【Translation】 Bloody Endings Cinderella Hen


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

Bloody Endings シンデレラ編

CV: Takahashi Hidenori (高橋英則)

Track 1: The Ball and the Princess with the Glass Slippers


Once upon a time, there was an incredibly cute and well-natured girl.

Although she was the princess of a certain country, she was raised in a werewolf village far removed from society. 

Once she reached of age, she managed to escape to her own kingdom through her family’s influence. However, that kingdom had already been conquered by another nation.

The princess had reached her destination with no place to go.

But there, a magician appeared; casting magic so that she could participate in a ball.


The princess was transformed into a beautiful young lady and easily boarded a coach not knowing the terribly awful fate that lies in wait.


Beautiful princess, would you please have a dance with me?

Your hand.


This is our first meeting, isn’t it? Which country do you hail from, Princess?

It’s fine if you don’t talk right away, I can tell even if you say nothing, the beauty and elegance overflowing from you speaks for itself in regards to the merits of your birth.

You must certainly have been raised well.

Are you not too fond of dancing?

Don’t worry, leave it to me.


Thank you for attending this ball held at my castle tonight.

You look like you’ve just realized. I’m the crown prince, Charming, it’s an honor to meet you.

It’s true, it’s an honor.

This is the first time I’ve met a woman as beautiful as you. To be frank, I wasn’t too eager about tonight’s ball, but I ought to be thankful to my father for hosting this ball in search of a fiance for me.

Yes, the purpose behind this ball is for me to find a bride.

As proof of that…

Here, take a look, all the ladies are looking at you with envy. I’m sure they’re all thinking that’s inevitable when the person’s that beautiful.

Don’t make that expression, you’re incredibly beautiful. So much so that I’d take you as mine.


My apologies, I said something scary, didn’t I? That said, all men will think the same in the face of you; wanting to make you theirs and confining you within their arms.

I love beautiful things, and it is also something that flows from within. Do you understand?

Hehe, let me guess your personality.

Are you unexpectedly strong-willed?


It seems like I was right.

I dislike those that are eager to avoid displeasing someone because that isn’t amusing.

Personally, I prefer unsubmissive individuals, individuals that don’t yield to me; those are the eyes you possess.

It drives me to expose the passion that lies hidden within.


Track 2: Prisoner Pt.1 -With Charming-


What’s the matter?

Princess, where are you going Princess?

Princess, don’t leave!!!


Princess. Princess, why are you trying to run away? I still haven’t-


Did you deceive me? Were you deceiving me?

What’s with that deplorable appearance?

It looks like you’ve had magic cast onto you. Which witch did you ask this from?

It’s ironic that only the shoe that fell off is unchanged, that’s no way you could return to the ball in that state; much less become my queen.


No, what methods did you use to cheat the witch?

Say it! What worth do you have?

No wait, are you perhaps the witch?


Come. Come, this is an order.

Hmph, nevertheless, I’ll give you a choice. Shall I immediately execute you here as a rat that slipped into the castle, or will you listen to what I say?

You only have one of two choices.

Seems like you’re not an idiot.



Your parents probably prayed for your life to be saved thanks to that face of yours.

I’ll acknowledge the fact that you’ve got the guts to deceive me, it’s something that a normal woman would be unable to do.

To slip in as one of my bride candidates…is vile.

!? That’s-

I see, so that’s what it was.


A ring precious enough for you to keep hidden and suspended from your neck eh.

I get it now, it’s a precious ring bearing the crest of royalty.

I heard from my father that when he invaded this castle, the princess that had just recently been born wasn’t there. It appears that he was under the impression that the king must’ve unmistakably ended her life since she was bound to be mercilessly killed.

You’re the princess from that day, huh.

How have you survived till now? Where did you take refuge?


Even if you say nothing, I’ll take a guess; you probably lived in a resort forest.

What a pitiful woman you are. Miserable, beautiful, and all the more enticing.

It wasn’t interesting no matter what woman I had sex with, everyone would open their bodies up to me before long and start begging for their lives regardless of what I do.

But you’re different, you’re a royal princess. Right now, you’re the fine princess of a lost kingdom.

Never again will I give you a choice like I did earlier, if it’s one of two possibilities then choose the path to die gallantly for that is noble. And if you can’t do that, I’ll torture you to death at once.


How tight.

You’re a virgin huh, interesting.

Look at me, you despise me, don’t you? I’m the prince of the despicable country that robbed you of your kingdom, of your father, and of your mother.

Resent me, resent me all you want, there’s no humiliation quite like this is there?

Loathe me, loathe me!!!


Considering it was that father of mine, I’m sure he must’ve murdered them in a rather cruel manner.

He might’ve tortured them as an example, and as a woman, the queen likely experienced unimaginable humiliation. She was undoubtedly put through far more crueler and greater disgrace than you are now.

Yes, that’s the expression I seek.

Hate me. I had yearned to see those sublime eyes filled with hatred, those eyes that avoided me in this manner.


Does it hurt?

The insides of a virgin’s the best. It’s exhilarating to think that I’m striking a royal princess and raping them.

Does it really hurt that much? Then how’s this?

Hahaha! How’s that? How does it feel to be raped by the despicable prince of an enemy nation as they strangle you?

Are you remembering your mother?

No wait, as a baby, you wouldn’t have remembered anything. You know nothing of the previous kingdom.

What a pitiful woman you are, so miserable, yet lovely.


Cleanse that dirty body of yours, I’ll call upon an attendant. And don’t cool your cheeks, I enjoy seeing your swollen face.


Track 3: Prisoner Pt.2 -With Charming-


Hold it in your mouth more firmly, if you lick it like that, this will never end.


What a nice expression, do your cheeks hurt?

For your beautiful face to be swollen, how pitiful.

What’s with those eyes? If there’s something you’d like to say, say it.

Do you intend to take revenge? Because right now, I’m open, if you really want to, you can bite off that thing of mine that’s right in front of your eyes.

But even if you do so, neither your father nor your mother will return.

And since you have no power, you probably can’t take back this kingdom either.


If you’re vexed then try using your strength, you’re a person with royal blood so there’s nothing you can’t do right?

Now lick it.


You truly are a pitiful woman, you’ve fallen this low and are being played around with. There’s probably no more meaning in you living.


I’m cumming.

Don’t spit it out, swallow it as is.


Lift your face. Lift your face!

Listen, I won’t allow you to die, you’ll be my puppet for the rest of your life and I’ll use you however I like.

It’s wrong for a puppet to take its life on its own accord, is it not?

You’re sort of a difficult doll to manipulate but that’s fine, that’s precisely why it’s fine. It’s boring to do this to a mere woman.


You’re the best.

More, despise me more and burn with the flames of vengeance. You’re a noble princess so hate me for having robbed you of everything.


I have soldiers stationed in front of this room and there’re attendants within the room while I’m not here. In other words, you can’t escape nor die.

You’re being kept beyond your usefulness.


Track 4: Prisoner Pt.3 -With Charming-


What wonderful weather, I’ll give you permission to open your windows today.

You, come here as well.

Think of it as a formality after these couple days.

What’s wrong? Are you not gonna hit me with that vase?

Hmph. Because you weren’t quick to hit me, the weapon you finally obtained broke. Oh, but it’s alright, you can stab me with the shard.

Nevertheless, it probably won’t happen since you’re unable to kill me.


I’m in a good mood today, I don’t mind allowing it but you don’t look like you’re asking for forgiveness.

Or perhaps, you’d rather be murdered me?


Like I said, I won’t allow you to escape or die.


Stick out your tongue, I’ll get it through your head.


Resistance is futile.

Your face in agony’s the best.


You’ve gotten wet, haven’t you?

I’ll tease this place as I shove it in.

Spread your legs nice and wide, during times like these, it’s where women feel pleasure.

Look at me. It’s humiliating, is it not? You’re feeling good from having it inside you and having me tease you.


Spread your legs wider.

Like this!

I told you to look at me, did I not? I won’t allow even your gaze to escape me; have only me on your mind.

You’re actually feeling it, aren’t you? You’re beginning to get turned on from being violated by a man you despise.

If you wish to cry, then cry. Go ahead and cry over this shameful disgrace, and once you do, I’ll kill you at once. I have no interest in a lowly woman who’d scream over just this, so if you wish to die right now, feel free to start wailing.


Regardless of the resistance you put up, nectar is spilling out from here.

Take a look at this shameful and unbecoming appearance. You can see that we join and that you’re soaking wet, can’t you?

Look, you’re a shameless and vulgar woman despite being a princess.




Did you not hear me? I told you to strip.

Come. Come!!!


Place your hands onto the balcony rails, it’s an order.

Head outside and place your hands on the rails.

Hurry up!

Listen, you’ll be raped here now. There are probably soldiers keeping guard below, and your naked body would surely be a tempting sight for them.

It’s pointless so spread your legs.

Now hurry up and spread your legs.


It’s a nice feeling, isn’t it? To be raped as everyone watches.

The soldiers have good eyes so they might even be able to see how your breasts sway.

Just let them see. You’re beautiful and everyone turns their eyes to what’s beautiful, so if they wish to see then let them see.


You’re drenched.

What a fine body, so fine that I’d like others to have a taste of it.i

That ain’t bad either because your body’s the best, I’m sure everyone will be overjoyed and satisfy themselves with it.

How’s that? Why don’t you try to imagine being fucked by soldiers reeking of sweat?

As for the end…

Oh, that’s right. Since you feel pleasure while being violated by me whom you hate, I’m sure you’ll feel it during that as well.


Denying it is meaningless because right now you’re soaking wet and that place of yours is wrapping tightly around me.

Foolish woman, did you seriously think I’d do that?

You’re my puppet.

I won’t allow anyone else to pull your strings, you belong to me.


Make sure to remember that you’re mine, I won’t hand you over to anyone.


Don’t make a fuss, I’ll bring you over to the bed.



Rest assured, there were no soldiers stationed in areas that have a view of the balcony.


Track 5: Tables are Turned


Were you still asleep? I heard from the attendants that you were feeling unwell.

Get up, don’t trouble me any further.

!? What’s with that body-

Is it magic?

How did you allow a witch inside the room? And what contract did you form?


Such strength…

Haha! Did you think you’d be able to kill me now that you’ve grown strong through magic?

Your heart won’t heal if you take revenge using such powers.


You’re…not able to kill me.

Do you not realize why you can’t kill me?

It’s because you’re a woman. Regardless of what magic you have cast on you, ultimately, it’s because you’re a woman.


How amusing, oh so very amusing, this is the first time I’ve felt such delight. Hatred is amusing, your hatred is amusing.

Hit me more, and then, kill me.

Did you think I’d apologize? Did you think I’d beg for my life?

Too bad but I won’t yield to you or anyone else for that matter.


Are you crying…?

Pitiful woman, just kill me already. KILL ME!!!

This is the revenge you wanted, is it not? After having your mother murdered, having your father murdered, and having your kingdom stolen from you, this is your precious vengeance.

Use my sword. Stab me with this as the finishing blow.

With your strength, nothing will result from it if you continue punching me like this. Even if you had magic cast on you, that doesn’t change, a person won’t die from just this so use it.

My heart’s right here, and if you want me to suffer just stab someplace different.

Further from the heart the better because I’ll die in pain.


I don’t mind if you cut off my fingers one by one, or will you slowly chip away at my flesh and have me writhe in agony, and kill me that way?

What are you doing? Make it quick.

Hurry up and DO IT!!!


What a half-hearted woman you are.

It was my mistake for not killing you, I should’ve killed you on the spot the day of the ball. And yet I…wasn’t able to kill you.

If it was my father, I’m sure he would’ve executed you immediately.

Like my father, I should’ve cast judgment on you.


I loved your eyes.

The eyes of the nobles were hopelessly dull, but you were different, you were alive. Your eyes felt alive.

You don’t understand, this entire world is rotten.

This country, my father, and even I, am rotten.


Hurry up and kill me. If it’s you, I don’t mind, that’s why I didn’t call anyone.

On the other side of this door are soldiers that would barge in the moment I summon them but I refuse to call on them. Do you understand the significance of that?!!

I’ve had enough, I’m worn out, I’m tired of this.


Track 6: A Bloody Ending -Broken Doll-


Hahaha! You’re a stupid woman, why did you dispell the magic?

You’re such a stupid woman…

This is enjoyable indeed, a mere woman made me show such an unsightly appearance. Now laugh at me.


Please laugh, because that way… It’ll feel better.


I wonder what my father will think if he knows of this.

I’m an odd one, I fear my father but I’m no different from my father; I enjoy making others suffer.

It’s ecstasy. I break them down until they beg for their lives, and it’s so enjoyable to change the firm look of one’s eyes into fear that I can’t help myself.

I am the same as…my father.

But you realize it, don’t you? I’m a prince so I’m forgiven no matter what I do, and once I become king, all limits are off, I’ll have my way.


However, do you know what’s the end result of that?

I’ll never be loved by anyone, all I have is a future.

Let go of me…!!!

Don’t pity, know your place!

Let go, please let go of me. A piece inside me is hurting, it feels like it’s being torn apart.


I know. In the end, you never became my puppet.


I wonder why?

I hate you. I resent you, who weren’t able to kill me, the mother who gave birth to me, the father that built this country, and the citizens that fear me, so, so much.

I’m so seething with hatred of everything.

Even the things I desire won’t listen to me……like you.

That’s why I was able to hate you and remain the way you thought of me.


It has swallowed up my fingers so easily.

Don’t move. If you move, I’ll tear out your lovely hair.

I’m sure it’ll hurt, it’ll be delightful if your hair’s stained with red.

To see your beautiful face writhe in agony and for me to force such an expression, I’m filled with overwhelming joy.


Stop thinking of me as pitiful, look at me with hatred like you did before.

I’ll kill the witch that cast the magic on you so there’ll be no one to put that glass slipper on you. And then, you’ll surely look at me with eyes of hatred.

I’ll do anything to make you suffer.

I’m sticking it in now.


I quickly broke the interesting toys I’ve obtained and you’re no different. Toys will break soon enough.

Since you can’t save me either way, it’ll remain this way forever.

!? Let go of me.

Get away from me. Get off of me!!!


What’s the matter? Why are you looking at me with THOSE EYES?!!

You have no right to pity me.

Hate me. RESENT ME…!!! Otherwise, I don’t know what I should do.


Should I rape you more violently? Should I beat you harder?

Should I kill the witch right now and drag her here?!!

You realize that if you don’t, I won’t be satisfied. How else do you expect me to love you?


Don’t look at me. If it’s with those eyes then don’t LOOK AT ME!!!


Is it painful?

If I strangle your neck, you can’t breathe, can you? If you’re gonna look at me with those eyes then I’ll continue to make you suffer. If you won’t give me what I want then that’s what I’ll do.

You’re my plaything, my number 1 plaything.

That expression the best, the absolute best. Suffer more because of me, and despise me!!!


Hey. Hey, wake up!

She broke……


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