【Translation】 Koi suru Sariel -Shinigami no Date-


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恋するサリエル -死神のデート-

CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (松岡禎丞)

Track 1: Meeting


“You only have one day left to live so what’s your final wish?”


Hey! Hey!!!

I finally found you.

I’m sorry, I made you wait, didn’t I? I didn’t know it’d be this crowded in front of the ticket gate.

But I’m glad I found you, I have no idea what to do if I didn’t. We should’ve chosen a better place to meet up.

Though I find it odd, the book I read yesterday said that the standard place to meet up for a date is at a station’s ticket gate.


That’s right, I made sure to prepare so that we’d have the perfect date.

Is it strange? Now that we’ve met up, the date has already begun. Though I guess I shouldn’t be the one to talk since I came late.

……I’m really sorry.


Huh? Speaking of which, you have a different air surrounding you compared to when I met you yesterday.

The simple clothes you had on yesterday were wonderful but I think the graceful ones you have on today suits you better. It’s like you’re the young lady of a distinguished household.

Oh, I’m sorry. Were you feeling shy?

It really suits you, Miss.

Also, that keychain is incredibly cute. It’s fluffy and looks comfortable to touch.

Is it perhaps a sheep?

But for a sheep, it has rather big horns. But I guess girls find that discrepancy cute.


Yup yup, I researched what dates are too. I hear that you wear your best clothes on a date so, in other words, I chose it based on my style. What do you think?

Really? Thank you.

I don’t often wear these types of clothes so I was worried since I wasn’t really familiar with them.

I’m hesitant to say this but in truth, I was late because I couldn’t decide on what clothes to wear. But even so, it’s pretty peculiar to wish for a date with a grim reaper.

But well, since we’ve set up this date, let’s enjoy ourselves to the fullest.


Ahem. Then without delay, where shall we go for today’s date, Miss?

Huh? Why are you so surprised? It’s a date so it’s par for the course.

Could it be that you haven’t decided on a place to visit?

Anywhere’s fine. Movie theater, aquarium, window shopping, we can head wherever you’d like.

What is it? I couldn’t quite hear it.


Oh, an amusement park.

That’s a classic date spot, there’re plenty of attractions so it’s a really fun place to be at right? I’ve always wanted to visit one at least once too.


Oh, that said, when it comes to amusement parks, there’s a whole bunch of them. So where do you want to head to?

A Choo Choo Park?

Eh? What is it? You’re pointing your finger. Is there something around here?


Oh, you can see a Ferris wheel in the distance. It seems to be pretty far away, but if we can see it from here then it must be huge when you look at it up close.

I get it now, you thought of amusement parks because you saw that.



Well then, let’s go, Miss.

Once again, I’ll be in your care for this one day.


Track 2: First Time at an Amusement Park


I’m sorry, I made you wait again, didn’t I? The ticket office was pretty crowded so it took a bit of time for me to buy our tickets. I never imagined that there would be this many people during a normal weekday.

Here, this ticket lets you have unlimited rides for a day. With this, we’ll have tons of fun today.

Hey, hey, look at that. It’s a big castle, it feels almost like Disneyland.

Ah! There’s a huge waterfall over there. Wow.

Then let’s depart to the land of dreams.


Wow, there’re lots of people in the park too.

Hey, where should we go? Is there a place you’d like to go in particular?

Oh, saying it out of the blue is troubling right? That reminds me, I received a pamphlet together with the tickets.

Here, this is the map.


Wow, there’re so many.

How about this? Oh, but maybe we should head here first. I want to try this one too, it’s so hard to decide.

Ah, sorry, sorry, I got so absorbed and forgot about you.

Umm..is there anything you’ve taken interest in, Miss?

Which is it?

R-Rollercoaster?!! So contrary to your appearance, you enjoy that type of thing. Oh, but, you know, this is my first time at an amusement park so how about we start off with a gentle ride like Teacups or Merry-go-round?

No, i-i-it’s not like I’m scared of rollercoasters or anything. So how about it?


You prefer a rollercoaster huh.

……She’s surprisingly stubborn.

I understand, Miss, if that’s what you say then let’s go.

Err, the location of the rollercoaster is…umm, over there.

Let’s go then.


But even so, there’re so many people, I wonder how many there are during holidays.

Huh? Isn’t that Chappy Rabbit hiding around those trees over there?

Umm, wait just a sec. I feel like I saw it written on the pamphlet.

I knew it, it’s Chappy!!!

It’s the hidden mascot of this amusement park and it’s a super rare character that you don’t often get to see.

Let me see.

If you take a picture with Chappy, there’s a superstition that you’ll be forever happy with your girlfriend or boyfriend. We must be super lucky to find Chappy during the first time here.

Hey, hey, it’s a rare chance so let’s go take a photo together.


I found you Chappy!

Umm, could we take a photo together?

“OK”? I did it!!!

Err. Excuse me, could you please press the shutter for us?

Come on, get beside me. If you don’t come closer, you won’t be completely in the picture.

Okay, that’s good, now smile.

Are you ready?

In that case, please go ahead.


Let me see.

It’s been taken wonderfully.

Hmm? Huh? Why weren’t you smiling? Could it be that you felt forced?

Eh? This is you, smiling?

Oh, sorry, sorry, that was very rude of me, Miss. I’m happy as long as you’re enjoying yourself.

Huh? Since when did a line form? …Is this Chappy’s territory?

Speaking of which Chappy’s-


Chappy disappeared?

Even though Chappy was right beside me, I guess this is what you’d expected from a super rare character.

Well then, let’s head off as well.

But even so, we’re lucky to have suddenly met Chappy. Though it was mostly thanks to me.

Just kidding.

Now then, where should we go? How does Teacups sound?

Hehe, t-that’s right, you wanted to ride a rollercoaster.

Of course I remember so you don’t have to glare at me so much. Well then, let’s move forward, Miss.


Track 3: Fun Times


Here, sorry to keep you waiting.

This is the special rich soft-serve ice cream that you requested. The staff made it this tall and a freebie after hearing that it’s our first date. I was worried that it’d fall over.

Make sure to handle it with care, okay?

Here you go.


I’m glad that there happened to be a bench here.

How was the rollercoaster?

“It was fun”? That’s great.

Ah, no, i-it’s not like I was scared. You know, uh, it was sudden so I got a little motion sick. But I’m fine now, I’ve calmed down more or less.

That aside, is that soft-serve ice cream delicious?

“It’s cold”? Well, it’s soft-serve ice cream so of course, but how’s the taste? Is it good?

That’s great.


Look, there’s ice cream stuck on the edge of your mouth.

Don’t move and stay still for a bit, okay?

Mmm, this ice cream really is rich.

Don’t rush, it’s fine to eat it slowly, we still have time.

Hey, I wonder what the people around us think when they look at us? I wonder if we look like a couple on a date, I’ll be happy if that’s the case.

That said, I don’t think anyone would imagine that a human and a grim reaper would be on a date.


What’s the matter? Why are you staring at you so intently?

The thing I have in my hand?

Oh, this? These are apple churros, it’s a new flavor churros and is exclusively sold here. Would you like a taste?


This is the first time I’ve seen such a happy expression on your face. Was it so delicious that it moved you?

“This is probably the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten”…?

Are these churros that delicious? In that case, I’ll help myself to them.

Huh? What is it? Do you want one more bite?

Jeez, it can’t be helped. I still haven’t eaten any, though.

Yup yup, I know. Here you go, Miss.


Hahaha! Sorry, sorry, you were so fixated on the churros that I wanted to play a little prank on you.

It’s a joke, it’s a joke, don’t make such a scary face.

Joke, it’s a joke. I’m really sorry!!!

I’ll actually give it to you this time, okay?

Huh? You don’t look like you trust me. Don’t worry, I won’t do it again so please trust me, okay?

Thank god. Then, here you go, say “ah”.


You really do enjoy them.

Speaking of which, let’s buy them as souvenirs when we leave.

Eh!? You’re gonna buy that many?!!

Yeah yeah, I get it. Now that your mood’s better Miss, where shall we head next?


Ah, uh, err…how about the Splash River over there? It looks really fun. Oh, those Go-carts are great too. No wait, that one’s also appealing.

No, uh, it’s not like I’m scared of haunted houses.

Who do you think I am? Haunted houses are child’s play so I don’t think they’d be that interesting.


Yes, yes, I know, you’re obstinate once you’ve decided on something.

I’ll come, please allow me to accompany you.

Err, the haunted house is…

That way.


We’ve made it quite far since we entered. What do you think of the haunted house?

It’s not scary at all?

I-Is that so? I was a little startled when the man in bandages jumped out from the ceiling. But just a little.

I’ve been shaking ever since we entered?

No, that was shivers. I wonder what kind of person came up with the idea of haunted houses. I’m sure they must’ve been quite mischievous.


But even so, it’s so dark that it’s hard to walk. Be careful with your footing, okay?

Oh that’s right. Say, is it okay if we hold hands?

It’s not like I’m uneasy or anything. You know, it’s dark in here so it’ll be worrying if we got separated.

“We’ll be fine if we stick this closely.”

I mean, that’s true but…

Please don’t say that. Come on.

Thank you.


Somehow it’s really calming to hold hands with you. it feels rather nostalgic. I guess something like this happened before.

……It’s an odd feeling.

M-m, it’s nothing, it’s nothing.

Oh, yup, I heard this by chance when I passed by but this haunted house was a building section of a former hospital that was brought here as is.

Rumors say that the reason the hospital closed was because there was an incident where a resident within the hospital murdered several people. The culprit was the surgeon but he vanished before he was caught.

And they say that the surgeon is still yet to be found.


If you pass by the hospital that was abandoned during the night, you can see faint lights.

And when the people who found it strange took a closer look, there was a man in a surgical gown with the scalpel in his hand glimmering under the moonlight.

I feel scared just retelling it.

You seem completely fine. Seriously, why did you even want to come to the haunted house?

Ah, of course I’m not scared at all. I don’t believe in unscientific things like the supernatural.


Huh? Did I say something strange?

But on the off-chance that something happens, rest assured, I’ll be there to protect you.

What is it?

Eh? Is there something behind us?


I won’t try and disturb you anymore so please quietly rest in peace. Please, PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!!!


Are we fine now?

Just now, uh, hehe…

In any case, let’s head on forward.

Huh? Make a little distance because it’s hard to walk?

It’s alright, don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it. If I stick this closely, I’ll be able to protect you immediately if something happens behind us.

That aside, that story earlier…it continues like this: a rumor was spread that a figure of a person would appear behind you and three youngsters that lived close by entered the abandoned building to confirm the truth.

They made a round around the inside of the hospital, however, there wasn’t anything particularly unusual. But the moment they attempted to leave, they heard a voice asking, “where are my patients?”

The frightened three turned around as they retraced their steps to find the figure of the surgeon.

And as he branded his scalpel, he exclaimed, “I found you!!!”



Haha…it seems like you aren’t frightened by that at all.

Ah, look at that!

I see a faint light coming from the other side, that’s definitely the exit, right?

Thank god.


Evil spirit, evil spirit please have mercy!!! God, Budhha, Grim Reaper, please let them pass on, please let them pass on, please let them pass on…


Huh? They disappeared?

Haha! It seems like they fled, fearing my strength.

Eh? Please don’t leave before me.



Track 4: Together alone in the Ferris Wheel


We finally got out.

I mean, I was a little scared.

Don’t look at me like that. Oh, that’s right, is it okay for me to request something I’d like to ride this time?

To tell you the truth, I’ve already decided on it, why don’t you take a guess?

That’s a good idea, if you guess it right, I’ll buy some apple churros for you.


Nope, wrong. And isn’t that only because you want to ride it?

What I want to ride is that.


Yup, it’s the Ferris wheel we saw at the place where we met up. You couldn’t tell from afar, but it’s a circular 7-colored rainbow design, so it’s very pretty, right?

Besides, look, it’s super huge when you look at it up close like I imagined. You were interested in it too, weren’t you?

Then it’s decided.

Let’s go then.


Oh? The interior of the gondola is surprisingly spacious.

Hey, hey, the people riding in the gondola next to us are lovers it seems. They’re so lovey-dovey that I’m starting to feel embarrassed.

Look, is that parent and child inside that gondola? It looks like everyone’s having fun.

You’re right, it’s not good to peek. Sorry, sorry.

But even so, we’ve gotten pretty high up, we’ll reach the peak very soon.


Hey, take a look down below. The people inside the park are almost like miniature persons.

Huh? That’s the haunted house that we were in earlier.

Looking from above…so that’s the shape it had, how interesting.

You see, I enjoy gazing at scenery from high places, and I don’t get tired of it even if I’m always staring at the same scenery.

There were times where I’d look for an entire day from morning till night.

It must be weird, right?

Really? You enjoy it too?

Then we’re alike.

Oh, we’re almost at the top.


Say, is it okay if I sit next to you?

Thank you.

Okay. Huh? Ah! Ow, that was close, that close.

Hmm? I’m feeling something soft.


I’m really sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. The gondola suddenly shook and when I reached out my hand it coincidentally landed up on your chest.

It really wasn’t on purpose so will you please forgive me?


Thank you. …Thank god.

Hey, take a look, that area over there is the station we met up at today. And that’s the bus stop we stopped at on the way here I think.

Speaking of which, on the bus here, you leaned on me and slept so peacefully.

It was so sudden it surprised me. Did you wake up super early?

That defenseless sleeping face of yours was incredibly cute, I wish I could’ve taken a photo of it. What a shame.


Oh, look, you can see the sun setting on the horizon. It’s pretty how the area around it is dyed red as it sets.

And your eyes glisten as the evening sun hits them, it’s almost though they were jewels.

It’s true. It’s a shame that I can’t show you.

Is it okay if you stay like that for a little longer?

Your eyes are something I can stare at forever, but there’s a slight sense of fear because I feel like I’ll get sucked in.

You really are a strange young lady, aren’t you?


Don’t make such a troubled expression.

Look, we’re almost at the ground.


Track 5: Night Parade


It’s completely dark out now,  are you not tired?

I see. You’re energetic, aren’t you?

What should we do next then?

Err, I wonder if there is something…? Oh, look at this, the night parade is about to start soon.

What’s this?

Starlight fantasy parade, a march of multicolored star fairies that’ll bring you to an illusionary world. The countless falling stars during the parade will surely grant your wish.


Somehow this seems really amazing.

Hey, how about we go take a look?

Come on, hurry, hurry.


Looks like we’ve made it in time for the parade but there are tons of people. I guess the good spots have already been taken.

I wonder if we’ll be able to view it properly?

You’ll tire out if you start jumping up and down like that.

I got it, how about I give you a ride on my shoulders? I’m not too confident in my physical strength but I think it’ll be fine if it’s just you alone.

I guess it’s no surprise that riding on my shoulders is embarrassing. Of course, right?

Hmm? Oh, looks like the parade has begun.


Wow, there’re so many planetary monuments for the star fairies’ dance.

Mercury, Venus…and that one’s Jupiter. Look, they’re dancing on the ring around Saturn.

See? The shower of light is almost akin to a meteor shower. With this, it really feels like any wish can be granted.

Err, what should I wish for?

You’ve already decided?

Then I…

Okay, I’ve decided.


There we go. What did you wish for?

A secret?

You’re right, if you tell other people then your wish won’t come true.

I made sure to make a wish too, not only that, I made two. Was I a little greedy I wonder? The first one is one I’d like to fulfill right now so could you cooperate with me?

Then could you turn this way and close your eyes?

Yup, stay like that, you mustn’t open your eyes, okay?


Say, is it okay if I kiss you?

You see, my first wish is to give me courage.

Since you aren’t resisting, is it okay if I interpret that as a yes?

Here I go then…


Ah, wait!!!


Track 6: First Kiss


I finally found you.

Umm, uh, I’m sorry about earlier. It’s not reasonable for you to run away if I were to do that out of the blue, right?

I’m not quite sure why I did that but I came to fully understand it as I searched for you. I realized that I liked you.

I couldn’t help but be anxious when we couldn’t meet, and that’s why I was so delighted to find you; it gave me a sigh of relief.

Even though I know that we’ll have to part soon…it’s strange, right?


Thank you. You’re kind, aren’t you?

Umm…if you’re willing, could we see the rest of the parade? Or is that a no?

Really!? I’m so happy.

Is it okay if I hug you? I won’t kiss you so is it okay if we stay like this for a little longer?

If only time could stop.


Huh? That sheep keychain looks a little different compared to before.

I see, the horns have gotten smaller.

It has almost like a furball. It’s an odd keychain, isn’t it?

!? The furball moved.

That startled me, what’s with this thing?

Eh? This fella is your partner? It wasn’t a keychain?

So it was quiet during the day because there were people around us.

It acts together with the grim reaper and informs them of how much lifespan the human they’re in charge of has left based on the length of its horns.


So that’s what it was. In other words…

I see, it’s time.

How should I say it, time passed in the blink of an eye. They say that time passes fast when you’re having fun but it really is true, I’ve never realized it until now.

That reminds me, it was around this time when I first met you.

Yup, last night. I was really shocked since you suddenly appeared in front of me proclaiming that you’re a grim reaper. Not only that, I never imagined that as a grim reaper, you’d grant me one of my wishes.

But you know what, I believed you immediately. Your eyes as you said those words were so beautiful and firm that it couldn’t cross my mind as a lie.

And that’s why I instantly knew my wish.


Is this perhaps what you call “love at first sight”?

I’m truly grateful that you went along with my wish today. It’s the first and last, it was the best day I’ve ever had.

After all, I’m probably the only person in the world who’d go on a date with a grim reaper. Though it’s a bit unfortunate that I can’t boast about it to other people.

That said, I have no more lingering regrets after such a fantastic experience.


I’m sorry, as expected, it’s a lie. It’s a lie to say that I have no lingering regrets.

I want to live and stay with you longer. Aquariums, movie theaters, I want to visit all sorts of places with you.

I want to laugh and cry with you but…I know that’s impossible.

You’re right, it’s a luxury to have spent my final moments with such a wonderful grim reaper. If I hadn’t met you, I’d probably die quietly upon the hospital bed.

To me who had spent most of their life in a hospital bed, everything that had happened today was new and fresh, and it was incredibly fun.

I ought to be thankful to God…no, Grim Reapers for that at least.


So what will happen to me following this?

Once the time comes, you’ll perform the ritual to remove my soul from my body? So what’s gonna happen? Because you see, I’m bad with pain.

Why are you fidgeting so much?

Don’t put on airs and just tell me, we don’t have time, right?


Eh? What is it?

Overlapping each other’s lips on top of each other…

Wait, does that mean you’re gonna kiss me?

So that’s what it was. I thought I was surely gonna be killed in a single stroke with a large scythe or that you would write my name on a notebook.

Huh? Wait a sec, that’s why earlier you-

Thank god, I was certain that I was hated!!!


This really is farewell, isn’t it? To you and to this world.

Is it okay if I ask one more thing?

Out of all the many people in the world, why me?

You don’t know…?

Nevertheless, I think that there was meaning in you meeting me. I don’t quite understand it but it’s important to both you and me.


I’m happy that you feel that way as well.

We’ll meet again, right?

No, I’ll definitely come to see you, without fail. After all, we still haven’t bought the apple churros to take as souvenirs right?

The next time we meet, I’ll bring so many that you’ll get sick of them.

And when that time comes, could we go on a date again?


Mhm, it’s a promise.

I truly had fun today, I’m glad my first kiss is with you.

Thank you, my wonderful Grim Reaper.

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  1. Sui

    Thank you for translating it!!!!!! I love this CD soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
    May I ask for a favor? I want to make a video for this CD and add your translation on it to share with my friends. Can I use your translation?


    1. Criy

      As mentioned before, I ask people not to use my translations on videos, etc. or repost it in any other form as it is a huge legal liability and runs entirely counter to the reason the translations exist in the first place.
      Of course, you are free to link your friends to the translation itself though.


  2. luxicity

    Okay. First, of all, I got confused. I really thought the guy was the grim reaper. And second, OKAY, FEELS MUCH?!!! I cried at the end. 😭 I wanted happy ending. We were given cute stuff then they go do that at the end. Sighhhh


    1. Criy

      Yup, the premise is to fool you into thinking that he’s the grim reaper (there are subtle hints that he’s not if you go back), before hitting you with the FEEL TRAIN.


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