【Translation】 Misshitsu Triangle 2 ~Campus~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

密室トライアングル2 ~キャンパス~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀), Hagi Michihiko (萩道彦)

Track 1: Prior Arrangements


T: Hmm? Do you need something?

T: I’m leaving for my part-time job after this though.

T: Was our prior arrangement, today?

T: Umm, I’m sorry but could you not move it to tomorrow? I messed up the date so could you do something on your end-

K: Senpai!

K: Tsukishima…?

T: Konno…


K: It’s almost our arranged time, right?

K: Yes, of course I remember. Did Tsukishima forget by any chance?

T: No, uh, I mean…

K: Oh, you had part-time work. I guess it can’t be helped then, it’s fine if you leave today, Tsukishima.

T: Eh? Is Konno perhaps taking part as well?

K: Indeed.

K: Senpai, I’ll cover for Tsukishima’s portion, so don’t worry.

T: I’m coming too.

K: Huh? But what about your part-time job?

T: I just have to exchange my shift with someone. Wait just a minute, I’ll make the phone call.


T: Hello.

T: Umm I apologize but I’d like you to replace me for today.


K: There’s a month left as students so there’s still time, but it feels like that day will come before you know it.

K: I guess so. Let’s strive for a school life that we can all enjoy, so even if Tsukishima can’t participate, I’ll take on his role.

T: Hey, let’s go.

K: Eh? “Let’s go”? Did you take the day off work?

T: Yes.

K: Is that so?

K: That’s great. Then, now that we’ve assembled, let’s go.


K: Senpai, how’s this for the allotment of our budget?

K: That’s a relief. And oh, Tsukishima, what’s the progress on the signboard that we commissioned from the art group? If I remember correctly, that was your responsibility, right Tsukishima?

T: Yes, they say it’ll be completed in about 4 days.

K: 4 days? Was the deadline not the day after tomorrow?

T: Could you not do something about that? They’re working hard so that it’ll definitely leave an impression.

K: Even if you say that, a deadline’s a deadline.

T: Eh? Are you serious? Will we be okay?


K: Oh so you made the deadline earlier with that in mind. As expected of my Senpai!

T: Thank you.

K: Err, after, we have to finish up with the shopping list right? The budget this year is small, but it’d be nice we don’t rely on items from past years…

T: Where’s the stuff from last year?

K: If I’m not mistaken, they’re in a special department in the side building. How about we head there and check?


T: Oh.

K: Is that your phone, Tsukishima?

T: Ergh, it’s from my part-time job. Ah, I mean…don’t worry about it

K: Really? We’re just going for a look after this so you can leave now Tsukishima. Thank you for your hard work.

T: No, I’m fine, I’m going.

K: Eh? But they’re calling you though?

T: It’s fine, we had this arranged beforehand from the start and I haven’t been all that useful yet.

T: Yes, it’s fine. Come on, let’s hurry up and go.

K: Yeah.


Track 2: Side Building


K: Senpai, you really are reliable. Isn’t that right, Tsukishima?

T: Hmm…I guess.

K: There’s plenty of guys targeting Senpai you know?

K: I’m not exaggerating. I’ve been curious for a while but Senpai, do you have a boyfriend? You always avoid that topic.

T: Could it be you’re dating a guy that you can’t speak of?

T: Hmm? If you don’t have one then you should’ve been that clear from the start.

K: Tsukishima, you can’t be talking to her like that.

T: Yeah, yeah. Let’s quickly leave once we’ve taken a look.


K: Senpai, could you read out the list? And we’ll do the searching.

K: There’s that.

T: That too, but it’s been opened. Will we be able to use these?

K: It’s here, just that, there might not be enough.

T: Ah…it only lasted a moment. Shall we buy new ones?


K: Oh, they had most of it. Even if we purchased new ones to make up for what we lack, we’ll still remain within our budget.

T: Now that we’re done, let’s hurry up and leave.

K: Yes.



K: Senpai are you okay?

T: Jeez, it’s dangerous if you don’t watch where you step.

K: In any case, let’s get out. Tsukishima, give me a hand, the exit is blocked by a scenery piece.

T: Yeah.

K: It’s quite heavy, I’m glad this didn’t hit Senpai.

T: Even if we took this signage we won’t be able to make use of it. It’s dangerous and a nuisance.

K: It’s pretty old after all. With this…


K: Okay, there we go. Now Senpai, let’s go.

K: Huh?

T: What are you doing?

K: No, I can’t seem to open it.

T: Hah? Let me try.

T: It’s not opening. Oi, are you kidding me…?!!


Track 3: The Three that were Trapped


T: It’s not budging an inch.

K: The door might’ve warped when it was stuck.

T: There must be someone left in the building right? Either of you, call someone, I left mine behind.

K: Mine’s in my bag as well. What about you Senpai?

T: Geh, are you serious?

T: It’s not your fault, it’s the fault of this shabby door that would break after a tiny hit.

K: That’s right, it’s not Senpai’s fault. This area’s a bit messy too so even if you trip, it’s unavoidable. All we can do is wait for someone to pass by and open it from the outside.


K: It’s gotten dark out.

T: Haa…people don’t normally visit this building, the chance of someone passing by is even lower when it’s this late. It can’t be helped then. Okay.

K: Don’t tell me-

T: If the door won’t open then I have no choice but to leave through the window.

T: Don’t worry.

K: Isn’t it impossible with such a small window? Not only that, there’s 3 of us you know?!!

T: Straight outright jumping might be impossible, but it’s doable if we use something.

K: Is there anything?

T: Ah, hmm…there isn’t any. I guess that’s a no go.

T: Hey, hey, I’m not doing it.

T: Yeah, yeah, like I said, I’m not going through with it. Could you not cling onto me?


K: I wonder if we can come across someone?

T: No one normally visits this area after all.

T: Hey, is there anyone!!!

K: Is anyone there!?

T: Someone please lend us a hand!

K: The door broke and we’re trapped inside!!! Is there anyone there to help us?!!


T: Dammit, it’s no use. The door won’t open, we have no methods to contact the outside, jumping out the window is impossible, and no one would pass by. I guess all hope is lost.

K: No way, there must be another way.

T: There isn’t.

K: Don’t just immediate replay, at least THINK A LITTLE!!!

T: No, we fully brainstormed earlier no? And you, what are you so panicked about?

K: Hah!?

T: I mean, it’s not like we’re gonna die. Besides, we aren’t alone.

T: Well, even if it’s impossible today, there ought to be someone passing by tomorrow. Particular security.

K: Are you saying we should shut up and wait until someone comes?

T: Yes, that’s right, what other path is there?

K: Eh, that’s…


K: Senpai, you too?

K: I understand.

T: In any case, worst-case scenario, we’ll be staying here for the night.

K: ……

T: On that note, is your foot okay? Is it not hard to stand with heels this high?

T: Ah, your heels are already red.

T: There’s no way you’re fine. There should be a mat around this area…oh, there it is, I’ll lay it out so sit down.

T: Okay, there you go. It’s better than nothing right?


K: No, I’m…

T: Do you intend to stand till morning? We can’t calm down if you’re there standing alone.


T: Aah…it’s become quite an odd situation. Also, why don’t you remove your heels? It hurts to have them on, doesn’t it?

K: Holy, are you okay? Senpai, your heel’s bright red.

T: Are you really alright?

T: Then it’s fine.

K: Those are new shoes, right?

K: I know right. I thought they were cute and suited you, Senpai. And since they’re new, it’ll hurt your heels before you break them in, right?

T: Or rather, what do women wear such high heels?


T: Because they’re cute…?

K: Senpai, they’re cute.

T: What’s with that nice act?

K: I’m just saying the truth.

T: That’s why I’m calling it a nice act.

K: You actually think they’re cute too though, Tsukishima.

T: Hah!? I don’t.


Track 4: Confessions from Your Juniors


T: Fufu.

K: What’s with you all of a sudden?

T: No. When I recall you acting all flustered a while earlier, I found it funny. It’s a so even you get flustered type of thing.

K: Hah? What do you mean by that?!!

T: You’re always grinning nonchalantly so I’ve never seen you in a panic. Hahaha! It was extremely-

K: Same to you. So you’re able to laugh so carelessly in a situation like this, just how easy going, are you?

T: Pfft.

K: What?

T: You’re quite agitated over this current situation, aren’t you?

K: Hah!?

T: You’re easy to read.

K: So what about it?!!


T: You seriously lost your composure there didn’t you? You won’t be able to freight the innocence you’re so good at.

K: What do you mean by that?

T: You’re always foolishly laughing even though there isn’t anything interesting to laugh at. And you take the initiative to take on what everyone else hates with a face like you don’t mind it at all.

T: You’re worried about how people would judge you, no?

T: It’s clear as day, that’s why you accepted your position on the executive committee, is it not?

K: Uh…

T: I hit bullseye and that’s why you can’t say anything back to me, right? I can’t stomach the way you put on a good outward appearance, it irritates me to see it.

T: You, be quiet. It’s true, isn’t it?

K: Kuh.


T: What’s this? Are you on Konno’s side?

K: If you’re not on my side then does that mean Senpai was thinking the exact same thing? The same thing as that unreliable idiot over there?

T: Huh? Why?

K: Don’t dodge it!!!

K: Oh…that’s what Senpai thought about me. It’s too late to GLOSS IT OVER NOW!!!


K: Can’t you tell by just looking? I’m pinning her down. I was hurt by the things you said, Senpai, so why don’t you comfort me?


K: How exactly are you supposed to do so? You’re asking that in this position?

K: Am I forced to explain in a roundabout way?

T: Hey, stop.

K: Why are you trying to play the virtuous person? Tsukishima, don’t you actually want to do this to Senpai deep down?

T: Hah!? What are you saying?

K: Nope, I won’t let you escape. I’m not in the slightest way frightened by that expression.

K: You can tell that I’m not playing around by looking at my face, can’t you? I’ve always wanted to do this to you, Senpai.

K: Why that is…? You still haven’t noticed?

K: ーーIt’s because I like you, Senpai.

T: !?


K: It’s true that I put on a nice act because I’m concerned over the perception others have of me but the reason I joined the executive committee wasn’t due to the recognition, it was because I’d have more time with you, Senpai.

K: Huh? You never realized?

K: I tried to show an attitude that would be easy to decipher though.

T: Regardless of the reason, you had an ulterior motive, didn’t you?

K: That applies to you too.

T: What do you mean?

K: You like Senpai, don’t you?

T: W-w-what are you saying?

K: You’re a guy who’s easy to read, you joined the executive committee because Senpai was there didn’t you? You would’ve refused had Senpai not been there, wouldn’t you?


T: Yes, that’s right. Sorry.

K: Hmph.

T: It’s not a lie, I like Senpai too. Being on an executive committee is tiring so I definitely would’ve refused normally speaking, but I heard you were there so I accepted.

T: On that note, you should’ve been able to tell based on my usual behavior.

K: Hahaha! Senpai never even had you in consideration that’s why she never noticed.

T: Hah? Since you weren’t noticed, you weren’t in the pool either.

K: You won’t know until you ask.

T: Then we ought to get an answer.

K: That’s true.

T: What do you think of me?

K: Senpai, you obviously love me, right?

Both: Make it nice and clear.


Track 5: Scrambling for You


T: Oi, so which is it?

K: Me or Tsukishima, which one will you choose?

T: Say that it’s me.

K: Say it’s me, Senpai.

T: Don’t tell me you’re hesitating?

K: Senpai, your taste is quite broad, isn’t it?

T: It couldn’t be that you’re interested in a guy besides us, right?

T: Then me or Konno, which one of us would you prefer? Hurry up and choose.

K: Does that me you’re interested in either of us to about the same extent?


K: Hmm…oh, I got it.

T: What is it?

K: If you’re hesitating, how about you date whoever makes you feel better between me and Tsukishima?

T: What are you-

K: Since you’re just as interested in either of us, we’re decided based on our physical compatibility. Isn’t that easy to understand?

T: Who the hell decides things like that?!!

K: Do you lack confidence? In that case, why don’t you sleep there till morning?

K: Senpai, let’s date if you enjoy my kisses.

T: !?


T: Move aside.

T: Senpai, turn towards me.


T: How’s that?

K: Hey Senpai, between mine and Tsukishima’s kiss, which one felt better?

T: Both? You know, you…

K: Let’s do something that feels even better.

T: That kiss isn’t enough is it?

K: I wonder where Senpai’s weak spots are…


K: Oh, you’re weak to your ears.

K: Neck too huh. You’re covered in weak spots.

T: If you feel it so much from being kissed there then I’m curious about this place.

K: Wow, I’m only touching it over your clothing.

T: Hey, let us touch it directly.

K: Senpai, lift your back.


K: I’ve always wanted to see your breasts, Senpai.

T: Hey, come on, move your hands aside.

T: Soft.

K: Senpai’s chest feels nice. Senpai, you feel it more when I touch you, right? So please make that clear to Tsukishima.

K: And if you do…I’ll make you feel even better.

T: Oi, don’t get all turned on from being touched by Konno.


K: Senpai, there’s no need to suppress your voice, there’s no one coming after all.

T: You’re making sounds of pleasure, so who are you feeling it from?

T: Say that it’s me.

T: Senpai, your hips are moving.

K: Senpai, do you want us to tease this part?

K: I love it when you’re honest, Senpai.


T: What an incredible sound.

K: Senpai, you can hear it too, right? …You’re extremely wet.

T: It feels good, doesn’t it?

K: Come on, lift your hips.

K: Hehe. You mustn’t close them, come on, spread your legs wider.


K: Hey Senpai, look, my finger’s inside. Do you love having this place licked don’t you? I’ll lick it as I tease you.

T: Senpai, don’t hold back your voice. I really love that voice of yours you see.

K: Is fingers not enough?

K: In that case, I’ll pleasure you with this.

T: Oi, Konno, why are you going on ahead and sticking it in?

K: Too late.


K: Senpai, your insides are nice and slippery, and it feels really good. I’ve always wanted to do this with you, Senpai.

T: That’s why I hate you.

K: I don’t wish to be liked by you so it’s working out the way I wanted. The only person I wish to be favored by is Senpai.

K: Senpai, I’ll start moving, okay?

T: Dammit, you’re being all defiant now that you’ve peeled off your mask.


K: Senpai, your insides feel so good.

K: I found your pleasure spot, Senpai. Is it here?

K: Haha, looks like I was right.

T: Hey, don’t tell me you’re feeling it because of Konno? I’ll silence that mouth so turn your face this way.


K: Your insides are squeezing down really tightly. Could it be that you’re about to cum, Senpai?

K: Your insides tightened just now, you know?

K: Senpai, go ahead and cum. I’m about to cum too.

K: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to cum outside.


K: You came didn’t you? …I’m cumming too, okay?

K: That felt really good, we’re pretty compatible.

T: Hey, if you’re done, hurry up and get out of the way.

K: Tch. How annoying.

T: You can still keep going right? It’s my turn this time, I won’t let it end with you having had sex with him.

T: I’m putting it in, got it?


T: This is bad, what is this, it feels way too good. I’ll start moving.

K: Senpai, I’ll disinfect all the areas Tsukishima touched.

T: I won’t hand you over to Konno so say that I’m better.

K: Senpai, it’s me, right? You like me, right?

T: Your moans are seriously cute. Hey, let me hear more of it.

K: Senpai will be dating me. Since this is probably the last time you’ll be hearing it, remember it well, I’ll allow you to comfort yourself by remembering it.

T: Huh? That’s my line.


T: Senpai will be going out with me so burn that into your ears, it’s the sound of her moaning because of me.

K: There’s no way Senpai would be feeling it from you.

K: You’re moaning because you’re feeling it from me right, Senpai?

T: I’ll touch your good spots as I thrust. Does it not feel good when I roll this around with my fingers as I penetrate you?

T: Wow, your insides are squeezing the same time I move my fingers.


T: Are you already about to cum? Isn’t our physical compatibility better?

T: I’ll show Konno the sight of me making you cum.

K: It’s just easier to cum once she’s cum once no? And I’m the one who made her cum once. Isn’t that right, Senpai?

T: Nonsense.

T: Senpai are you feeling good? Because I’m feeling incredibly good.


T: Oi, Senpai.

K: Seems as though she’s fallen asleep. Or should I say, fainted?

K: How cute.

T: You’ll catch a cold.


T: We never got a reply but I have no intention of handing Senpai over to you.

K: What an unusual comment, that’s my line.

T: Hah.


Track 6: Konno’s True Nature


K: Oh, Senpai, good morning.

K: Shh. You’ll wake up Tsukishima.

K: Did you forget because you fell asleep? We were trapped and then…

K: Do you remember now?

K: That felt really good yesterday, right? Thanks to that, I completely forgot about the fact that we’re trapped.

K: I wish it was only me and Senpai that was trapped though.


K: Say, do you remember my confession from yesterday? Did you think I would’ve done that as a joke?

K: Senpai, I truly love you, Senpai. And our physical compatibility was perfect, wasn’t it?

K: Senpai thought so too, right? …Because you were feeling that good.

K: Shh. You’ll wake Tsukishima.


K: It was the best feeling. Even more so if Tsukishima wasn’t around.

K: Senpai, let’s do it alone next time. Rather than a hard mat, let’s do it on top of a bed.

K: You don’t have to immediately reply but I’ll pray and wait.


K: What time is it right now?

K: It’s still early isn’t it? No one would come at this hour.

K: Let’s go back to sleep. Although it’d be nice if someone comes today, if I’m able to do pleasurable things with Senpai then being trapped today isn’t all that bad.

K: Hey Senpai, let’s do plenty of pleasurable things following this okay?


K: Senpai, your body’s warm.

K: Good night, Senpai.


Track 7: Tsukishima’s Stubbornness


T: Oi.

T: Ah, don’t scream, you’ll wake up Konno.

T: Who knows. Also, don’t kiss Konno so much.


T: Senpai, in the end, who are you picking?

T: Choose me.

T: Of course I’m serious. If you don’t believe then I’ll say it as many times as need be. I’m seriously in love with you and I don’t want to hand you over to Konno or anybody else.

T: I didn’t want him to touch you yesterday, I wanted to be the only one to touch you.


T: Uh, about that…

T: I’m sorry, I genuinely forgot about my part-time job. That said, I took the day off to join, didn’t I?

T: Or rather, I’m glad I took the day off. I don’t regret it because otherwise, you would’ve been alone with Konno.


T: Don’t let out your voice, you’ll wake up Konno.

T: No, nevermind, let it out. Let’s wake him up with the sound of you feeling it from my kisses.

T: Who’s the one that’s mean?


T: I’m still sleepy. How about we go back to sleep?

T: Say, could you give me a good morning kiss the next time we wake up? And don’t include Konno, just me, got it?

T: Good night then.


Secret Track


K: Senpai, so that’s where you were.

T: Are you not going to the closing party?

K: Oh, you can see it from here. It’s a box seat view.

T: Hey Senpai, have you figured out who you’d like to date?

K: I was wondering when you were gonna give us a reply too. Could it be that you still haven’t decided yet?

T: Haa…what’s with that, you still haven’t decided yet?

K: I see. In that case, how about we try it one more time, Senpai?


T: You bastard, what the hell are you doing!?

K: If she couldn’t decide after one time then we just outta keep going until she does.

K: Hey Senpai, let’s do it.

T: Oi, don’t go off feeling good from his kisses.

K: I want to quickly monopolize Senpai. It’s been a long time since I last saw your breasts Senpai, I wish I could touch them forever.

K: I wish I could touch them directly.

K: Hey Senpai, I’ll be removing your bra, okay?


K: Don’t worry, no one will come. I took a moment to lock the door earlier.

T: You really aren’t one to make a mistake, are you?

K: I don’t want anyone else to see Senpai’s face in pleasure. Of course, that includes you too.

T: That’s my line.

K: Every time I see you Senpai, I’m reminded of what happened before.

T: Then I’ll take this side.

T: Senpai spread your legs.


T: You’re already wet. I thought this earlier but you’re sensitive.

T: You’re really wet.

T: Don’t close them. Look, I’ll pleasure you.

K: Are you unable to stand?

K: I’ll support you then.

T: Even if that guy doesn’t support you, all you have to do is to place your hands onto my shoulders. See?

K: Is this okay?

T: I’m inserting my fingers, got it?


T: It’s twitching a lot, it seems to feel real good. Are you about to cum?

T: In that case, show Konno the expression and voice you make as you’re pleasured by me.

K: Too bad but I can’t see it nor hear it while I do this.

K: Senpai, turn your face closer this way.

T: Konno, you…

K: It’s payback for earlier. I’ll pleasure Senpai’s weak ears plenty.

T: I’ll make you feel better than that.

T: I’m entering, got it?


T: I knew it, I can’t get enough of Senpai’s insides. I’ll start moving.

K: I’ll tease your nipples lots okay?

T: You’re squeezing tightly as always, I seriously can’t get enough of it.

T: Hey, hurry up and choose me, I want to have you to myself right now.

K: Senpai, the one who you’ll choose is me right? And if you won’t say that it’s me then…I might end up teasing Senpai’s weak points forever.


T: Are you about to cum again?

T: I’m about to cum too.


K: It’s my turn this time, Senpai.

K: Say, do you enjoy doing it from the back?

K: How about we try then?


K: Senpai’s insides are the best. I’ll grind up against your pleasurable spots time and time again, Senpai.

T: You enjoy it when it’s concentrated on there? Then if we go out, I’ll do it to you as many times as you’d like.

K: You’ll never get that opportunity though because Senpai will choose me.

T: The one Senpai will choose is me. Isn’t that right?

T: Look, I’ll pleasure your breasts as I lick your ears. You like it when I tease and pinch them, don’t you?


K: Senpai, I’m about to cum too, let’s climax together.


K: Senpai, how was that? Have you decided on who’s better?

T: Between me and Konno, who was better?

T: What’s with that? As expected, you still can’t decide?

K: Then we have no choice but to continue until you do.


K: Nope, we won’t wait.

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