【Translation】 Ikigami-sama no Ikeniekon Ikigami Hen


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逝き神様の生贄婚 生き神編

CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)

Track 1: Travelling Woman


It looks like it’ll start raining heavily. Should I go retrieve the nets?


Oh, hello, it looks like there’ll be a downpour, doesn’t it?

Yes, I set up some nets earlier under the cliff since I was thinking of at least having Asian paddle crab miso soup, and I plan on taking that occasion to check whether children are playing inside the cavern.

Now then, if I don’t hurry…


A common buzzard chick? That’s unusual in a place like this.

Where’s its parents…?

Hmm, they don’t appear to be nearby. Did it fail in leaving the nest and got injured?

There, there.

It can’t be helped. Hey, will you come to my house?

I see, then come here.


Please wait in my pocket for a bit, I have to quickly visit the bottom of the cliff. If there are bugs you can eat there, I’ll feed them to you immediately.


There doesn’t have to be anything of high value. Now then, did I catch any crabs?


You…what are you doing inside this cavern?

Wait, it’s dangerous to head deeper inside, you need to hurry and leave before this cave reaches high tide. Once it’s high tide, this cave will be flooded by the ocean.

Not only that, with this weather, there’ll be rainwater seeping down from the top of the cliff once the rain starts pouring.

And so, you can’t stay in this cavern for long.


You came from other parts, didn’t you? Since I’ve never seen you before.

I don’t know why you came to such a remote village, but in any case, please leave this place.

Are you in a situation where you need to hide?

I understand, I’ll hide you in my manor.

Well…although I call it a manor, it’s just a large farmhouse.


That’s a relief.

I’m Toudzuka Kazuo. I’m almost akin to the head of the village so even when push comes to shove, I’ll be able to protect you.

You…where’s your footwear?

You don’t have anything? I’ll give you my geta then.


The size doesn’t fit but it’s better than going barefoot. Now then, let’s hurry before the rain starts pouring.

Oh, that reminds me.

I apologize but could you please wait just a moment? I have to pull up my nets.


Thank god, I caught three times the Asian paddle crabs. With this, I’ll be able to make delicious miso soup for you as well.

Oh, ah, let’s catch plenty of things you can feast in the garden, okay?

Hmm? Yes, I picked up this child when it fell into the grassy area above. Most likely, there was an issue in its upbringing where it then got injured and became unable to move.

I was thinking of looking after it until it can fly splendidly, you see.


No, I don’t have a wife or kids nor parents or siblings.

I’m a lonesome bachelor so no need to hesitate.


Track 2: Life story and Storm


Ah. Hey, have you warmed up now?

I just happened to finish preparing dinner too. Now then, please come over to this sunken hearth over here.


It’s nothing much but it should fill your stomach.

Go ahead, dig in.

Oh, it smells nice. I couldn’t make miso soup with the Asian paddle crabs but they did make great dashi instead. I boiled it for a long time earlier so it should be all the more delicious.

Here you go. It might not suit the taste of those from the cities though.

My apologies, you might not have hailed from the cities.

No, it’s fine. You were hiding yourself in the caverns of such a remote village so I can infer that you had circumstances.


This Hafuri Village…

Oh, it’s written as the Village of the Worshipping People so it’s called the Hafuri Village.

Because there’s a steep mountain separating it from the neighboring villages and there are no harbors because there’s only a small ocean inlet, it’s rare for travelers to visit this place.

Therefore, something serious must’ve happened for a girl to come to such a rural area alone-

No, let’s stop there. It’s not good for me to ask too many questions.

Now then, let’s eat before it cools.

Please help yourself. I’m a lonesome person because I’m always alone, but tonight, I have you, so I want to at least thank you for that.


Ah, what a relief, it made great dashi.

You liked it? I’m glad.

Oh, the common buzzard is sleeping in its cage right now. It ate a stomach’s worth of food so it should be fine for the time being.

You too. Go ahead and eat more.

You’re still reluctant?

Please don’t say how you don’t have anything to pay me with. Simply being able to eat dinner together around the sunken hearth is like a form of payment to me.

And being the age I am as a bachelor, I no longer have the hopes of finding a bride.

My parents and siblings have all died and men close to my age have all been conscripted as soldiers. All that’s left are the elderly and children so as a sacrifice I’m no longerーー


I’m sorry for startling you.

I’m this village’s sacrifice.

If you’re that concerned about paying me for your stay then…

I got it. Could you listen to my story?

Over sake? Then, would you like some as well?

Here’s a sake cup then.

Hmm? Oh, I’ll pour my own drink.


You’re good at drinking too.

I’m this Hafuri Village’s sacrifice, and I live solely for the sake of protecting it from a great calamity.

To have that tradition despite it being the 2603rd imperial year…is what you’re thinking, right? All the more so if you came from the cities.

You’re going to believe…?

That makes talking easier then.


The Toudzuka family I was born into raises its men and women to be sacrifices of the Hafuri Village, and that has always been the custom of the Hafuri Village since long ago.

When they hear forewarnings of disaster, the sacrifice will take their life and take that calamity upon themselves; thus, protecting the Hafuri Village.

And once the sacrifice dies, their role is complete.

If the sacrifice dies without any omens of catastrophe being present then the village is protected against the calamity prior to its occurrence.

Everything is for the sake of protecting this Hafuri Village.

That is the duty of the Toudzuka men that governs this land.


The sacrifice must prepare the next sacrifice; however, there is no parent who marries their daughters off to the sacrifice regardless of how much power, land, or money the Toudzuka possesses.

Although they revere us on the outside, the sacrifices are filthy from the villager’s perspective.

As such, the Toudzuka began taking brides from the Watase family in the neighboring village, and that was made tradition.

I too was set to marry a girl from the Watase family, though it’s been 13 years since then.

She was an adorable girl. I wanted to treasure her as much as possible during the short time I may have before the day I’m sacrificed.

Then came the wedding day.

This village…the Toudzuka manor was hit by a great calamity.


They say that only the sacrifice could hear the forewarnings of disaster but I sensed nothing at all.

Whether it was because of the joy over the wedding…I still don’t know the reason for it even now.

Catastrophe struck during the midst of the marriage ceremony, the house was crushed. Me, my bride, and the people present were pinned under the rumble.

And my bride alone lost their life.


Having been unable to hear the forewarnings of disaster, I was naturally condemned by the village.

Suicide was forbidden so all I could do was work for the sake of the village, and that is how the 13 years went by.

Ah, no, I no longer have any intention of taking a bride. My original bride died because of my ineptitude. And whenever I’m reminded of that……

The only thing I can do for the Hafuri Village to be sacrificed this time around and take the calamity upon myself. It’s annoying listening to the old folks telling me to hurry up and get married after all.

And I can’t really ask the Watase family for one more of their daughters.


I told you a dull tale, haven’t I?

This house was restored following the tragedy. Though it’s a difficult situation for a person to have taken such a cursed house as shelter, so surely you’re also…

Thank you.

It takes a load off of my chest when you tell me to not worry about it.

I haven’t spoken to anyone about the events of that day so there’s that aspect to it as well.


Your sake cup is empty.

Here’s one more cup.

Please bear with it for one night. On top of the village hating outsiders, there are no inns. It’s unfortunate but you can’t stay at anyone else’s house.

I’ll stay awake and listen to for the forewarnings of disaster; that way, I can protect you even if something similar happens. I’ll never repeat the same mistake twice.

Eh? You’re fine even if I’m not awake the whole night?

You’re…from Okamiya Shrine?

Is that so? So you’re trained as a priestess.


You might be at ease then. Regardless of what happens, with your spiritual power, you, yourself will be fine.

However, if that’s the case then…why?

No, I’ll stop it here.

You’ll tell your life story? You’ll tell me why you escaped to such a remote village?


So you had been living such a horrid life this whole time……and no one has ever been kind to you.

I see.

Today’s the first time you’ve ever been treated kindly…

If you’re alright with this house then please stay as long as you’d like. There’s shelter against the wind and rain, and also foodーuntil you’re ready to leave.


I set up the bed over there, I’m glad I have and properly aired out the guest futon that is never ever used.

The room on the other side is mine so don’t hesitate to tell me if something happens.

Just say “okay”, you’ve thanked me enough.


Please don’t call me your savior. I’m not that great of a person.

Then, good night.


!? Why…? You want me to sleep in this room?

Oh, sorry for not asking for your opinion. It’s scary to sleep in an unfamiliar house on this rainy night, right?

In that case, I’ll stay in this room as well. Wait just a moment, the things I have on right now-

No, let’s stop there.

I don’t want to be the same as the people who treated you so cruelly. Although there’s a partitioning screen​, there’s a chance I might lose self-control if I’m in the same room as you.



No, it’s already too…


I, towards you…


Your breasts and your hard and erect tips. Whatever it is, I love them all. And that includes the arms clinging onto my neck.


I towards you and you towards me…

We’re isolated and alone, so we aren’t just comforting each other’s souls. I understood when I heard your life story at the sunken hearth.

We were drawn towards each other, so much so that we couldn’t help but overlap our bodies like this.


Your insides are…

You’re about to climax, aren’t you?

Me too.

Don’t grab onto the sheets. That’s right, cling onto my back and orgasm.

I’m about to cum.

I’m cumming!


Even though I planned to remain unaffected…

I’ve fallen heads over heels for you, so please stay here forever.

No, I’m fine with just however long you’d like, even that is enough for me. I wish to protect so that you will never again face misfortune.


Track 3: Many Spread Wings


Are those your parents I wonder?

That sounds like a yes.

But you’ve already left the nest so I guess you can’t return to their side.


Come on, try flying.

We’ve practiced countless inside the manor, no? Your injury has healed and you’re able to find your own food. You can’t stay here forever.

How troubling, you can’t fly if you’re just flapping your wings.

This is bad, I have to return you to nature somehow.

Here, you’re outside now. Now go.


You’re not leaping from my hand. What a worrisome child you are.

It can’t be helped then. Please stay until you’re able, I can’t just leave you alone after all.


Speaking of which, I took in this child the day I met you.

I wonder how many days have passed since then. The heavy rains stopped, and from there, we began taking care of this child together.

It was almost as if we became husband and wife…even though I never imagined that things would turn out this way when I found you inside this cave.

You come here as well, right now it’s low tide so it’ll be safe for the next while.


To have considered living inside a tiny cavern for a period, you can probably become an adventure too.

Ah, after kissing you on the cheek, I can no longer…

Let’s get intimate here.

It’s fine, it’s the period where all the village children are attending branch schools and the adults are busy with farmwork.

Look, you’re feeling it are you not?


Let’s do it in a sitting position.

Get on top of me.

Flip the bottom of your kimono and insert it as you sit down.

Why are you doing with your mouth-?!!

No, I’m happy that I’m receiving a blowjob from you but I’d rather…be inside you, and orgasm together with you.


We’re going to part so you want me to climax lots?

Have you…grown to hate me?

Then, why?

No, I know. I’m sure you, who had been turned into a caged bird by the cruel henchmen of patriots, abandoned everything and jumped.

Yearning for freedom, you escaped to this village and met me.

Those circumstances exist but there’s no obligation for me to be so open as to accept an outsider and burden myself with the consequence. Plus, you’d be happier if you married a proper man.

Just like that common buzzard chick, it’s best if you take off from the village and fly away from me.


Lift your face.

I want to cum inside you at the end. All the more so if this is the last.

Raise your hips and get on top of me.

I’m completely in over my head when it comes to you. I want to be with you forever but…I realize that you’re being considerate about my position, you concluded that it would be unfitting for you to become the bride of the precious sacrifice. And after considering our age gap, you made the decision to leave me.

ーーFor my sake.


Why did I have to be born to this village?

No matter how poor I’d be, I wish I could’ve met you in a normal town in the cities. That way, I-

Let’s run away together…?

That’s, that’s a wonderful idea!!!


I can’t, I can’t do it.

Abandoning the Hafuri Village, escaping my role as the sacrifice, and evading my sin of having not noticed that disaster…I simply can’t do it.

I don’t want to be apart from you but I have to let you go for your sake…

I don’t care about my position as long as I can make you happy. Even if I take you as my bride, you’re the village sacrifice’s-


Oh, I get it now. I see. If I do that…

There’s only this one woman in the current state of things.

Then that must be the only way.

This is the last, including what we’re doing here. Please forget everyone about me and this village. You’ll be free, you’ll be free as a god.

The god of the earth has given you god’s favor.


I’ll give you all my essence. I’ll always, to you alone…

Please climax too. Right here, right now.

It feels so good.


Shall I drown myself in the ocean…?

Just kidding. I wouldn’t do that.

It’s best to depart while the sun is high up in the sky. I’ll summon a car at the entrance of the village so let’s return home for a bit.


Track 4: Large Birdcage, Large Chick


Are you fine with not escaping?

I see, then stay here forever.


Are you ready?

Are you really fine with only an immediate food supply?

I see. I guess you have to consider how that would increase your baggage. Oh, right, there’s something I’d like to give you.

I apologize but can we head to the large room together?

Thank you. It’s this way.


There’s something I’d like to give you inside that chest of drawers that is inside this room.

Let’s open the drawers together.

Ready, set, go.

It’s this, this jade ring. So that you’ll be protected from here on out.

Come on, try it on.


Hmm, it seems a little loose.

I’ll call a jeweler to fix it then.


Sorry for startling you.

The Toudzuka house has a practice of setting a room for confining lunatics. They’d lock up sons that don’t have the will to become sacrifices or girls that have lost their minds after being violated repeatedly by the sacrifice.

When I had the manor rebuilt, I insisted that there was no need for such a room, but the older folk were stubborn about it and commissioned carpenters to complete that work on their own accord.

I’m reluctant to make use of it, but it can’t be helped, I don’t want to let you out of my grasp.

Please stay here forever.


Oh, I’ll persuade the old folks after this.

To welcome you as my bride, that is.

I know you’re a person who enjoys freedom; otherwise, you wouldn’t ask to leave someone as wealthy as I am with the situation that you are in. And a woman wouldn’t normally travel alone to such remote regions to begin with.

I’ll pluck your wings, and in exchange…

Here, I’ll give this to you as well.

It’s a Kagura Suzu that allows you to demonstrate your abilities to their fullest extent.

As the sacrifice, I’ll enshrine you as this village’s, the Hafuri Village’s living god.


That’s right, I’m not confining you, I’m deifying you.

It is for the sake of having you respected and revered by all the people of the Hafuri Village as the living god they should be grateful towards.

I realized that this is what I should’ve done as I stared at you at the cave earlier. It was almost like a revelation from the heavens.

You might’ve brought this upon yourself unwittingly.

Countless people have oppressed you as you’re a magnificent person who should’ve been revered.


Thank you for gathering here.

I have taken a bride for the sake of the Hafuri Village and to fulfill my duties as the sacrifice.

Yes, she’s a traveling girl who has been staying for the winter even prior to last week.

And since we met, I thought I’d marry her.

…Is what you leaders thought I’d say.

Although she is indeed an outsider, I would still be technically marrying an outsider even if I were to marry a Watase from the neighboring village per our tradition so, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Furthermore, she has power the Watase girls do not.

The unusual power of prayer.


As the sacrifice of the Hafuri Village, I wish to protect it.

The reason I wasn’t able to prevent the previous catastrophe was because of my own inadequacy. Therefore, if she, who possesses more power than me, is enshrined then the Hafuri Village would be even more strongly protected.

Master carpenter, please erect a shrine deep within this house’s land, and make it quick, if possible.

We’ll enshrine her there with the intention of praying for the safety of the village forevermore.


You might criticize me for my imprudence, but in this day and age, even if this is the land of the sun protected by god, we do not know what might happen.

We might be struck by an unprecedented calamity, and I’d like to be prepared for that.

Everything is for the sake of the Hafuri Village.


Track 5: Dependence and Prayer


Hey, the results are here.

Your new role really suits you.

You’re a living god now so there’s no need for you to be shy over my compliments.

You’re adorable even if you’ve been deified.

Now then, come on out. The shrine I had built for you is complete. From now on, you’ll be enshrined there.


I’m glad we got along in the confinement room during these two months, but starting now, I’ll embrace you every night while you’re praying.

You wouldn’t accept me when I first enshrined you here reluctantly, so I had to somewhat force you. However, the extent of my love for you, I…

No, I ought to include the village; you realized just how much everyone revered and longed for the living god.

And you came to desire me incessantly as you once had before.


I’m happy.


Aah, it’s been so long since you last went out but the rays of the midsummer sun are strong, aren’t they?

I wanted to enshrine at once you so badly that I came to pick you up in broad daylight. Should I have waited till evening?

Close your eyes and let yourself be caught by me.

I’ll take you along slowly.


Because it was built on a deeper site within this manor, you should be able to absorb yourself in your prayers much more than before.

The shrine is a sacred place.

Aside from caretakers mistaking it as the main building during the night, I’ve stated repeatedly that no one is to approach it so don’t worry.

Yes, no one is allowed to approach nor permitted to lay eyes on the living god other than me, the sacrifice.


I opened the window so a little bit of sunlight can enter during the day and I’ve stockpiled a bunch of these red candles for the night.

And I had a prayer altar built.

With this, you’re a perfect living god.


The sun is still high in the sky but I can’t endure it any longer. Let’s overlap our bodies right now.

Aah…your place is soaking wet. Embracing you every night is not enough, is it?

Are you about to cum already?

Standing while being held, simply from a little tease of this swollen part with my fingers…

Climax, my living god, from my, from this sacrifice’s fingers.


This place of my living god has grown to react more strongly.

Yes, I know, night isn’t enough. That said, it’s not good for us to be intimate too often precisely because I’m thinking about your body; just that, today is special.

Turn towards the altar, I’ll take you from the back.

Ah, from the back of my dear living god who offers prayers to this altar……


You can’t climax just yet this time.

Take this.

Come on, pray.


The figure of you, the living god, praying while trembling from pleasure as I fondle your breasts with both hands…belongs solely to me.

The sole arrangement allowed for the sacrifice.

You’re my living god, you gave me a divine revelation in the cave about a new custom.

Because I didn’t want to let you go, because I fell in deeply love with you, I received a divine revelation. I deified you because I had the desire to make you a god; that way, we can be together forever.

You’ll never expose this appearance to anyone but me, no villager will lay eyes on you ever.


The living god and the living sacrifice, we’ll protect this village through the strength of our love.

You, who’ve been blessed by neither God nor Buddha, will save everyone.


Is this…is this the sound of impending disaster?

I never felt anything like this that day.

Ah, as expected with the living god’s power…

Thanks to you, I can finally fulfill my duty as the sacrifice. Yes, pray more, for the safety of the living god and Hafuri Village; that way, I can splendidly take on the full burden as the sacrifice.

I want to die protecting you!


Turn your face this way…


I’m a man who’s a failure of a sacrifice, I let my bride die without ever noticing the looming catastrophe. And even now, rather than for the Hafuri Village, I wish to die for you.

Because for your sake, I’m willing to become the worst sacrifice.


!? Using the living god’s prayers, you will protect the sacrifice?

Are you saying that you’ll love and forgive, and pray for the sake of the sacrifice who enshrined you?

The two of us will always be…so that we can be together even for a moment, even for a second longer.

My living god. Through the living god’s prayers, I’m sure I’ll come out alive even if I take the calamity upon my body as the sacrifice, so please pray more.


Let’s climax together like this.

Rather than continuing these irrational prayers…


Even if it has turned into night, coming in contact with the harbingers is…

Are you okay?

My semen and penis are about to exhaust from the prayers.

That’s right, we have to continue on like this until the signs of calamity completely vanish.

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