【Translation】 Misshitsu Triangle 2 ~Campus~ Stellaworth Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀), Hagi Michihiko (萩道彦)

Track 1: Unfamiliar Appearance


T: Yo!

K: Senpai, opening the door without checking who it is is careless.

T: Even if you ask us why we’re here, it’s because we wanted to see you obviously.

K: If we contacted you then we wouldn’t be able to see your adorable look of surprise. …Are we a bother?

K: Thank you. In that case, please excuse my intrusion.

T: Sorry for the intrusion.


K: Mhm, tea’s fine. Thank you, Senpai.

T: Oh, something to drink? It didn’t come to mind but I should’ve brought some. Sorry.

T: Hmm? What’s that?

K: What?

T: There’s something sticking out of the closet.

K: Oh, you’re right, I wonder what that is.

T: Hey, wai-


T: Why are you opening it without permission?

K: We’d be playing dumb if we ignored it.

K: Oh, it’s a uniform. High school, maybe?

T: Whoa, you’re not kidding.


K: I’m sorry, this was jutting out so I opened it hoping that I could fix it so that it doesn’t get wrinkled.

K: Hehe, you’re welcome.

K: That aside, Senpai, you had a uniform, was it from high school?

T: Then try it on for us.

K: I see. If you won’t wear it then…I guess I’ll put it on for you.

T: Ah, then put it on quickly.


Both: !?

K: No, it’s not it.

T: Hey, wait, don’t change just yet.

K: I was shocked by how well it suited you.

T: Hey, let’s head over to the bed, it’s impossible for the three of us to sit on the sofa. Though if that nuisance wasn’t here, we’d fit.

K: I’d say the exact same thing right back at you.

K: Well Senpai, let’s go.


K: I really was shocked because of how incredibly adorable you were. So your classmates were able to see this cute appearance every day…I’m envious.

T: Hey, what kind of guy were you dating in high school? And did you do this type of thing while you were in this uniform?

K: Senpai, you don’t have to answer, I’ll go mad with jealousy.

T: That’s true. I’ll overwrite and erase that from your memories.

T: Don’t constantly kiss Konno.


K: Your legs are bare. It’s refreshing because you’re always wearing stockings.

K: It’s so smooth.

T: Nope, it’s cute so keep it on. Besides, you aren’t as bothered as you make it sound out to be, your nipples are erect.

K: And this place’s soaked.

K: I’ll touch it directly so spread your legs wider.


K: Does it feel good?

T: Are you already at your limits? Isn’t this faster than usual?

K: Are you more aroused than we imagined?


K: Hey Senpai, straddle on top of me.

K: Yup, let’s do it facing each other today.

K: That’s right, lower your hips just like that.

K: This is great, I’ll thrust up from under you.

T: Senpai, I can’t hold back anymore either so touch me with your hands.

T: Yes, that’s good.


K: Senpai, does it feel good?

K: It could’ve been better if this nuisance wasn’t here.

T: Who are you calling a nuisance? The nuisance is you.

T: Senpai, turn this way.


T: Grasp it tighter.

K: I wish I could’ve done this to you while you were in high school.

K: I can’t obtain the past but offer your entire future to me, Senpai. If you can promise me that, I’ll make you feel even better.

T: As if she would make that promise, Senpai belongs to me. Isn’t that right?


K: I’m about to cum.

K: Senpai, you’re close too right? I can tell even if you don’t say it because your insides are twitching.


K: Hey Senpai, let’s go for one more round.

T: It’s clearly my turn next. Right, Senpai?

K: I don’t know if it’s because of the uniform but it somehow feels like we’re doing something indecent.


T: This is bad, I can’t. Sorry Senpai, I can’t control myself, I might be a little rough. I’ll start moving.

K: Hey Senpai, I’m erect again. Touch me with your hands, Senpai.

K: That feels good…

T: As expected, you’re squeezing really tightly, Senpai.


T: You’re all sweaty, but let me see you in those clothes for a little longer. It’s really cute.

K: Senpai, Senpai…I love you.

T: Shit, I can’t hang on for much longer either.

K: Senpai, I’m cumming too so swallow it.


K: Thank you, Senpai, it felt extremely great.

T: Hey, one more. Got it?

K: Of course not. Senpai, you want to do it with me, right?

T: How annoying. Step back.

K: That’s my line.

K: Then let’s make it fair. Hey Senpai, who do you want to do it with next? Make your decision.

Both: It’s me, right?

Both: Hey, who will it be next?

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