【Translation】 Ikigami-sama no Ikeniekon Nue Tsugu Hen Animate Rendou Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Don’t Go


Chi-chan, are you fine not praying today? You didn’t do it yesterday either.

Despite being so zealous, it’s strange.

Chi-chan, where are you? Chi-chan, where did you go?

Chi-chan, you were lonely without me, right? So please hurry up and return.


Chi-chan, Chi-chan, where are you…?



Hmm? Huh? It’s Chi-chan.



Chi-chan’s feet are delicious. They’re smooth and warm; I’ll eat up your cute toes one-by-one, okay?


Are you tired from standing?

Then let me hold you and let’s lay down together.

I’ve waited so long…

I had constantly, constantly been waiting, my bride.


Chi-chan’s boobs!

I had wanted to do this. I had wanted to bond with you like usual, Chi-chan, but I had to wait so long. Where did you go?

Chi-chan doesn’t know either?

It can’t be helped then. But it’s fine as long as Chi-chan is in front of me like this.


You’re drenched…

You’re soaking wet all the way down to your butt. So Chi-chan wanted to do this with me too.

Chi-chan, if you squeeze that tightly, it’ll go in.

I wanted to stir it up with my fingers more, though. It feels like it’ll go in as I rub against it. It feels so good just rubbing against it. It’s hot when Chi-chan and I rub together.

It’s slippery and hot. You’ve played with this place lots and lots, right? …Lots.


I love you, I love you, please don’t go.


Chi-chan, Chi-chan, I love Chi-chan’s insides.

Let me see your face.

Oh, Chi-chan. Chi-chan, it feels good, it feels so good. Like I thought, I’m useless without you, Chi-chan. I’m useless unless I do this.

Please don’t disappear again. Please don’t go, please stay by my side forever.

Hey, Chi-chan, please say yes.


Thank god, I’ll never let go of you again.


I’m about to cum, Chi-chan.

I came lots simply by thinking of you when I’m alone, Chi-chan. But if it’s Chi-chan’s insides, I’m sure I can cum even more.


It’s slippery and hot. It’s hot and tight…

I love you, Chi-chan.



Hey, Chi-chan, we’ll always be together, right?



Oh, right, you’re no longer around.

What have I…done? Towards my precious, my precious and dear sister, I…I did those, those kinds of things.



We promised, didn’t we? …Even if it were inside a dream.

Besides, I’ll never be forgiven. Because of me, my precious sister had to meet that fate. Because of me, sheーー

But don’t worry Chi-chan, there’s nothing to be scared of anymore, I’ll soon head over to that side and we’ll always be together hereafter.

This time, I will protect you, because…

I am your big brother, after all.

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