【Translation】 Shucchou Seisou Service no Onii-san ni Osouji sarechau Hanashi


Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Fukusato Tatsunori (福里達典)

Track 1: Please wake up, Customer


Hello, I’m the cleaning service rabbit, Sasagawa.

Please excuse my intrusion.

It’s hot today, isn’t it?

The request you made over the phone was for A/C cleaning, is that correct?

Yes, “I turned on the A/C the first time in a long while and the cooling effect was poor.”

One would be fine wearing long-sleeves until not too long ago, but it has suddenly gotten hot, hasn’t it? It’s hard to get through this time of year without the A/C on.

It’s just a guess but the reason it isn’t cooling properly is likely due to accumulated dust, that’s what often happens.


Eh? It was so hot that you weren’t able to get a wink of sleep last night?

That must’ve been difficult.

It really is hot outside so you could’ve gotten a heatstroke. There have been many cases of people getting heatstrokes inside their rooms lately.

Oh, I’m not trying to scare you or anything. When the room gets hot, you’ll immediately start sweating even if you’re lightly dressed, so it’ll be bad you start feeling unwell.

It’ll only be a jiffy so don’t worry. An A/C doesn’t take much time, so it’ll be over quick.

Ah, Customer, please rest, I’ll tell you when the cleaning is done.


Err, remove the cover here like this…

Wow, that’s a lot of dust, the cold air can’t seep out this way. Okay, I’ll go clean the filter then.


Customer, a lot of dust had accumulated like I thought. I’m finished with the cleaning, so try turning it on it see if there…are…any issues……

Huh? Customer?

Hah, they’re asleep. What do I do?

Err, in any case, let me press the on switch for the A/C.


Looks like it’s cooling without a problem.

Then, next, I have to do something about this.

Excuse, Customer, I’m finished with the cleaning now, so please wake up. Oi!

She’s not waking up at all…


Are you really asleep? You’re actually just pretending to be asleep, right-

It’s no use, she’s not waking up.

Umm, are you seriously fast asleep? Poke, poke, poke…

I tried touching her cheeks, but she’s not opening her eyes at all.

On that note, a girl’s cheeks’ are super soft.

Eh, uh, I’ll get yelled at if I leave without charging the A/C cleaning fee, so I guess I’ll touch it a bit until she wakes up.

No, no, what am I thinking?

But…this is a rare chance, it’ll be a waste to let it pass by before one’s own eyes, right? And there’s a say that “shameful is he who spurns a woman’s invitation.”


Excuse me, umm, I’ll attack you if you don’t wake up right now. Or something like that…

This person, she’s really not waking up.

Isn’t it a bit too careless to be fast asleep in front of a man you just met?

It can’t be helped.

How’s that? If I tickle your foot this much, you’ll certainly wake up, right?

Tickle, tickle.


This girl’s feet are smooth and feel way too nice to the touch.

Is it okay if I tickle them a bit more?


It’s no use. For them not to wake up despite me touching them this much, isn’t that a little too risky?

As expected, she’s too deeply asleep. Was she super exhausted?

That reminds me, she did say that she didn’t catch a wink of sleep last night because the A/C wasn’t cooling the room.

In that case, even if I do something somewhat bold, she wouldn’t wake up.

No, no, there’s no way that would-

But, I should at least test that a little. If I gently and quietly touch her in a way that wouldn’t get me discovered……

First, fingers.


What beautiful fingers.


It doesn’t seem like she’s waking up no matter how many times I kiss her fingers. Shall I check where I would need to kiss and touch in order to wake her up?

If I kiss a softer, more sensitive, and easily pleasured place countless with all my strength, she’ll wake up, right?


This time, I’ll kiss your neck.


It feels like I can lick this forever.

Did I awaken a bad hobby?

I’ll get addicted to this, I can’t stop licking it with my tongue.


The nape of your neck is salty, it tastes of sweat. Even if you had an atmosphere of cleanliness around you, your neck has a sweaty taste.

…And it’s arousing.

It tastes good, I want to lick it some more. The scent of a girl drenched in sweat is super stimulating, it’ll get me hard for hours.

It’s incredible material.


This is bad, my dick is painfully hard.

No, no, subside, subside.

Damn it, this is bad. For that matter, this customer gave me the impression of a rabbit when I first saw her, and when I look at her closely…it’s really bad.

Her T-shirt is clinging onto her because of the sweat and I can see the bra strap on her back since it’s now see-through.

She really has no sense of danger, even though she’s one-to-one with a male cleaning staff in a locked room.

Damn it, I can’t stop my pre-cum, my underwear’s all sticky now.

Do I have no choice but to masturbate here? …And I have the best food for thought right in front of me.


I guess it’ll be fine as long as she doesn’t find out.

No, no, this is seriously bad.

But, I can’t leave my dick erect like this either. Damn it!


!? That startled me.

She simply hit me because she was turning in her sleep, huh. I thought she was awake.

Since she’s facing up, the bra she’s wearing is in plain sight.

If I look closely this person’s breasts are…big. I wonder what size cup she wears?

She’s so defenseless that it’s almost cute.

This is bad, I’m all the more erect. Damn it. Damn it, it’s no use, I can’t suppress my erection, it’s gotten even harder.

If I don’t get rid of it all at once, I won’t be able to head to my next job.


Customer, because you were bad at rolling in your sleep, your legs are spread wide open.

If you’re this defenseless then it’s inevitable that you’ll get raped.

No, why am I saying something that idiotic…

But, the person without any sense of danger is her, right? She opened the door for a guy she’s never met, and just fell asleep as is.

This is just reaping what you sow…right?


Whoa! I can see her panties from the crevice of her indoor shorts.

White lace, huh. Fine choice.

But even so, she has such beautiful feet.

She doesn’t seem to be waking up even if I lift them. …Just how sleep-deprived were you?

You wouldn’t wake up if I lick your feet a little, right?


Track 2: Expectations Must be Met


This is bad, I seriously licked them.

This is the first time I’ve licked someone else’s feet, but this person’s feet don’t feel dirty at all, rather, they make me want to lick them even more.

Sweat and the slightly stuffy taste of feet…it’s delicious, I can’t stop myself, it’s an addicting taste.

This is the best.

I lick it all and not spare even the gaps between your toes.


I wish I could lick you forever.



Oh, I got hard again. Damn it, I want to just rub it against her wet pussy. I want to rub on the sheets that are slimy with my pre-cum.

To not wake up despite how far I’ve gone…isn’t your awareness a little too poor?

It is convenient for me but it really gets me worried.


Ah!!! That scared me, I thought she woke up because she suddenly moved.

She’s still asleep…right? She’s not pretending to be asleep, right?


Thank god, she’s still sound asleep. If she woke up amidst such perverse acts, she’ll be desperate to report it and I don’t want to get caught.

Ah, I called it perverse myself.

Was what I did earlier ticklish like I thought?

That said, she’s still a good deal asleep. I thought she would’ve woken up but she still has quite the defenseless sleeping look.

Her body is indecently wet, yet, she’s sleeping soundly like an angel…this is way too lewd.


As expected, she’s not waking up.

A bit more, just a bit more…

A girl’s thighs are so soft, and it feels good when I kiss them like this. This vulnerable inner part is especially wonderful.

It feels like I’ll leave a kiss mark if I suck on them one too many times, but that’s just how soft and nice-to-the-touch they are.


Huh? This smell…

Is this the scent of the love juices that are soaking her panties?

Is it from here?

Did you get turned on because I was licking you all over? The scent of your juices is whoffing through the air.

Err, is it around here?


This is the place, my nose is hitting her erect clitoris.

It’s so stiff that it has left a mark. Not only that, the stain has gotten quite distinct, it’s so lewd that way your naughty juices have stained your underwear.

You have an indecent body that’s practically begging for sex.

As you wish. I have no choice but to meet your expectations of this, do I?

Even with your underwear on, I can clearly tell that your clitoris is jutting out nice and straight.


How cute. The more I tease it…the more it trembles and appears to ask for more.

As you request, I’ll suck it, lick it, and tease it until you melt into a pulp.

Huh? Is it my imagination?

No. I knew it, this person should be sound asleep yet they’re panting. It wasn’t just my imagination.

Was my touching so indecent that you felt it while asleep?

You couldn’t help but feel it, Customer?


How cute, it makes me want to touch you even more.

Even though I’ve merely stroked you with my fingers and licked and sucked on you with my mouth on top of your clothes, your breathing has gotten rougher, and your body, hotter.

This place trembled just now.

Could it be that you had a mild orgasm from simple caresses through your clothes? Because if so, you’re considerably lusty.

Hehe, was I right?

Having your erect clitoris by me whom you barely know and having your insides twitch as a result…

You truly are a slut, it honestly surprised me.

In truth, you’re actually awake, aren’t you?


Of course not, huh. I can hear the regular-timed breathing of a sleeping person, so you’re still sound asleep.

But this place here feels so good that it’s unbearable, right? Because it’s wet again.

At this rate, your panties will get all drenched, you know?

Is it too late now I wonder? Is it fine not to remove it?

Hey Customer, if you don’t wake up soon, it’ll seriously turn into a messy situation.

I’m completely fine with it though, Customer, because I want to just shove my erect dick into your wet pussy, thrust it in all the way, churn it up, and mate with you right now.

I’ll reach all the way to your womb and cum inside you. And when I pour all the concentrated semen I’ve saved up, you might get impregnated just like that.


Just kidding, it’s a joke.

That said, I was somewhat serious.


Track 3: All the Dirty Parts


Hey Customer, you have to wake up, at this rate…

Come on, show it to me, show me all your dirty parts, Customer.

I’ll spread this place, your pink pussy, open, okay?

Your clit is twitching too, it’s soft like you’ll cum from a simple touch from my fingers.

It really has a hella pretty color. I want to hurry up and lick it, shove my dick into it, and make a mess out of it.

Customer, your pussy and clit are so beautiful that I want to just lick them all over.

It’s glossy and plump…are you perhaps a virgin?


I knew it, I can’t control myself.

Open your mouth wider and bring out your tongue.

Uh, what am I saying to a sleeping person?

I can’t endure it any longer, I’ll insert my fingers deeper inside, okay?

I wonder how many will fit?

Can you tell that I just inserted two just now? Since it has loosened up considerably, although I was concerned whether it’ll work out, it looks like it’s fine.

It has become quite the lewd pussy from my caresses, hasn’t it?

You’ve been exploited while asleep, and before you know it, you’ve landed yourself with a bitch’s pussy. It’s a bit pitiful, isn’t it?

That said, it’s the fault of this sex fiend of a body.


I’ll stir it up, have your juices overflow, and fill your insides to the brink with cum, okay?

This is bad, my fingers are slipping in deeper.

It’s hot, it’s cramped, it’s wet, and it’s incredibly erotic.

Customer, your pussy’s crazy good, the inside of your vagina is covered in folds…is this what they call an excellent vagina?

How good would it feel when I thrust my dick inside here with all my strength?

It’ll definitely feel good, right?

It might be a little difficult when I insert the head, but when you’re this loosened up and slippery from your love juices, it might go in all at once.


My dick is a bit larger than average. If I stick it inside your pussy and bang you, it might turn into a loose pussy.

That said, it looks tight and narrow, so it’ll probably be fine.

I want to hurry up and shove it in…


You’re panting more than before, eh. Are you subconsciously expecting it?

I’ll move my fingers some more then.

Oh, it’s making quite the sounds.

I churned it too much and now it’s frothy. This is all your love juices, your erotic fluids, right Customer?

As a woman, are you not embarrassed to be trickling with this much juices?

Oh, I guess it’s not embarrassing when you’re asleep. However, I’m sure you’ll be shocked if you were to wake up at this moment.

To feel it this much from being fingered by an unfamiliar man…

I kind of want to see that reaction.


You’re squeezing so tightly, you’re clenching down on my fingers. Is that how bad you don’t want to let go of them?

Do you want something thicker, harder, and can reach further?

My fingers are soaking wet from your juices, Customer. How lewd.

Hey, look, your slimy love juices are so thick and obscene that I can pull out strings.

How about we remove your panties now? It’s in the way after all.

Though, it is a bit too late because it’s been soaked all the way through.


I guess I’ll help then.

Look, this part of the fabric that’s touching your thigh is drenched with your juice and is quite the sight to behold.

Whoa, and it reeks of it too.

Normally it would be considered smelly, but to me, it’s the best smell imaginable. I want to just suck on your panties repeatedly, time and time again.

It’ll definitely make good stock.

Oh, it’s wonderful.


Normally it’d be strange to think that something smelly smells good, but the scent of your love juices is truly addicting.

Somehow I’m feeling thirsty. Your juices look good, Customer. Is it okay if I lick it up?

It’ll obviously taste good.

I asked whether it’d be okay, but I want to lick it right now, plus, you’re asleep so it’s not like you can give me an answer.

That’s no way I can hold back. I’ll lick it, okay?


It’s salty and sweet. It’s the best, your juices are the best. Your pussy juices taste so good, so good that I wish I could continue drinking it forever.


Huh? The customer’s body has been wiggling around for the past while?

!? No way!

Oh shit, she’s about to wake up soon. I have to hurry, I have to fool her somehow or else I’ll be made into a criminal.

Hurry, hurry, err…

Her panties, her bra, uh, calm down, calm down.


Oh, uh, good morning.

You were somehow sound asleep, and I couldn’t wake you up. Sorry.

I’m finished with cleaning the A/C so…

Yes, please make payment on the fees.

Umm…the A/C cleaning comes out to ¥14,000.

Yes, credit cards are fine too. Oh, uh, you’re paying with cash. I can provide change so don’t worry, take your time.


Ah, no, I’m fine. I was concentrating on my work so I didn’t really look at your sleeping face.


You didn’t really sleep talk either.

Umm…as expected, girls tend to worry about those things, eh.

Yes, yes, I was just finished. Thank you.

Err, then, it’s about time I leave. I’ll be waiting on your request if another opportunity arises.


Eh? Customer? Is something the matter?

You’re umm, grabbing onto the bottom of my clothes. Are you dissatisfied with any of the cleaning?

Huh? That’s not it.

Then what is it…?

Like I thought, Customer, you were awake the whole time, weren’t you?

Sure, let’s continue and go even further as a special service.


Track 4: The Room is Now Cool


The room has completely cooled down, hasn’t it? It was worth the effort to clean.

But, to tell you the truth, I really love the smell of your sweat too, Customer.

Don’t look so displeased, it was a really nice smell.

Sweat is nice, but, to no surprise, the scent of your pussy juices’ the best.

Eh? Don’t worry, I was fine even when I stuck my nose right in here, so please don’t make that face. I’m saying this seriously, okay?


Umm, I touched it a lot earlier, so it’s okay for me to put it in, right?

To tell you the truth, my little son here has gotten to the limit of its size.

No, if…you stroke it gently then I’ll end up ejaculating into my underwear. I’ll stroke you instead, okay?

You gave a jolt just now, didn’t you?

I touched you thoroughly while you were asleep, so I’ve grasped all your good spots, Customer.

I might be more familiar with it than A/C cleaning, or something like that.

Look, it’s this relaxed with a simple stroke from my fingers.

And so…


Eh? Uh, what is it with you all of sudden? To say that you want to perform fellatio…

You don’t have to force yourself to do that, I was in the hot outdoors until just a while earlier nor have I taken a shower, so I think it must reek.

As a thanks? For pleasuring you?

But I did that because I enjoyed it. The taste of your pussy was to my taste, Customer, and it wasn’t like you asked me to do it, rather, it was like a reward.

Understood…if that’s what you say, Customer.

Oh, but it’s fine to take your mouth off if it gets too much, okay?

Eh? Oh, and then I’ll stick it inside your pussy, Customer.

Hehe, I’m quite faithful to my desire once I get into the mood.


Are you not also coming for payback? Since I caressed you thoroughly and teased you wilfully while you were asleep.

Uh, no, I won’t resist. It’s fine.

In that case, I’ll leave it to you then.


Customer, you’re pretty good at fellatio. Where did you learn that tongue technique?

I can’t get enough of it, but somehow, it makes me jealous.

I’m about to cum, I’m about to cum. This is bad…please let go of your mouth. No, stop!

That was close, I’ll cum right away if I’m not careful.

Please don’t grind your tongue against my sensitive spots.

Customer, I thought you were a virgin because of how beautiful of a color your clitoris had, but since you have such fine techniques, you must’ve had quite a lot of experience.


Eh? It’s a secret?

You’re such a tease.

The way you lick the head and bite gently into it…please do it more. And please lick my balls too.


No, no, it’s no use, I’m going to cum. Stop, STOP!!!

Stop, stop, please let go.


I’m so sorry, it was really close, I was about to cum.

It was seriously risky just now, I genuinely felt like I was in a crisis.

It’s not like I’m against cumming from your fellatio but I wanted to creampie your wet pussy, Customer.

I have a self-imposed masturbation ban because I’ve been busy with work lately, so my semen is super thick. And I want to just fire that into your womb, Customer.

It’s a man’s instincts.


Umm, is it okay now?

I’m really on the verge of spontaneously firing, and it’s been throbbing with pain since earlier because it’s gotten far too hard.

Yes, please.

I’ll remove your panties then.


I can finally penetrate you.

Your pussy is beautiful, and your clit is stiff and erect, it matches me, doesn’t it?

Just kidding.

I’ll stop fooling around and stick it in.

I’ll insert it slowly…so that it doesn’t hurt.


So tight. Please relax.

This is bad, it’s hella tight and hot. It’s squeezing down on me, and it feels so good.

Damn it, it’s all slippery from your love juices and went in all at once. And since I gave you foreplay, the head of my penis…

It feels so good that I’ll cum right away.

No, I’m not a quick shot.


I want to scrape against you more like a piston.

I-I’m cumming. Let’s cum together.

Squeeze my hand.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Let me touch your breasts too.

Your nipples are stiff and erect as well…

How soft. Your pussy and your breasts are super soft.

This is way too lewd.

Do you hear it? The sound of my pre-cum and your pussy juices mixing together?

Customer, yours and my body are striking against each other and colliding. And if we make this much noise during the day, the neighbors might hear our moans.

You’ve been moaning so much since earlier, Customer, and drool is trickling down from your mouth.


Kisses feel good too…

Customer, your mouth, your pussy, your breasts, I have dominated them all. They all belong to me.


Your insides are clenching down on me. Your pussy, more…

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!

No, please don’t squeeze so tightly…!!! I can’t stop cumming inside you. You’re squeezing down and everything being poured into you.

Move your mouth this way, let’s kiss more.


I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I’m cumming inside your pussy. I’m cumming!


Customer, your pussy’s still twitching, and it feels like it’ll suck me dry.

I penetrated you a lot with no condom on, but are you okay?

Ah! Your insides are coiling around me, and your folds are wrapping around me. It just feels way too good.


I’ll pull out my dick now, okay?

I let out quite a lot of semen, haven’t I? The white stuff instantly flooded up like a plug has been removed.

I have to wipe it later, don’t I?

Your pussy twitches and convulses each time it overflows. You must be quite sensitive to feel it from just this.

What an erotic sight. Are you all the more turned on because I’m watching you?

A large amount of semen spilled out because I spread your pussy wide open with my fingers you know?

I thought everything came out earlier but it seems like there’s still more left deep inside.

If you had this great of a cumshot then it wouldn’t be strange if an embryo implants, right?


So what’s your impression on having your womb filled with hot cum?

Did it feel good?

I’ll pat your stomach then, my sperm might’ve gotten inside here.

Customer, since you’re a beauty, I’m sure your baby will undoubtedly be cute.


Okay, with this, I’ve scooped it all out.

I’m good at cleaning, this is my line of work after all.


I don’t normally clean pussies, so don’t worry, it’s just you, Customer. Don’t forget, this is a special service.

Could it be that you were jealous?

That makes me happy. Customer, have you taken a liking to my techniques?

Rest assured, I’ll be exclusive to you starting today, Customer. I won’t enter the rooms of any other girl, that’s how obsessed I am with you.


Huh? What’s the matter? You’re making that lewd expression again.

Did you perhaps get turned on from the act of me scooping out my semen with my fingers? Your nipples are super erect too.

Your face is red too, isn’t it?

It’s pointless to hide your face now.

Come on, stop with your futile resistance and show me your face.


No running away.

Were you close to cumming because I sucked on your nipples?

Come on, let me kiss your lips too.


This is bad, the weakness you have after cumming is sexy, Customer. It feels like I’ll get another erection.

I’m like a middle schooler during puberty, and it’s all because you’re far too erotic, Customer.

You look like you want more.

Eh? That’s not the expression you’re making?

You can’t fool my eyes. Rest assured, I’ll service you as many times as needed, Customer. You’re way too lewd after all, so there’s no way once or twice would be able to satisfy you.

Please make sure to accept my service regularly from now on, okay? You can’t let any other guy insert their dick into this slutty pussy.

But each time you do, please allow me to perform cleaning on you.

I’ll clean up the filth left behind by other people’s filthy dicks.

It’s a promise, okay?


Ah, even though the A/C is finally working, we’ve gotten so sweaty that it’s almost meaningless.

That said, Customer, you might be more attractive when you reek of sweat.

The way your pussy reeks nicely, I can’t get enough of this addicting scent.

Eh? Like I said, it doesn’t smell bad. This is the first time I’ve encountered a pussy that I want to churn up as much as yours.


Umm, is it okay if I borrow your shower?

If possible, I’d like to take a shower together with you, Customer.

Hey, let’s wash each other. Let’s lather soap on my dick and your pussy, adhere our bodies closely together without a gap to be found and wash each other while we’re all slippery.

This place is wet again, you know?

How did I know…?

It’s obvious, I’m addicted to the scent of your juices, Customer.

Customer, you’re hoping for something, aren’t you?


Sure, I’ll do it as many times as it takes. It’ll be alright even if you don’t concern yourself with it.

I can get hard anytime if it’s for your sake, Customer.

Naturally, this is all part of the service.

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