【Translation】 Mukuro no Kochou wo Yume Ni Miyu 300DL Track


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Kitten and Etude


Hey, is it okay if I come in now?


I’m coming in.


Wow, that’s super cute, that cosplay really suits you.

Cat ears, bell collar, and…

Hmm? Huh? Where’s the tail?

There was a cute tail that came as a part of the set wasn’t there?


You can’t?

Oh? Then who broke my precious mug I wonder?

I’m glad you understand, in that case, why don’t you put on the tail as well? …In front of me.

It’s not convincing if you say that you’re embarrassed while wearing such a pervert costume. You’re completely nude with just the ears and collar; there’s no difference whether you have the tail on or off.

Come on, put, it, on.

Oh, should I put it on for you?


I see. You prefer that too, right?

Get onto all-fours on top of the bed then.


Mhm, well done.

Okay, now lift your hips because I’m sticking this tail inside your ass.

Apply a lot of lube on it like this…

Ah! Would it be better if I loosened it up first? It’s hard to suddenly start with beads, right?

Then, first-

Huh? This other place is a little wet.


I don’t think it’s the fault of the lube that trickled down.

Could it be that you’re turned on from wearing such an indecent outfit? Or are you feeling it from the thought that you’ll be receiving plenty of love?

Jeez, you’re so naughty.

However, I won’t touch this place just yet since that other place is the main focus.

I’ll be putting in my fingers then.


Aah…so tight.

I mean, I guess that’s expected. I’ll insert it deeper, so relax.


It’s in pretty deep.

Is it hard on you? Are you okay?

That’s good, I’ll start moving so tell me immediately if it hurts or gets difficult okay?

Good girl.


Seems like it’s slowly loosening up. Your arms are shaking, how cute.

Shall I move it like this?

What a nice response, it was incredibly adorable.

This is great.

Hmm, I guess this will work. These beads are small so they’ll probably be able to fit like this.


Don’t worry, I’ll stop right away if it hurts.

That said, that fear isn’t a fear of pain, what you’re actually afraid of is feeling pleasure from your ass.

I can see through everything.

I’m putting it in then.


It went in so easily.

With the tail on, you’ve completely transformed into a cat.

It’s super cute, and if I play with the tail like this…

For you to let out such a sweet voice, does the tail really feel that good?

Then I’ll fiddle around with it tons more.


You really are lewd.

You’re seriously a naughty disobedient cat to feel it so much from your ass.

I ought to punish a bad kitty, so, come on, turn yourself face up and spread your legs nice and wide. Since you’re a naughty disobedient cat, I’ll tease you lots.

I’ll touch this cute looking place while making a mess out of your ass.


Did that feel good?

The sound of the bell ringing each time you feel it is nice.

I’ll continue then.


Your ass versus this place, which one do you like better?

You know the answer, don’t you?

Both feel good, don’t they?

Look, both my hands are drenched from the juices spilling out from you. See? It’s amazing, right? You’re feeling it this much from having your ass and clit teased.

I would like to do more but I’m wanting some stimulation too.


A pet is meant to serve their master are they not?

So lick me and give me your service.

Look, I’ll be on the bottom.

Uh-huh, yup, yup, move your butt towards my face. This way, we’ll be able to attend to each other no?

I’ll lick you lots, okay?


Lick properly too.

Yes, that’s right, take it in nice and deep…

Yes, that feels good.


This is really incredible, the slobber pouring from your lower mouth has soaked my face. You’re such a naughty girl, you really are.

What an amazing noise, as expected, you love having your ass teased don’t you?

Come on, don’t stop sucking.


I’m about to cum.

That feels really good…I’m seriously about to cum.

You’re panting too, are you close to cumming?


You gave a little jolt just now and your legs are clattering.

I’m cumming too so make sure to swallow it.


That felt good, plus, you were super adorable.

Nope, you can’t pull it out just yet. Let’s enjoy that look of yours some more, my cute adorable pet.

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