【Translation】 Miboujin to Aigan Shounen ~vi et animo~


Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

未亡人と愛玩少年 ~vi et animo~

CV: Enoki Junya (榎木淳弥)

Track 1: Prized Youth


Umm…are you the Madam?


Thank you for purchasing me.

Yes, the maids gave me a bath earlier and it was the first time I’ve worn wonderful clothes.

Err, I meant I was given permission to wear…


Ah, no, I apologize, I am not used to this manner of speaking. But, the maids said that Madam is my masters so I have to speak politely.

That’s why I’ll…try my best.


Eh? But-

Really? It’s okay for me to talk like this?

Thank god, I was a bit nervous coming to such a large mansion, plus, I didn’t know what kind of person you were, but the maids said that Madam was an extremely beautiful and kind person so rest at ease.

And it turns out, you really were such a beautiful person, and it shocked me.


Please don’t laugh, it’s true; it really is the first time I’ve ever met someone as beautiful as you.

It’s not because you’re wearing an extravagant dress, rather, it’s almost as if you yourself are shining.


Err, around this area.


Is it alright for me to be this close?

I’m a slave and you’re the noble Madam who resides in this magnificent mansion. In truth, you’re not a person I would be allowed to speak toーーthat much at least I know.

Mhm, a butler explained it to me earlier that I will be becoming one of your lovers.

I asked about the exact meaning of that, so…

I just have to do the same things as the girls in the slave market, right? But I’ve never done that type of thing before so I don’t know why you bought me.

The butler said that you’ll teach me everything so there’s no need to worry but…


!? Pupil…? Are you referring to my eyes?

You’re the first one to say that my eyes are pretty.


I don’t know my name. I was told that I was sold to the slave market when I was about 3 years ago so I don’t know my age either.

I’ve been in the market for about 15 years I think.


Viridis…? What’s Viridis?

What do you mean when you say that?


I don’t quite understand but is that my name?

There’s no way I wouldn’t like it. My name, Viridis, means green in Latin, right?


Thank you, I’m really glad that I was bought by you. I’m certain that I’m the only slave to have received a name.

Madam, I’ll do my utmost to serve you so that you’re satisfied and that you’re happy to have bought me. And so, please tell me what I should do because I’ll do anything I’m able to.


Track 2: First Introductions


S-Sorry, your hand was so soft it surprised me.

Mhm, they’re soft and smooth and feel really nice. This is the first time I’ve been touched or kissed by a woman like this.


Your lips are soft too.

So kisses had been such a pleasurable act.


U-Umm, what should I be doing? Simply memorizing it isn’t enough, right?

I just have to remember the things you do to me and then do the same things to you…?


I like it, it feels really good. Your lips aren’t just soft, they also taste somewhat sweet and when I kiss them like this, the inside of my mind goes numb and makes me feel dazed.


It was a little ticklish.

Uh-huh, I’ll endure it.

T-There…my nipples. Yes, it feels sort of strange, there’s this tingling feeling and my body’s becoming hotter.

That place-

But it feels good so it naturally ends up like that. Besides, how should I say it, you’re…despite being so proper earlier, somehow you’re extremely lewd.


I don’t hate it, you’re lewd but you seem more beautiful than before.

What should I do? I feel like I’m becoming odd.

I-If you touch that place then-

Please don’t rub it so hard.


I’ve done that from time to time.

When I can’t bear with it any longer, I would conceal it with something at night and masturbate, and the way I do it is what the people older than me taught me.

Stop, it’s too dirty to put in your mouth!

This is my first time having oral.


It feels good!

The inside of your mouth is hot and your tongue is wrapping around it, and it feels so good I feel like I’m about to melt.

Stop, stop, I’m about to cum so please let go…!!!


You swallowed what I ejaculated?

But it’s filthy.

Are you…are you feeling good as well?

……You’re wet. I heard that when women feel good this place gets wet.

I see, so it becomes like this.


For you to let out that type of voice is…

And not only that, this place, warm nectar is slowly pouring out from your precious place.

Does it feel good when I do this?

It’s okay for me to stick my fingers inside? Like this…?


Wow, your insides are so hot.

Move my fingers…? Like this?

S-sorry, I’m sorry, did that hurt?

I got it, I’ll do it slowly and gently.

Ah, more is spilling out from inside you and the movement of your hips is very lewd too. Does it feel good? Are you feeling it from my fingers?

I’m so happy, you’re so cute and beautiful when you’re feeling it.

I want to hear more of that voice. I want you to feel even better.


Uh-huh, I understand. I know how to do it, I often saw aristocrats doing it with the girls at the slave market.

They say they’re testing the product and then rape the girls one after another. Although some would buy them if they took an interest, the girls had to satisfy those that only wanted to assault them.

The girls were in pain and cried, but…you’ll be okay, right?

Because I don’t want to cause you pain.


You’re going to insert yourself?

Understood, I’ll make sure to remember so that I can do it properly next time.

Huh? That’s strange, it was so hard earlier…

That’s not it! It’s not because I don’t want to do it with you, I didn’t lie when I said that I would do anything for your sake.

I want you to feel more pleasure and feel it more, so whyーー?

Wait just a second, I’ll-

It’s no use, I can’t get it hard.


That’s enough?

I wasn’t able to be of use to you. Did I disappoint you…?

Uh-huh, I’m extremely nervous because I don’t know how to make you feel good.

Eh? Sleep together in this bed?

B-But as a slave, to sleep in such a luxurious bed with you, the Madam is…

It’s fine? Really?

Is it really okay for me to sleep here? It’s like a dream for me to sleep in such a warm place. Not only that, I have such a beautiful person like you next to me and there’s a nice smell.


If only I could never wake up from this dream……

You’re right, you bought me, brought me to this mansion, and said that you’d cherish me. And none of that is a dream, it’s all real.

I’ll do my best tomorrow, I’ll definitely make sure to satisfy you so please don’t throw me away.

Thank you.


Track 3: Soft Cushion


Mhm, there were so many things happening all in one day, it’s like my eyes have opened.

I’m sorry, you’re sleepy, right?

I think it’s best if I slept in my own room.


Are you sure? I’m happy about that, but…

Eh? I was wondering why someone with status as high as yours would want to chat with me. At the market, we were commodities so there was never anyone who would start a conversation with us.


Is that so? I’m no longer a slave since you bought me.

How should I say it, I still can’t quite comprehend that even though I’m sleeping next to a person like you on such a spacious and soft bed.

I had this thought earlier but your hands are soft.

Are all women like that or are you special?

Eh? It’s okay to hold hands like this throughout the night?

Thank you, I’m really happy.


A kiss…? But why?

A thank you kiss, right?

I got it. Is this okay?

I don’t think it’ll be very interesting to listen to me talk but if you want to know then I’ll tell you.


I told you this earlier but I was sold to that market at a very young age by my parents and the owner of that market said that I was about 3 years ago.

The nobles that come down to the market search for men that can serve as their servants so as someone who was slow and weak, nobody wanted to buy me. And that’s why I was really happy that you bought me.

Hey, let me hear from you this time because I want to know more about you.


Uh-huh. Oh, of course, you don’t have to force yourself to talk if you don’t want to.

All I heard from the maids that you were married off to the Duke, the master of this estate when you were young and became a widow soon after. And that right now, you have many other lovers besides me.

You were married when you were 16, huh. That’s normal for aristocrats, isn’t it?

Then, how old was Sire, the Duke then?

Eh? Then that means he was more than old enough to be your father.

I see, that must’ve been tough.


I mean, you didn’t have to worry about food or be forced to wear dirty clothes for days on end but I was thinking that you must’ve surely felt sad to have lost your husband so soon.

Eh? Why are you laughing?

He was a marriage partner whom you had no interest nor affection for?

I’ve heard of that before, it’s what you call a political marriage I think. Your family would receive support in exchange for the marriage.

I think it’s only natural for nobles but to me, that’s an unimaginable world.

However, I’m here now. I’ll do my best to never let you feel lonely.


Mhm, it seems like I’ve gotten a little sleepy too.

Good night.


Track 4: Love Affair


Is it really okay to do it this way?

I’m so happy. I feel like I can do anything as long as you are pleased.

Say, is it alright if I remove the clothes you’re wearing?


It’s beautiful.

Oh, I’m sorry for staring, it was just far too beautiful.

Mhm, I’ve never seen anything this beautiful, so much so that I’m frightened to touch them. I’ll try not to repeat what I did with my fingers so please tell me all your pleasurable spots.


Oh, did you react just now?

Do your ears feel good?

So it feels that good, huh. What happens if I do this?

Your cute voice, let me hear more of that voice.


Your breasts are so soft. Is it alright if I touch them like this? Would it be okay for me to apply more pressure?

Like this?

The tips have gotten hard. Is it fine for me to lick them?


They’re swelling up more.

What should I do? Your voice is so lewd that I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself.

Your body is truly beautiful, your chest, your stomach, your hips…

Can you show me this place too? I want to have a taste of this place the same way you licked me yesterday.


It’s wet even though I haven’t touched it yet. You felt it from my kisses, huh.

So this is the taste of you.

Amazing, it’s pouring out continuously. Does it feel good?

Cute, you’re so cute when you’re feeling it that I can’t stop myself. Please feel more and more pleasure.


I’m putting in my fingers.


Your insides are soaking wet and it’s moving in a way like it’s trying to suck my finger inside.

It looks like it’ll feel really good if I put that inside here.

Uh-huh, I want to hurry up and shove it in. I want to mess you up with my thing.

I got it, I’ll try my best and make you feel even more pleasure.


You felt good when I licked your ears, right?

Does it feel good when I move my fingers as I lick your ears?

Wow, there’s never more spilling out than before.

Do you hear these sounds?

The entrance that’s swallowing up my fingers is twitching and it’s really cute. And when I churn up your insides with my fingers like this…

I knew it, this feels good. In that case, I’ll do it some more.


Your insides have gotten hotter. I want quickly, quickly enter inside here.

I did it right so can you give me a reward?

Is it fine to lie face up?

Does this work?

P-Please don’t touch it. I can no longer endure it, I’ll cum if you touch me.

I know, I’ll do my best to hang on so that I don’t cum right away.


Wow, it feels so good.

It was nice when you did it with your mouth but your insides are far hotter and softer.


It’s all in.

W-Wait, please don’t move!!! I’m seriously cum if you move right now.

I’m fine now, just move slowly.

It feels good, it feels really good.


You look like you’re feeling good too. You’re wiggling your body on top of me and shaking your hips so vigorously.

I can see my thing going in and out of your precious place and your beautiful folds are coiling and surrounding me, and it’s really indecent.

Incredible, so much poured out from inside you just now and your voice is louder than before.

Does this place feel good?

I’ve memorized this deep spot of yours so please tell me more of your good spots. The places where you feel it and the things that feel good, all of them.


Raise my body?

Is this okay…?

You’re right, this way I can kiss you.


You’re wet again. Your juices have trickled down to my thighs you know?

Hey, do the kisses feel good?

I feel good too. My body feels hot when I entwine my tongue with yours like this and I become unable to think of anything else besides you.

Your movements are more intense than before…

Incredible, I’m in deep, I’m hitting your deepest parts.


Your insides are so tight. If you squeeze down so hard as you rub against me, I won’t be able to last much longer…I feel like I’m losing my mind.

I can’t, I’m cumming. I’m cumming!


Just now, your insides got really tight at the end. Your inner bits are trembling and are almost trying to wring my thing dry.

Really? I was able to satisfy you?

Thank god.

I never knew that doing it with a girl would feel this good and bring me this much joy. And this is the first time, since I was born, that I’ve been praised by someone the way you did now.

I’m truly glad to have met you.


Track 5: Crack


What’s the matter? Isn’t this the first time you came to my room?

M-m, I went to bed but I wasn’t able to sleep so it’s fine. If you’d like, you can come inside.


So, did I do something?

But for you, the Madam, to pay a visit to my room is unthinkable unless something serious has happened.

I see, I didn’t eat dinner so the maids were worried.

It’s not like I’m feeling unwell, just that, I’m a little…


I saw a man go inside your room during the day. That’s a new lover, isn’t he?

I ended up hearing about it when the maid stood around talking. Although the earl had taken the occasion and taken a young wife, he’s already…in that type of relationship with you.

I’m sorry, I know that I’m not in the position to say this. I’m just a former slave who’s merely one of your many lovers so…I can’t restrain you.

Even though I should’ve known that from the start, it’s unbearably painful when I actually see you allow another man into your room. I wonder how you get intimate with that man, what kind of indecent expression you show or what kind of voice you cry out in.

Those thoughts fill my head and can’t leave my mind.


I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I don’t want to be hated by you.

I really didn’t want you to know that I was having these thoughts but I’ll endure it and become more aware of my own status so please let me-

Eh? You don’t know?

You don’t understand why I’m feeling so sad and am in this much pain?


I see, so that’s how it was.

As expected, I’m still a slave to you, I remain the commodity you bought at the market. You don’t know what thoughts I have when I’m there as your partner every night or what kind of feelings I hold towards you.

It’s only natural that you don’t know, though.

M-m, it’s nothing, you don’t have to worry about it because it doesn’t have anything to do with you. I’m serious.

You are a noblewoman, to me you’re a being that resides above the clouds so you don’t have to consider my feelings, you just have to remain the way that you are.


Sorry for making you worry, I’m genuinely fine now. Would you prefer me as your partner tonight?

Mhm, I know. I’ll let you rest again today then.

Good night.


Track 6: Monologue


Madam, are you already asleep?


It’s fine to sleep since you don’t have to know of the things I’m about to speak of now.

I pondered about it the entire thing while I held you earlier.

As expected, you’re like a goddess to me. But to you, I’m like a toy you have a passing interest for that you can play around with. I’m sure you’ll one day get tired of me and throw me away the same way you parted from the many lovers you formed relationships with.

Yet, despite knowing all that, I can’t bring myself to hate you.

After all, you saved me from the hell-like slave market, gave me a room in this vast estate, let me wear clean clothes, let me eat warm meals, and gave me a name.


Each time you call me “Viridis” with your beautiful voice, I feel so happy that it brings me close to tears.

…And also you’re the one that taught me that emotion.

Touching a woman’s body for the first time, kissing, overlapping our bodies, and how embracing another person while sleeping is this soothing, I never knew of any of this before coming here.

I feel happy when you smile and when you make a sad expression, I want to clear even a little of that fog. And the inside of my chest feels warm simply by touching you.

I never knew of this feeling before. I never imagined that I was able to harbor such emotions.


Is this “love” I wonder?

This is my first time so I’m not sure but I do know one thing, regardless of whether this is love, there’s no way these feelings would be reciprocated.

The day you treat me as more than a toy or a doll will……never come.

But even so, I won’t abandon these feelings.


I’ll head off to sleep now. It’d be nice if I could see you inside my dreams too.

Good night, my goddess.


Track 7: Body and Soul


You called for me rather late.

I heard from the maids that you weren’t returning today though. Did something happen?


M-m, I’m fine because I also felt lonely at the thought of not being able to see you today.


This is the smell of cigars.

You don’t smoke tobacco, right? And yet…

I see, so you were at a man’s place, that’s why you weren’t supposed to return today. Is the earl from the other day? Or is it some other man again?

Oh? So you found another lover.

And then what? You called me because you weren’t satisfied despite sleeping with that man?

Should I be overjoyed since you’re using me to fulfill the role of satisfying you instead of that man? Should I just kiss you and say “Thank you so much, Madam”?

Well, tell me.


Why do you think I’m angry?

Isn’t that obvious? That’s precisely the reason you bought me so this is only natural.


Let’s begin. If we don’t hurry, I might not be able to satisfy you even if we take till morning.


Hey, was the man today bad at kissing? More than I was when I first came here?

That’s true, you’re the one who taught me.

I think I’m capable of giving you your favorite kiss now though.


This place-

I didn’t realize that the man today left marks on you.

Here, and here.

Despite having such fair skin, despite never letting me do it…

Is it okay if I leave marks on top? I don’t want there to be traces of other men left on your body.


There’s that. And here too.

Is there any other?

It doesn’t seem like there are. What a relief.


Today’s man appears rather possessive, I’m sure he wanted to make you his own even though that’s not possible.

Is that not so?

After all, you’re doing this with me after having sex with that man.

Did you teach this to the new man? That you enjoy having your breasts fondled while having your ears licked.

Look, the tips of your breasts have already swelled up and stiffened, and your voice is extremely sweet today.

So it was that lacking, huh.


How did the man make love to your breast today? Did he suck them hard like this? Did he roll your nipples around with his tongue? Did he lightly bite them like this?

What a nice voice. It feels good, doesn’t it?

I’ll make you feel even better.


Open up your legs.


Wow, you’re already this drenched. Did you want me to hurry up and touch you?

!? No, that’s not it…

Is this from today’s man?

Stay still, I’ll get it out right now.

Stop, let it all out, I won’t all cum from another man be left inside you.


How many times did today’s man cum inside you?

Even though he slept with you, even though he wasn’t able to satisfy you…he alone let out this much.

But even so, I’m sure you weren’t able to discard such a man.

You’ll carefully teach him so that he’ll become your preference. You’ll train him and enjoy making him one of your lovers for the time being…like you did me.


Are you about to cum?

Wait, endure it for a bit longer because I want you to cum from my thing rather than my fingers.

Is it okay if I do it from the back?

Please lie face down over there.

I’m putting it in then.


Amazing, your insides are wrapping around me.

I want to reach deeper inside you…

Look, it’s all in.

I’ll start moving so cum. Cum while calling out my name.


What a cute voice. Please call out “Viridis” more, the one embracing you is me so make sure to feel it.


Did you cum?

Did you know that it’s really wonderful when I embrace you from the back and your back curves and your hair gets disheveled when you cum?

I like doing it while seeing your face but I like this spectacle too.

You love doing it from the back too, don’t you? Since I can hit your favorite spot just like this.


Hey, this is your favorite spot, I’ll continue hitting it so go ahead and cum again.


This is amazing, there’s an endless flow.

Does it feel good? Are you feeling it from me?

I really good too.

Today you’re cuter than usual and exceptionally lewd. I want to embrace you with care but I also want to mess you up with all my strength.


Your insides have gotten tighter. Are you about to cum again?

I’m about to cum too, I’ll let it all out inside you…all of it.

I’m cumming!


Wait, I’m still cumming. Let me release every last drop inside you.


If only you could get impregnated by me because that wayーー

What am I saying? You still won’t become mine even if you are pregnant.


Is it okay if I stay like this for a little longer? I want to stay inside you for just a bit longer.


I’m sorry, I’m acting strange today aren’t I?

Even though I’ve always done whatever you ask of me, I went off having sex with you on my own accord.

Really? You’ll forgive me?

Thank god, I was really scared that you’d hate me.


Hey, please turn your face this way, I want to kiss you.


S-Sorry, it felt so good that I somehow got aroused again.

Eh? You’re fine with doing it one more time?

Then, please turn face up while we remain joined together like this.

Your insides have started moving again and are wrapping around me so indecently.

Say, is it okay for me to start moving? I can’t endure it any longer, I want to churn up your inside nice and thoroughly.


It feels good, it feels so good…

Hey, please spread your legs wider. If I move like this, my cum and your juices start mixing together and start spilling out.

Do you hear this sound? This is the sound of you accepting me.

But I’ll touch you, I’ll caress this part that’s sticking out with my fingers.


Yes, you like this, don’t you?

I can tell because your insides have gotten tighter.

And your ears too. I’ll pleasure all your good spots so fill your mind with me.

What an indecent moan, how cute.

It’s just me, the only person who heard your voice just now, the only person who’s inside you right now is me.


I’m about to cum again.

Is it okay if I cum now? I want to release everything inside you.


I’m cumming!


Why is it that I feel extremely lonely despite being inside you and feeling overwhelmingly happy, more so than any other time I’ve embraced you?

I know, I have no one but you, but I’m not the only person you have.

You…you’ll never ever belong to me.

If only this moment could last an eternity. You and I are connected, and I wish this could continue on forever.


I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to trouble you but I want you to remember this at least.

ーーI love you.


Even if you’ll never love me, even if there will be times where you’re embraced by other people, I’ll always be thinking of you.

This body, this heart, this soul, this life, all of it belongs to you and you alone.

You don’t have to reciprocate my feelings but please forgive me for loving you.

I love you and I’ll forever love you until this life of mine ends.

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