【Translation】 Daraku no Kuni no Alice Alice with Queen of Hearts ~Heart no Joou to Sarashi Sex~ Animate Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: The Queen’s Significant Other


Hmm? Why are you apologizing?

That can’t be helped, right?  You don’t know where things are and what things there are to begin with so it’s not like you can just learn it right off the bat.

I know that I can get someone to serve me but I don’t want to let anyone besides you into this room. In that case, I have no choice but to brew the tea myself.

Don’t feel obligated, I’m doing it because I want to.

No, rather, you would be filled with awe, this is tea, that I, the Queen, has personally brewed so be thankful when you drink it.


Oh, Alice, do you not want milk or sugar?

I see, then give me your cup, I’ll pour it for you.

Hmm? What is it? Tell me.

I am indeed the Queen. Alice, do you not refer to me as such as well?


Hmm, there isn’t one, as far as I know at least. Even in the past, there hasn’t been one. On that note, why are you asking that?

The King would be my spouse?

It certainly isn’t unreasonable to think that, however, I have no need for such a thing.


Hmm…a partner, huh.

I never thought about this butーー

Oh, that’s right! Alice, why don’t you become King? In other words, you’ll marry me. What do you think?

If you don’t know then think about it now.

My mind’s already set. I got it, why don’t you give me a reply before this black tea is finished?

I’m not being abrupt, you’re the one who brought up this subject in the first place. Now then, have you decided on an answer?


There’s still black tea left? Then how about this?

Look, your tea has vanished so let me hear your reply.

Unfair? …Is that really so?

I apologize, but if we were to become spouses then we would be tied together not only through our emotions but also through contract won’t we? So I ended up being a little bit too ecstatic at the thought of that.

That’s why I rushed for an answer. I wanted to hear it as soon as possible, you see.

Oh, naturally, I’m expecting a favorable response.


It is true that there is only one response I desire and I won’t accept anything besides that. As you say, there might not be a need for you to reply, however, that once again complicates things.

I want to hear the answer in your voice and through your words.

Tell me, will you become my significant other or will you become this country’s King?

Yes, they’re both the same thing.

You’re so clever, Alice, you didn’t fall for the trick.

Then about how this? Why don’t you give me a reply before I make you climax?

What do you think?


I’ll use all my strength to grant you pleasure but I won’t let you cum until you answer me.

Aah…it seems so fun, let’s play this game.


What’s with that, Alice? You’re making such an intoxicated expression even though all we’ve done is entwine our tongue. At this rate, won’t you climax from just kisses?

I won’t be able to continuously tease you to no end until you reply.

Hmm, this has become quite a difficult game.

Alice, your body’s more sensitive than usual today.

There’s that too no? I can tell that your clitoris is erect even with your underwear on.


See? The outline of it bulges out distinctively through your underwear and it’s trembling like it wants to be touched.

Hmm, your underwear’s soaked even though I only stroked it gently.

Alice, wouldn’t it be harder on you if we were to stop now? So hurry up and say your answer.

Oh, of course it’s hard on me. I can’t receive a reply nor can I grant the beloved you all the pleasure I can, that is what I find painful.


Yes, I cherish you more than anyone or anything, Alice…to the point of madness.

Alice, will you give me your reply?

I see. My significant other, huh. In that case, let’s connect deeply rather than merely touching and bring you to climax.


Ah, you’re already this wet.

Since when? Were you like this since we kissed?

No need to answer.

You’re embarrassed, right? Your face is bright red.

However, if you’re this wet then I don’t need to break it in with my fingers. I can immediately…


It’s in, all in one go, Alice.

Is it because you’re now my spouse that you’re able to accept it this easily?

I’ve reached it.

Shall I ask your cute womb for the answer to that?


I love you, my one, and only.

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