【Translation】 Miboujin to Aigan Shounen ~vi et animo~ Stellaworth Tokuten


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Enoki Junya (榎木淳弥)

Track 1: Seductress at the Hunting Grounds


Ah, it’s on the other side! Look, it’s beyond that thicket.


Wow, you brought it down in a single shot. I never knew that you were this good at hunting.

Is it really so? I feel that you’re the best out of all the nobles that came today.

…I don’t know much about hunting, though.

Oh, that lady-killer beside the tent with the chestnut-colored horse in blue equestrian apparel is the aforementioned earl, right?


I knew it, you broke up with him already, didn’t you? For some reason, he has been looking in this direction for a while now; maybe call out to him.

Eh? Are you sure?

I see, it’s intermission already. In that case, how about those woods? Not many people go there so we might be able to take our time.

I’ll go tell the butler then.


Will this area work?

Please grab onto my hand.

Not at all, I’m a man so carrying you off a horse is nothing much.

Ah, please come this way. This area is cool since the breeze often blows pass here and it’s a perfect place for setting up traps.


Haa…I’m exhausted.

This is my first time hunting but it’s surprisingly taxing. I never knew.

So, why did you take me along? I can’t ride horses nor can I hunt, so aren’t I a burden?

My sake…?

It’s true that I’m having a lot of fun because I’ve never been on an excursion like this.

Thank you.


Eh? More?



W-What’s the matter?

Wait, please don’t touch that place!

But…we might be seen in a place like this.

Are you alright with that?


I’m fine with it as long as you are.

Hey, was it really okay to ignore that earl? He looked like he really wanted to talk to you.

Aren’t you the only one thinking that it doesn’t matter?

It’s been a long time since you two separated so it’s annoying, it’s like he has lingering attachments. And he was staring at you so intently like that…

Plus he probably realized that I was your lover because he was giving me quite the glare.


You genuinely don’t have any interest in him anymore, do you?

It’s kind of pitiful, I wonder when I’ll end up like that too…

M-m, it’s nothing.

Your breasts are already reacting, it’s so stiff and erect that I can tell through your clothing.

I actually want to touch them directly but if you were to undress here then somebody might see you naked so I won’t do it. In exchange, I’ll touch your bottom half a lot.

Is it okay for me to remove just your underwear?


I knew it, this place is already this wet.

Please don’t shake your hips so much, I’ll be pleasuring you, after all.


Why are you feeling it so easily today? …It seems quicker than usual.

Is it because we’re outside, or is it because of the hunt?

I wonder if it’s because of the salty taste but I’m more aroused than normal too. Come on, touch me.

It’s incredible, right?

Without any regard to the situation, I wanted to touch you so badly earlier that I couldn’t help myself. …Almost to the point where I would immediately push you down and shove it in.


Eh? You’ll do it with your mouth?


It feels really good.

For you to service me with your mouth in a place like this…it’s unbelievable.

Not just me, I want you to feel good as well. Is it okay if I go for it?

You were the one who taught me that we could both feel good together this way, were you not? So stride across my face just like that.


So I made you spill so much. It has trickled all the way down to your thighs.

P-Please don’t be so rough, I’ll cum right away.

I’ll insert my fingers too then okay?


Your insides are so tight.

Does it feel good when I use both my mouth and fingers at the same time?

Your insides squeezed down just now, so it does feel good then. Well then, I’ll continue so please spill more because I’ll lap it all up for you.


That’s…good, that feels so good. I’m close to cumming.

Are you about to cum too?

Sure, I’ll let you cum. I’m about to too-


Your little entrance’s twitching. How cute.


Open up your mouth. Did you swallow it all?

Say, is it okay if I kiss you?

Our tastes are mixing together…


I’m erect again.

Say, is it not possible to do it here?

Then place your hands on that tree over there. I’ll do it from the back.

I’m putting it in then.


Wow, your insides are wrapping around me.

Did you cum simply from having me insert it just now? Your inner parts are twitching.

I’m so happy, please feel it more and feel good from my thing.


Amazing, so much poured out from deep inside just now, your precious place is completely drenched.

No one would notice if the inside of your dress ends up like this, right?

Look, do you hear these indecent sounds?


Hey, it’s not just that aforementioned earl, right?

How many of the nobles invited to the hunt have you slept with until now? And just how many men have you done this with?

I-I’m being kind of odd today. I don’t want to show this figure of yours to anyone but at the same time, I want to show this to all the other men.

I want to show the sight of you swallowing up my thing and satisfying yourself in such an obscene way to the earl and your other lovers. I want to teach them directly that you’d make this type of voice when you have sex with me and that you would accept me while being in such an embarrassing state.


Lift this leg, I’ll prop it up for you.

Look, I can reach deeper this way. I’ll hit your pleasurable spots as much as you want.

Are you about to cum again?

Go ahead and cum. Let out your lewd voice so that the other guys can hear the voice you make when you cum.


I’m cumming too so take it in deep.


Wait, if I pull out now, my cum will spill out so let’s stay like this a little longer…

I said that earlier but I don’t want anyone else to see such a naughty appearance. I want to make it a secret between just you and me so let’s quickly return.

Next time, I want to embrace you on top of your bed.

There’s no problem with that, right?

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