【Translation】 Oyasumi Kareshi 1 ~Majime na Kareshi to Sugosu Yoru~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

おやすみ彼氏 1 ~真面目な彼氏と過ごす夜~

CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中真尋)

Track 1: Jealousy


Hey, are you okay?

You’re pretty drunk. Ah, hey, if you sleep like that, your suit will get wrinkled-

What am I to do with you.

I’ll remove your jacket for you, so, come on.


Now it’s fine.

Hey, I hung it up on the hangers for you. Make sure to take it with you when you leave tomorrow, okay?

Are you okay…I guess not.

How are you feeling-


Don’t startle me. What happened for you to suddenly do that?

No, something definitely happened.

Haa…doesn’t appear that we can hold a conversation. If your body can move then please take a shower first, it’ll refresh you.

Oh, the towels are in their usual place.

I’ll prepare your change of clothes while you’re in the bath.


Hmm? I’ll go in after you, so it’s best if you bathe and sleep early.

It makes me happy that you’d say that though. Right now, I’m concerned about your body.

Don’t make that expression.

Come on, go.


You were still awake? I told you that it was fine if you fell asleep first, didn’t I?

Have you sobered up a little?

Are you nauseous?

Then, it’s fine, but if anything happens, don’t bear it and just tell me.

As for your complexion…

Yup, it looks good.


Hmm? What’s the matter?

It’s fine if it’s nothing.

You drank quite a lot today, didn’t you? You were pretty much black-out drunk.

Please stop that unreasonable level of drinking, okay? It was only alright because I was there. Our chief was laughing too, you know?

You were drinking away so happily that it surprised them.

Don’t look so down, it’s fine as long as you’ve properly reflected.

Come on, let’s get in the futon before you get cold.


Was the drinking party fun?

What’s wrong?


It’s true that our seats were next to each other so we talked, but it’s nothing worth feeling guilty over.

You can’t get used to it?

Disinterested? In what?

It’s true that I’m disinterested in other women, but what does that have to do with anything?


No, I was just thinking that you were feeling jealous.

I hit bull’s eye, didn’t I?

The answer is written all over your face.

Hmm? My…why now?


Hello, it’s Suou.

Mhm, mhm, really? I see, my bad.

Thank you.

Mhm, much appreciated.


Oh, it was from Kanai.

No, that’s not it!

Uh…that’s really not the case. I forgot my business cellphone at the afterparty venue, so they called me in order to notify me that they have it in their care.

And they wanted to confirm my day-off it seems.

It’ll be bad if it’s needed, no?

I knocked over my briefcase while carrying your drunk self, so it probably fell out of a gap.

Yes, that’s what happened.


Do you believe me now?

But even so, that timing was impeccable, I was shocked when I saw the name.

You’re the one who’s acting super surprised. Please finish listening to what I have to say, okay?

You’re tired from crying, aren’t you?


You’re right. There, there.

Have you calmed down a little?

Then let’s retire for the night.



Track 2: True Feelings


Hmm? Are you unable to fall asleep?

Is something the matter? I’ll listen if you have something you want to say.


That again? But I’m acting the way I usually am? Isn’t it normal to help out if a girl’s carrying something heavy?

I don’t know if you’re complimenting me or you’re angry.

Would one fall in love with just that…?

That’s…that was because I was consciously trying to make you like me.


Uh-huh. Preparing reference material when you’re in a snag, accompanying you during over-time, and providing you refreshments, that was all part of it.

If I start listing, there would no end to it.

It’s true.

This is the first time I’ve said, so it’s only natural that you were unaware.

Could it be that you were worrying about all sorts of things earlier because I never said it?

Do I look like a man with that broad of a criteria?

If you were that troubled by it then you should’ve told me sooner.

There’s no way I would hate you for that. Rather, this makes me happy.

Did you think there’d be a man who wouldn’t be happy that their lover would get jealous over them?


Don’t worry, you’re the only one I love.

I worried you quite a lot, didn’t I? I’m sorry for not noticing.

I’ll be more careful next time, and don’t refrain from telling me, since I wasn’t able to pick up on it myself.

Hmm? Oh, I get jealous as well.

I’ve never once suspected cheating, but it kind of makes me burn with jealous when I see you happily chat away with other men.

Even if I know in my mind that it’s inevitable due to work, it’s no use.

Well of course, I made sure not to show it on my face during work.


!? I was making that kind of expression?

That might be when I was thinking those thoughts…

No, I don’t furrow my eyebrow when I’m angry, right? It’s was probably more like this.

Could it be that…I show my emotions easily on my face?

That’s not a compliment you know?


No, I was just thinking that we speak pretty fondly of each other. If other people heard about how we troubled over our mutual jealousy, they’d assume that we were boasting about our love life, no?

When you first entered the company, I never imagined that we would end up dating like this.

I know right!

Remember, when I first handed you my business card, you were like “So it’s read as Suou. I thought it was Subou.” And that really left an impact.

How nostalgia.

To be frank, I was uneasy about having you as my subordinate. You were super anxious when you were assigned to me, after all.

I guess so. You’ve grown quite a lot compared to those days.

You were dead drunk so you might not have remembered, but even the Chiefs praised your work.

They said that you have a lot of ambition and room for further growth, so they’re looking forward to what you have to offer in the future.


I knew it, you don’t remember.

I was happier than I would be for myself. Never being discouraged, you persevered, and now you’re no longer making the same mistakes.

I’m truly thankful for all your hard work.

If I don’t praise you ever so often, you’ll grow timid.


Hmm? What’s wrong?


You’re right, rewards would be nice on occasions. And so, is there anything you want?

A kiss?



Like I thought, you’re still a bit drunk, aren’t you?

Do you want me to continue?



That way of speaking is cheating, there’s no way I could stop at just kisses.


Track 3: Possessiveness


You being drunk ain’t bad every so often. You act more spoiled than usual and it’s cute.

That said, please don’t drink when I’m not around, it’ll be troubling if something happens.

Of course I’m worried, you’re full of openings even when you haven’t drank.

It’s that lack of self-awareness that worries me, it doesn’t let me feel at ease. I don’t know if you’re going to be lured with food by men with underlying motives.

I knew it, you never noticed.

You’re always eating away so happily, and it gives people the wrong ideas.

That’s what I’m referring to. You were eating donuts with them in the kitchen area, no?


Them receiving them from a client was a lie…since he personally went out of his way to buy them for you.

Regardless of how I knew, I was the one handling business with them that day.

I saw him buying extra donuts at the cafe we stopped by along the way, but at that time, I never would’ve predicted that he bought them for you.

You’re always concerned about me, but you should learn to watch out for yourself……because you’re cute.


Eh? What is it all of sudden?

Mhm. I mean, I’m not that incessant about it, but I always think of you as cute.

Not that.

Turn this way.

Hey. Why are you getting all embarrassed now?

I’m begging you so please turn this way.


If you aren’t going to turn around then I have no choice but to do it from the back, no?


Your ears have gotten hot…

Oh, right.

What I’m doing…?

I’m leaving kiss marks so that no bad bugs will bite you.


The number will continue to increase if you don’t turn this way.

You finally turned this way.

Many things have been said, but you’re being quite mean by turning your back to me. Am I wrong?

I’m lonely when you turn your back to me.


It’s obvious, of course I’d be lonely.

If it’s embarrassment then I’m the same as you. I’m filled with it whenever I’m in front of you and can’t keep my front up at all.


Your voice is leaking out…

Does it feel good?

You don’t have to hold back, I love your voice, let me hear more of it.


Let’s leave some kiss marks here as well.

Don’t worry, the place I marked earlier and this place here are hidden and can’t be seen unless you’re naked.

As for me, I would’ve preferred to have left them some place that could just barely be seen, though.

…Like this spot under your ear.

I’m joking, I won’t leave them in a place that’s visible.


Is it ticklish?

Your skin is so soft and fair that I’m able to leave some beautiful marks.

You’re the only one I’m this possessive towards.


It really is smooth. Is it because you’re always applying body lotion?

For me…?

I’m so happy.

That’s what makes you cute, isn’t it? It’s praiseworthy, there’s a sense that you’re putting all your energy into it.


Your nipples have already turned like this…


You’re wet.

Was it frustrating that I’ve only been kissing you?

Hmm? But I can’t tell if you don’t tell me.

Sorry, you were giving me such an adorable reaction that I wanted to try teasing you. I’ll lick this place too then.


Does it feel good?

Hmm? More?

Understood. I’ll lick it plenty.


Are you about to cum?

Go ahead, don’t hold back.


Are you alright?

No, I was just thinking about how we smell of the same shampoo. I’ve always considered this a nice thing.

It’s a nice smell and it’s really soothing.

Hmm? You want to do it…? Are you going to lick it?

I understand, thank you. I’ll undress right now.


It feels good…the inside of your mouth is so hot.

Deeper. There.

It’s no use, it’s been so long that I can’t last for long.

It’s so hot……


Can you let go right now?


I’m putting it, okay?


Your insides are squeezing really tightly around me. It feels so good.

Hmm? Kisses?

You’re really acting spoiled today, aren’t you?

No, it’s incredibly cute. So cute that it’s worrying.


I don’t mind spoiling you more on a usual basis. You’re a bit reserved so being overly pampered fits you just right.

Idiot, why would that be a bother? I would also be happier that way.



Okay, then let’s kiss each other lots today.


You love this spot, don’t you? You clenched down just now.

I’ll hit deeper so…

Your moans have gotten louder.

Calling my name now is cheating, you know?


I’m about to cum-


Hmm? Was it perhaps not enough?

I’m joking.

No, I was thinking that that expression is unfair. That tired feel to it is really cute.

I might’ve drank too much too, so let’s leave it at that for today.


Track 4: Before Saying Goodnight


You were thirsty, weren’t you? Here.


How nice it feels to hold you?

It’s great.

Oh, but have you grown weight? You’re always eating sweets at your desk. You ate the sweets from Torisaki the other day too.

I just happened to see.

Just kidding. It’s a lie, it’s a lie, you’re as comfortable to hold as usual, and I like it.


My bad.

No, I was thinking about how there’re marks I left there.

Like I said earlier, you’ll be fine. It’ll be hidden with the clothes you normally wear, but it’s I can’t be certain about that if you happen to slouch a little.

But well, it shouldn’t be a problem if you button up all your buttons properly.


If it’s seen then it’s seen.

It should be an issue since you’re not in a serious friendship with me. Besides, I want them to stop luring you with food.

And since that’s how it is, I’ll leave more kiss marks if you’re fed again.

Good answer.


Oh, right, what do you plan on doing tomorrow? Didn’t you say that there’s a place you wanted to visit?

Interiors shop? The one beside the station?

Are you planning on doing some remodeling?

A sofa?

That’s a pretty big purchase.


I know, tomorrow’s plans are decided then.

Hmm? Mine again…?

That’s not it, it’s app notification.


Oh, it’s already this late, and I’m sleepy as expected.

You’re right, we should sleep soon.

Yup, good night.


Track 5: Umm…


Is she asleep…?

What a lax sleeping expression. What kind of dream are you seeing?


Sorry for causing you all sorts of anxieties, and I’m sorry for not noticing. That said, I can’t act self-important around you.

Although my intentions were to make a clear split with my work life, it is to no surprise that I can’t handle things well when it involves you.

I really pathetic to have shown it on my face.

My mind was probably filled with more thoughts about you than I realized.

Or something like that. It’d best if I could say it to the actual person, but I’m just too shy.


You’ve got it tough having this kind of superior as your boyfriend, don’t you?

I managed to suppress my urge today, but in truth, I wanted to leave them in places that could be seen.

I think I’m just being childish though.

I’m quite possessive, aren’t I? I never noticed it myself.

You made me fall this deeply in love with you so take responsibility, okay?


I have to hurry up and sleep soon too. I have to wake up before you, take out the trash, and make breakfast.

I’m pretty busy, huh.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.



Track 6: Next to Kei


Zzz, hey, don’t adhere to me so closely at work…


Secret Track


Hey, I’m not a child.

But well, I’m glad you’ve taken a liking to it. If I’m not wrong, an indoor bath is luxurious.

It’s definitely from our usual bath no?

Hmm, now that you say it, it’s been a long time since we last bathed together.

On that note, isn’t it best if you dry your hair? You’ll catch a cold like that.

Come on, I’ll dry it for you so come here.


Today’s special, okay?

Yup, because it is your birthday.

Please tell me if it’s too hot.


Your hair is as beautiful as always. Are you planning to grow it out?

No, there isn’t a particular hairstyle that I like, I was just thinking that it has grown a little bit longer compared to when we first started dating.

When you think about it that way, time has flashed by in the blink of an eye.

Pfft, sorry for saying old folk things.

Look, I’m finished.


Did you have fun today? …I felt like you got dragged around a lot.

I see, to be honest, I was really lost since this is your first birthday since we started dating. I was considering all sorts of things to delight you.

Yup, it’s a special day for me as well.

And so, I’m relieved in seeing that smile.


To tell you the truth, I have one more present for you.


Happy birthday.

Yup, try opening it.


Did you not want promise rings?

I didn’t think you’d be that happy. I thought about how it’d be nice if we could wear it normally so I had it made into a necklace.

If I didn’t do this, you’ll end up losing it right away.

But it’s true, no? Earlier you turned up your bag inside-out because you couldn’t find the room key. And before that…

Ah, you lost your employee card and started up quite the ruckle.


Yeah, yeah, my bad.

Say, is it okay if you try it on?


Mhm, it really suits you.

Oh, I’ll leave mine to you.


I knew it, the fact that they’re matching makes me happy. I’m glad I chose this.

Yes, please cherish it. If you lose it…

I got it! I’ll have you give me a written apology.

I’m joking.


Hey, haven’t you been extremely nervous since earlier?


So you’re able to say things like “my heart’s racing” without any hesitation, huh. And isn’t it cheating to say with this type of timing?

I love you.


This place here is already wet.

I’ll fiddle with it while licking your ears, okay?


Does it feel good?

What a cute voice. Let me hear more of it.


Are you about to cum?

Go on, go ahead and cum.


Umm, I want to do it while embracing each other today.

Are you able to lift your body and lower your hips here?

Yes, slowly.


Somehow it feels like it feels better than usual.

You too?

I see. That makes me happy.

The necklace is contrasting against your fair skin, and it’s incredibly beautiful.

Yes, it really suits you.


I love you. I really love you.


If you squeeze that tightly then…I’ll cum. I can’t endure it.


What’s the matter?

Yup, I’m extremely happy right now.

I’m truly thankful for today. Please allow me to congratulate you on your birthday next year and the year after that.

Yup, it’s a pledge.

Let’s stay together well into the future.

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