【Translation】 Akujin no Nieyome 300DL Track


Thank You to Vu Anh for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Punishment that is Far too Sweet


Oh my, what are you doing?

Good grief, you’re off trying to escape again. Being tomboyish means you’re in good spirits but I ought to scold you.

You’re over there aren’t you? Show yourself.



It hurts? It hurts because I want it to hurt.

Jeez, don’t act as if I said something shocking. Come on, we’re heading back, the dinner I went through the trouble of preparing will turn cold at this rate would it not?

You don’t want to…?

It always makes me think that there’s a mistake in my method of discipline. I raised you to be a slut who enjoys being treated cruelly and escapes in order to get punished.

Even now you have the look of anticipation.

I’m not feeling enthusiastic about it so I won’t be punishing you.

Come on, let’s hurry up and get back.


I made tonight’s dinner light since the food you make is often strongly seasoned. I think it’s good to have simple dishes consisting only of vegetables and edible wild plants every so often.

But well…you’d probably look unsatisfied though.

Oh, I thought of a nice idea, I’ll punish you like you wanted once you finish your bath.


I’m coming in.

You’re really looking like you’re hoping for something. Also, I told you to put on your clothes did I not? So why are you naked?

Good grief, you’re such a hopeless child.

Lie faceup.

Gladly? In that case…

Come on, turn upwards and open your mouth. You’re a good girl so you’ll do it won’t you?

Very well. You really are a good girl.

It’s cute.


Your breasts have gotten a little bigger, haven’t they? It’s probably because I’ve been touching them every day, isn’t it?

Look, your nipples are already this…

What’s the matter? Is there something you’re dissatisfied about?

Yes, this is punishment. And it’s up my sleeve.


They’re already hard, aren’t they? Let’s touch them more gently.

You wanted me to treat you cruelly so badly that you tried to escape in hopes of punishment. You were yearning for the humiliation and trill, weren’t you?

If you bring down punishment on someone who’s enjoying it then you can’t call it punishment. More than anything, it doesn’t entertain me.

You see, I particularly enjoy doing the things you hate.

Right now you desire cruelty so I’ll be gentler than I’ve ever been.

I’ll be gentle and sweet as if I’m merciful on your whole body, precisely the way you don’t want it.


Ah, that displeased expression.

It’s great, that’s the type of face I like.

Oh my, if you don’t comprehend this soon then I’ll be more of a tease than you ever imagined that I’d be. I am an evil god after all.


Oh, it’s not enough, right? I can tell by looking at that face.

Sure, I don’t mind.

You clenched down just now, didn’t you?

It’s not like I want to edge you but it would peeve me to listen to your request. But well, I’ll go along with anything other than you asking to be spoiled.

Come on, how is it? It feels a lot better than before, doesn’t it?

I can’t tell if all you do is stare, I can’t read your mind.


I’m already doing it, aren’t I? Despite being this rough, are you still saying that this isn’t enough?

That said, if I move any rougher, you might break.

I told you didn’t I? I’m being affectionate with you today so I won’t go any rougher than this.

Hmm? This place felt good, huh.

I’ll tease this place lots so feel good from it, okay?


It’s frustrating?

Fufu, you’re making a wonderful expression.

Your mind may not be satisfied but your body is starting to feel fulfilled from having its good spots precisely stimulated. The inside of your vagina has begun convulsing you know?

Come on, go ahead and cum.

Cum while still thinking that it’s not enough.


You did well to cum.

Good job, well done.

Now then, let’s end it here for today. It felt good did it not?

Yes, I undressed without any intentions of sex. It’s nice to fall asleep while hugging each other naked every so often is it not?

Let’s retire for the night.

You’re a million years too early to manipulate me, so reflect on it.

Once you’ve reflected, I’ll mess you up as a reward.


Hmm, the way everything shows on your face is a bit…

I guess it’s fine.

Well then. Good night, my beloved.

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