【Translation】 Oyasumi Kareshi 2 ~Wanko na Kareshi to Sugosu Yoru~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

おやすみ彼氏 2 ~ワンコな彼氏と過ごす夜~

CV: Terashima Junta (寺島惇太)

Track 1: Going around in Circles, Crossing Paths but never Meeting


M-m, I’m fine with doing this much, after all, I do this all the time.

Oh, is that a work contact?

Is that so? But it’s already pretty late though.

Did you reply?

That’s good.


Oh, it’s this entertainer again!

Pfft. Haha!!! This routine is pretty funny, I really enjoy it and my classmates are quite good at imitating it.

Oh, right, you’ve been rather busy lately.

I had free time so I couldn’t help but watch some T.V., oh, but this entertainer’s DVDs are genuinely interesting so I recommend them.

Then let’s watch them together next time.


Hmm? Is it a work call again?

If it’s done with then stop worrying about it and let’s idling around together.

It’s been three weeks since you last stayed over at my house, right Senpai?

Really!? I was really looking forward to it too. It’s a shame with dinner, but let’s eat breakfast together. I’ll take my go at it.

Eh? You’re anxious about having me cook?

Look forward to it, I’ve improved quite a lot.


Aah…so calming. You have the same scent on you as me.

Senpai, I wanted to see you so badly and was holding back the whole time, you know? I was thinking about how much I want to meet you and hug you every day.

Hey, have you lost a little weight, Senpai?

Mhm, that’s the feeling I get. Have you been eating your meals properly?

Senpai, tell me the truth.


I knew it.

You can’t be doing that, you have to eat properly. Your brain can’t function and you won’t have much energy either.

Is there anything I can do?

I was just thinking that there’s at least something I could do for you, Senpai.

Ah, I have time during days I don’t have part-time work, so how about I cook dinner and wait for you? I have the spare key you gave after all.

I’m already good at the dishes that you love to eat, Senpai, so I want to hurry up and feed it to you.

I see…was I in too much of a rush?


Oh, I can listen to your complaints and troubles then. I don’t have experience as a full-fledged member of society so I can’t give you advice in that regard, though.

It doesn’t have to be an interesting conversation.

I think it’ll lift a weight off your shoulders simply by talking to someone.

Mhm, mhm. Mhm.

Oh, I see.

M-m, you see, I honestly lack knowledge about the business work you’re working in, Senpai, but I can clearly tell that you’re doing your best to succeed. And that’s why I’d like to support you while you’re working.

They’ll see that you’re working hard at your job. And that includes me too, so don’t be so down.


Really? You’re feeling better?

Thank god.

Is there anything else? I’ll continue listening.

I’ll be a working adult next year, so it’s really informative hearing the things you say, Senpai. There’re aspects that I can’t learn from reading books and internet articles.

Uh-huh. Mhm.

Oh, so that’s how it was.

Could you not ask someone more skilled and have them lend you a hand?

But, you’re having such a hard time, Senpai. If you don’t say no during times you’re uncomfortable, things will gradually make a turn for the worse-


Eh? Senpai?

I try to be aware of it, but here I am being told that I have no clue since I’m a student. And, how should I say it, it really made me feel distant?

As expected, there’s a gap between you and me that can’t be filled.

How about we just go to sleep today? Sorry for forcing you to talk.

Senpai, let’s retire for today, okay?

Good night.


I knew it, I can’t.

Hey, Senpai, is it okay if I hug you?

Mhm, I know. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t control myself. I got too carried away because of how long it’s been since we last met. Not only that, since you’re down, my feelings of wanting to help you in some way got all tangled up in it, Senpai.

So in the end, it was no use, I ended up troubling Senpai more.

M-m, I went too far as well, so we’re even.

I think this is something I have to properly reflect on. I felt like I went way too ahead of you, a working adult, despite being a student and was always in a rush.

I overstretched my boundaries and gave my opinion even though I knew nothing. And that’s what happened earlier.


I was impatient, and since that’s lame, I kept quiet about it all this time.


Senpai, it’s unfair for you to say that you love me the way that I am now.

Ah! No, no, I’m being really uncool right now so please don’t turn this way. I’ll kiss you if you turn around.



You went and did it…

I can’t win against you, Senpai.


Track 2: Direct Thoughts


Eh? What are you flustered about, Senpai?

It’s true that I have a lot of friends, but the girls are just friends, so we’re never alone together.

I was honestly lonely since the times we get to meet have decreased, but why would I cheat on you over that? It’s precisely because we meet less that I’m all the happier to see you.

It makes me think that, ah, I really do love Senpai.


I started cooking a little while ago, right? It really gets me motivated and lets me have fun when I think about how I want to be able to cook this and that for you and to feed it to you the next time we see each other, while I go about it.

Besides, I’m devoted to you, Senpai. I’m confident that I’ll never cheat on you in my lifetime.

Ah! When I say lifetime, umm, err, ah, that’s not the point here.

It’s a continuation of what I said before, but will you listen? I’m sure I’ll regret it if I don’t say it now.

I can’t change the fact that I’m younger than you, but I want you to rely on me more, Senpai. It may be true that there isn’t much I can do, but if you reply without letting me do anything, I’ll lose my words.

When I proposed the idea of making dinner for you earlier, you said that you’re happy with my sentiments alone, didn’t you Senpai?


Senpai, you’re kind so I’m sure you probably said it because you didn’t want to take advantage of me, but with this, we won’t make progress.

The distance between me and you hasn’t shrunk at all and I’m unable to walk alongside you.

I might be unreliable compared to the adults you’re surrounded by, but I’m confident that I know you better than them and I think about and love you more than anyone else, Senpai.

And so, I want you to rely on me more. I’m your boyfriend, Senpai, so I want you to look at me not as a student but as a man.


I know that it’s childish. I’m aware, but that’s the main reason I’m impatient.

It’s pathetic so I didn’t exactly plan on telling you though…

Have you been disillusioned by this reasoning?


No, it’s my fault for keeping quiet, I should’ve told you sooner. Part of me was probably scared that I’d end up being rejected.

You’re right, Senpai loves me too.


I want to hurry up and become a fully-fledged adult.

I want to quickly become your equal, Senpai. Besides, I was thinking about how you’d see me as more mature if I were in a business suit.

Eh? Are you sure about that? Appearances are important too, you know?

Were you looking forward to seeing me in a suit, Senpai?

Really? That makes me happy.

If you’d like I can wear my interview suit next time for you to see. You might fall in love with me a second time after seeing me in a different outfit.


Eh? Fall in love with me again.

I’m glad you returned to the usual you, Senpai. When you came to my house, you had a gloomy face when you took that work call, plus, it got awkward earlier.

So it’s a relief that you’re finally back to the way you normally are now, Senpai.

Please don’t overexert yourself anymore, promise?


It’d be nice if I could convey my love for you better, Senpai. Right now, I’m only able to think of something simple like cooking, and whenever I try to communicate it through words, it just never goes well.

Senpai, you just need to remain by my side. I’m extremely happy with just that.


Besides, when I see you working hard, Senpai, it really encourages me to work harder as well.

This has always been the case since we first met in university, my goal has always been you, Senpai.

You put in all your individual effort without ever showing off, with your eyes fixed on the goal, you work earnestly towards it. And I really like that aspect of you, Senpai. I love it.


Sorry that only I’m able to say these insufficient words to you.

I’ll become a better man to match you, Senpai, so please watch me from the frontline row seats from now on, okay?

I love you, Senpai.


Hey, Senpai, you’re tired today, right?

Umm…would it be a bother to do it? I want to have sex with you, Senpai.


It’s been a long time so I’ll be all the more gentle, okay?


Track 3: Spoiled Child


Senpai, more.

Ah, sorry, I got carried away.

Jeez, you’re too lax with me, Senpai.

The one who’s cute is you, isn’t it? I’m a man so it doesn’t make me happy even if you call me cute.

In the past, you used to constantly call me cute, so what part about me is it?

Eh? You thought I was puppy-like!?

I often hear about the dog and cat type of man, is it that?


Nothing comes to mind though. Can you explain it to me concretely?

Eh? I’m not able to refute anything good, I’m friendly, I’m honest, and there are times where I’m stupidly serious. I act spoiled and I hate being neglected.

Mhm, I’m completely a dog-type.

But, you like how I’m like a puppy, right? Then is it okay if you spoil me rotten?



I had slightly mixed feelings when you first called me puppy-like, but it doesn’t feel bad when you say it, Senpai. Rather, it sort of makes me happy.

I’ll remove your clothes, okay?


Oh, this underwear is the one you chose together with me, right?

I’m so happy.

Like I thought, it suits you, Senpai. If possible, I’d like to choose them together with you again.

It’s embarrassing, but it makes me really happy to see Senpai wearing the things we chose together like this.

Hey, you’re saying that?

But if I don’t remove it then I won’t be able to touch your breasts, right Senpai? Plus, I like the process of removing it.


It’s been so long since I last touched you, Senpai. I’ve been enduring all this time.

Do your breasts feel good?

Your face is burning up already. And your nipples have gotten hard too.


I know. Senpai likes it when I suck on them like this, right?

Eh? Why did you start laughing all of a sudden, Senpai? Did it not feel good? Was it ticklish?

It’s not it.

No, I mean, I love Senpai’s breasts but, that’s not it, I told you that I was going to be extra gentle because of how long it’s been.

Jeez, you’re so composed, Senpai. It’s unfair.

I’ll make you lose that composure.


Senpai’s place here is already this wet, my fingers entered so easily.

It’s making lewd noises.

So you felt it from just your breasts.

Senpai’s good spot is here, right? Look, you trembled.

How cute.

I wonder if it’s because of how long it’s been, but you’re more sensitive than usual. I’ll finger you while licking your ears.


Don’t hold back your voice, please let me hear more of that cute voice, Senpai.

So cute.

I feel like I’m about to cum just from hearing that voice.

Your legs are shaking, does it really feel that good?

Please feel even more pleasure.


Are you about to cum?

Go ahead, cum.


You came, didn’t you?

But I thought it was unfair that you were the only one who was composed, Senpai.

!? Senpai, don’t tell me that you like it when I’m more S like I was just now? Are you saying that what I normally do isn’t enough?

So it’s that, you startled me there.

It was shocking to me that you made that kind of cute expression as part of an act, Senpai.

Thank god.


Hmm? Is that so? That might’ve been subconscious.

That said, I always love your kisses, Senpai.

It’s been three weeks so I want lots of kisses to make up for that.


I wanted to be in more control, but I can’t endure it any longer.

I can enter inside you, Senpai?


Okay. I’m putting it in.


It’s all in.

Senpai, are you alright?

I’ll start moving then.


Senpai’s insides are wrapping around me, and it feels incredibly good.

I’ve reached all the way to your good spots.

Senpai, you’re making an extremely lewd expression right now.

Don’t hide your face, it’s really cute.

I love it.

I’m the only one who knows such a cute side of you, right Senpai? You mustn’t show it to anyone else, okay?

After all, you belong to me, Senpai.


I’ll thrust more intensely, okay?


Senpai, call my name.

Call it more, many more times.

That’s right, I really like it when you call my name, Senpai. I love it.


Are you about to cum?


Senpai, I still haven’t had enough. Is it okay to do it one more time?

Is it a no?

Thank you.

Seems like I was pretty starved for you, Senpai, and I’m unable to suppress my urges once you’re right in front of my eyes.


Are you able to lift your body?

Slowly lower your hips here. I want to do it while facing each other.


Since you came so cum, your insides are really hot. Not only that, it’s twitching.

Senpai, can you wrap your arms around my neck?

Let’s kiss.

More, I want more of you, Senpai.


Here? You like it here?

I got it, I’ll make you feel even better then.

Don’t worry, I’ll support you.


Senpai, you’re moving your hips too. Does it feel good?

I’m about…to cum.

Let’s cum together.


Senpai, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t able to hold back at all and in the end, we did it twice.

You’re not angry?

Thank god, I thought I was hated-

OW…!!! A surprise forehead flick?!!


I knew it, you’re a little angry.

Eh!? Senpai, what did you say just now?!!

Time in lieu​? Does it mean you have tomorrow off?

Why didn’t you say anything?

You predicted my pattern of behavior……

Oh, but, but, that means we’ll be together the whole day tomorrow, right?



Nope, I’ll stay like this the whole night.

Senpai, you’re the one who said it was okay to act spoiled, so I won’t let go of you anymore.


Track 4: Before Saying Goodnight


Senpai, are you okay? Is your body still heavy?

Sorry, doing it twice is exhausting, right?

Mhm, I became more energetic instead. I made lots of love with you, Senpai, after all.

Eh? How can you tell that it’s still not enough? Could it be that you’re willing to do it one more time?

Eh…oh, we can’t.

Then how about tomorrow morning? Your stamina might restore after you sleep.


Uh, that’s…I don’t want that. Since it’s a rare occurrence for me to spend a whole day with you, Senpai, I want to spend on a date rather than sleep.

Yes, I’ll give up.

Eh? M-m, I’m confident in my endurance, I exercise after all.

Then it’s play futsal together.

I mean, it doesn’t have to be futsal, but we’ll be able to exercise together, you’ll increase your stamina, and it has all sorts of other benefits.

I went bouldering​ with my friends the other day, but it was incredibly fun.


Yup, yup, the guy whom I took a mobile pic with.

The futsal court I always go to has been renovated. When I tried it as a child, I thought it was a walk in the park, but it ended up being pretty difficult and I was drenched in sweat before I knew it.

Hey, let’s go there next time. There’re newbies there too.

I know, let’s make tomorrow leisurely. I’ll leave bouldering for your next day off.

Oh, right, I forgot to ask for your request for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Though I say request, the things I’m able to cook is limited, so it’s just 3 options


Uh-huh, it was just french toast and soup the other day but I’ve managed to learn how to cook omelets.

That’s right, I learned it because I wanted to feed it to you, Senpai.

So Senpai, what would you like to eat?

I see, omelets. Got it.

Oh, I’d like a reward if it turns out to be delicious.


Hmm, there’re a lot of things I’d like but I’d like a kiss from you, Senpai.


Yes! I’m suddenly motivated. I have to make sure I don’t fail.

Oh, you’re already sleepy, right Senpai? How about we sleep soon?

Say, is it okay if I hold you as we sleep?


It’s so warm, not only that, you smell nice.

Mhm. Good night.


Track 5: Umm…


Is Senpai asleep?

It’s been so long since I last saw her sleeping face. It’s cute.

I’d like to kiss her, but she’ll wake up, right?

Endure it, endure it.


I said a bunch of things to Senpai, but the one who’s most conscious of our age is me, isn’t it?

I went off and decided that it was because you’re a working adult and I’m a student.

I’m such a child, aren’t I?

That’s why I’m glad we were able to confirm our feelings for each other today, and I came to like you even more, Senpai.

And it made me glad that this was the person I fell in love with.

Besides, I’m confident that I’d love Senpai no matter how much younger I am.


Ah! That scared me. I didn’t wake her, right?

Thank god, I’m the reason she’s tired so I can’t be getting in the way of her sleep.

Senpai, sleep soundly, okay?

You see, I’m extremely happy right now. My beloved Senpai is right next to me, after all.

Please always remain by my side even in the future, okay?


I’ll sleep. I’ll work hard and cook you some delicious breakfast, okay?

Good night, Senpai.


Track 6: Next to Asahi


Hehe, Senpai, that tickles. I won’t be able to control myself…


Secret Track


Here, a present from me.

Senpai, you were interested in it when we went shopping last time, right?

Mhm, I remembered.

I thought that these loungewear would definitely suit you, Senpai. So can you try them on today?

Yay! I’m looking forward to it.

Let’s have a toast then. Happy birthday, Senpai.


Tada! I prepared cake too.

Yup, I bought it from the cake store you love, Senpai.

Huh? Is something the matter?

No, uh, me using the kitchen was-

Eh? There’s the smell of something burning? Ah, Senpai, don’t open it!!!


It was a failure so I hid it. The sponge cake didn’t rise properly.

But it’s your birthday, there’s no way I would bring out a failure like this. And that’s why I bought one from the cake store in a panic…because I knew you’d be happy if you saw this cake.

Eh? You can’t eat that-


I told you not to.

Senpai, what’s wrong? Is your stomach hurting?

Eh? You’re crying tears of joy?

Then, tissue, tissue…


Are you okay? Have you calmed down?

You’re fine with this kind of cake? Even though the shape is all wonky?


Hehe, you found out. But no matter how much I practice, it’s meaningless if I fail the day of.

Really? You’re happy about it.

To tell you the truth, in the beginning, I was planning to buy one from the cake store, but I wanted to try baking one myself.

It may not be high-class or from a famous store, but I thought it would convey my emotions-



Your kiss is sweet. I love you, Senpai.


Sorry, I’m less composed than usual.

Eh? You’re saying that now? Though, I mean, I’m never put together.

That said, it’s all your fault, Senpai. It’s your fault for being so cute, Senpai.


Nope, I won’t wait.


Your nipples are sticking up, aren’t they?

How cute.

Hey Senpai, where would you like me to lick next?

Okay, I got it, I’ll make you feel real good, okay?


Does it feel good?

Wow, so much is spilling out.

You can moan all you want, you know?

Are you about to cum?


Hey Senpai, let’s do it from the back once every so often.


Can you tell that it’s scraping against you?

You like this spot, don’t you?

Senpai…your insides feel really good.


Is this position not hard on you? Are you alright?

I can observe you so I like it.


Senpai, Senpai…I love you.

What a cute voice, please let me hear more of it.


It’s no use…I’m cumming.


Senpai, turn this way.


Even though it’s your birthday, somehow, I feel like I’m the one who’s happier, Senpai.

No, I’m happier.

I’m able to spend time together with you like this, and you were so overjoyed from eating my homemade cake that you cried. There’s nothing happier than this.

Senpai, please allow me to congratulate you on your birthday once more, and let’s continue to celebrate future ones together.

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