【Translation】 Deki Sokonai no Kodomo-tachi Subject: 247


Thank You to Vu Anh for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

できそこないのこどもたち Subject: 247

CV: Sudou Shou (須藤翔)

Track 1: Do you not Remember?


Why are you standing absentmindedly in front of the mirror? Are you that fixated on your own face?

Oh, could it be that the cream from the dessert you just ate got on your face?

Then it’s fine. Look, I’ll wipe it off for you…Mother.

Huh? What is it? Did something unusual happen?

Of course not, Mother, you’re my Mother, are you not?

Don’t tell me you forgot everything?


Ugh…this is the worst, why did the Doctor have to go this far? I even told them not to erase Mother’s memories.

With this, we’re back at square one again, even though I had established a rather good relationship with Mother.

Oh well, if we’re starting over then there’re ways to do it from the beginning.

My beloved Mother, why don’t we test if you can remember?

I’ve always hugged you from the back, didn’t I?

Do you remember now?


I guess it’s no use. Good grief, what is the Doctor doing? Despite Mother being the most important being to us and the fact that our world revolves around you, we can’t continue the experiment if you, who’s crucial to it, can’t remember anything.

Mother, do you know why you’re here?

I see, you no longer know why you’re here.

Then, what about your role?

Don’t make that expression, it hurts me to ask you know?

In that case, how about I give you a hint?

Mother, you’re here to be our mother so your role’s simple. In essence, you’re our tranquilizer.


Oh, do you know what a tranquilizer is? It’s a type of stabilizer.

Among my siblings, there are those that can’t last without a stabilizer, but I’m not like that; I understand the structure of this world.

Come on, come here, I’ll pat your head.

Entrust everything to me. You don’t have to force yourself to comprehends anything, at the end of the day, the “Mother” is just a convenient figurehead. I want to build my own form of relationship with you, Mother.


Since it’s a rare chance, how about we leave the room?

I’m a good child unlike my siblings so I have the permission to go outside to an extent.


Track 2: Large Study


The place we’re heading to right now?

It’s a secret till we arrive, I’m sure you’ll take a liking to it, Mother.

Eh? I suppose so. Mother is definitely not such a person, but on the off-chance you don’t like it, you’re free to leave my side, Mother.

Ah, we’ve arrived. This is the place.


What do you think? There’s an amazing amount of books isn’t there?

This is my favorite spot. Though rather than calling it a study, it’d be more accurate to call it a library because of the sheer size of the collection.

Whenever I have free time, I spend it reading books here. And you would occasionally visit to see what I’m doing, Mother.

……Those were truly happy days.

Ah, no, it’s nothing. In this study, there’re various books on just about anything. Literature, history, mathematics, science, classic and even contemporary works.

What I’m saying is, I don’t mind what you chose.

Now then, go search for a book you like, Mother, and I’ll continue reading the book I was reading yesterday.


Hmm…? This?

You see, this is the chief of all medicines​. It’s because I have this that don’t treat Mother like a tranquilizer.

I’m a good child, aren’t I? Go ahead and praise me.

On that note, what are you reading, Mother? You were staring at the spines of the many books in the literature section earlier weren’t you?


Isn’t that the story where a prince fell in love at first sight with a girl that was abused by her stepmother and stepsisters, and they lived happily ever after?


Mother, you enjoy these kinds of childish stories?

My beloved Mother was a far more wise person so why, why are you interested in this book…?!! Such a superficial prince is-


Take a seat over there, Mother.

I shouldn’t have brought you along to the study, Mother. I’ll never acknowledge any man besides me, especially not that shallow man.

I’ll make you realize that you and I are subjects of an experiment, Mother.


Track 3: I will mess you up


Mother…no, Test Mother, your duties as a woman is to spend your time together with us siblings and to accumulate both quantitive and qualitative data. We cannot allow your attention to be diverted onto men other than us siblings.

You belong to us.

Did you think you could escape from this miniature garden? I’ve caught you with my arms and you’re unable to wiggle even a little.

A bad girl like Mother requires punishment.

…I’ll fuck you mindless.


It’s been a long time since I last saw Mother’s skin but it’s beautiful. It’s white without any bruises nor blemishes.

But I guess it’s only natural since you haven’t been touched by anyone besides us.

Hey, stick your butt out this way.

Stop being so tardy at stick it out!!!


Well done. It’d be boring to just fuck you since that’ll hurt you so I’ll play around for a bit.

What should I do I wonder…

Oh, I have a good idea.

This liquor is very good tasting, I’ll have Mother drink some as well.

However, I won’t give you the luxury of taking it through your mouth, I’ll have you drink it more directly.

See, through here.

I’ll loosen up your butt so I can pour plenty of alcohol into your asshole.

I guess I’ll start with my one index finger.


Ah, it’s in, it’s in.

Mother, turn this way. I want to see your current expression, Mother.

Oh, what a fine expression. You’re making a painfully strained expression from having a finger shoved into your anus. You want me to move my finger, don’t you?

Don’t panic, it’ll be alright, I’ll make your ass wet enough to pour the liquor into you so it’s fine.

Since I can move my one index finger freely now, how about I insert my middle finger as well?


Your body’s reacting from having your asshole fingered is it not? Your butthole’s twitching you know?

So cute, it’s saying that it wants to engulf my fingers.

Mother, you liked the depths of your pussy right? So do you prefer it deeper into your ass I wonder?

I’ll shove my entire finger in then.


Haha! What a wonderful expression, Mother, this is how our Mother ought to be. Violated, loved, and drooling from pleasure.

Your anus has opened up quite a bit, it can spread rather wide after getting used to my fingers.

I wonder if it’s still too early to pour the liquor in…

M-m, it’s not a question of whether I should physically force the alcohol into you, it’s a question of whether it’ll mess you up. You’re feeling good from your ass, aren’t you?

In that case, I’ll briefly remove my fingers.


What a nice expression, your asshole is pleasurably moving like it’s trying breath. As expected, you can’t get enough of sex, can you?

For the always graceful Mother to become this disarrayed…

So do you want to feel better?

Say it yourself, you want the alcohol don’t you? You can’t imagine what’ll happen when this gets into you directly, can you?

I love doing unimaginable things, you see.


Hey, say it, say that you want the liquor. Come on, hurry.

Stop being embarrassed, JUST SAY IT…!!!

Dammit, just do what I say. The one who understands and loves Mother the most is ME!!! I want to trample and embrace Mother’s body and mind to the point that you can’t function without me!!!

I’ve had enough, I won’t listen to your opinions any longer.

I’ll fuck you until you yourself want me to fuck you.



I’ll pour plenty of liquor into this obscene ass.

I wonder what it’ll be like, I bet it’ll feel so good that it drives you mad.

Ah, that silent scream is irresistible, having alcohol funneled directly into you feels far too good, doesn’t it?

Look, you immediately started panting.

Sex, while you’re drunk to your limit, feels good doesn’t it? Look, as proof, juices have begun spilling out from your pussy.


The liquor and pussy juices leaking from Mother’s body are extremely delicious when they mix.

It’s sweet and has an aromatic scent.

Alcohol is dripping from your ass even though I merely stuck my tongue into your pussy. Now your pussy even tastes of liquor.

I can’t get enough of this. Mother, your body’s convulsing you know? Did it feel so good that you started trembling?

Ah…I’m getting aroused from seeing Mother this disheveled.


Mother, you may not have the time to look at my thing but…look, my precum is trickling down like tears.

It’s about time I insert it.

I wonder if the alcohol will get on my thing if I’m inside Mother’s pussy. Somehow it’s so enticing that it’s scary.

But it’s fine, it’s good to have sex like this every so often.

Here I go.


It’s in. You’re so wet, Mother.

I knew it, even though I’m merely in you, it’s so warm and wet that I feel like I’ll cum right away. And for your ass work together and tighten around me…that’s cheating.

It’s clenching down like it’s trying to grab onto my base.

Amazing, all I’ve done is pour alcohol into your ass, yet it feels this good.

And Mother too, your back is trembling like you’ll cum just by having it shoved inside you; this might be the best.

I’ll might cum immediately if I move but I ought to ravage you more to make you feel even more pleasure right?

…So that you’ll have no interest in anyone besides us.

Now, how about I gradually start moving?


The walls of Mother’s pussy are soft and pulling me in, and it feels good.

It’s so wet that if your hips tremble too much, it’ll slip right out.

Mother, I’ll pound against your womb so…


You loved having me penetrate deep inside you since before no? Although it appears that you’ve lost your previous memories, your body should remember.

Look, if I focus on your inner parts, your backs starts curving back.

Mother, I’ll grab onto your arms okay? If your back arches more, I’ll reach even deeper inside you and you’ll feel even greater pleasure.

Any man besides us isn’t able to satisfy you, Mother.

The rich princes in those stories aren’t able to drown you in pleasure, Mother.

Mother, what you need is us. The only person that can get a taste of this pussy is us, we monopolize you and it’s the best feeling in the world.


Oh, that’s right, since I went through the troubling of loosening up this hole, I ought to pleasure that as well.

I’ll stick my fingers inside again, okay?


The moment I inserted my fingers was incredible, the tightness isn’t half-hearted.

More importantly, Mother, can you tell?  My thing is grinding up against the walls of your pussy and my fingers are rubbing the inside your gut. Your holes are getting rubbed from both ends you know.

This is amazing, it feels good.


Mother, does it feel so good that your mind is gone?

If you’re feeling so good from having both ass and pussy teased that you lost your awareness, then you’ll lose interest in all other men, won’t you?

You don’t need a timid prince, right Mother? As long as you have us, as long as you accept our lust, Mother will live a fulfilling life.

Love us…no, love me.


It feels good.

Mother, the fact that you’re squeezing down on me means you’re affirming what I said right?


It’s no use, I’m about to cum. Let’s cum together.

Oh, but Mother’s already worked up huh.

Here I go, Mother, I’ll cum plenty inside you.

The only ones Mother should be looking at is us, accept no one besides us, and have only our semen inside you.

I got it, I should just impregnate you.


If only I could freely impregnate you whenever I wanted to.

Here I go, I’m close to my limit.

I’ll cum plenty deep inside you so let me paint your womb white, Mother.


That felt good. As expected, I don’t anything but Mother, and I wish Mother would only have us in your eyes.

No wait, not us, I meant me.


Heh, she fainted from orgasming so much.


Track 3: Your True Colors


So you’re awake, Mother.

Sorry…um, about earlier. I ravaged Mother to the point that you collapsed from the orgasms.

It’s better you don’t move just yet, you were fucked mindless on top having absorbed alcohol directly through your body’s membranes so I believe that was a considerable burden on your body.

Although I acted on impulse, I harmed Mother’s body, and that is something I must apologize for.


Eh? Is that so…?

As expected, you’re kind, Mother. You were always like this before.

You may have lost your memories, Mother, but the Mother in my memories looked at us with the gentles eyes you have now.

All of us siblings have fragile hearts and are good-for-nothing.

Our wings are plucked within this birdcage and we’re forced to survive by clinging onto anyone or anything.

And amongst everything, I met you, Mother.


Mother is…

Although I call you Mother, I’m sure you’re aware that you aren’t our actual mother, right? Some of my siblings believe you’re their actual mother but I don’t think that’s the case for me.

Or should I say that it would be inconsistent if I didn’t think that.

We don’t have our childhood memories nor memories of our actual siblings, just that when we came to, we were inside this blank white facility and loved “Mother.”

At first, I thought it was familial love but all us sibling held strong desires towards Mother and began loving Mother as a woman.

You would never think of wanting to fuck, to impregnate, and to trap your mother within your arms, right?

And yet, that’s everything stared having such thoughts.


It all happened one faithful day.

Before we knew it, Mother had disappeared from us, yet despite believing that you left, you had all your memories wiped instead.

I came across this in that study; the siblings and the female are experimental subjects. In other words, we were supposed to have contact with you, the “Mother”, and if there were any changes to our personality or behavior the experiment would be aborted.

Following the termination of the experiment, the researchers would manipulate the “Mother’s” and sometimes both parties’ memories, and have us rebuild our relationship from the beginning.

And that’s why your memories were altered, Mother.

I held onto my memories of love towards you, Mother, and was made to re-establish a relationship with a “brand new” Mother.


It’s cruel right?

The Doctor that owns that study says that these circumstances are magnificent grounds for experimental psychology. Though that’s a different story for those involved.

I don’t understand what kind of results the Doctor is attempting to produce through the experiment, all I can say is that every time the experiment would repeat, our personalities would distort, and people began becoming reliant on drugs and alcohol.

I would always speak of it as the best medicine in the world as I chug alcohol but it is for the sake of maintaining myself.

……Sorry for being so weak.


Nevertheless, I’ve decided.

It would unavoidable in such a harsh environment so I’m planning on taking Mother and escaping from here. I definitely don’t want to die as a guinea pig.

I’ve had enough of escaping to alcohol and hurting you, Mother, so let’s run away together.

I love you, I don’t know how many times my memories were wiped but that Doctor’s absurd experiment is over.

There’s an animal trail at the rear of this building. I don’t know where that path connects to but I’ll protect you and see to it that you escape without fail.


Track 4: Let’s Run Away Together


Here. You can leave through this hole.

I understand that you’re anxious but I want you to feel that it’s safe since you’re with me. I will protect you.

We haven’t be found by anyone yet, it’d be nice if we could escape like this.


That’s a barbed fence huh, it seems like they have absolutely no intention of letting us escape.

What should we do…I don’t mind getting hurt but I wouldn’t want your beautiful skin to be injured.

I got it, I’ll carry you on my back.

I’ll start climbing over this okay?


Tch. We have to quickly run, hang on tight.

Let’s hide inside that little hut you see over there. If we remain there for the time being, the experiment staff should leave.


It’s a bit dusty, but it can’t be helped when you’re going into hiding.

Your body’s trembling. Is it cold?

I’ll adhere next to you to warm you up okay?

Don’t worry, I’m here.


Track 5: As Long as You Love Me


It’s raining.

Is it merciful rain I wonder? They might give up shortly because of this.


Are you still cold?

I see. Then…I’ll warm you.

Take off your clothes.

I saw it in a book within that study. When your body’s cold, it’s better to take off your clothes and adhere to each other naked.

Come on, undress quickly, you’ll lose more heat that way.

Oh, were you thinking that I just wanted to see you nude?

Of course not, because I’m thinking of you the most. That said, I want to touch you. Since we’re in our birthday suits, I want to stick close enough that there isn’t even a millimeter gap between us.


It’s not something to get that embarrassed over, even if we’ve lost our memories, we’ve made love to each other countless times.

It’s just a guess but I believe that I fell in love with you each time I met you.

I don’t know how many times it’s been now but I no longer wish to part. I love you every time I see you.

Can I give you a kiss of affection?


I feel like I remember the sensation of your soft lips even if I’ve lost my memories.

I’m here wanting more. I want to kiss you more, on your lips and in other places.

What cute ears, I want to devour them.

And I want to sink my teeth into your cute nape like the Dracula I read of and see your bright red blood.


What do you think of my kisses? Can you recollect them?

That’s amazing, people are able to overcome mountains. I feel extremely to hear those words.

I’m so happy that, look, this place’s gotten hard.

Regardless of whether you remember, we should’ve had sex innumerous times so you shouldn’t be embarrassed about seeing it.


Hey, touch it.

And I want to touch your pussy.

I’ll lie down on my back and then you can turn your legs towards my face. That way, my thing will be in front of your mouth, and yours will be in front of mine.

Do you know the way to caress it?

You’ll be fine if you save up plenty of saliva and hold it in your mouth.


That’s right. Inside of your mouth is so warm and it feels good.

It’s all wet with your saliva. Although it feels good when I’m inside your pussy, the inside of your mouth is incredibly wonderful too.

And like I predicted, your body remembers, your mouth is extremely good at fellatio.

You call tell that I’m getting stiffer right?

I can’t, it feels so good that I’m neglecting to pleasure you, but I ought to make you feel good as well.


Huh? You’re this wet even though all I’ve done is kiss you.

Could it be that you got wet from giving me fellatio?

So cute.

Ah, don’t stop your mouth, we’ll finally feel good together.

I lick your pussy more okay? I’ll stick my tongue right into your vagina.


It’s warm and wet. This is the only place that’s almost like a separate living being, your pussy’s meaty, and the little part that’s sticking out is filled with blood.

I want to devour it, is that okay?

I’ll devour it even if you say no though.


I knew it, it’s quite meaty and swollen; it’s very delicious. Not only that, the more I suck, the more juices come pouring out.

Does it really feel that good?

No, I’m probably leaking precum from my tip, it doesn’t listen to what people say you see.

But for you to be this wet, it means you’re hoping to join together with me, right?


What an extremely pleasant smell of pussy.

I’m wanting to stick it inside your pussy.

Hey, let’s end the foreplay here and just become one already.

You’re on top today, I’ll sit here cross-legged so straddle yourself onto it.

It’s fine no? If you put it in yourself, you can get it to hit the spots that feel good you know? You have to at least give it a try.


You’re in the mood to do it now huh.

Come here then.


Amazing, it’s in all the way.

Even though I’m merely inside, I might be feeling even better than you. Is it in deep for you?

Since you’re acting that way, it must’ve reached all the way to your womb.

It’s probably great for you who likes it as deep as possible.

You can start off slow but try moving.


Yes, just like that. Move your hips around and search for the spot that feels good.

Forget about me, just find the places that feel good for you.

There, do you like it there?

That’s quite deep. I see now, you like it there.

Well then, I’ll give you a hand. I’ll thrust up from below so take it in.


You’re breathing rather fast, are you okay?

Just kidding, even if you aren’t okay, I don’t plan on stopping. After all, I told you earlier that I wanted to fuck you, impregnate you, and make you mine.

If you don’t have enough oxygen then I’ll share you mine through my kisses. And if it gets difficult to move then I’ll move in your stead.

So feel the pleasure and enjoy this sex till you’re almost on the verge of death.


It feels good, doesn’t it?

I felt good when I ravaged you at the study but this type of sex feels far, far better.

I wonder why. Is it because our hearts are crossing? Is it because we’re happy?

I want to quickly cum but I also want to savor this longer.

What about you? Do you want to continue at it?


I guess this isn’t the time to be asking for a reply. In that case, I’ll make this the last spurt.

I’ll reach your deepest parts so feel enough pleasure to break you.


It feels good, I’ll cum soon.

I’ll cum plenty inside you, I’ll release so much in your womb that you can’t escape from it.


That felt good. And you?

Oh, she’s asleep.

Sleep soundly, my beloved. Let’s live free life starting now.

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