【Translation】 Daraku no Kuni no Alice Alice with Queen of Hearts ~Heart no Joou to Sarashi Sex~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

堕落の国のアリス Alice with Queen of Hearts ハートの女王と晒しセク

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Cruel and Ruthless Queen ~A Difficult Problem is Thrust before the Queen~


Before you give the report…who’s in charge of the gardens? Bring them forth to me.

The rose garden at the center of the courtyard, I instructed that all the roses there be red. Am I not mistaken?

Oh, no need to answer I can never be wrong. All the roses blooming in my garden should be a passionate red; however, when I inspected it earlier, there were white roses mixed into it.

What is the meaning of this?

You violated the law I set, in other words, this is treason.

I’m displeased, exceedingly displeased.

I told you this earlier, I don’t need your reply. These actions that jeopardize my surroundings are unforgivable, arrest this man.


This is a felony that is naturally paid with death.

Come, clench your teeth. Your shrieks as you’re unable to withstand the fear and the sound of you frivolously begging for your life will not be allowed to taint my ears.

Executioner, come forth.

Off with their heads!


Hahahahaha!!! Why isn’t that a fine red?

Front row, third one from the left, tidy up this man’s corpse. And while you’re at it, collect the pouring blood into an empty can and paint the white roses in the garden red with it.

On that note…who are you?

I’m referring to you, Girl. Come closer and let me have a clearer look at your face.

I don’t mind. Come here.


Hmm, look at it closely, it’s a face I’ve never seen before like I suspected. Are you the duchess’ pawn?

Then, what are you? If you’re a suspicious individual then I ought to drag you out.

Of course, after you stop breathing that is.

It’s quite rare for me to two heads flying in one day, the last time was about 3 years ago.

Now then, how could I effective, practical use of your blood?


Stop, Girl, do you want to die?!! Your pale neck is to be severed by the executioner the moment you descend those steps.

If you don’t want that to happen then come back here, I’m not done talking yet.


Hmm, then let’s continue our talks, uninvited guest.

Since you presumptuously came here uninvited, you must at least demonstrate that you have some level of worth to me, the Queen.

Indeed, I am the Queen.

It is true that I am a man like you said but I am not a king, I am the Queen. So is there a problem with that?

Oh, I don’t need compliments about how beautiful I am and how much my dress suits me. I’m not foolish enough to be swayed by cheap flattery.

Now then, what can you do for me?

If you can’t do anything, then I have no choice but to sever your neck.



Not interested. It’s much more meaningful to just listen to the chirping of birds.

Anything else?

An interesting story? There has never been a time where said interesting stories or tales with intentional prefaces amused me when put to the test. It’s a waste of time for me to listen.

What? Is that all? Where your proof of usefulness?

So, what will it be?


Girl, I may be charitable, but I am very busy right now; therefore, I can’t be kept waiting forever.

If you wish you live then hurry up and do something.


Track 2: Is this not Madness? ~A Forced Blowjob under his Skirt~


Hmm, oh my?

Hmm? You possess something useful, don’t you?

Don’t close it, keep that hole open!

Yes, that thing on your face it’s opening and closingーyour mouth. Open it nice and wide for me.

Oh? The shape and size are good. It doesn’t seem bad.

Hmm…stick out your tongue.

Make it quick, or do you want your neck to be severed?


Hmm, your tongue is pretty flexible and soft. With this, something can be arranged.

Girl, I’ve found a way for you to make good use of your neck.

Where your gratitude!?

Hmph, you insolent woman, there will be no next time.

Now then…


Listen, you will get under this skirt and you will ahem, swallow up my genitals with the hole attached to your face and umm…caress it with your tongue.

Make it quick, or do you want your both neck and torso severed?

It is true that I’ll be receiving reports from the soldiers next. Naturally, I’ll go through with it as planned, for that is my duty as Queen.

And amidst that, I’ll have you gave me a…b-blowjob.

It’s unheard-of, right? It’s unprecedented, right?

Yes, I am an exception, aren’t I? I am this country’s Queen after all.


Hehe. Oh, so you’re worried about that?

Soldiers won’t find out. You’re hidden inside my skirt, so the soldier won’t be able to see. And in first place, I have my back turned towards the soldiers so they won’t know even if I lift my skirt.

That’s right, Girl, the soldiers won’t see unless you turn into my shadow. And since they can’t see, they won’t suspect anything regardless of what we do.

Annoying, annoying! If you defy me any further, I’ll have your neck severed at once.

In any case, hurry up and get inside my skirt and just g-g-give me a blowjob.


You crawled inside, huh.

Hey Girl, can you hear me?

Okay, I’ll start heading towards the soldiers so move together with me.


Ahem, now let’s begin with the reports.

First, report to me about the croquet tournament held the week after the next.


Girl, could you not start already?

I can drag you out of my skirt as a criminal right now and summon executioner if I so desire. If you don’t suck on my genitals in the count of 3, I’ll actually sever your neck this time.

So, 1, 2…


It’s warm.

Girl, what are you doing? You’re not just supposed to wrap your mouth around, you’re supposed to caress it with your tongue as well.


I-I’m getting a blowjob amidst receiving reports…in front of several hundred soldiers.

I’ve lost control because of this girl. I’m committing such obscene acts in such a rigid setting. How immoral.

But I reign in this c-crazy world, so it can’t be helped.

It’s so frustrating.


T-That’s wrong, Girl, it’s not just the tip-

Yes, the harder shaft.

That’s right. It’s gotten better.

It’s not like I’m doing it because I e-enjoy it. To commit such foul deeds on one’s own accord, driven by lust, is something the inhabitants of this kingdom wilfully do just because they want to.

Vulgar and unsightly, the citizens themselves should be scorned; however, I am the Queen, and as I stand at the very peak of all of them, I have to do something that is at least this absurd.

I have to be in line with those wretch people, and it’s bloodcurdling.


That said, I am a being who has to set the example.


Those fellows never had common sense nor character to start with. Nor do they follow reason.

They act on their carnal desires and easily allow vile words out of their mouths.

I…worked hard, I worked hard to go through with oral. But that, that lowly and vile…c-c-c-cock.

Do you see it? Do you see the face of being able to say it? Such…

Yes, I’m envious.

They don’t know shame and lack inhibition. They, they, care not of what I think.


No, there’s no need for me to swoop that low.

I’m doing well, I’m actually doing well. I’ll show a display of charisma.


That place…feels good.

Yes, today I killed, I off-ed a soldier’s head, and the new unveiling was stained with blood. And now, I’m having a frightened girl suck on my genitals as I listen to reports from the soldiers

I don’t really want to do these types of things. Even though I don’t want to do them at all…I have no choice but to go through with it. I have to crueler and provoking than all others.

After all, is this not Madness?

I have to act more, even more insane. That is the fate of me who’s the Queen of this country.

Oh, how sorrowful that is.


G…Girl, purse up your lips more and stimulate my penis.

My mind is, ahh, going blank.

It feels good. This girl’s hole feels so good.

Indecent sounds of water are coming from my groin. Oh, how disgraceful this is.


Huh? Aren’t these watery sounds a little bit too loud? They’ll echo throughout the castle.

Has it not reach the ears of the soldiers?

No, I’m this country’s Queen. I’m a being who’ll always be forgiven.

That said, I very easily severed the neck of one of their comrades just a while earlier. Isn’t only natural that, I…I’m hated by the soldiers?

And now I’m experiencing this obscene pleasure while listening to the soldiers’ reports.

If they hear these sounds then…


No, wait, we haven’t been discovered. No one knows that there’s a girl under my skirt in the first place and no one, no one knows that the girl has my genitals shoved inside her mouth.

They’d probably mistake these loud noises as fishes jumping around in the ponds.

There are no ponds here but that’s surely what they’ll think.


That, that narrow spot.

My spine is trembling from the pleasure.

Hey Girl, take it in deeper.

We haven’t been discovered, we haven’t been discovered yet. My skirt is unnaturally bulgy but they’d probably think I’m wearing a puffier hoop skirt than usual. It’s only obvious.

Even if the girl’s bobbing head hits the skirt and causes it to rock and sway…

It’ll be fine, everyone will assume a gentle breeze blew by.

There are no windows, but it is what it is.


Don’t worry, it won’t be an issue.


My breathing is clearly labored and there’s even drool trickling down from my mouth.

No, I’m fine, it’ll be alright. No one can see because my lax lips are hidden by my hand fan-

I’m at my limit. My s…semen, my semen is rising up. My penis is jumping around in the girl’s mouth.

I’m cumming. I’m cumming whilst in the middle of listening to reports. I’ll end up cumming as the soldiers watch me.

Girl, swallow up my genital thoroughly and all the way.


I’m cumming! My cum is…

Even if I’m in the midst of a meeting, even if the soldiers are watching me, I can’t stop it.


I seriously…came in front of the soldiers.


Track 3: The Queen’s Annoyance and Fear ~Ejaculating from a Fellatio in front of Stationed Soldiers~


Ah. I had a hard time breathing.

No, if it’s this clear, they should sense some level of abnormality. I mustn’t look down, I have to look straight ahead.


H-Hey, Girl, what’s wrong? Are you stopping? We’re gonna found out by the soldiers.

Cum? You choked on cum?

Are you okay…?

Bite down on my hoop skirt​ and muffle your voice.

Woah, woah, if you move around so much the skirt will move along with you.



This…isn’t just the smell of perfume, the smell of my semen is leaking out from the hem.

This obscene and shameful smell will soon reach the soldiers.

It’s over, I’m finished.

No matter how crazy of a country this is, I’ve still gone too far with this conduct. No, precisely because this is a crazed nation, the savage countrymen will lay forth their anger and bare their teeth at me.

The soldiers that have smelled the scent of my cum will fall into a rage and rush towards me and the surrounding area.

As they brandish their spears, the tip of their spears, without a hint of inaccuracy, will be aimed at my heart. The spearhead will pierce through my chest nice and simply, and I’ll be surrounded by soldiers as I collapse face-up with my eyes wide open.

With their long-standing grudge, they’ll continuously stab my body with their spears, and before you know it, the throne will be a sea of blood and the halls will be filled the smell of iron and rust.

The soldiers will skin me and skewer my innards.

A single hit and my life will be lost.


However…as if their burning flames of rage will vanish with my death.

The soldiers, with their unparalleled ruthlessness, will encircle my corpse and desecrate my motionless body with their spears endlessly.

There will be no movement for I am already dead.

But although I am motionless, they’ll be obstinate and will not stop swinging their spears until my body’s nothing more than a pile of minced meat.

And then, through death, I’ll finally, finally be free from this abominable wonderland and my position as Queen!!!

My anguish will finally come to an end. How wonderful is that?


The events I imagined will surely come true.

After all, my behavior, my fear, and even my weakness until now is now entirely known to the soldiers.


Hey, you heard it did you not? I have converted all my thoughts into words.

Everyone, you must hold contempt and are sick of such a weak and dissolute queen, are you not? You must surely have the desire to revolt within your heart.

Come, the neck of I who arrogantly handed down countless absurd orders is right here. So sever my neck.

Is there no one with the will to start a revolution?

Now show yourself. Go on, come!!!


There isn’t any…? No way.

Look, it’s this girl.

That’s it right? Was it so erratic that you could not believe it with just my words?

Now, this is the proof. Soldiers, I have betrayed your loyalty. It’s vexing and makes you feel helpless does it not?

Go ahead at focus all your fury onto me.

I’ll ask once more, is there no one willing to kill me and start a revolution?


There isn’t, huh. There’s no one. Really?

I see……


Track 4: Desperate Disgrace ~Squirting from being Fingered with Your Legs Spread Wide Open~


I see, I get it now. You’re saying that this isn’t enough to warrant a subversion of the state.

In that case, please burn the dreadful scene of me ridiculing your loyalty into your retinas.

Come, Girl.



Girl, get ontop my lap. Like I said, my lap.

Ah, what a pain.

I told you to sit on my lap, if you struggle, I’ll sever your neck without mercy so don’t start a fuss.

Come on, place both arms on the armrests, and consider yourself dead if you remove them from there.

Now everyone, pay close attention to the figure of a queen playing around obscenely with some unknown girl in a serious meeting, ontop the sacred throne.

Girl, don’t struggle. Do you want to be killed?

Get a grip or else I’m going to crush this chest.


Good grief, you should’ve done that from the start.

I can tell even with your clothes on. You have quite the soft breasts, don’t you? They’re squishy and feel nice to the touch. It’s soothing.

Ah, no, why am I being soothed for? Right now I’m going do something so unthinkable that a revolt would only be par for the course.

Shut up.

Oh, are you embarrassed that your breasts will be seen by the soldiers? In that case, why don’t you hide your breasts with my hands?

Looks like you’ve withdrawn your complaints.

What’s wrong? Your body’s trembling.

I see, you’re weak to your breasts. But well, it doesn’t matter.

But even so, they’re soft. They’re mellow and mold in my palm.


It’s not strange, it’s the truth. Some part of your supple breasts are sticking up inside my hands. It’s not soft so what is it?

Hmm? When I squeeze them tightly, the meat of your breast juts out from the gaps between my fingers.

Look, look.

The flesh that’s jutting is pretty delightful. It’s tender and looks delicious, it makes me want to chew on them.

Oh, don’t suppress your voice, your indecent moans will fan the soldier’s rage even more.

Well, how’s this?


Hohoho, isn’t that great?

The coquettish voice just now reverberated throughout the halls, they must’ve undoubtedly reached the ears of the soldiers.

Hmm, nipples, your nipples are sensitive it seems. Isn’t that right?

I know. Your soft nipples immediately stood up when I caressed your breasts and your breathing grew more and more disarrayed as they got harder and harder.

You’re feeling it aren’t you?

No? But you’re experiencing pleasure from just your nipples and there’s no mistaking that.

The fact your nipples have become this stiff means you want me to touch and stroke them more, doesn’t it? I get it, I get it.


I’m not exactly criticizing you for being lewd, so me pointing out your reactions isn’t a bad thing.

Compared to the soldiers that are watching us intermingle ontop the throne emotionlessly, your nipples that immediately stick up are incredibly lovely.

But even so, what’s up with those men? They still have a calm expression per usual.

Is it still not enough?

It must be enough, right?!!

Hey you, are you going to just stand there? Are you not going to drag me out of the hall for not listening to your reports and indulging in a love affair with this girl?


I see, just the right breast is tame, huh. Is that what you’re saying?

I get it now. Then, how about this?

Oh, that’s a nice voice, Girl. Are you enjoying your left nipple too?

Your nipples take on a surprisingly obscene shape when I roll them between my fingers. The way you display every last minute reaction to my fingers is truly adorable.

The two nipples that are asking to be sucked makes me want to lick them and make love to them freely as a reward.

That said, my tongue can’t reach from here.

Girl, I’ll tease them extensively with the tips of my fingers instead.


Aah, both your left and right nipples are completely hard, and the color of your nipples is darker than before.

Are you begging me to pinch them harder?

Sure, I’ll stroke your nipples fiercely so moan with delight all you want.

Oh, these nipples are truly malleable and nice on my fingers, I seriously can’t get enough of them. I’d like to savor that sensation with my tongue and teeth but…

No, no, if the girl turns this way then the soldiers won’t be able to see.

How vexing.

Oh! I’ve got a nice idea.


I knew it, these earlobes have a lovely elasticity to them too. And they have a smooth texture.

I’ll slowly trace the curvature of your ear with the tip of my tongue.


Hmm, you enjoy your ears along with your breasts, huh.

Good grief, your body’s so greedy for pleasure.

In that case, I’ll caress the inside of your ears.


What’s wrong? You’re all weary.

You’re panting you know?

Oh, it’s just your cheeks, even your ears have turned red.

They’re red because I bite them? But how do you plan to explain the left ear that I haven’t touch that’s dyed with the same red?

I can see it. Your slight red left ear has gotten redder. It has a tasty color just like your nipples you know?

Now let me have a taste.


Your earlobes are sweet like desserts. I’ve taken a liking to them.

Offer me more of that fine meat.


Oh, I ought to lick the hole like I did with your left ear, else, it’d be unfair. I’ll give them the same compassion.


Girl, your breasts are dripping with sweat. Are you aroused?

There’s sweat on your nape too.

So you still let out such a lewd voice despite it feeling ticklish, eh.

Your sweet moan will stir my lust you know?

Look, can you feel my umm, hard thing on your back?

You can tell, right? It’s gotten bigger because of the reactions you’ve shown me and there’s no subduing it.

So what about you? Are you not aroused after I teased your breasts?

Let me check then.


Enough, just spread your legs.

Hahaha!!! There’s an incredibly thick female scent just from lifting your skirt.

What an obscene smell, it’s sending me chills. It’ll make my thing even bigger.

Just to be sure, let me check with my fingers.


Oh, your panties are drenched aren’t they?

The fabric has sucked up tons of your love juices and is clinging onto your nether region. Your vagina is clearly visible

Simply by touching you through your underwear, the location of your vagina is…

And the way your hardened wet bulb of flesh stick out…ah, I can’t get enough of it. I’ll touch it directly.


When I remove your underwear, your female scent grows even thicker.

This scent, ain’t bad.

Now then, spread your legs nice and wide and lift both your thighs onto the armrests. If you can’t do it, I’ll do it for you.

Hahaha! Girl, this is a fine sight.

With your thighs wide open, your wet and obscene place is fully visible to the soldiers. And this sickly-sweet scent might be reaching them too.

Look, Soldiers, at this soaking wet girl I’m with ontop the throne amidst a meeting.

This is my finger, this is the result of me painstakingly caressing her nipples with my fingers.

I was indulging in such indecent acts while you were reporting to me.


These bastards, how long do they intend to ignore me!!!

This is unforgivable, absolutely unforgivable. I’ve had enough, I’ll abandon all common sense and shame.

You, make sure to look closely!!!!!

Well, well, well, do you hear it? This girl’s c-c-c-c-cunt has been made wet by me.

These obscene sounds of liquid that are inappropriate for this court are cause by m-me churning up her pussy with my fingers.


That’s right, Girl, moan, and cry. More, MORE!

Your pussy’s drenched isn’t it?

Syrup seeps out of your cunt simply by caressing your pulpy flesh with my fingers. Especially here.

Look, your nice and swollen clitoris, by merely lathering this place with your womanly juices…

Haha! What an amusing response. Your entire body jumps with a single stroke. Aah…the womanly juice overflowing from your pussy has dirtied my skirt.

Oh, how immoral this is!


The soldiers’ gazes are all focused on your body as your clitoris is stroked and as fingers penetrate your spread pussy. There’s drool tricking down from not just your lips but also your cunt, and there’s nothing that could atone for this.

Aah…my fingers are completely covered in your juices.

My slippery fingers have easily entered inside your pussy you know?

Well, Girl, can you tell that I’m stroking your vaginal walls?

Are you not going to reply?

I see. Then could you tell me how many fingers are inside here?



Of course not, your vagina is spread wide and open, and your twitching flesh is swallowing up my fingers so greedily.

The right answer is…

Look, I’ll move the fingers separately.

Let’s count together, okay?

One, two, three.

There’re three of my fingers inside you.

What’s wrong? Your face is bright red. Was it that embarrassing? Despite denying it so profusely, you have three fingers inside you and are indulging yourself in pleasure.


Remove them? But why? Your pussy is squeezing down on my fingers so hard right now and is begging me to stay and continue churning it indefinitely.

Oh, it’s only natural that you’re unaware because what your lewd cunt is targeting are my fingers.

How about you insert your own fingers inside?

That way you can tell how wretchedly spread your vagina is.


You don’t want to?

I’ll continue caressing you with my fingers then.

The sensation of you tightening around my fingers have gotten close together. Girl, you’re going to cum, aren’t you?

Go ahead, it’ll repay the fact that you dirtied my skirt.

Climax as you’re publicly humiliated with your slovenly face by the soldiers while you have three fingers penetrating you and give a filthy coquettish moan tat echoes throughout the hall.

Huh? What’s this? Juices are squirting everywhere.


Girl, did you just squirt?

HahaHAHAHA!!! The throne is soaked in your juices, there’s no way this could be forgiven. There’s no way this could.


Track 5: Immediate Foolishness ~Public Sex in the Love Seat Position ontop the Throne~


Girl, I’ll churn this drenched pussy with my thing this time, with this rock hard dick.


Girl, relax…well, I would tell you to relax but you’re already completely relaxed. This is the cunt that easily devoured three fingers, it took in my dick without any difficulties either.

Your place here has swallowed up my dick all the way all in one go.

The walls of your pussy is clenching down on my dick so tightly. The sensitive flesh is sticking so firmly to each other.


My dick is becoming even more erect…

My dick is trembling…

It’s throbbing fast, and the heat is smothering my entire body. My mind is spinning. I can’t control my hips any longer.

My entire dick is sliding against your inner walls and it’s wrapping around me.

It feels so good that I can’t stop my hips. I can’t stop myself from scraping against your pussy.


What obscene sounds. They’re echoing throughout the halls and they’re being heard, they’re definitely being by the soldiers as well; the sounds of my erect dick churning this girl’s drenched pussy.

Girl, your insides are hot, as about hot as my dick. No, rather, it’s exactly as hot.

The heat of our indecent flesh…

We’ve become one, even in terms of the temperature of those parts.


It’s fun to tease, the walls of your vagina are coiling around my dick and are constricting it repeatedly whenever I stimulate it.

I’ll thrust such an adorable pussy with all my strength because it makes me want to cherish it and give you pleasure as a reward.

It’s great isn’t it, Girl? I’ve taking quite the liking to your sensitive pussy that goes crazy for my cock.

You cunt enjoys it too, doesn’t it? My dick that is.


Girl, your womb has lowered, can you tell? My dick is hitting the entrance of your womb.

The tip is hitting your womb, and it feels good.

I can’t get enough of this soft pliability. Let me savor it more, even more. Girl, let me smash your soft womb with my dick.


I can sense my semen rising to the tip of my dick, it’s rising as a thick heat.

More. More. I wanted to show the soldiers an even more lustful sex, and I wanted to savor your pussy for longer, but…I can’t endure it any longer, I can’t stop my hips.

Let’s burn the sight of me thrusting up instinctively against the womb of some unknown girl ontop the throne and pouring tons of semen into them into the soldier’s eyes.


I’m cumming. I’m ejaculating.

Girl, I’ll shoot my semen into your womb.


Oh, cum flew out, and my dress’ a mess

The Girl’s pussy is gaping open and close, and my semen is trickling down like drool from their vagina and has dripped down all the way to the floor.

This obscene liquid that’s a mix of both mine and the girl’s juices…

Despite tainting the lofty throne to this extent, as always, the soldiers still won’t show me a reaction.

If I thrust it in all the way and you’d moan lewdly and when I scrape against your inner walls it’d squeeze down on me, even if all that comes out of your mouth are words of denial, you’re the only one who’d respond to me.

The only one.


Girl, turn this way.


Girl, you’re the only one who’d play with me.

If no one will react regardless of what I do then I’ll play with you alone.


What shall we play? Croquet would be boring with just the two of us.

It’d be nice if we can think of a game that we play together. After all, time, time is the one thing we have.

Girl, let’s go play in my room.

When we reach the room, I’ll lock the door so that no one else can enter.

Just you and I are enough, I have no need for anything else, I have no need for any other person, I just want you, I’m fine as long as I have you.

I’ll make sure to cherish you.


Oh, right, it’ll be inconvenient for you to not have a name when we’re playing together.


I got it, you’ll be Alice.

It’s the name of the savior who appeared in a children’s story I read when I was still young.

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