【Translation】 Kyuuketsuki Night Parade Vol.1 Ki na Hanamuko Ashley


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

吸血姫ナイトパレード 第一候補 陽気な花婿アシュリー

CV: Taniyama Kishou (谷山紀章)

Track 1: First Dance


Yo! You haven’t been trying to dance at all this past while. Is something the matter?

Oh, apologies, I should’ve introduced myself first.

My name is Ashley, Ashley Murray. Feel free to call me Ashley or Ash.

So what’s your name?


Oh, that’s a cute name. The way it resonates is beautiful and I think it suits you perfectly.

On that note, are you not going to dance?

I think it’s an incredible waste for an adorable girl like you to be stuck as a wallflower.

Oh, I got it! If you’re willing, would you like a dance with me? It’s a long-await dance party so let’s dance together.

Come on, follow me.


Hmm? What’s the matter? Have you not danced before?

Don’t worry, ballroom dancing is a dance where you ad-lib on the spot. Look, try moving your feet to match mine and I don’t mind if you take your time.

Bring your right foot forward and then your left.

Lift your face and look towards me.

One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.

Mhm, that’s a good rhythm.

Straighten out your back a little more.


Ah, look, you’re quickly looking down again. Make sure to look at me properly.

Yes, make direct eye contact.

What beautiful eyes. Please let me get a better look at them.

Somehow it feels like I’m getting sucked in by them. I’m such a lucky guy to dance with such a cute, angel-like girl.


Hey, please tell me more about you.

I’m sure this meeting is a chance encounter. No, I’m definite that this is fate.

I want to know more about you. Where are you from? What’s your birthplace?

Are you not planning to tell me…?

Mysterious girls are charming too, but I want to know everything about you. So, could you please tell me?

Ah, you mustn’t avert your eyes. If you don’t correct your posture and look at me directly……

You’ll stumble just like that.


Were you alright?

That’s a relief.

Okay, let’s start from the beginning again. Place your left hand on my arm and entwine your fingers with mine with your right hand.

One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four.

Have you gotten a little more used to it? You’re dancing so much better than before.

Yes, good, good.

To tell you the truth, I don’t often attend these types of parties either so I can’t really tell.

But it’s rare to have such a large venue outdoors these days. Not only that, the people participating are from all across the globe. And there are people wearing attire I’ve never seen before.

I wonder what kind of party this was supposed to be.


Mhm, I have no idea but I joined because it seemed fun.

Oh, was there an explanation about the party in the beginning?

I was here in these clothes when I came to and since I didn’t know where this place is, I left the venue and wandered around.

Do you know what kind of party this is?

Eh!? Please tell me. What exactly is this party?


A party held for vampires…?

Umm, I don’t quite understand what you just said but-

Ah, sorry!

We’ll get in people’s way here so let’s head over there.


Err, about what you said earlier, if I didn’t hear it wrong, what is it about vampires?

Vampires’ marriage seeking party…? In other words, most of the girls at this venue are vampires?


How could this be? I was meeting vampire girls without even realizing.

Ah! In that case, you must be a vampire.


That’s wonderful!!! I’ve always wanted to meet a vampire, to think my wish would be suddenly granted like this…


HahaHAHA! Of course not, there’s no way I’d find you scary. If anything, I’m extremely happy right now.


Hey, what do vampires normally eat? You don’t only drink blood, right?

Oh, do you eat raw steak like I predict?

I was wondering about this earlier, tomato juice and blood have completely different tastes so why do vampires drink tomato juice? If you’re satisfied with it just because it has the same color, I think strawberry juice would taste better hands-down.

Ah, could it be that you never drank strawberry juice?

If so then I’ll treat you to some next time. I know a store with very good-tasting fruit juice.

It’ll be fine, I’ll make sure to prepare some tomato juice-


Ah, uh…sorry, I was getting all excited on my own.

In any case, this is my first time meeting a vampire so I’m sorry, did I surprise you?

Hmm? Is something the matter?

Eh? Escape? Why must I escape?

I’ll be chosen as a groom?

Oh, okay, you did say that it was akin to a marriage-seeking party earlier. I get it now, I’m one of the vampire’s bridegroom candidates then. In other words, you must be searching for a groom too, right?

In that case, what about me? I’m certain that I can become a splendid groom for a vampire and I’m sure I understand you better than any other human here.

So what do you think?


I mean, I don’t quite understand what the role of the vampire’s groom is.

Oh, I see, I got it, it’s for bloodsucking.

I’ll become your groom and make a vow to offer you my blood so could you please make me your bridegroom? …And I want you to suck my blood right here and now.

I’ve always yearned to have my blood sucked by a vampire.

Hey, please, please suck my blood.


Is that a no?

I see, that’s a shame, I wanted to at least experience the bloodsucking. I guess it can’t be helped, if you won’t do it, I guess I should try asking the other girls.

Oh, if you have friends here, I’d be grateful if you could introduce me to them.

Now then, let’s quickly-

What’s wrong!? Are you okay?

Anemia…? That’s bad, is there any place where you can lay down?


Don’t worry, it’ll be alright, we’re almost there.

I’m sorry for placing you on a sofa in the hallway.

Is your head still spinning? If so, then you must drink blood, right?

It’s so bad that you collapsed from anemia, no? In that case, you must suck blood immediately.

Look, there’s no reason to hesitate, I don’t particularly mind it so suck as much of my blood as you want.


Oh, is it hard to drink like this? How do you normally drink it?

Like this…?

What do you think? Do you think you’ll be able to drink this way?

You’ve never drank blood directly from a human? Then…does that mean I’m your first?

I’m so happy, today is such a wonderful day. To think I’d be your first.

Now, feel free to bite this place hard. I’ll be perfectly fine.

Come on, hurry.


I’m fine, I’m fine. I was just surprised that it hurt a bit more than I imagined.

I’m fine so go ahead and drink.


Umm…I think that’s about enough. It’ll be bad if you don’t stop soon.

Are you hearing me?



Track 2: The Pair’s Vow


Where is this…place?

If I remember correctly I was at the vampire evening party. Was that a dream?

Ah, you’re from that time.

As I thought, it wasn’t a dream.

Considering that you’ve invited me to your house, is it okay for me to assume that you’ve chosen me as your groom?

Eh? That’s not it?

Oh, what a shame……


Ow. Ow, ow, ow.

I’m fine, I’m fine, this much is nothing.

Eh? Oh, I’m a little dizzy but I’m feeling great since I had my dream of having my blood sucked fulfilled by such a cute vampire.

Am I that unusual?

There’re plenty of people who love demons and alien just out of my friends. But well, I think I’m the only one who has met one in the flesh though.

Aah…I ought to boast to my friends at once when I return.

Oh, but how would I return?


Umm, in other words, is this already vampire territory?

Don’t look so apologetic, I don’t mind it at all. In fact, I’m extremely happy that I’m able to live in the place I’ve always admired like this.


Speaking of which, I haven’t eaten anything since last night.


Thank you, I’ll certainly help myself to it.


Don’t worry, I’ll head over there.

Did you make this perhaps?

Whoa, I’m so happy!!! I’m really looking forward to your home-cooking.


Mmm, it’s delicious. This is very delicious.

You’re not just cute, you’re also able to cook.

What’s this? Are you embarrassed? Your face is red you know? How cute.

That reminds me, are you not going to eat? I feel kind of bad that I’m the only one eating.

That’s not good, you have to make sure you eat breakfast. Isn’t that why you collapsed from anemia yesterday?

Come on, say “ah.”

“Ah”, say “ah.”

If you’re not going to feed yourself then I’ll feed you instead.

Nope, come on, open your mouth. Say, “ah.”


Okay, well done.

What do you think? It’s delicious, right?

That, it’s that, that’s the reaction I wanted to see. You’re incredibly innocent and cute and my feelings have grown even greater since we first met.

Maybe…I’ve fallen in love with you.


Hey, regardless of everything, could you please choose me as your groom?

I’m serious, I’m seriously in love with you. So if possible, I wish to remain by your side like this.

I don’t mind staying here, never to return to my original world, as long as I can be with you forever. Besides, even in the case that you don’t choose me here, you still have to select another human.

I can’t stand the thought of you choosing a man other than me and sinking your fangs into the neck of that other man.

So stay with me forever, please.


Of course it’s a yes, of course I’m okay with it.

So are you going to choose me?

Thank you, I’ll cherish you for the rest of my life. I’ll love only you for as long as I live.


Hey, let’s seal the vow with a kiss.

Turn this way.


What soft lips. Not only that, they’re sweet.

Let’s kiss once more.


Track 3: Bloodsucking and Pleasure


Ah, sorry, was it hard on you?

I’m so sorry, I accidentally got too absorbed in it.

Your kiss was very tasty. Thank you for the meal.


Oh, speaking of which, you only had a single bite of breakfast. Shall we continue eating? Or would you prefer my blood?

I want to give you energy. I’ll be fine so drink.

I was simply surprised yesterday, it was my first time after all. However, since I’ve already become your groom, I want to get accustomed to the bloodsucking.

Besides, besides…your bloodsucking felt kind of good just before I fainted.

No, I mean, is it unsurprisingly odd? …Feeling conversely good even though it should’ve hurt.

That said, I feel like it’ll feel really good so could you please suck my blood one more time?


Then what position should I get into? Will it be alright for us to do it while holding onto each other like yesterday?

I got it. Let’s do it on the bed then.


It’s somewhat nerve-wracking for the girl to get on themselves.

Haha. Sorry, sorry.

Okay, go ahead.


I had this thought as well yesterday but it’s really thrilling when you lick my neck before you bite down.

Uh-huh, it’s fine, continue.

I’m fine, I’m fine so suck more.


You’re done…already? I wouldn’t mind if you sucked more, though.

I see then it’s my turn this time.

This time around, I want to be tasting you.

Should I not have said this so suddenly?

Don’t worry, you just have to entrust your body to me.


It tastes of iron. So this is the taste my blood has.

I want to give you a deeper kiss.


Are you embarrassed? You can shut your eyes if you’re embarrassed.


You have such soft skin, and the texture is fine.

Although you have the body of a vampire, it’s no different from that of a normal girl. After all, your heart is racing so quickly.

I can clearly tell when I touch your chest.

I wonder what flavor it has…


Is it embarrassing?

It’s delicious, especially this hard part at the tip of it. And I get to hear your cute voice each time I suck on it.


Everything’s off now.

I can see everything. It’s cute.

Are you scared of what’s beyond this? Are you trembling in anticipation? Or does it better the more I touch you?

Thank god, I didn’t know what I’d do if you had said no.

I’ll make you feel even better then.


Nope, don’t go off closing your legs, you have to give me a clear look. Come on, show me everything.

Mhm, good girl.


How’s that? It’s only embarrassing at the start, no? …Because this place looks like it’s begging for more.

You’re feeling it from my fingers and tongue, aren’t you?

You really are adorable.

So much came out.

Is it okay now? Is it okay for me to put it in?

Then relax a little more.


It’s good, it feels extremely good. What about you? Does it not hurt?


You don’t have to put up a strong front you know? Tell it to me straight if it hurts.


Had I also been able to suck blood, I might’ve been able to grant you even more pleasure. Is this how bloodsucking works? I don’t have fangs so I can’t actually suck blood.

Oh, it’s ticklish.

Sorry. In that case, I’d like to suck on your tongue instead.

Could you open your mouth a little and bring out your tongue?


Do kisses feel good?

Because although we’re tightly joined here, things are spilling out from the crevices.

Look, you hear it don’t you? Sounds leak from here simply from rocking my hips a little.


It’s gotten easier to move so I’ll go a little faster.


Your insides clenched down just now. Ears are your weak spot, aren’t they?

Huh? Are you about to cum?

Then I’ll make even deeper love.


Go ahead, cum. Come on, cum.


Your insides are convulsing…

Are you tired? Would it be better if I pulled out now?

You’re okay with continuing like this?

That’s a relief, I’ll start moving again then.


It’s no use, I can’t last any longer than this.

I’ll cum inside.


That was great, it felt extremely good.

How troubling, at this rate, I’ll become way too crazy about you.

I’m referring to how I want to continue doing the things we just did indefinitely.

I know, but I want to be apart from you as little as possible.

Well, you’re the same, no?


What should I do? I’m seriously in love with you. I really like you.

If I can be with you forever by becoming your groom then I genuinely don’t mind ever leaving.

I have no regrets so let’s stay together forever.


Track 4: Feelings that Pass by One Another


Oh, you were awake. Good morning.

Sorry for borrowing the kitchen without your permission.

What this is? It’s breakfast. You’ve been the only one cooking ever since I arrived so I was thinking that I should cook for you occasionally.

It’s fine, it’s fine, don’t mind it, I’m just doing this out of my own accords. Besides, I had the urge to eat some of my hometown cuisine the first time in a long time.

The ingredients and the seasonings may not be the same but I could make something similar because somehow this really resembles blood sausage.

Next, I’ll arrange the plates…


Oh, the bread toasted nicely.

It’s good? Thank you.

In that case, I’ll leave these tomatoes to you. The blade of this knife is a bit chipped so be careful while cutting.


This view is really lovely, I want to just jump at it without thinking. And the sounds of water are nice.

Oh, I should prepare an apron for next time.

A new wife should have a white frilly apron, right?

Oh, right, naked apron is wonderful too. Next time for sure-

Are you okay!?


It’s not nothing, you’re bleeding, aren’t you? Let me take a look at it for a bit.

Ugh…it looks painful.

I’m so sorry, if I had done it myself then…

Ah, the blood will spill.


If I don’t do this, your blood might drip onto your clothes and dirty them. So I’ll suck on it until it stops bleeding.

It’s the opposite of the usual for me to suck your blood.

If only my tongue could have aphrodisiacs like your fangs.


So, does it feel good?

Tch. It’s just ticklish, huh.

Huh? Has it stopped bleeding already? What a shame, I wanted to continue licking.

Oh, right, the tomato, the tomato. I’ll be the one to cut them this time.


Okay, this should be about it. With this, breakfast is complete.


How nostalgic. This is a splitting image of the breakfast I had when I visited England. No, it’s pretty much the same.

I’m so happy since it’s been so long since I last had it.

Hmm? What’s wrong? You seem unwell.

Are you perhaps anemic? Because if so, I don’t mind if you suck my blood.

Eh? That’s not it?

Hmm…then why? Do you have a fever?


Oh, sorry, did I startle you?

You see, when determining if someone has a fever, humans place their hands on the person’s forehead like this to check their temperature.

The other method is to check by placing our foreheads together like this.

It feels so nostalgic, my mother used to measure my fevers this way.

Eh? Is something the matter?

What about me…?

Eh, where are you going? Hey, wait!!!


Is it okay if I come in?

I’m coming in then.


What’s wrong? You surprised me when you left so suddenly.

Are you feeling unwell like I suspected? If it’s about bloodsucking, had you not hesitated to tell me-

What’s this? Why’s there a large bag here?

Eh? It’s mine?

Packing…? What are you saying?!!

Wait, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t tell me that you intend to return me to my original world?



It’s for the best? Who decided that?

Don’t decide that for me…!!! I decide what I do with myself.

I told you didn’t I? I wanted to be with you forever and that I loved you. Do you not believe me?

Then, why?

……Because you love me?

Were you thinking that I wanted to return to my birthplace? Because there’s no way I would-

What’s that supposed to mean?

No, you’re wrong, that’s not what it was!!!


You see, I learned so much about you ever since I came here.

Sure I might’ve had an interest in vampires, but that’s not what you think. I wanted to know more about you yourself, I didn’t fall in love with you because you were a vampire.

It doesn’t matter if you were a human or a vampire.

I’m in love with you, and that is the one thing I’ll never concedeーbecause it’s true. So please don’t push me away.

Please. I like you, I love you. I want to be with you forever.


Track 5: Ashley’s Proposal


You don’t comprehend my feelings so…I’ll overlap my lips with yours as many times as it takes.

Why do you think I believe my lips could convey my emotions?

Nope, don’t talk.

I’ll continue doing this until you finally understand the way I feel.


Your pale white cheeks have turned a little red and grown hot. Your eyes are moist and your breathing is in disarray.

Aren’t you feeling thirsty right about now?

Now, go ahead and drink as much as you’d like.

If I’m going to be torn away from you then I’d much rather die here by having you drink all my blood.

I’m serious. I don’t mind dying by becoming a part of you.

Now hurry up and drink. Leave a wound on my flesh with your beautiful fangs.

Quickly give me that sharp, intense, yet sweet sensation.


It feels so good…I want to just dissolve inside you.

More, MORE.

Yes, that’s good. It’s like I’m in heaven.


Why are you stopping? This isn’t enough to kill me.

You can’t bring yourself to go further…?

Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry. Uh…I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Are you crying because I talked about dying?

But with this, have you understood that I’m serious?

I’m serious. I want to be with you forever and this feeling will never change, so please bring yourself to trust me. Please don’t try to make me leave you.

Like I said, I’ve told you this several times, I’m genuinely okay with this.

Or do you not want to be with me?

Then there shouldn’t be any issues, right?


That’s a relief. Is it okay if we continue then?

I got all riled up from the kisses and bloodsucking so I want you to take responsibility.

Just kidding.

Eh? W-Wait, you don’t have to go that far, I still haven’t showered yet.


To put your mouth around it so suddenly…

Since when did you become such a naughty girl?

There. It feels really good.

Wait, if you rub it like that-

No, not there. Stop! I was about to cum just now.


Please let me do it next.

Nope, it’s my turn this time. I’ll lick and tease you plenty with my tongue.

Hmm? What is it?

No? No what? What can’t I be doing?

What do you want me to do next?

Come on, say it, trying asking for it cutely. What do you want me to do to you?


Sorry, I was being mean wasn’t I?

Sure, I’ll give you every last thing you want.


It’s all in.


Even though your body temperature is extremely low, these insides alone are extremely hot, right?

I’m about to melt from the heat.


Is it okay if I prop your legs up a little higher? I want to enter deeper inside.


What a cute voice. Are you about to cum already?

Then I’ll cum together with you.


My bride truly is adorable and I like her so much, I love her so much that my heart aches greatly.

Never leave me, okay? We’ll always be together from now.

Let’s seal our vows with a kiss once more.

I’ll love you for as long as I live.

No, that’s quite right.

Even if I die, my soul belongs to you. I’ll be with you for all of eternity.


Please make the promise that I’ll also always be the only one you love.

Thank you.

Then let’s seal it with a kiss.


Lift your face.

I love you, my adorable bride.


Track 6: Pretend Bloodsucking


Hey, look, there’s a strangely shaped cloud floating in the sky.

Look, look, it’s really interesting, right? I wonder what that is.

Hey, are you listening?

Jeez, you didn’t answer me back on that. On that note, what have you been doing the past while?


To be more interested in that than me, what kind of book is it exactly?

Let me see.


Hmm? Is this a cookbook?

Oh, wow, you’re able to create all sorts of dishes. Is this for the sake of cooking that for me?

I’m so happy, you’re studying various things just for me. The figure of you striving to do things for me is extremely adorable.

Speaking of food, please give me just a moment.


Tada! This is a present for you. What do you think it is?


I’ve chosen a fully white apron that looks to suit you. It has lace too so it’s incredibly cute, don’t you think?

Why? I think it’ll definitely suit you.

Come on, try it on.


Are you not going to listen to my request?

I really wanted you to wear an apron the next time we cook together, so I went out of my way to prepare one for you.

Really? You’re truly as kind as I expected you to.

Oh, please take off all your clothes before you put on the apron.

Did you forget what I said earlier?

I wanted to see the naked apron.

You’ll do it…right?


Hehe, thank you.

Eh? Why? I wanted to see you take off your clothes, though.

Ugh. I get it, I’ll quietly look the other way.


Are you done yet?

Wow, to think that the apron would suit you this much, this goes beyond what I imagined.

Give me a spin.

But why? Is it because I’ll see your butt?

It’s a rare chance so I want you to please show me your cute butt.

You truly are a lovable person, aren’t you?

I love you.


What I’m doing? Pretend bloodsucking…I guess?

You’re trying your best to do things for me, so I thought I’d try being useful to you. I can’t actually suck blood, though.

Hmm, about that…

To be frank, I’m a bit scared, but I don’t mind becoming a vampire if I could be with you forever.

So why are you asking that?

Are you going to make me into a vampire?

It’s fine if you do though…


If I become a vampire, I’ll be immortal and I can spend an eternity with you.

What a shame.

Oh, right, you needed a child that is a mix between a vampire and a human. If I remember correctly, it is for the sake of producing an extremely powerful vampire.

Going back, that was the reason I was called to this world.

I guess it can’t be helped; in that case, we ought to hurry up and make kids.

Like I said, if we quickly conceive a child then it shouldn’t be a problem whether or not I become a vampire afterwards.


I’m sure that’s the case. That way, the head of your family would agree to it.

So…let’s start working hard starting now.

Babymaking, obviously. Besides, I could no longer hold myself back after seeing you in the naked apron.

Do you not want children between us?

If so, then, come on, let’s head over to the bed.

I’m glad you’re honest.


Hey, can you suck my blood first? The pleasure is far greater when you suck my blood so, please.

Of course it’s fine.

Open your mouth wider so that I can see your cute fangs.

Yes, just like that.


Really good, it feels really good.

It feels so good that my mind goes blank. So much so that it feels like everything was built up is melting away.

How is it? Am I tasty?

You’ve had enough?

There’s blood spilling from the edge of your mouth.

Ah, wait, I’ll lap it up for you.


There’s the taste of blood and it tastes good.


You’ve been moving your hips since earlier, have you been doing it subconsciously?

You’re moving like you’re trying to rub up against this place the whole time. It’s so lewd when you do that in just an apron that I’ll be the one to lose self-control.

How cute. So you want it that badly?

You’ll be on top today then.

You’ll be putting it in yourself.


You can’t do it? Even though you wanted it so badly a moment earlier?

It can’t be helped, I’ll remove my clothes myself, so I want you to continue on from there.

Okay, now try doing the rest.

Oh, wait, spread your legs a little wider and lift up the hem of your apron so I can clearly see you putting it in.

That’s right, that’s good. And then slowly lower your hips.


Wow, it entered so easily even though I haven’t touched you yet. So that’s how badly you wanted me, huh.

The tightness is more amazing than usual. What’s happened?

Oh, is it hard on you because it’s in deeper than usual?

Don’t worry, that’ll start feeling good before long. I’m sure you’ll start asking for more.

Is it painful?

Then turn this way.


The tips of your breasts are erect. I can tell even with your apron on.

They’re sticking straight out like they want to be touched. I’ll suck on them over the cloth, okay?

It’s so naughty to have fabric on you.


You’ve started moving your hips again. See? It began to feel good did it not?

Now then, try hitting all your good spots yourself.


What an incredible cute voice.

Hey, let me hear more of it.

Become more and more disarrayed.

Nice, that’s extremely enticing.


Huh? It feels good? You’re about to cum?

Sure, go ahead and cum. I’m close to my limit.

Come on, cum.

I’ll cum plenty inside, so let’s cum together.


I’m so lucky. And if I become a vampire, I’ll obtain eternal life.

And then I can be with you forever, right?

I wonder how happy I’d be once that happens.

I’ll love you forever ever. After all, you’reーeternally mine.

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  1. muselullaby207

    I always love this series. All three volume is so good. End up have all of them. Ash is really fun. Not like when he said ‘will search other girl’ but after that i really like his iteraction with mc. They just sound lovey-dovey and make me smile imagine it. The part when mc almost kick him out always get me tense.
    I want this series to have a sequel without bed scene. It will be so sweet.


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