【Translation】 Bloody Endings Yuki no Joou Hen


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Bloody Endings 雪の女王編

CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 1: Ice Tower


Princess of the Kingdom of Snow, are you frightened? Because starting today, you’ll be residing in this ice tower of mine.

For what reason?

I threatened the Kingdom of Snow to present me the princess if they do not wish for me to freeze the castle over. And I assume you were under the belief that you were on your road to happiness as you awaited your wedding with the prince of the neighboring country in one month’s time.

Forget everything, a prince can’t protect you.

You don’t need to understand the meaning of what I’ve said, either way, you’ll be locked up here hereafter.

You’re the same as me, in being different from others, you ended up in this state.

From now one, this tower is your everything and will be for the rest of your life.


What’s the matter with you? Don’t follow me.

You…there’s something a little off with you.

Use this room however you like. You can use anything within this tower, except that, you can’t go outside.


Track 2: A Woman’s Experience -Together with the Magician of Ice-


What business do you have with me?

I did tell you that you can use whatever’s within the castle, however, I have no recollection of ordering you to visit my room.

Were you not scared of me? So why did you purposefully visit my room?

Did you come to humor me or to beg for the restoration of the castle?

Haa…I don’t understand the meaning of that. Is the balcony view that unusual?


If you intend to throw yourself off of there, it’s better if you stop. Right now, I have no plans to kill you so it’ll only end with me saving me.

White…? And why are you smiling?

Are you that happy to see the whiteness of snow?

I thought of it as something gloomy. After being suddenly kidnapped and confined, a normal person would’ve been frightened and pessimistic.

Skin as white as snow, cheeks as red as blood, and hair as dark as ebony; the most beautiful girl in the world. And thus, in her jealousy, the queen will murder you.

“The most beautiful in the world is me.”

Yes, that’s what the queen said.


You’ll be killed if you return to the castle.

The queen is a witch, she is a witch who’s watching with an eagle’s eye for the opportunity to kill you.

Do you still intend to return to the castle despite that? The witch will certainly not allow you to live, she will not forgive the existence of a being more beautiful than herself.

Even if you marry into a neighboring country, the witch will likely head there to kill you.

So what is it about these people you love that you speak of? Protect you? From the queen?

How would they protect you? Those who possess no power, how would they protect you from the meddling of a witch?

Do you understand now? As long as you remain here, you’ll live.

If you leave this place, you’ll die.


You’re the same as me. I was born with strong powers that no human should possess, while you were born with beauty that surpasses all others.

And thus, we were prosecuted.




You’re probably the first person I’ve ever touched.


Don’t try and escape!!!

Looking at me for salvation is futile, even if you make that expression, I feel nothing.


This hair that’s as dark as ebony, if yank like this, it’ll probably hurt and you’ll then quiet down.

This time, I’ll try this.

Even I understand that your hair’s beautiful, it’s pitch black and bewitchingly captivating. And it’s so sleek that my fingers simply run straight through it.

That said, what’s the big deal surrounding it? To me, this is nothing but a tool to tie you onto the bed with.


I never imagined that it’d be…this soft.



You’re constantly asking me questions; even I don’t know why I’m doing this but you’re the root cause of it.

You swallowed up my fingers so easily, huh.

Don’t move, or would you like to be in pain again?


It’s gotten wet.

What’s the matter? Are you not gonna resist anymore?

What are you doing?

I’m kind…?

Let go of me right now.

Like I said, how am I kind? Just now I did something against your will, and yet, how? It’s true that I saved your life by kidnapping you, but that’s all it is.



It’s because I had a bad feeling, and that’s why I saved your life. Because you’re the same as me, I saved you; there’s nothing beyond that.

Don’t concern yourself with me, and please don’t rely on me…because you make me lose my mind.

Don’t forget, killing you is far too easy.


Live quietly in that ice tower for the time being.

If you intend to delve into me following this, I’ll break your heart in the same manner as mine.


Track 3: The Love of an Affectionate Mother -Together with the Magician of Ice-


Hey, hey, wake up. I said, wake up!!!

She’s dead…?

No, only a few hours have passed, there’s no way she would’ve died.

First, I must warm her.


Your body’s horribly frail.

Next, I must make proper preparations.


She’s still not waking up…


Her temperature is returning.


For you to cling onto me…

Considering that you’ve finally woken up, the wolf must be more frightening than me even though it’s been sleeping with you for the sake of raising your temperature.

It’s been a few days since you froze within the ice tower and lost consciousness, and it’s been warming you the entire time since then.

Yes, as you can see it’s a wolf. They often frequent this tower.

That’s great, I guess it’s an honor to hear that from a princess.


How are you feeling?

I see.

I’m sorry, I never realized human women were that fragile, I don’t have much experience with dealing with women nor have I spoken to them.

I was scared?

Of course not, it’s just your imagination.


Did you forget how I told you not to rely on me? Despite the fact that you nearly died, you still haven’t learned your lesson.

You don’t think of me as a terrible person, huh.

However, that’s a big misunderstanding, because my heart’s frozen, I feel nothing. For that reason, I can commit any horrible deed and I can kill you all too easily.

That’s right, I wasn’t able to kill you. So what about it?

I hold no emotions, I froze my own frozen heart.


I possessed powerful magic from the moment I was born, and my mother, fearing that great power, abandoned me in this tower when I was young.

However, several years later, my mother returned and said this: “Let’s join powers. And for that purpose, you must freeze your heart and protect yourself.”

To me, my mother was my entire world, in turn, whatever my mother says is absolute.

I froze my heart with magic and gradually lost my emotions.


Why are you crying?

What are you saying, there’s no way I have a heart.

You’re constantly saying odd things, I’ve never been kind to you nor to the animals.

Why are you hugging me? …Even though I warned you that you’d end up experiencing something terrible, you really know no fear.

Get away from me quickly, otherwise, I’ll seriously put you through a horrible experience.


What’s the matter? Are you not gonna resist?

This is an expression of love…?

Don’t fool with me!!! You clearly don’t understand, you clearly don’t understand my dangerousness.

Why won’t you understand?!! I locked you in an ice tower and nearly had you die.

Are you…really not scared of me?

Am I no longer frightening?


Despite being a princess, you’re quite shameless.

It’s overflowing. Does this place feel good?

Listen to what I say and not close your legs.


Your voice’s leaking out. Does it feel good when I do this?

What a strange taste, there’s an odd smell to it.

Why? Why does it hurt for me to say it?

It’s because you never resisted. That said, you sound like you’re about to cry.


Don’t move, don’t struggle.

Your hips are trembling…? Princess?


Don’t hide it.


It’s still overflowing.


So hot, I feel like I’m about to melt.


I feel like my brain’s gonna stop working, it’s so hot, I’m melting.

The heat’s gathering, I…I really might melt.

Why does it feel good?

Why is that? Why is it that it brings me pleasure, why?


I can’t, I’m at my limit. I can’t last any longer, I can’t take it no more.

It’s no use. I’m about to-


Did I die?


Track 4: Possessiveness


What’s wrong?

No, you’re not in the way. I was feeding the birds.

I don’t mind, birds are fickle and I just happen to be out of feed.

Are you not cold?

I see. The ice tower’s cold.


Please stop, I’m not kind.


No. No, I’m not sad. That said, I haven’t cried since I was a child so please don’t look.

It’s strange, my heart shouldn’t feel any emotions and yet, it feels hot.

It’s gone awry, my heart’s been odd ever since you came. My magic should’ve been perfect, the spell I casted should’ve been perfect, and yet…

Why was I born with magic?


Princess, let’s stay here forever.

The person who’ll penetrate these thick castle walls made of ice before long, I won’t let them do as they like.

Oh, the person I’m referring to is the queen, my mother.

Allow me to tell you everything.


That person was obsessed with beauty and power. After having discarded me once, she began to use me as a pawn in her pursuit of power.

That person possesses no magic, she was merely making use of me.

The notion that the nation is protected by the Ice Magician is nothing more than a charade.

That said, I wound up betraying her.

I kidnapped you so that you won’t be killed. I’m sure right now, my mother’s mad with rage but I don’t care, all I need is you by my side.


Why are you crying?

I wonder how many times I’ve been held by you like this. Even though your body’s incredibly small, it’s warm and soothing.

Princess, please become mine.


No, this isn’t enough. This feeling will steadily grow bigger so remaining like this is impossible, it’ll be agony. After all, you probably belong to the prince of that neighboring country already.

It’s pointless, if you don’t belong solely to me, if I’m not the only person that body will accept…

Princess, I’m asking you to become mine.

Allow me to restore your purity with my magic.


Track 5: Immeasurable Purity -Together with the Magician of Ice-


With this, your body has become untouched. This way, you belong to me alone.



It hurts?

Savor that pain, your body has become one that only knows of my lips, my fingers, and my penis. Both pain and pleasure, it’s the first time it’s experiencing it.

It’ll be alright, don’t cry.


Lean only on me, cling only to me because you’re mine and mine only.

It’s wonderful when your tiny body twitches, it’s painful yet lovely. Something immoral is welling up inside me.

Now then my dear princess, your body only knows of me.


Hurt more, feel me as it hurts.

That’s right, that pain will turn into pleasure. And while possessing such a body, let’s restore your purity.

Why? You feel me through pain, no?

You can feel me strongly through this pain, can’t you? It’s strange that you’d hate it because I’m feeling wonderful right now.

You’re the one that taught me this joy, you’re the one who taught me emotions.

Love, sadness, pain, joy, even my ego was born out of you, and yet, why are you rejecting me? You yearned for my heart, didn’t you?


Look, bright red blood is flowing onto your white thighs.

Oh why is it this beautiful?


Don’t cry, Princess, I’ll quickly restore your purity once again.

This is the first time I’ve seen blood this beautiful. And your blood…has the same taste as the nectar spilling from you.


It’s overflowing again.

This body doesn’t change, you’re feeling it despite being in pain and end up like this since it’s me.

I’ve restored your purity once more with my magic.


Being the first to penetrate you is the best, I can’t help but to repeat time and time again.

I wonder why it feels this good.



Get on all fours, I want a clearer look at the place that takes me in.

Please, if you don’t, it won’t be enough and I’ll have no idea how many times I would end up restoring your body.


Stick your butt up properly so that I can see everything.


Fresh blood is flowing down from that obscene place.


I wonder why your skin’s this fair. And this back that’s writhing in pain is pure white.

I don’t need anyone nor anything, just the two of us within this castle. I’m alive since this heart has been melted by you.

Let’s thicken the ice magic so that no one can enter; so that no one can interfere with us.

Once this is over, I’ll do it immediately.


More, I want to dye you redder. I want to continue tainting the beautiful you, the fair you.

Princess, my one and only.


You must be exhausted, right? So let’s rest for a bit, once we’re awake…

Yes, once we’re awake, I ought to feel more of what’s been frozen.


Track 6: Grief


They’ve made their way in…

Look there, they’ll find this room immediately.


So it’s you, twin princes.

Save? The princess?

There’s no need for that, I’ve saved the princess.


Princess, don’t tell me you betrayed me? Did you tell everything to this fiance of yours?

Then why does this man know about my mother and how she was targeting you?!!

I don’t believe you, it is something no one but you should know.

Let go of me, you’ve betrayed me. As expected, that’s just how people are, I’m an idiot for thinking that you’re an exception.

Leave. LEAVE!!!

You should go ahead and be murdered by the queen.


If that’s how it is, you’re free to take her and leave.


Why, why, why? Was it wrong for me to have magic? Because that way, I would be a normal human just like those princes and not be abandoned like this.

I didn’t need magic, in possessing power, I couldn’t obtain the one thing I yearned for nor was I able to protect them.

Argh! If this was how it ends, I WISH IT WOULD JUST DISAPPEAR!!!


Track 7: Thawed Heart


If only I was born a wolf like you.

The princess is going to be sentenced to burn at the stake it seems. In concerning herself with me, she was judged to be an evil witch.

But that’s because she betrayed me, if she forever remained with me in this ice tower, she never would’ve been executed.

What do you think death is?

It’s an eternal farewell.


It’s weird when I think back on it, there’s no way the princess would’ve been discovered by those princes while locked up in the ice tower.

Most likely, everything’s my mother’s doing.

She feeds the princes the necessary information, erases them, and then finally is able to murder the princess whom she despises.

……I’m such a fool!



Magic isn’t effective against this fire…?

I’ll save you right now.

Don’t approach us! Don’t you DARE come near us!!!



Open up a path. I said OPEN UP A PATH!!!


You’re safe now, Princess. I’ll never let go of you again.


Track 8: A Bloody Ending


I can’t…walk any further.

I never imagined that they would conjure up a flame that I couldn’t win against. Why is it that I’m unable to use my strength at a time like this?

I’ll lay you down on my coat and let you rest for a bit, that way you’ll feel a little less cold.


I’m sorry, because of that flame, my power is not returning, I can’t heal you nor return you to the ice tower.

Does it hurt right now?

You don’t need to talk.

Princess…I regret letting go of you that day. You never betrayed me, it was all a part of the queen’s schemes.

I guess so, I’ve fallen in love with you.

Probably-no, I certainly love you as well.


It’s true, I’m crying.

Princess, no, no, please don’t close your eyes. I’ll quickly bring you back to the ice tower and I’ll immediately heal you the moment my magic returns.

I won’t let you die so please don’t close your eyes, Princess.

Princess, look at me, please don’t leave me!!! As the one who melted my heart, please don’t disappear because that would be…

Princess, princess, princess, reply, please reply to me.

No, no, don’t die, PLEASE DON’T DIE!!! PRINCESS…!!!

No, no, please don’t go.


What am I supposed to do? I love you, you’re the one who taught me that, you’re the one who gave me this pain.

No, no, no, no, no!!!

It’s heartbreaking, I can’t bear this. My heart, my heart is tearing into shreds, and my body’s in tatters.

I can’t take this, it hurts, it’s unbearable.

It’s a lie, it’s a lie, this is a lie. Princess, princess, princess…


If it was gonna be this painful, then I never needed a heart.



What was I doing? A woman has died, that’s all it is.

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