【Translation】 Akujin no Nieyome 500DL Track


Thank You to Vu Anh for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Drunken Frenzy


Oh my, what is it?

I’m writing right now so leave your business with me for later-

Wait. Alcohol, you reek of alcohol.

Let go!


You reek quite heavily of alcohol, what did you drink?

Oh, could it be that you drank the peach-colored liquor? The one that has the scent of roses.

It’s something that I received from the Youmas but I’ve left it around to increase the strength of it.

Is that so? Then right now you must be horribly drunk.

I have no interest in being a partner to a drunkard. So hurry up, get to bed and sleep. You should be sobered up by the time you wake up.


Ah, off you go, you’re drunk and acting like a spoiled child.

Hey hey, I told you that I was in the midst of writing did I not?



Oh, I was wrong, you’re not a drunk who acts like a spoiled child, you’re a horny drunk. In other words, you start behaving like a whor-

You reek so heavily of alcohol that even I’ll become drunk.

Aren’t you always hasty? To desire my thing that badly, you’ve become quite the slutty woman.


It feels good. You’ve gotten quite good at it, haven’t you? I’m genuinely impressed.

Look, it’s up now.

Will you make me cum with just your hands or with your mouth? I don’t care which it is so your choice.

Hey, wait-


It was so abrupt that it shocked me. You shouldn’t do things without warning.

Could you not move so suddenly?

I’d praise you for the fact that you’ve gotten better at moving your hips but it’s not a good thing when you’re not listening to your master’s orders.


To moan so much while shaking your hips on top of a man like an animal…

Does it really feel that good?

When you answer so honestly, there’s no fun in teasing you.

Though it is true that I can’t tease you, seeing your euphoric intoxicated look from below ain’t bad.


Why are you bringing your face so close?

Look at you…more?

You’ve gotten quite good at saying naughty things.

Sure, I’ll take a good look at the face of a bitch in heat who’s drunk from sucking my dick.


You came just now, didn’t you? Your insides were twitching, weren’t they?

Since your insides are clenching harder down on me than usual, I’m about to cum.

I never imagined that I’d see your smile of yours during the midst of this. Usually, I’d see a mess of pleasure and tears.

This might be nice occasionally.

But well, although I say do occasionally…I’m seriously about to cum.


You squeeze down so tightly even though all I’ve said was that I was about to cum. You want me to cum inside, don’t you?

Why isn’t that a cute request?

Yes, of course, as you wish, I’ll release plenty into your deepest depths.



That felt good. It’s nice having you initiate things every so often.

For one thing, I was given a lesson.

Hmm? No way… She’s completely asleep.

Haa, good grief.

Today, you made me learn a variety of things. You’re an extraordinarily terrible drunk and that aspect of you is lovely.

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