【Translation】 Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru・Soko wa Kurutta Yume no Fuchi Complete Edition – Sadatsugu Preorder Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

After Sadatsugu’s Happy End


H: Yes, yes, who is it?

It’s me. You’re the one who arranged to have the drinking party at this time so you should know.

H: Then here’s a question: who’s the cutest in the world?

My wife, of course.

H: Wrong. The correct answer’s my wife.

That’s extremely irritating, so hurry up and open the door.

H: Eh, just play along till you get it right.

Where did Akira go?

H: He didn’t want to acknowledge that answer so he’ll come again later.

Hmm, how eager, then we’ll leave too.

H: Are you sure about that? I won’t give you that ‘thing’ of hers that you wanted, Sadatsugu.

You got your hands on ‘that’? Just how exactly-


Ah, no, it’s nothing, it’s not anything for you to be worried about.

Haruto, stop horsing around and let us in already, I went out of my way to bring some high-quality alcohol.

H: Yeah, yeah, I know. Sadatsugu, you’re quick-tempered and you’re quick shot in terms of that as well.

I’m not a quick shot!!!


H: Welcome. Sadatsugu aside, you finally came.

Why are you putting me aside, I was the one who was invited in the first place?

H: You’ll come even if I don’t ask you to.

Haa…I feel like cutting ties now.

H: Go ahead, if only there was another scumbag that could understand you better than me.

Forget it, I’m coming in.


H: Well then, welcome to my flat.

H: Don’t be modest and sit wherever you like. I made the things you enjoy so make sure to eat lots, okay?

Hey, what about the food I like?

H: If it’s about that, it’s in that little dish there.

……That’s not enough.

H: Since Akira will be coming after he flirts with his bride, let’s have a toast first.

Will he even be coming tonight?

H: Okay, cheers!


H: It might be a bit early for this, but what blunders would you like to hear about?

It’s unusual for you to realize your own failures.

H: There’s no way I’d make mistakes, I’m referring to you, Sadatsugu.

Wait, why are we starting dinner with my horror stories?

H: Err, it was when Sadatsugu was still a high school studentーー

I told you to wait! Why are you always like this…


H: Hmm? Huh? Are you drunk by any chance?

H: Oh, I see. Take care.

Are you okay? If you feel like puking I’ll come with you.

H: Sadatsugu, you have no sense of decency, it’s only natural to go after you’ve drank a lot.

Don’t go off talking about decency when you have no empathy.


H: Oh, is it Akira I wonder.

H: Well Akira that was unexpectedly fast, did you get dumped today?

The only person in the world who would pick a fight with Akira is Haruto. Now then, how about we head off?

Where to…?

You said that you wanted to go to the washroom, didn’t you? I’ll guide you so follow me so that you don’t enter unnecessary places.

Don’t need to refrain, I’ll wait in front of the washroom.


Oh, are you done?

Wait, I’m coming in as well.

I mean, we’re husband and wife so it’s fine if we enter together.

Shh…enough, just let me in.


Hmm? The reason I came in too?

What do you think it is? If you get it right, I’ll let you out of here.



The reason I came in as well is because you were having such a close conversation with Haruto that I got a bit jealous.


Ah, like I’ve said before, I trust Haruto. He’ll never lay hands on you.

Despite knowing that, when I see you happily talk with another man, I’m reminded of past pains and become unable to stop myself.


Even if you don’t pay heed to it, Haruto’s cheerfully drinking with Akira. I’m sure they won’t mind if we leave our seats for a bit.

And so, in return for making me jealous, show your cute expressions to me alone.

Hmm? Why are you already wet? Don’t tell me that while talking to Haruto…

I wonder about that, even if he’s that type of man, it wouldn’t be strange to desire his embrace since he’s got a nice face.


You say that I’m wrong so why don’t you prove it to me here?

Are you sure about this? If you let out a loud voice, a concerned Haruto might come and check to see what’s wrong you know?

Yup, yup, it’s better if we kiss as to not raise suspicions.


I’m putting it in so grab onto me.


Look, the entire thing’s in already. Not only that, you’re wetter than usual, are you actually into this type of thing?

This place is squeezing so tightly as you deny it. You’re such a bad girl for lying, I’ll rub the deep spot you love right here repeatedly so that you become honest.


More and more is spilling out, you’re so wet it’s almost as if you’ve wet yourself.

I’m not lying. It’s dripping all the way down to the floor and the room is filled with your scent.

And as I catch a whiff of that scent, I lose more and more of my self-control.


Incredible, your insides are soaked and twisting around me.

Don’t tell me you’re especially feeling it because we’re at Haruto’s house?

Oh? Is that so?

Then it wouldn’t be an issue for us to return after I poured my cum into you.


Even if you say no, I’m already about to cum.

Look, because your insides are trying to squeeze it out of me…


I love you.

Please look at me more than any other men and…react to only me.


I’m cumming.


You came too, didn’t you? Even if you try to hide it I can tell by the movements of your insides.

Now then, let’s return to where Haruto is.

Eh? Of course I’m serious.

Don’t worry, don’t worry, the smell will disappear before long and even if they do find out, I’ll gladly watch over the situation. Or rather, that’s what I prefer.

Haha. If you don’t want to be punished like this next time then don’t laugh with other men more than you need to.

I’ll mark you with my scent each time you go against that, so prepare yourself.

But then again, you’re probably completely steeped in my scent already.

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