriate for your age to be horny in the face of the boy you like.

Teacher: That said, hmm…I see. In that case, regardless of whether you date or are rejected by Asakura, it’ll be an obstacle to your studies.

Teacher: Then how about we do this?

Teacher: This is a drug I compounded.


Teacher: Eh? Love potion? There’s no way something that convenient could exist. You see, this is a drug that lets you become invisible.

Teacher: Yup, it’s a drug that’ll turn you invisible.

Teacher: It’s effective for 6 hours. When you take it, your body will turn invisible. In other words, you can sneak into his house and have your perverted ways with Asakura as an example.

Teacher: Yup, you’ll be found out when you touch him of course. But I think it’ll be fine if he’s asleep, he seems to sleep quite deeply.

Teacher: Hmm? If you think I’m lying, why don’t you test it out?

Teacher: If you’re able to vent out your sexual frustrations toward Asakura and regain your ability to study using this drug, then both of us will be happy, no? There’s nothing bad about that, right?


Teacher: Asakura’s feelings? You’re so serious, Class President.

Teacher: It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine, that happy-go-lucky guy will never notice.

Teacher: That’s right, your chemistry teacher is a wizard. If you’d like, you can test it immediately this evening and then report to me on how it went.


Track 2: Nervously


Brother, I’m finished with my bath.


Ah, my room’s so hot.

And it smells kind of sweetーwhat’s with that? Well, that doesn’t matter, I guess I’ll sleep with the windows open.

I haven’t jacked-off today, but I’m so sleepy.


It tickles…

What is this dream? W-Wait, where are you touching?

Huh? Something soft is squeezing my body.

What!? Who is it?!! Is it some break-in???

There’s no one there…?

Was it a dream?

That scared me. I guess I’ll continue sleeping.


Not again. What is this? It feels like I’m being touched even though there’s no one there.

A ghost?!!

No. No, you idiot, this is umm…I’m seeing an erotic dream because I slept without masturbating.

It’s not a ghost, it’s not a ghost.


Wait, if you touch my dick-

I’m erect.

No, stop…

This feels good, but I’m scared, I’M SCARED!!!


I-It’s over…? What was that just now?

No, I must sleep, I’ll pretend that this was a dream.


Track 3: High School Boy


Male Student: Asakura.


Male Student: Aren’t you acting a bit strange today?

How so?

Male Student: How should I say it? It’s like your head is in the clouds the whole day and you were looking around restlessly. So what’s supposed to be? Are you being targeted by a stalker?

About that…to tell you the truth, I was attacked by a ghost during my sleep so I’m super scared right now.

Male Student: Huh? What?

Don’t look so delighted, it’s not something to be laughing over. I thought it was a dream, but when I think back, that sensation was definitely real.


Male Student: Sensation…? Did you touch them?

Rather than touching, I was touched. When I fell asleep, it slowly…touched my entire body in an indecent way.

Male Student: Haha! You’re going way into it. And so, what did the ghost look like?

I couldn’t see anything, that’s why I’m saying that it’s a ghost! I was completely awake, I saw no one in my room, and yet, my body was heavy like there was someone on top of me. And they were touching my dick a lot.

Male Student: Seriously!?

Male Student: Wait a second, I don’t know how I should interpret that story. Look, the honor student sitting next to you has stiffened up.


Ah, Class President, I’m sorry, I’ll be discussing something really inappropriate so can you please block your ears?

Male Student: Pfft. You’re continuing your story?

But I’ve never had such an experience, so I don’t know what I should do. It ended when I got up unknowingly, but I don’t like leaving things half-way so I’d like to go all the way with the sex acts next time.

When they hugged me, I felt like they had huge boobs on their body. So I hope I get the chance to try some titty-fuck the next time they come.

Male Student: Pfft. Hahaha! Asakura, you’re such a joker, so in the end, that’s what it was all about.


Track 4: When you say you like my chest


It came again.

This is really bad, what am I supposed to do?

A-Again, they’re touching my dick again.

Are you kidding me!? My underwear’s being pulled down?


My dick is rubbing against something soft…could it be that I’m getting some titty-fuck?

Damn, it feels good to be tightly pressed.


This is bad, it feels too good.

Don’t tell me that my dick is being licked?

It’s too good, I’m going to cum. It feels too good to be sucked.


I’m at my limit, I’m at my limit, wait, I’m at my limit, I’ll cum.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I cumming. I’m cumming!!!


No way, they went all the way…

What is this???


Track 5: Youth


Teacher: Asakura, your Teacher is sad, you’ll soon be taking your exams, yet you’re here talking about how a ghost has been molesting you night after night. You’re just spewing nothing but idiocy.

No, Teacher, I’m serious. In any case, there’s a ghost here that keeps playing with my dick any time I’m asleep.

Teacher: Is it not a dream?

It’s not a dream! The sensations are way too real. When I reached my hand out yesterday, I ended up touching hair when I swept it across.

Even though I couldn’t see anything, I felt a girl’s hair.


Teacher: Oh? I don’t know what kind of licentious things you’ve seen, but right now,  focus on the supplementary exam under your nose. You’re the only one taking a supplementary exam in my class, you know?

Teacher: On that note, if your score is bad this time around, forget entrance exams, you won’t even be able to graduate.

Eh? But the ghost is seriously dangerous!!!


Did the desk in front of me move just now?

Teacher: Why are you trying to change the subject? Get serious and stop wandering.

I wasn’t trying to change the subject-



Aah…I’m stuck.

!? What was that?!!

Teacher: Asakura, what are you shouting for?

My hand wrote the answer to the test on its own just now. No, rather than my hand moving, something is moving my hand.


Teacher: What are you fooling around for?

Like I said, I’m not kidding. Oh jeez…it’s darn scary when it visits me even during the day!!!


Eh? I caught something? Is this their arm?

Hey, Teacher, I caught their arm. The ghost is right here! T-T-They’re trying really hard to escape.

Teacher: Eh? Will I be able to touch them too?

I don’t know, but come on, come here!


Class President…?

Teacher: Oh my, the Class President is suddenly before us.

Eh? Eh!? Why am I grabbing onto the Class President’s arm? Why are you here?


Argh! Wait, what? Wait, Class President!!!

Teacher: Dear oh dear. Hey, you, don’t run in the corridors.


Teacher: Pfft, haha! I can’t, it was so hard not to laugh. Class President, you took so much of that drug that you ended up developing resistance to it.

Teacher: I never imagined that the effects of that drug would suddenly end, but to think you’d be brazenly invisible right next to Asakura in broad daylight…it’s funny. It’s nice to be young.


Caught you. It’s been so long since I last ran at full speed.

Hey, Class President, please give me a proper explanation. When I thought I caught a ghost, why were you there instead?

Invisible? What do you mean you became invisible?

Hah? Wait a sec, I don’t understand this at all.

Eh? You received a drug that could make you invisible from the Teacher and you became invisible?

Jeez, my mind really can’t process this. But…

No, it’s fine. In that case, the sensation of being touched nightly, the way you suddenly appear earlier…since I witnessed it firsthand, I have no choice but to believe you. Plus, it doesn’t help me to doubt you.


Don’t apologize, I very much enjoyed it.

No, I mean, I did think something was wrong with me too to have accepted it.

That’s…for you to have turned invisible every night to sexually harass me, were you that interested in a man’s body? I thought you were an honor student, though.

What do you mean that’s not it?

You were in love? With me? Since when?


Ever since we entered this school? Eh? But I thought I was hated by you, Class President?

No, I mean, Class President’s really straight-laced. I was always making a ruckus with my foolish talks so I thought I had drawn you away because of it and tired you out with it.

Anyways, I don’t think these cowardly ways are good when dealing with the person you like.

That’s right, just say that directly to the Teacher…because I won’t reject you.


What? I said I won’t reject you even if you were harsh with me, Class President.

Ah, wait, is that something to cry over?

Jeez. In any case, come here.


Man, I don’t really understand what’s going on right now, but anyhow, Class President, you really liked me and was so horny for me that you took something dangerous to touch my body, right?

That’s fine, you don’t need to worry about that anymore, so please calm down.

Umm…I uh, when I was touched, it was scary to think that I was doing it with a ghost, so I thought of you, Class President.

Why are you doing “eh”? Like I said, I was nutting to an image of you while you were playing with my dick.


Why are you acting embarrassed now? You’re feeling shy after doing all those darn risque things?

Why that is…? You’re asking that?

I’m the same as you. The person you like would normally be your “food for thought”, no?

Yes, that’s right, on that note, do you have that dangerous drug on you?

Give it to me, I can have you carrying around something so risky. I look after it and I’ll have you semi-sever ties with the Teacher.


So, umm…how about we go out?

We’re mutually in love, no? Then we should go out.

Am I sure?

Why are you being hesitant now?

Then, let’s make it that.


AH!!! I forgot about my supplementary exam.

For the time being, let’s return to where the Teacher is, Class President.


Track 6: Inter-class Ball-game Tournament


Male Student: Huh? Class President, have you not seen Asakura? I can’t seem to find him no matter where I look. Did he head to the infirmary because he was starving?

Male Student: Hmm? Oh, we lost there so we’re free now. Did the girls’ side win a lot?

Male Student: Umm…

Male Student: I guess it’s fine. In any case, please tell me if you find him.


So no one can actually see me, huh.

What’s with that look? I’m right here.

You can’t see me?

Well, about that…

Eh? I thought I should have a first-hand experience with the shady drug that my girlfriend took.

It’s amazing. To tell you the truth, I’ve been laying down since 10 minutes ago and the way I was never noticed nearly made me laugh.

Eh? Yes, we lost our inter-class ball-game tournament match so we’re done. It’s boring talking with the guys so I came here wanting to see you.


Eh? Why did I suddenly decide to do this?

I thought about the aftermath of receiving this invisibility drug earlier. For you, you gained the ability to touch the body of the man you like and ultimately began dating him in the end.

And somehow, it feels like it went so well that I can’t quite accept it.

So I thought I’d take revenge.


What’s this? You’re trembling.

If you moan while twisting your body, the people around you will look at you weirdly.

Does this feel good?

I see, that’s good, be sure to endure it so that no one else finds out.

I’ll hold you from the back.

I’ll massage your breast and lick your ears plenty. Make sure to keep your manners and sit with your hands on your knees, okay?


Damn. I’m never that erect when stirred up but this is super arousing. The Class President is doing lewd things right in front of a public crowd.

What? Back?

You can tell even if I’m invisible, can’t you? My dick is poking hard at you, isn’t it?

Say, is it okay if I touch inside your panties?

Don’t worry, don’t worry, no one will notice if you don’t leak your voice, Class President.


Come on. Whoa, you’re already this wet.

Darn, this is sexy.

Somehow it feels like I’m a molester when I’m touching a girl so much from the back while they suppress their voice.

My fetishes are growing more and more hardcore compared to you, Class President.

Look, it twitched. Does this place feel good?

This slightly perked up part is your clitoris, right? When I touch it smoothly with the tips of my fingersーit seems like it feels really good. Your juices start pouring endlessly from inside you.

Isn’t this place unbelievably soaked at this point?


Oh, sorry, the tips of my fingers went in a little.

Your insides are so hot.

It looks like it’ll feel really good if I were to put my dick inside here.

Class President, to put it bluntly, I have a condom on me right now, so is it okay if we go all the way?

Sorry, you can’t answer me like this, right?

If you’re okay with it then let’s head behind the stage curtains. My dick’s so erect that it’s kind of painful.


Thank you. I’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt so please place your hands on the wall over there.

I’m putting it in, okay?


It’s in.

So this is how sex feels like…it feels 100 times better than a blowjob or a boobjob, it feels like my mind is going blank.

Class President, does it not hurt?

It is okay if I thrust you harder?


It feels so good…

You were really trembling just now.

Come on, here, it’s here, right? When I hit this place, your knees start shaking and it’s super lewd.

I wondered what’ll happen as two virgins, but it feels super good, I wish I could do this forever.

Hey, look, if you let out your voice, someone might come.

I don’t want to stop mid-way so do your best to suppress it.


It’s impossible? It feels so good that your voice is leaking out?

In that case, I’ll cover your mouth from the back.


Your insides are clenching down hard on me. I seriously can’t stop my hips.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I’m about to cum, is it okay if I cum?

I’m cumming, I’m cumming…cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.

I’m still cumming……


Please wait a sec, I’m about to cum again.

Sorry, please go along with me for a bit longer.

Eh? Again? …It’s because you’re so lewd, Class President.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Cumming, I’m cumming!


I’m pulling out.

You have no strength in your hips, huh. Sorry that I did it in a place like this, and on top of that, I did it twice.

It’s because you’re so darn sexy, Class President, I couldn’t stop myself.

Turn this way, let’s kiss.


This is too good…

What should I do if I get addicted to having sex in front of a public crowd?

But Class President, do you not remember how you turned invisible time and time again to attack me in my sleep?

Indeed, I still haven’t gotten even, have I?

I’m kidding. Oh, but I was somewhat serious, though.

Please treat me well in the future, okay?

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