【Translation】 Ouji-sama, Hiroimashita Animate Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Warming Up with You


The meal was delicious, there were lots of shrimp and crab. And the urchin superb.

But…the most delicious food to me is something else.

It’s your home-cooking.

Hehe, it’s still too early for you to blush now. Thank you for all the delicious meals, I’m glad you enjoyed the food here.

I’m the one who wanted the trip to the hot springs so of course. Get used to me spoiling you already.


You’re also cute when you’re embarrassed from a kiss on the cheeks.

I’m not poking fun at you, it’s a fact.


Hmm, it’s a bit early for us to sleep. Oh but let’s place our futons closer to each other.

I think we’d only end up using one, though.


Will this work?

Since our room has an open-air bath, how about we get in?

Mhm, together.

Of course we’d be naked. I’ve seen everything through and through though.

You really are adorable. Now resign yourself and let’s quickly get in.

Shall I help you with undressing yourself?

Haha! I know, I know, I’ll get in first and wait for you.


Like I thought, open-air baths feel nice. Look, look, the starry sky is incredibly beautiful.

I feel a dream-like happiness when I’m with you like this too.

Say, why are you that far away?

It’s embarrassing?

I’ll feel lonely if you don’t come closer.

Closer. Like this.


I love holding you tightly in my arms like this.

Hmm? Did you not like that?

Is it embarrassing to do it here?

I want to see you embarrassed longer.


You really are weak to your ears.

This place is already soaking wet.

Hmm? Hot water…? Then why is it this slippery?

Lying means punishment.


Are you really not wet?

Place your hands over there.

Yup. And then stick your butt.

Good job.

Can you tell that I’m hard? The reason there’re these sounds is because you’re wet, right?

You’re still saying that I’m wrong?

Do you not want to be joined with me?


You’re weak to your back too.

Your place here has turned stiff too. Your hips shake each time I rub it, and it’s very sexy.

My fingers went in super easily, didn’t they?

Your insides are really hot and…it’s squeezing tightly around my fingers.

Hey, are you fine with just fingers? Do you not want me inside you?


What is it? I can’t hear you, say it clearly.

What is it that you want?

Sorry I teased you a little, you’re too cute.

I’m entering so tell me if it hurts, okay?


Amazing. Your insides feel like they’re about to melt.

Right now, we’ve become one; we’re joined perfectly.

Does it feel good?

Thank god. Can you feel me slowly reaching deep inside you?


Each time I thrust, your body, both on the inside and outside, quivers. I just can’t get enough of it.

Would it be better if I go rougher?

I know, I’ll grind up against both your good spots and deep spots plenty.


Your breasts and your butt sway wildly every time thrust.

I’ll rub against and ram your insides as I scrape against this place.

If you clench down that tightly-

Are you about to cum?

Then let’s cum together. I can’t hold on for much longer.


Turn your face this way.

Let’s kiss lots.


Can I release it onto your back?

Thank you.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Did you cum?

That’s a relief, I felt really good.

Say, can we stay like this, can I hold you for a little longer?

Thank you. Once we get married, I want to love you lots more. From now on, I’ll love you lots, lots more, so be prepared, okay?

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