【Translation】 Oboreru Kimi to Ningyo no Namida

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Kayama Junta (華山馴田)

Track 1: Merfolk’s Kiss


Oh, it’s a human.

Did they lose their way somewhere? They must be quite exhausted to be drowning in such a distant place.


Being human must be so inconvenient, they can’t breathe properly inside water.

I’ll give you a kiss, okay?

Look, now you can breathe properly.

That’s a relief.


Hey, you, don’t fall asleep, you’re a rare guest so let me entertain you. Please.

You finally noticed.

Nice to meet you, Ms. Human.


Is it not hard to breathe?

Really? I’m glad.

This place is underwater and it is located at the bottom of a special world’s spring. And for you to fall all the way down here, you must’ve been rather tired.

You can breathe now so drown in it all you want.

You see, they call this place a healing fountain so don’t worry, relax, and let yourself feel at ease.

Mythical creatures aren’t all evil, and that’s the way I am.

I won’t do anything bad to you so will you place your faith in me and take my hand?


Track 2: A Peace of Mind for You Who Lost their Way


You’ve already sunken under so don’t be so tense.

Yes, good girl.

Relax and let’s dive together.

It’s alright since I’m here. Although I may resemble a human, waist-down I’m completely fish so I can swim faster than a human.

Don’t worry, even on the off chance you drown, I can save you.

Besides, you kissed me so you should be able to breathe easily even in water.

Well, do you think you take a deep breath?


Breathe in and…breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.

It feels nice, doesn’t it? You appear somewhat fatigued so come here, I’ll hold you and heal you even more.


Good girl, you did well to make your way over to me. I’m glad you made it all the way here safely.

I wonder how hopeless you must’ve been while you were alone…and how exhausted you must’ve been to get here.

This isn’t a place humans fall into by mistake.

I’m truly happy that you drowned here of all places so please tell me everything.

Touch, hug. All you have to do is breathe freely and that’ll be enough to convey it to me.


I’m glad that I was the first one to find you because I can absorb all that.

Your sorrow, your fatigue, your suffering, your sadness…I’ll hold you, siphon that away, and melt your heart with words.

I can heal you starting from the base of your soul.


Don’t be scared, let yourself feel at ease.

Your exhaustion, your pain, I’ll take on everything.

The water that is my world and the world you resided in since birth, they’re beloved places and fitting places to return to.

Welcome back.

Thank you for returning. Your precious heart and your treasured life, I’ll protect them even further.


Time and time again I’ll embrace you gently and protect you like a cocoon within this spring.

I’ll melt away and heal your exhaustion and pain, and love you.


You know, you don’t have to cry anymore.

Did you think I wouldn’t be able to tell because we’re in water?

You’re a very courageous girl, but you’re also a very sad girl. Your heart has been shedding tears from the very start you know?

And it is precisely because we’re residing in water that it has been conveyed to me.

And if we touch or hug, more will be transmitted.


It was hard, wasn’t it? It was tough, wasn’t it? It was lonely, wasn’t it?

Kind child, since you can’t cry unless you’re here, I’ll cry with you.


It’s been so long since I last cried. You’re so compassionate and pitiful that I can’t stop my tears at all.

You’re happy to have seen a merfolk’s tears, right?

It’s sparkly and glittery and reflecting the light; it’s a gentle fleeting crystal.

They also say that it is a gem filled with sorrow but I wonder about that. A merfolk’s tears are rare and not many people will have ever seen a mythical creature.


They are rare, at least for me.

The tears won’t stop.

They float lightly into the water and then plop down. Have you seen gems like these?

It’s beautiful how they’re multicolored.

This is all the suffering, pain, and loneliness I’ve absorbed from you. And to me, it was a wonderful feast.

My heart has been satisfied through your pain and suffering. But I would be very happy if that makes things a little easier for you

I want a gentle child to live in a gentle world with their gentle soul if possible.

Since you possess such a gentle soul, please let me treasure it.


I want to cherish you.

If no one else would save you then I’ll treat you with care and heal you. And if that’ll be your salvation then come drown here anytime.

Don’t worry, it’ll be alright, it’s okay for you to entrust everything to me.


Being spoiled is a scary thing, isn’t it?

Entrusting yourself to someone else makes it feel like your chest is being tightly squeezed.

Bewilderment, fear, those are inevitable. After all, it is difficult to survive in the world on the other side. Waves of your emotions are pouring out.

A world unbeknownst to me, a foreign land.

However, I know, I recognize your pain and suffering, that’s why I can’t stop my tears.

Why are you so, so…


It’ll be alright, I alone won’t betray you. I’ll protect you so please feel at ease. Let us fall while you’re held within these arms.

Let’s descend even deeper.

I’ve already kissed you so you can breathe the same way as me, and that’s why you’ll be fine.

I’ll hold you and bring you to a deep place where no one’s malice can reach.


Come here and let us experience a long dream.

Lightly fall, and fall.

You’ll be fine as long as you close your eyes within my arms. Your feelings will be washed away and your heart will sleep blankly, that’s all.

I’ll be merely sucking up all your pain and suffering.


It’s a wonderful thing, you know?

There’s nothing that will harm you so don’t worry.

Surely when you wake up, your soul will become a little lighter, and you’ll be greeted by a pleasant morning. That’s all it’ll be.

So, please, try entrusting everything to me.

I’ll definitely not do anything bad to you.

Now, come here.


Thank you.


Track 3: Don’t Stay Too Long


You’re such a good girl, aren’t you? You probably took on more of a burden than you imagined, and it’s amazing how you remained standing despite that.

And so, for now, let yourself drop just for this one moment.

It’ll be alright, entrust everything to me. It’s fine to pass it and force it upon me because I’ll be able to accept it.

I’m capable of crying in your stead.

Yes, and that’s why you can act spoiled in front of me. You can simply entrust yourself to me, after all, there are only you and me here.


It feels nice, doesn’t it? Shall we do more?


Look, it’ll make your breathing easier. A merfolk’s kiss is special you see, the more you do it, the easier breathing will get, and it puts you at ease.


Your body is slowly becoming lighter, isn’t it?

I enjoy having kisses with you.


This is somewhat fun, the way it makes your body feel fuzzy and the way warmth seeps into your body through the kisses is delightful.


Let’s do it lots. This time, I’ll do it here too.

This is so fun, and it also kind of feels good. Your expression is sexy and cute.

I feel like continuing, is that okay?

Thank you.


I’ll go deeper, okay?


This is the first time I’ve had such a pleasant kiss.

Look, I’ll work on your other ear too.


I’ll fill up everything through and through.


Track 4: Mischievous Child


Hey, where do you think you’re touching?

I’m not a human so I don’t think I’m suited for that, this world isn’t just filled with just succubuses/incubuses you know?

Look, as you can see I’m a hermaphrodite.

Here are the female parts and here are the male parts.

See? It’s completely different from a human’s. I’m sure you’ll end up crying.


Jeez, don’t touch it out of curiosity.

Don’t finger my girl-hole with your fingers, it’s embarrassing.

My voice will reverberate throughout the entire spring.


No, stopーー


It feels good.

No, it’s embarrassing, but please don’t tease me by saying that you’ll stop.

Please continue, don’t stop.

I’m nothing more than a mythical creature. I’m weak to pleasure, so if you do that, I’ll lose myself before long.


Your finger is deep inside my hole…

My protrusion will swell.

Even if you kiss me right now, it’s no use, I can’t stop my voice.


It feels so good.

Please don’t increase the number of fingers inside my hole. Please don’t make twist and make a mess of my inside, that’ll happen again.

But…it feels good.

I’ll become strange if you get on my bulge while you have your finger inside me.

I’ll cum……


Stop, I’ll lose my mind if you’re so rough with everything-

I’m losing my mind, I’m losing my mind. This is the first time I’ve ever felt this good.

You’re moving your hips as you move your fingers…

Please don’t stop, I’m the one who decided to embrace you so I definitely won’t let you go.


But…this is no good. It’s no use, I’m sorry.


I-I’m cumming, I’m cumming so please let go. I’ll cum a huge load soon.

No, stop, it really is a lot!!!


Licking my ears is unfair.

I’ll make sure to pay you back so be prepared.


Track 5: Come Drown Anytime


I won’t let you go just yet.

I’ll lick you some more so stay still for a while longer. I told you that I release tons of semen so it’s not something to cry over.

Does it feel good to have your entire body gratified by me?

To desire me to that extent, were you lonely?

I’m wrong…? Oh, so you wanted me to fill you.


You’re a greedy one, but that’s an adorable reason though.

I like that because I understand that too.

Thank you for letting me hear your honest feelings, and as thanks, I’ll lick this ear.  Please grab onto me a little tighter, and then, both you and I will feel good.


It makes me happy when you wiggle both your fingers and hips. And the way you tremble as I talk to you while licking your ears is fun.


No, you don’t have to stop so give me more of your heart.

I’ll lick deeper so give me more of you.


Let us melt together and embrace each other.

You having fun makes me the happiest. So come on, let’s do more.


All the way in……


You really are cute.

I’ve taken a liking to you so please come drown anytime.

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