【Translation】 Virgin Road no Aruki Kata


Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Yamashita Seiichirou (山下誠一郎)

Track 1: Greeting of the Parents


Now then, please excuse me.

No, the onus should be on me in the future.

Thank you very much for today.


I was so nervous.

It’s not something to laugh at, Senpai, I really was nervous, I haven’t felt this way since my final interview for the company entrance exam.

No wait, my heart might be pounding more than it did that day.

Look, my hands are incredibly sweaty.


You know, as expected, you resemble your father, Senpai.

Mhm. You showed me a family trip photo earlier, did you not? At that moment, I had the impression that you resemble your dad more than your mom.

Will I be okay? I didn’t leave a bad impression on your dad, right?

To be honest, I was nervous that he’d scream out “I ain’t handing over my daughter to some shady stranger,” and gut punch me.

But I’m taking his precious daughter as my bride, you know? I’d think it would be normal for him to be iffy about it.

Not to mention, I’m only 24 years old and seemingly unreliable. Plus, I didn’t greet him when I start cohabiting with you, Senpai.

Even though your father spoke about how it was his dream to have dinner-time drinks with his son if he ever had one, I accidentally blurted out “I’m bad with alcohol” because I was in a panic.

That was poor of me, right?


Ah! Was it bad that I suddenly referred to him as “Father”? He’s not thinking that I have no right to call him Father, is he?

I’m sorry, you’re right, he fully permitted our marriage, after all.

I don’t often drink during evening meals but I ought to strive towards being able to socialize together.

The matter about greeting my family next week?

You’ll be fine, Senpai.

I know my old man is very…I mean, just a little hard to please, but I’m sure he’ll like you, Senpai.

Don’t forget, you’re the person I fell in love with at first sight so have more confidence in yourself. In this day and age, an age gap of 5 years is normal.

Besides, I’ll protect regardless of what my old man says so rest assured, it’ll be fine.


Oh, you finally laughed.

You see, I like your smile the best, Senpai.

But even your serious expression during work moves me. And when I see you cry from an emotional movie, I have thoughts of wanting to protect this person.

Although I think it’s cute when you’re a little pouty or angry, seeing Senpai smile is what makes me the happiest.


Uh, also, your lewd face during sex is super enticing.


Ah, you’re bright red. I knew it, the shy side of you is appealing too.

Hey, Senpai, wait!

I apologize, that said, I wasn’t poking fun at you, everything I’ve said is true. In any case, you’ll definitely be fine tomorrow so leave it to me.

Mhm, I’ve decided to become a reliable man because I’m going to be your husband, Senpai. I’ll keep at it until Senpai can rely on me both at work and in private.

Look forward to it.


Track 2: For whom is the Wedding Dress for?


Senpai, wait. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, okay?

Like I said, when I said anything’s fine earlier, I didn’t mean that all dresses are the same, I meant everything fits you.

That’s not an excuse, that’s what I really think.

The first one was princess-like, the next was simple, but it matched your aura, Senpai, and the last was fluffy and cute.

I’m telling the truth, I swear by it. I’m not one to lie to you, Senpai.


The dress I prefer?

Hmm…the second one I think. If it’s just the dress design, I initially thought the first one was better, but one you wore them, I began leaning towards the second one.

Eh!? You’re gonna make a decision based on my comments…?!!

But you can wear whichever you like, Senpai. Even my own mother said that the leading role in a wedding ceremony is the bride so you should do as you wish.

Does that mean you’re wearing the dress for my sake?

Jeez, why did you say that would make me this happy? I’ll end up loving you even more.


Say, how about we have a kiss to make up?


With this, we’ve made up, right?

Shall we take a look at the pamphlets we received at the bridal fair?

But before that, is it okay if I kiss you one more time?


Sorry, as expected, let’s put off the pamphlets for later.

Not just a kiss…let’s do it, let’s have some reconciliation sex.

Why? We can’t? You’re not still angry, right?

Eh? Err, that day?

I see. Then it can’t be helped, right?

Ah, no, you didn’t do anything wrong, Senpai, so please don’t apologize. In that case, let’s save sex for later.


Uwah!!! Senpai, why are you suddenly prostrating?!!

Please stop…

This is, I got a little aroused from the kiss earlier. It’ll be fine, it’ll subside before long.

No, wait, that might be impossible, I’ll go take care of it in the washroom.

Eh? No, umm…Senpai?

Hey, w-w-wait!

Damn it feels good.


Please don’t talk when you have it inside your mouth, it’s kind of risky today.

You were super beautiful and neat in that wedding dress earlier and yet you’re giving me a blowjob and licking me this lewdly. That gap is dangerous.

Th-the underside feels really good. It feels too good.

Please don’t, when the deep part your throat squeezes me…

I’m sorry, it feels so good that I’ll start moving my hips.

Would it be alright if I move them? You can hold in your mouth as is and if it gets too difficult, you can let go.


This is amazing, this feels super good, real good.

Senpai, are you alright? Is it not too hard on you?

Then I’ll start moving again, just endure it for a little bit longer.


Hey Senpai, look this way.

That face is erotic, too erotic. It’s extremely arousing.

I’m close to cumming. Is it okay to cum as is? You don’t have to swallow it so please allow me to cum in your mouth.


I’m still cumming.

I came so much.

Sorry Senpai, that felt incredibly good. Thank you.


Senpai, tissue…rather, go ahead and rinse your mouth.

Eh? You swallowed it?!! I told you that you didn’t have to, you said that it tasted bad before didn’t you, Senpai?

Because it’s me…?

Good grief, you’re so cute. You’re far too cute, Senpai.

I immediately fell in love with you at first sight after I entered the company, after which we began dating. I didn’t think I could ever love someone this much but I grew to love you increasingly more, Senpai.

I love you. I love Senpai so much that the word “love” isn’t enough to describe it.


Let’s go through the pamphlets from the bridal fair, there’re a bunch of things we have to decide on aside from the dress.

Let’s strive for a good wedding.

It’s the day where I could announce to our friends and family that we’re married and that this person is now my wife.

I want everyone to be delighted, I’m really looking forward to it.


Track 3: Rocky Consultations


I’m exhausted.

Oh, mhm, thank you for your hard work too, Senpai. It’s good that the planner seems like a nice person, they’ll be taking care of us till our wedding ceremony.

Eh? Sorry, I’m fine, I’m just a little tired from our consultations.

How should I say it…it went beyond my expectations.

No, I thought I had a general idea because I read wedding magazines, but don’t you think a wedding ceremony requires tons of work?

There’re so many things to decide on, I thought it’d be a walk in the park after we picked the ceremonial hall and date but that wasn’t the case; the busy part came after.

Creating a guest list, picking a design for the invitation, planning the schedule for the ceremony, asking someone to make the speech, putting together a video of our life, and thinking of ideas for gifts…

And what else, the bouquet and flowers for adorning the tables?

I know nothing about flowers, all I know about is roses and sunflowers.


Will I really be able to put together a wedding ceremony? I’ve started to lose confidence in myself.

I’ll try my best but I don’t know if anything will result from that.

But don’t you think it doesn’t reflect the joyful scenes seen during the wedding day in drama or movies? I thought smiling happily while wearing those types of clothes was the end of it.

I guess it’s obvious that that wasn’t how things actually are.

It’s clear as day, isn’t it? I’m such an idiot.


Eh? Bridal salon?

No, I’ll pass, I’m a guy.

Oh, you’re referring to yourself?

Mhm, obviously it’s better if you go, after all, it’s a once in a lifetime moment. We’ll look at the videos and photos time and time again afterwards, and I wish to preserve your most beautiful appearance, Senpai.

I understand that it costs money but I fully understood that during the meeting earlier, weddings are expensive. Somehow, it weighs heavily, will we really be alright?



It’s fine, you don’t need to cook, you’re tired aren’t you, Senpai? Let’s grab something to eat before we head home.

That said, I don’t have much of an appetite. Will the ramen shop beside the station work?


Track 4: Quarrel


Sorry Senpai but could I have a moment with you?

Umm…it’s a bit open here so could you come to the reception office with me?


Sorry for calling you out in the middle of work, I didn’t want other people to hear about it.

We had plans to meet with the planner after work, right? Would it be okay for me to leave that to you, Senpai?

You know how my team’s got a huge presentation next week? The person responsible for putting together the materials spilled coffee on their P.C. and we lost the data.

We’re trying to restore the data from the system, but we determined that it would be preferable to have everyone redo the documents on the off-chance we can’t.

Unsurprisingly, I can’t just be the only one to leave and so I’ll leave today’s appointment to you.


What we’re deciding today is the color for the table clothes, choice of tableware, the bouquet, and the flowers for adorning the tables, right? I have no knowledge in that area so you can choose whatever you like, Senpai.

Reschedule the appointment?

It’ll be bad for the planner and it’ll be tight on our schedule so leave it be, just decide on whatever you need to decide on today.

I apologize for leaving all to you, Senpai, but to be frank, I’d be useless even if I were there.

Now then, I have to return.


What is it? I’m in a hurry right now.

It’s not like I’m doing this out of convenience, I’m asking this of you. Senpai, you’re more qualified for today’s meeting.

I fully understand that you’ve got work, Senpai. However, we both predicted from the start that it’ll be hard to make wedding plans while we’re both working, that’s why we set aside a long period for preparation.

Senpai, you’re the one who said that we should cooperate and try our hardest.



Sorry for yelling. I don’t really think of it as your fault, Senpai.

In any case, I’ll leave today’s meeting to you, you can tell me the gist after.

I’ll see you then, I’m seriously in a hurry.



Oh, uh, I’m home.

So you were awake. You could’ve gone ahead and slept, you have work tomorrow as well so wouldn’t it be troubling if you’re sleepy?

Umm. Umm, about today’s meeting…

Eh? Oh, document?

It’s done with I guess. Although the data ended up being unsalvageable in the end, partial data had been backed up. Since we started anew from that point, it took less time than if we had to completely redo it.

With this, we should be able to make it in time for the presentation.


Yup, thank you.

Umm…Senpai, I apologize for today. I yelled at you to vent my anger even though you never said anything wrong.

You see, I was so invested in this presentation only to face this setback, and got a little agitated. Thinking back, it might’ve been better to reschedule the appointment like you suggested.

I know nothing about flowers but that’s not the same as leaving all the decision-making to somebody else; it’s our wedding.

I’m really sorry.


Eh? Why are you apologizing, Senpai?

Not at all, it’s not your fault, Senpai. I genuinely wish to both work and make proper preparations for our wedding, but I’m clumsy. Ultimately, what I’m afraid of most is being half-baked in both.

Even though I was set on doing my best and becoming a reliable man both on the job and in private, I haven’t made any progress.

I’m pathetic, I had to rely on you for our meeting with the planner and had such major setbacks at work.


Eh? Uh, umm…what’s the reason behind you patting my head?

I’m happy that you’re comforting me but I feel like I’m losing a bit of my male dignity.


You finally laughed.

Like I thought, I love your smile, Senpai. I really like it.

I’m sorry Senpai, but thank you for attending the meeting.

Eh!? You have a picture of the floral arrangements?

Let me see, let me see. Show it to me.

Oh, so that’s the feel it has.

Mhm, isn’t it great? This bouquet suits you, Senpai, I think it’s wonderful. So you had good sense in these types of things as well.


Eh? What do you mean by formality? Do you mean that this is provisional?

Could it be that you were waiting on my opinion?

Jeez, I can’t, I love you so much that I don’t know what to do with myself, Senpai.

I love you, Senpai.

It’s almost unbelievable that the Senpai I love so much is going to be my bride.

As I wait at the end of the virgin road, Senpai will slowly walk towards me wearing a wedding dress, take my hand, and then, we’ll both pledge our oath in front of God.

I am certain that I’ll be deeply moved.


Eh? But it’s not something to go as far as to cry over, it’ll be super lame of me if I started crying.

After all, we’ll record it and save it on DVD so we’ll have a video of it for the rest of our lives.

That’s too embarrassing, I can’t, I just can’t do it.

You get a pass Senpai, it’s a staple for the bride to cry and for the guest to begin crying as well in response. Plus, you’re cute when you cry, Senpai.

If you cry Senpai, I’ll wipe away your tears with a handkerchief, okay?

Oh right, I ought to prepare a handkerchief. I’ll make sure I won’t forget.


Track 5: Speech from the Bride and Groom



A big thank you to everyone for attending our wedding reception today, we truly are fortunate to have blessings from this many people.

We will retain the congratulatory messages we’ve received today inside our hearts and form a happy family.

Although we are inexperienced and still have ways to go, I ask you please to watch over us. Please allow me to take this occasion to speak a little in regards to my feelings.


I met her 3 years ago when I first entered my current workplace.

Despite being young, she was already given the role of team leader. Her hard-working work ethic was dazzling to me as a new employee.

I fell in love with her at first sight and confessed to her after some thought.

To be honest, she turned me down the first time saying that she didn’t have time for romantic relationships because she currently wanted to focus on work. I was flatly rejected by her.

However, I didn’t give up and tried time and time again and I guess, in the end, she gave in.

She said that we could try dating for a month and that if she didn’t develop any feelings for me, we’d split. Those were the conditions under which she gave her O.K.

Luckily, I passed that one month trial and here we are now.


I fell in love with Senpai the moment I laid eyes on her. I admired her, and it’s almost like a dream to marry that Senpai and to receive this many blessings.

The preparations for the wedding were far more difficult than I had imagined, but as we went along, I grew to love Senpai even more.

I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart that we were able to hold a wedding ceremony.

I’ll probably never forget this day, this day where the person I love most in the world becomes my bride, for the rest of my life.

To Senpai’s father and mother, thank you for bringing my beloved Senpai into this world and raising her. I’ll definitely make Senpai happy.

We might have quarrels again but we’ll make up. I promise that I’ll treasure her for as long as I live.


Mom, Dad, thank you for raising me. I’m glad that I was born as your child. My dad might be untalkative but my mom always knows what he wishes to say.

I love my parents, and I hope we too could become a couple like that.


Oh, handkerchief. Thank you.

I’m truly thankful for today.


Track 6: Wedding Night


I’m home. I’m home…!!!

I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m not drunk, I’m not drunk at all.

Jeez, I was made to drink an unbelievable amount at the afterparty, but I’m completely fine. I’m feeling super GREAT RIGHT NOW!!!

Huh? What’s this? There’s a beauty that’s totally my type in my house.

Oh, it’s my wife. HAHAHA!!!


Hey, Senpai, let’s kiss.


Wow, there’s a taste of alcohol, and the way my head’s going around in circles feels good.

Eh? Bed? Oh Senpai, you’re so proactive.


Yay, bed!!!

Senpai, you too. Come on, come over here.

Here, come right next to me.


It’s our wedding night, isn’t it?

I really adored the wedding night, because despite having sex many times, the first night of marriage happens only once, so I’m sure the sex on that day is special.

I got it, let’s use the aroma I bought the other day.

In truth, I actually bought it for today. I read in a magazine that it’s a smell that’ll put you in a naughty mood.


Yup, yup, it’s the one in that paper bag.

Aroma pot is what they called it. Is there not a manual in there?


Senpai, I love you.


Track 7: In Sickness, and in Health


It’s morning. Why’s it morning!?

“Good morning”? …Did I sleep through it?

Err, I drank a lot last night at the afterparty and I only remember up till the point I got into the taxi.

Was I extremely drunk?

I’m sorry, did I end up causing trouble? Did I walk home properly?


Oh thank god. To show display such a shameful sight on the day of our wedding, I really am-

Eh? I fell asleep last night without doing anything?

No way, the wedding night that happens only once in a lifetime…

Huh? Aroma pot?

Oh, right, I bought that for yesterday night.


Hmm…it’s certainly a nice smell, it’s almost intoxicating.

I can’t believe it, even though I was looking forward to it so much. I should’ve planned for whatever happens after I drink.

No wait, the night’s not over yet.

Senpai, come here for a bit.


Let’s have sex right now, as a continuation of our wedding night.

We took the day off today so it’s fine, right? And even if you say no, I can’t no longer stop myself.


Hmm? Is something the matter?

It’s fine, you’re light. This way I can’t clearly see your face and body, Senpai.

What a nice sound, it’s cute.

You’re really weak to your ears aren’t you, Senpai? That said, you feel it more here, don’t you?


I knew it.

You mustn’t suppress your voice, let me hear your voice as you’re feeling it.

Oh, your breasts are reacting too. I can tell that they’re stiff even with your pajamas on.

Come on.

They’re already this hard even though all I’ve done is kiss you. You’re so lewd, Senpai.


Is it not enough to do it through your clothes? Because it’s not enough for me.

I want to touch it directly and lick Senpai’s place here.

How about we remove your pajamas?

I might as well take the bottom off as well. I’ll be removing your underwear so please lift up your hips.


I’ll be undressing too so wait just a moment.


Eh? But I wanted to see you naked, Senpai. Besides, we’d be taking off everything later so it’s fine is it not?

More importantly…

Look, this place is already this wet. Wouldn’t it be troubling to have your underwear on while it’s drenched?

I wonder about that. Even though my fingers are only rubbing against the entrance, more is spilling out. Plus, your nipples are more puffed up than before and look super delicious.


Say, is it alright if I bite this place lightly?

Like this.

This feels good, right? Because so much is overflowing.

In that case…here too.


What a wonderful voice, I can’t get enough of it.

Do you not like it when I only touch the entrance down bottom? You’ve been shaking your hips like you’re begging for more since earlier.

Sure, I’ll insert my fingers.



It’s super wet, but why?

Why did Senpai’s place here end up like this? Did you want it that badly? Did you want me to churn up your insides?

It’s an incredible sound, can you hear it?

It’s the sound of your lewd juices, Senpai. It has dripped all the way down to my wrists.

It’d be a waste so I’ll lick it all up, okay?


Senpai’s place here is twitching, and it’s so cute that I want to just gobble it up.

Bon Appetit.


Senpai, you’re very sweet.

It’s fine, let more out, I’ll swallow it all cleanly.

I’ll insert more fingers too, okay? After all, one isn’t enough for my lewd Senpai so I’ll caress you with two.

Does it feel better when I move my fingers along with my mouth?


Hmm? You’re about to cum?

I’ll let you cum so cum.

Come on.


Cute. You’re super cute when you cum, Senpai.

Umm…it’s okay if I put it in like this today, right?

I made sure to wear condoms before we got married but…

Yes! I’m putting it in then.


Wow, what is this? This feels too good.

Can you tell that I’m inside you, Senpai? Without anything on, I’m rubbing against that place of yours directly.

I’ll enter deeper, okay?


It’s in.

How is it, Senpai? Does it feel good?

I feel good too. Your insides are super warm, I want to stay like this forever.


Parts deep inside have started moving. Are you feeling it from the kisses or do you want me to thrust it in you deep?

Did it really feel that good just now?

You’re squeezing so tightly but it’s wrapping around me and twisting lewdly like it’s asking for more.

Senpai, aren’t you more sensitive than usual?

Is it because it’s morning? Or is that aroma taking effect? Because I’m more excited than normal.


It’s fine if you’re more greedy. I’ll grind against your good spots plenty, Senpai.

I’ll make you feel it so much that your brain turns to mush.

More, be more muddled. This is a side of Senpai that only I know, you belong only to me, Senpai.


Hey, could you try propping your body up like this?

Spread your legs more and sit on top of my lap.

Look, I’ve reached all the way to your deepest spot.

Try moving your hips too Senpai, that way, you can hit all your good spots.


Here? Does this place feel good?

Then I’ll rub against that place lots.

It’s crazy erotic the way your breasts are swaying, Senpai.

Senpai, you’re squeezing too tightly. So you feel it that much when I pleasure your nipples with my mouth.


Are you about to cum again?

I’m close to cumming too so let’s cum together.

Listen, I’ll cum inside, okay?


Senpai, can you tell that my cum is pouring into you?

Senpai, your body’s super lewd. Further in, it’s still twitching, I feel like everything is being wrung out of me.

That felt good. Doing it raw is too good, this might be the best sex yet.


Oh, when I pull out, my cum starts spilling out from inside you.

This is bad, it’s extremely arousing.

Your insides are an amazing sight, it’s a mess of both you and me.

Senpai, you’re feeling it a little too much. Even though I’m only touching the shallow parts with my fingers, you’re letting out that voice again.

You really are sensitive, aren’t you, Senpai?

…I love that part of you though.


Say, how about we go for one more round?

When I saw Senpai’s sexy expression, I got energetic again.

Could you get on all-fours? I want to do it from the back this time.


Somehow this scene is extremely enticing. You’re this wet and you’re sticking your hips in such a bright place, I just can’t get enough of it.

Hey, say that you want me, say that you want me inside here.

I wanted to tease you a little because you’re too cute and too lewd, Senpai.

Come on, say it.

Senpai’s place here is twitching greedily. It’s not enough for it to only be caressed by the tip right?


Roger that.

Well then, I’ll put it in all the way.


Somehow it’s tighter than before.

Incredible, even though your insides are soaking wet, it’s squeezing so tightly. I don’t know if I can last.

It felt even better because you were kept waiting?

Your body’s so indecent, Senpai. It seriously is the best.

Let your voice leak out more, Senpai. Say that you’re feeling it because of me, fill your mind with me.


Senpai, lower your body and place your hands here.

My thing is hitting your deepest parts, is it not? I’ll ram this place as much as you want.

Come on, come on.

Does it really feel that good?

I’m feeling super good, I feel like I’m losing my mind.


Are you alright? Is this position hard on you?

Then lie down.

Yup, when you do that, the place I hit changes. See? This is your good spot, Senpai.

Your hips are restless, do you want it to be rougher?



What a wonderful expression, it’s erotic, it’s sexy, and it’s cute, I just can’t get enough of it.

Hey Senpai, I love you. I really love you, even more than before.


Your inner parts are convulsing again, are you about to cum?

Go ahead, let’s cum together.


Senpai, I love you. I really love you.


Being able to have sex with my beloved wife on a Monday morning is making me far too happy.

Hey, don’t you think so too, Senpai?

Eh? Ah, I see, it’s weird for me to be constantly calling you Senpai now that we’re married.


I’m sorry, it’s too embarrassing for me to suddenly refer to you that way face-to-face so I’ll change bit by bit. Or is that not okay?

Thank you.



I certainly feel hungry but I want to stick to you a little longer, after all, this is the continuation of our wedding night.

Despite it being exhausting, yesterday was fun, right?

So many people congratulated us with a smile, I feel like it’s the most I’ve ever received the word “congratulations” in my entire life.

It was a dream-like day, but it’s not a dream, right?


Senpai, bring out your left hand.

I was really nervous when I slipped the ring onto this finger. My hands were shaking so I couldn’t quite do it properly.

But when I finally got it on, you smiled extremely happily at me, Senpai.

It touched my heart and I felt as if I was about to cry.

The reality hit me that I’ll be walking alongside this person forever, and I’ll be happy together with this person.


Hey Senpai, although we pledged in front of God yesterday, I want to repeat my vows to you again.

In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, to love and to cherish, to have and to hold, I swear to protect you from harm until the bitter end.

My wife, the most precious person in the world, I love you…forever and always.

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