【Translation】 Deki Sokonai no Kodomo-tachi Subject: 168


Thank You to Vu Anh for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

できそこないのこどもたち Subject:168

CV: Asou Shuuya (麻生修也)

Track 1: Good Morning


Hey, wake up, Mother. It’s almost noon.

What a relief.

Good morning, Mother. You slept for so long that I was worried you were sick.

Eh? What is this place…? What are you saying, Mother? This place is the place where Mother and I live.

You don’t know of this? Do you not remember anything?

Mother’s my Mother, you remember that at least, right?


You…don’t have any recollections of that?

Eh? Did you end up with amnesia?

But well, it’s not too important, in any case, it’s already noon. Let’s eat lunch together.

There’s someone who brings in meals from the outside, I’m sure they should be here soon.

Ah, they’re here.


Yes, thank you.

There’s that after. Understood.

Now then Mother, let’s have lunch. I’ll be having a small drink of water beforehand so you can go ahead and start eating first.


Let’s take a little less of today’s medicine and save the remainder in case something happens.


M-m, it’s nothing. Let’s eat our meal.


The food here is surprisingly delicious, isn’t it? Even though we’ve been living here for a long time, I’m still not tired of the daily meals.

Eh? You feel like you were someplace different till yesterday?

What are you saying, Mother? We were here the whole time, weren’t we?

Hey, please don’t say things that worry me. We were always together, weren’t we?

You don’t remember…?

Do you not have any memories prior to yesterday? Do you not remember me?


Hey, it’s me. Mother, you gave me my name, didn’t you?

You gave me the beautiful name, “Iroha.” Mother, you created a name for me who was merely called by an identification number.

Number 168, hence “Iroha.”

I don’t know why we were put into this place but Mother was the one who gave me, a person without a name, a reason to live.

And yet, do you still not remember anything?


No way…


Thank you for the meal.

Somehow I lost my appetite after realizing that you don’t remember anything, Mother.

Mother, please eat, you’re so exhausted that you lost your memories, aren’t you? And once you’re finished eating, you can nap again.


Are you not gonna eat any more, Mother?

I see, so you have no appetite.

Leave it on the counter over there then, they’ll come to retrieve it right away.


This room is almost like a solitary cell, isn’t it? And inside is just you and I, Mother.

Ah, no, I’m happy. I’m really happy that I practically have Mother all to myself.

Now that we’ve eaten, please rest for a bit, Mother, your memories might be muddled because you’re tired.

Good night, Mother.


For Mother to not remember anything is……

No, what’s off is this situation, am I the actual odd one instead?

I don’t know, I don’t know what’s true and what’s lies.

Should I take the leftover medication the doctor prescribed me to take my mind off of it?


1 pill is definitely not enough. 5 pills, no, I wish to take a little more. 10 pills, 20 pills. Yes, that’s how much I should take.

This stabilizer is so bitter……

Since I swallowed 20 pills all at once, I guess it’s no surprise that I feel bad. I think I’ll go rest for a bit.

Good night, my Mother.


Track 2: My Secret


My head hurts and I feel sick.

Mother…? Did I do something strange?

You had a nightmare?

Is that so?

I still feel sick and I feel lightheaded.


No, I’m talking about myself, it’s nothing to worry about. Don’t be concerned, Mother. Though…I’m having trouble standing and my head’s spinning in circles, I feel really dizzy.

Mother, what are you doing with that medicine!? That’s my-

No, it’s nothing.

There’s clearly something wrong?

THERE’S NOTHING WRONG!!! Enough, just do what I say or else, or else…


Mother, will you listen to me if I violate you? What I personally do has nothing to do with you, right Mother?

…So please don’t pry into my secrets.


Open your mouth, Mother, I want to entwine my tongue with yours.

It’s fine, right? Come on, relax your jaws.


Mother, Mother…my body feels really really hot. What should I do? It’s not subsiding.

Is it because of the drug? My mind’s turning into mush.

Eh? That medication?

That medication is the one that I always take here. You knew that too didn’t you, Mother?

Do you really not remember? Whenever stress accumulates, I’ll impulsively take a bunch of it. Though I think this is the first time that you ever found out, Mother.

There’s still components of the medicine left in my mouth so…will it put Mother in a daze as well?


Let’s have sex while we’re both under the influence of drugs.

Let’s kiss one more time, a deep kiss.


Even a kiss feels good. I love doing lewd things with you, Mother.

Eh? You don’t remember that either? You don’t have memories of having sex with me?

That’s awful. Mother, you and I have always embraced each other like this. You didn’t have eyes for the other siblings and loved me alone, right?

Ah, are you curious about the other siblings?

Mother, you’re a mother with many kids. And amongst them, you loved me. You love only me, unlike the other defects.


Hey, you love only me, right?

Come on, stick your tongue more.

Let’s entwine our tongue so much that your mouth becomes a mess.


Yes, yes, that’s good, that’s the way to go.

Mother, you’ve grown eager too, right? Then allow me to gently touch your body, Mother.


Track 3: My One Mother


Now then, Mother, let’s undress.

The clothes they supply this room with are a bit tight, right? It’s made so that we can’t escape but it doesn’t matter if we remove it when we have sex.

Come on, turn to your back, I’ll undo your zipper.

Mother, is it okay if I bury my face into your back, Mother? Because you have such a beautiful body.

I like, I really really like Mother’s body.

I want to lick it. Is it okay if I lick your nape a little?


Mother, Mother…Mother, why are you my mother? It would’ve been nice if you had been my lover.

We wouldn’t look that different outwardly speaking, just about everyone would see us as a couple. But because Mother’s my mother, I feel like I’m doing something immoralーas a scum that stole Mother from all my other siblings.

Mother, even though it’s this comforting to hug you like this, even though it’s soothing as if my heart’s being fulfilled, is what I’m doing wrong?

Am I a bad child for keeping you to myself?


Eh? “Not at all”?

Thank you, Mother. Mother, you’re the only one who’d say that.

I’ll love you even more, Mother.

How about we move over to the bed?


Hey Mother, it’s okay for me to remove all the clothing that’s concealing your body, right? I want to see your beautiful body, Mother.

I feel satisfied even if I’m just holding you like this.

Mother, you’re always kind to me and would always nestle close to me.

Say, is it okay if I lick your breasts, Mother?

Is that child-like?

No, I am a child, aren’t I?


Why do Mother’s nipples have such a nice color to them? Even though you’re our mother, it’s almost as if you’re a virgin.

No, you just might’ve been a virgin.

In legends, there are stories of virgin gods no? That’s the vibe I get.

Mother created me while remaining a virgin.

Hey, that’s what it is right? So please let me suck on these pretty nipples even more.


Mother, you look embarrassed.

There’s no need to make that expression, we’re parent and child, and I’m your favorite child aren’t I? Unlike the others, I’m first.

Hey, nod and affirm it for me, Mother. Say that I’m your favorite, otherwise, I…I…

M-m, it’s nothing.

Mother is my partner so you just have to accept it. I’ll make you feel good as long as you feel it…

I’ll bring you to the brink of pleasure so let me tease these cute nipples.


Mother, your face is as red as a tomato.

Hey, turn this way and have a good look at my face.

Yes, just like that, Mother.

Look into my eyes, Mother.

Eh? Why do you look frightened? I’m this devoted to you, so why?

Oh I got it, you want me to kiss you, right? I’m sorry I didn’t notice, Mother.


Mother’s lips are warm and I love them.

I’m sure the other children yearn for you but I’m the only one that could touch you, Mother, and that makes me super happy.

Hey Mother, I love you.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I won’t hand you over to anyone.

You belong to me alone, Mother, I won’t hand you over to any of the other children.

Mother’s mine. You’re mine, you’re mine.


!? I’m sorry, I couldn’t suppress my desire to monopolize you, Mother, and accidentally sucked on your nipples a little too hard. And I bite down a little too, didn’t I?

I’m sorry. Mother, I’m sure it hurts, right?

I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, please forgive me, Mother.

I can’t go on without Mother’s forgiveness, you know that, right? And you know that I’m always a good kid…right? So why are you silent, Mother?


Eh? You don’t know meーー?

Just like you were before the nap, do you really not remember anything?

That’s cruel, Mother.

Even though I love you this much, even though I’m constantly thinking about you, for you to not remember anything is…

Mother, hey, Mother, say that you love me. Say that you’re fond of me, you love me, say that you need me!!!

I’m begging you, otherwise I…I…aaAHHHH!!!


So you’re not saying anything……

I see. I get it, I’ll do as I wish with you today, Mother. You’ll allow that much, right?


Track 4: Red Marks


Mother’s nipples, but also legs, all of it, every part of you is mine. And now, I’ll mark them, I’ll teach you that I’m everything to you, Mother, so that you’ll never again forget.

First is your neck. I’ll leave a bite mark on you to mark that you’re mine like this serial number.

The mark I leave wouldn’t be a serial number but since there’s only of you, Mother, there’s no need for serial numbers.

Look, I’ll bite down, suck hard, and leave a horrible mark deep enough that it’ll never disappear.

Here I go.


How’s that? Was I able to leave a mark on you, Mother?

Ah, it’s slowly turning redder.

Sorry, that might’ve hurt a little but this way, I can show that Mother’s mine.

You’re happy, right, Mother? Because I feel really happy.

Why are you looking at me with those eyes? You love me, don’t you? Isn’t that right, Mother?

…So why are you looking at me with those eyes?

Stop! No, no, no, don’t look at me with such a look of disdain. That’s right, I ought to increase the dose of the drug.


Mother, you know of the drug I took earlier, don’t you?

I ought to take more of the medicine the doctor gave me, I stockpiled them for moments like these.

5 pills…no, 10. I guess I’ll take 15.


I’ll be fine now, I’ll return to normal once the medication takes effect. And then I’ll stop worrying about the look on Mother’s eyes.

You love me, right, Mother?

You got angry for my sake because I was acting reckless earlier right? That’s what it is, right?

It’s alright, everything’s alright. As long the medicine takes effect, as long as it takes effect…

My head’s spinning.



Somehow it’s starting to feel good.

HahaHAHAHA!!! Yes, this is the feeling, it’s sending shivers down my spine. Mother’s look of disdain excites me.

Hey, despise me more…but love me. Love me, Mother.

It’s fine if you hold me in contempt or hate me, but love me even if you think of me as a fool.

You know, I’m the child that Mother loves the most, I’m the only one Mother needs. Isn’t that right?



Hey, Mother. As expected, I want to carve the fact that Mother’s mine, I want to insert this inside you, Mother.

Look at my body.

Don’t avert your eyes and take a look at everything.

It’s huge, isn’t it? You loved this didn’t you, Mother?

I’ll teach you what you should do with my thing. Hold it in your mouth, don’t let go, and become mine.


It’ll hurt if I suddenly stick it in right? So I’ll touch you and get you wet with my fingers.

You got turned on from having that done to you, huh.

Even if you deny it, your body’s honest. Look, you’re already soaked. Considering that you’re this wet, there was no need for my fingers, I can put it in right away.

Here I go.


Wow, I’m entering inside you, Mother.

It’s warm and tight, and it feels really good.

Please don’t squeeze so tightly, if you do that, I’ll cum immediately.

I can’t be cumming immediately. I’ll leave it in until Mother remembers me and Mother’s insides are molded into my shape.


Incredible, it’s incredible, it feels extremely good, Mother.

It’s in all the way, can you tell? My dick is knocking up against your womb, Mother.

I’ve hit Mother’s deepest spot. I’ve done it, it’s me, it’s none other than me.

It feels good…I feel like I’m about to melt even though I just entered.


It feels so good. You feel good too, right, Mother?

Don’t make such a teary expression and enjoy it.

I get it, it’s not enough, right? You want me to move, don’t you? It’ll be gradually but I’ll start moving, okay?


Hey, Mother, are you feeling it?

Show me a more aroused face, it feels good, doesn’t it?

I’ll rub the shallow areas and then scrape against your inner parts.

Look, that expression. You’re wrying your eyebrows and making a look of pleasure, so I’m so happy, Mother.

For me to please Mother that much…

You see, I’m most happy when Mother praises me. Doesn’t matter who it is or what they say, even the doctor’s words weren’t able to resonate with my heart…but Mother was different.

By seeing Mother drowning in pleasure, I feel fulfilled. Like this.


You moan each time I press my hips toward you and cry tears of happiness as I pull out. That’s all to praise me, right?

Mother, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Why are you shaking your head? Were you that overjoyed by my words?

What a pained expression…in truth it feels good doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel even better.


Mother’s pussy is clenching down really hard as if it’s trying to squeeze out my cum.

But…I won’t cum inside because I will no longer be a child if Mother gets pregnant. I’ll always be Mother’s child and I won’t give that up to anyone, even my own child.


Can you tell that I’m moving my hips faster?

I’m about to cum, I’m about to cum. I’m about to cum because your insides feel so good, Mother.

I’ll cum outside in a bit so it’s okay to go all the way, right?

Here I go.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I’m cumming!!!


Mother’s face is covered in cum.

You’re looking dazed, Mother.

My mind’s suddenly…hazy. Did I take too much of the medicine? My consciousness…is…fading.

Sorry, Motherーー


Track 5: Timid Being


?! This place is-

Where’s Mother!? …She’s there.

Eh? You were tending me the whole time after I collapsed?


I’m so sorry, Mother. I did…such horrible things earlier.

You saw me taking a lot of medicine, didn’t you?

I knew it.


You see, I end up relying on the medication that the doctor gave me when I can’t accept reality.

The fact that Mother doesn’t remember me is so painful that I couldn’t help myself.

I’m so sorry. I don’t know how I should apologize to you, Mother.

I no longer have the right to live, I’m now a completely worthless person after hurting you, Mother.

I…I’ve had enough.

My only choice is to die, I no longer want to live. I’ll die, I’ll die while cursing myself and reality because I don’t have any reason to stay alive…!!!


Mother…? Why are you crying, Mother? You didn’t do anything wrong, Mother. Isn’t the fault on me for having been reliant on the drug and assaulting you, Mother?

…So why are you crying, Mother?

I’m so sorry…Mother.

Mother, I didn’t want you to think I was an unnecessary child so I relied on the medicine. But Mother doesn’t like it when I rely on the medication.

I understand. I’m sorry.


Like you said, Mother, there’s a maximum dose-

What’s wrong? Why did you kiss me all of a sudden?

But it was a very gentle kiss. Are you planning to forgive me? Are you acknowledging me?

Mother, I love you. Can you give me a hug, Mother?


Thank you, Mother.

I truly love you in every sense of the word.

Say, is it okay if I confirm Mother’s feelings?


Track 6: The Person Whom I Love


Mother, is it okay if we kiss? This time I’ll make sure we can properly enjoy the kiss so, please.


Mother, you’re so aggressive, were you touched by me?

I love that side of you too, Mother.

Then let’s kiss one more time.


So warm. Mother’s lips are soft, they’re almost like ripe fruits.

For example, hmm…I don’t know much about the outside world so I can’t quite express it. Do you know of any mellow fruits, Mother?

But you came from the outside, didn’t you, Mother?

One day, Mother suddenly became my…no, our mother.

It wouldn’t be strange if you don’t remember since my old memories are fading day by day too. Just that, before I realized, Mother was here waiting in this room.


After Mother appeared, we started living together, and throughout all that, I ended up falling in love with you, Mother.

It’s strange, right? Even I found it odd since we’re supposed to be a parent and child.

But…I wasn’t able to suppress it.

I loved Mother so much that I wanted to make you mine forever.

And while troubling over how to make you mine, Mother, my heart broke. My body became one that couldn’t survive without the medicine that I received from the doctor.

But even so, my feelings towards you didn’t change.

I love you, Mother.

I’ll say it time and time again. I love you.


It’s fine even if you don’t remember, Mother, because I’m the same. I can’t remember anything except that I love you, Mother.

So, Mother…

Mother, the kiss felt so good that I became erect.

Can you caress it with your hands?

Look, I’ll guide your hands.


Mother’s hands are so gentle. I’m happy that they’re gently caressing my dick, it’s a bit ticklish but it feels good.

My dick…is slowly turning bigger.

Stop Mother, you mustn’t put your mouth around my dick.

It’ll feel good, it’ll feel too good.

I can’t be the only one feeling good.


Mother, Mother…

Please release it from your mouth.


It feels so good, I can’t, I’m about to-

If you won’t let go then, Mother, let’s change positions.

Position your bottom close to my mouth.


It has an aromatic scent, it’s the scent of a woman.

Though I say that, I only know of Mother’s scent.

Mother, I’ll start licking Mother’s place here.


Mother, are you feeling it? Your clitoris has gotten bigger and there seems to be juice leaking out of your pussy.

I’ll lick that place too, okay?


Even though I’m trying to lick it up, there’s more juice spilling out from inside you.

So it feels that good.

It makes me happy that I’m able to grant you pleasure, Mother, and that rather than being forceful like before, we’re making love with each other.

Mother, as expected, I love you. Instead of frightening you, I want to bring you joy.

Let’s stay together forever, I wish to make you happy.


After our embrace, let’s leave this place together.

I’ll listen to your answer after we’re done so please consider it. So let’s have sex till the end.

Shall I penetrate you from the back?

Get onto all fours on top of the bed and stick out your butt.


And if your arms get tired, you can bury your face in the bed.

Now then, I’m putting it in, okay?


I knew it, your insides are tight.

Why’s it this tight? Even though you’re our mother, it’s almost as if you’re an actual virgin.

Or…are you not our mother?

No, it’s nothing. You’re the person I love and right now, that’s more than enough.


It’s in all the way.

My dick’s hot isn’t it? It gets hot just from the thought of you, Mother. I’ve always, always masturbated while thinking of you, Mother

This confession is embarrassing, right? But it’s true.

I love you so much that I couldn’t help myself, and I desire you even if you’re broken.

However, I knew that I wouldn’t want to break you, I want to make you happy with these hands. And for that purpose, I’m making you feel good like this right now…or at least that’s what I intended.

Do you find that odd?

Are you feeling good, Mother?


Is it okay if I move faster?


Mother, do you hear it? My dick is churning up your pussy and it’s making such lewd noises. It’s proof that Mother’s feeling it.

It feels really, really good.

Yes, we love each other. And this sound speaks for everything. It feels good, it really feels good.

Do you feel good, Mother? Because your pussy’s tightening around me.

Each time I go in and out, your entrance squeeze whenever I brush against it. It’s amazing, Mother.

This might be the first time I’ve had such pleasurable sex.


Mother, I’ll offer everything to you.

Only a part of our body’s joined but…my entire body belongs to you. And similarly, I desire your everything, and I don’t want to hand you over to anyone.

I love you.

The heat from the place we’re connected is spreading everywhere, right? Because those are my feelings.

Now then…conversely, it’ll put a burden on you if we take it too slow so it’s about time I move with all my strength.

Here I go.


Can you tell that the movements of my hips have gotten rougher?

Your back trembles when I hit your deepest parts.

It feels good, doesn’t it? I’m so happy, I’ll do it even more then.


I can’t stop my hips. It feels so good that I can’t suppress my desires.

I want to taint you and make you mine, and I want to live together in a place that no one can reach.

Hey, please, I’m begging you, stay with me, stay by my side and never leave me.

I want to be with you because I love you.


My hips are already……

The tip’s so tense that I’m losing sensation. I’m about to cum.

Hey Mother, I came outside last time but can I cum inside this time? Because as expected, I want to cum inside.

If you’ll watch over my child then I’ll stop being the child. That way, I’ll properly become an adult.

I’ll become an adult so stay with me…

I can’t, please don’t squeeze down with your entrance while trying to suck me dry. It feels so good that I’ll end up cumming.


I’m cumming. It’s no use, I’m cumming.

Is it okay if I move my hips intensely during the final bit? The tingling spread down along the entire length so I want to feel it at the base.


I’ll move intensely at the end then.


I can’t, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.

I cumming…I’ll release it deep inside you so accept it.

Please become mine. Acknowledge the fact that you belong to you.

Cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!


That felt good.

Mother, I’m pulling out, okay?

Hey Mother, can you tell me the reply to earlier? Though, you’re still lingering in the after-effects, right?

Eh? You’re fine with telling me?

I get it, please tell me your answer then, I’m prepared for any answer.


Together? You’ll leave with me? But I don’t know what to expect you know? Are you fine with it despite that?

Because you love me?


Please don’t say things that make me happy, I’ve never had anyone say that to me.


I love you. I love you more than anyone or anything in this world.

Then let’s get out once we put on our clothes. No matter what happens, I’ll protect you.

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