【Translation】 Kyoushitsu Pet ~Inu no Gil~


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狂嫉ペット ~犬のギル~

CV: Yogasumi Kanamu (夜霞かなむ)

Track 1


Master hasn’t been paying attention to me lately.

Master held me who had been confined to a tight cage since long ago at the pet shop in her warm hands. Day after day, I would take strolls with my Master and run alongside with her.

She would pat my head and brush me from head to toe every day. 

And that felt really nice.

However recently, Master has been somewhat cold to me. She had brought along a man she referred to as a “boyfriend,” and then proceeded to cram me inside a cage with little regards to me.

“I’m busy with work,” or “I want to spend time with my boyfriend,” or “I wish I never bought you, Gil.”

……Those are the things she’s been saying.


Haa…I can still hear you even if you cover the cage with a cloth. At the very least, I can understand the meaning of the words you say, Master.

But I have no idea what this “work” or “boyfriend” is.

Even though Master should be spending time with me happily; what went wrong I wonder? Does she hate me now that I’ve gotten bigger? Should I have remained a puppy forever?

I’ve been having a hard time falling asleep lately. I would’ve slept soundly had Master held me inside her arms though.


Aah, my body’s burning…

It burns. No, stop, it hurts. Save me, it’s hot, it’s so hot!!!


Huh? Are these my front legs?

My paws, or rather…hands???

My body is, wow, the same as my Master’s. It’s like a human’s!!!


I can stand on just my back legs!!!

I don’t quite understand this situation but aah…I’m so happy. With this, Master and I can properly love each other just like before, just like my puppy days.

I want to be with Master all day.

I’ll make Master mine and mine only. I don’t care about this “work” or “boyfriend”, Master belongs to me alone. After all, the one who saved me from that detestable pet shop is my dear Master.

In turn, I’ll free my Master from this “work” and “boyfriend”, and treasure her within my little world.

I’m waiting for you Master so please return, okay?


Track 2


It’s gotten dark outside and I’m hungry too. But well, it’s about time for Master to return home though.

I’m so looking forward to it, I wonder what Master would say once she sees me in this appearance. She’ll be thrilled right?

This is exciting.


Dammit, I can’t seem to settle down, this heat thing is putting me on edge. My body, particularly my dick, has been hot and itching for the past while.

Aah…I want to hurry up and see Master. I’ve become a human and since Master’s a female, I can copulate with her.

This is far too exciting, I’m sure Master will be delighted as well since that “boyfriend” is constantly mating with her. Plus, I definitely love my Master more than him.

I’m sure Master will be overjoyed!


Welcome home, Master. I’ve been waiting for you!!!

Heh? What’s wrong? Why are you looking all surprised?

Come on, come over here. Master, come on.

Hehe, I was waiting for you Master, let’s play!!! I don’t quite understand it but my rut’s been overwhelming lately, I’ve always wanted to play with Master like this.

You mustn’t struggle, okay? Come on, let’s take off these clothes that are in the way.

Are you unable to do it on your own?

Helpless Master, in that case, I’ll remove it the same way you do every time we return home from our walks.


Hmm? What’s wrong?

What exactly am I saying…? Why do you not recognize me, Master?

Don’t tell me…

That’s right, I’m the Gil that you played with every day!!! Now then, let’s play like we did in those days.

I’ve gotten much stronger now that I’ve gained this form so I can tear off all this bothersome clothing.


It’s been so long since I’ve last seen you nude, Master. When I was small we used to take “baths” together, didn’t we?

It was such fun, though we haven’t done that lately.

But it’s fine, starting today, I’ll be doing all those things with you Master. It must be exciting, right?

No matter how many times I’ve adhered against it, I still find your skin to be incredibly warm, Master. And it’s very smooth and soft, and it feels nice.


You’re tasty, Master.


Hey, you know that I’m in heat right now, don’t you?

Master, my dick has gotten bigger and it’s so hard it hurts. I’ve always wanted to stick it inside Master’s pussy, you see, and now that has finally come true.

I won’t let you escape. After all, my dick’s enlarged because I’ve been imagining the act of coping with you like this way before I gained this appearance. And yet, you’re always mating with that “boyfriend” of yours and paying no heed to me.

That was really mean of you, even though I barked with all my strength for you to take me out of the cage and let me mate with you countless times……

I seriously wanted to bite that “boyfriend.”

I can no longer remember just how many times I’ve burned with jealousy you know? And that’s why you should gently wrap your pussy around me this time around instead of that “boyfriend.”


Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be scared of, I’m Master’s pet, aren’t I? I’m just sticking to you as usual.

Look, it’s here right?

How delicious.

My dick’s all slippery so it’s okay it shove inside your pussy, right Master? Let’s start mating, I’ll be doing all the things you usually do with your “boyfriend.”

I’ll definitely please Master better than that guy, look, my dick in heat is extremely big no?

I’m far bigger than that “boyfriend”, harder and hotter too. I think it’ll better satisfy Master and Master’s pussy.

Then here I go.


Wow, it feels so nice and warm.

This is the first time I’ve ever copulated but this is amazing. Master, your pussy’s incredible you know? Your pussy feels really good.

It’s hot and tightly squeezing my penis, and it’s saying that it wants more.

Rest assured, I’ll give you lots lots more.


Hahaha! Does it feel good? That “boyfriend” always cums right away, doesn’t he? But I can still continue on.

Hey, hey, does my dick feel good, Master?

I’m scraping against that stiff place deep inside. I’m making babies with you aren’t I Master?

The slippery fluid from my dick is seeping inside your womb Master. Will we be able to live together with our kids if Master can become impregnated and give birth to our children?

HAHA!!! But I don’t care about that, I’m happy as long as I can mate with you, Master.

Come on, cry out with a finer voice.


I feel super good too, my dick feels dangerously good. Master, you feel extremely good too, don’t you?

So good that your pussy’s mess, no? Am I wrong?

You mustn’t lie because the inside of Master’s pussy is really twitching. It’s wonderful, you know?

Mating feels good, doesn’t it? I’m thrusting my dick this intensely into you right now in exchange for having not been able to touch you, Master. It sends shivers every time I move.


Somehow the inside of my dick feels hot.

Hey, is it okay if I cum? Is it okay if I release the healthy sperm of my rut?


I’m sure it’ll feel really good, it’ll feel incredibly good if I seal this place tight and then ejaculate. Because even though Master’s been screaming “No, stop!” since earlier, your pussy’s delighted.

I’m cumming. I’m cumming, okay?

Master. Master, Master!!! I’m cumming…


That felt really good, I released so much and I’m still cumming.

Come on, keep it together Master.

Hmm? Master?

Oh, so she fell asleep. How cute.

FufuahahahaHAHAHAHA!!! The master that locked me inside a tiny cage and ignored me at her convenience is finally, finally within my grasp.

I love you, my one and only Master.

Let’s stay together forever okay? Master and me, just the two of us, forever.


How about we mate again? I can still go on.

What would you say in this situation…

Oh, yes, yes, I won’t let you sleep tonight, Master. But well, you’re already asleep though.


Track 3


Master, wake up!

Good morning.

Hmm? What’s the matter? Why are you looking so surprised? Even though we copulated so much yesterday, did you forget about me?

“It wasn’t a dream”?

Well of course. I don’t quite understand the reason behind it but since I’ve gained the same form as Master, I made it so we’ll be together forever.

Huh? “Workplace”?

I have no idea what that is but you can just ignore that, you don’t need to go anywhere. Let’s forever live a life of play and sex here.

Eh…? Master?


You mustn’t, Master. I won’t allow you to escape.

You mustn’t be a bad girl.

Ah, since Master wasn’t being a good girl, I ended up unintentionally biting your leg. Now that I’ve become bigger, my bite really hurts, doesn’t it?

I’m sorry.

Though it doesn’t really matter since Master would get angry and slap me every time I was mischievous, after all. Now we’re even.

Oh, that, you mustn’t touch that either. How should I say it, that’s a box that allows you to speak with distant people is it not?

Break it. And if Master does what I say, I’ll praise you.

That said, if you don’t break it, I might bite you again.


M-m, it might be more forceful.

Hey Master, break it.

Well done, Master. Nice, nice. Make sure to destroy it completely, okay?

Now then, with this, we’re completely alone.


Hey, hey, Master. I’ll lick your leg for being a good girl, Master.

Come on, bring out your leg.


Master’s blood is delicious, I want to lick more of it.

Let’s treat your wound, okay Master? And then afterwards, we can spend the whole day together like we did before.

Huh? My penis is kind of hot?

Hehe, I wound up wanting to mate again after drinking your blood, Master.

Say, it’s okay right?

Don’t worry, I’ll lick Master’s pussy plenty and pleasure you. And while we’re at it, please continually pat my head like you did in the past.


Like I thought, Master’s pussy is incredibly delicious. Plus, I’m happy that you’re petting me this much, you haven’t done so besides the times where I was a puppy.

I can’t endure it any longer. Master, let’s do it…?

Come on, stick out your butt.

I’m putting it in, okay Master?


I knew it, it feels super good.

Master’s place here is clenching down even now and squeezing tightly around my dick. Were you also in heat, Master?

It feels far better than it did with your “boyfriend”, doesn’t it?

After all, I love you far far far more than he did, Master. And I was always with you.

Come on Master, it’s okay to let out your voice. This place feels good, doesn’t it?

Hiding it is no good, your pussy’s soaking wet you know? It’s even drenching me too, Master.


I never knew Master was such a degenerative female, how cute.

Master’s deep parts are amazing.

I’m about to cum. I’m cumming, Master I’m cumming.

It’s fine, it’s fine for you to cum too, Master.



I let out so much. You felt good too didn’t you, Master?

You’re all sticky. Haha.


Track 4


I wonder if it’s because I spent all my energy mating but I’m hungry. How about you, Master?

Then let’s eat our meal together.

There’s nothing to eat?

No Master, we have this, don’t we?

Dog food. It’s delicious you know.

Huh? What’s with that disgusted face? Don’t tell me that the thing that you make me eat every day is something that Master can’t eat…

Why did you look away?

Master, do you require punishment again?


You love dog food, don’t you? You wish to eat it, right?

I might be so sad about the fact that Master isn’t eating the same things as me and bite you again.

Just kidding.

I know right? You want to eat it, right?

Now then, dig in.

Make sure to eat lots, okay?

And oh, no picking them up with your hands, you have to eat it with your mouth like this.


Go on Master, you’re doing good, be a good girl.

Is it tasty?

Huh? Why are you crying? It’s tasty, is it not?

You can’t leave anything behind, got it?


Okay, you ate it all up. Good job, Master.

Hmm? What’s the matter?

Your stomach hurts?

You want to go to the toilet…? But Master, there’s a toilet right here. This sheet here that I always poo and pee on, I’ll let Master use it too.

Come on, you can do it on this spot.

Why aren’t you coming over? Master, hey, get over here.



Oops, I’m sorry for speaking so loudly. That said, it’s Master’s fault for not listening to what I say.

Yup yup, stick your butt out here and I’ll watch you go to the toilet.

Hmm…is it about to come out?

That’s fine, look, I’ll touch the inside so let it out.

Look, look, if I press here.

Wow, so much came out Master. It must’ve been pretty hard on your belly.

There’s more coming out, let it all out.


Master, you’re now the same as me, you’re a dog.

Are you finished?

Hmm, why are you all fidgety?

Oh, does your butt feel gross? …You want to wipe it with paper?

I wonder what we should do.

I got it! I’ll clean your butt Master. And since Master already belongs to me, I’ll mark you with my piss.

You’re happy, right?

Come on, lift up your butt. I’m sure you know to listen to my words.


Yes, yes, now here I go.

Since I just ate, there’s so much pee coming out.

With this, Master’s completely mine. You’re coated in my scent you know? Isn’t that great?

I’m so happy, I’m having so much fun.

That reminds me, let’s take a walk around in the house like we did before. Though, since Master tried to escape, I’ll be placing a collar on you this time.

If I place a collar on my beloved Master, you can no longer go anywhere right?

Now let’s go on a walk around the house.


Huh? What’s wrong? Why can’t you walk like a good girl?

Hurry up.

Are you unable to walk?

What a bad girl you are Master, at times like these…

Master did this too when I wasn’t willing to walk right? Haha, you’ve started walking, haven’t you Master? Good girl.

I get it, I should’ve done this when you weren’t listening to me. As expected of my beloved Master, you’re smart. Plus if I were to do this, you can’t run from me.

Collars are wonderful!!!


It’s so fun. It’s the opposite of before but this long-awaited stroll is so enjoyable.

You’re enjoying it too, right Master?

Huh? You’re not making a happy face, are you?

What’s the matter, Master? You can talk to me about anything, I’ll take care of every last one of Master’s troubles.


Track 5


Master, why have you been dragging your foot since earlier? Did my bite wound from last night open during our stroll?

Ugh, that looks painful.

But don’t worry, it’ll be fine. I’ll lick it lots and it’ll heal itself soon enough.

Come on, bring out your leg.

You’ll listen to what I say right? Now bring it out.


Yup yup, that’s good Master.

Ah what beautiful legs, I loved sleeping between these legs. I wasn’t allowed to do that since forever though.

From now on, I can take naps here anytime right?

What a happy life.

By removing the bothersome cloth…

I knew it, Master’s blood is extremely delicious.


Eh? Hospital?

You definitely can’t go to such a foul and painful place. Plus, it’s good for my naughty Master to escape by heading to the hospital.

It’s fine. When I get hurt, I just lick it like this and it heals so there’s no way it wouldn’t heal Master’s wounds.

If you don’t listen to what I say then the number of wounds…might increase.

Just kidding. It was a joke, were you surprised?


Hey, hey, Master, since I licked Master’s delicious blood, I wound up wanting to mate again.

Let’s mate okay?


It’s okay, I cleaned your butt with my piss after you pooped. Or, do you want me to lick this place too?

Sure, you’re my beloved Master so I’ll gladly lick it.

Here I go.


It’s clean now, plus this place’s wet and ready. I can’t endure it any longer so here I come. Leave your butt risen as is okay?


Like I thought, Master’s pussy feels the best.

It’s hot. For it to be hotter than my dick in heat, are you perhaps in heat as well, Master?

Then, I ought to fully satisfy you, don’t I?


It feels good, sex is fun and feels so good.

Come on Master, let out your voice, there’s no need to hold back.

Are you beyond help? In that case, I’ll tease the front with my tail. This place, your “boyfriend” used to tease it quite frequently didn’t he?

I’ll touch this place plenty with my tail, so, so let’s feel good together.


It clenched down…

You see, your pussy squeezed really tightly around my penis.

I understand now, you like your clitoris. I’ll rub it with my tail okay?

You tighten each time I scrape against it so I’m already about to cum.

Master’s got quite the moan, I’m happy that there’s such a huge difference compared to before.

Then let’s cum once for now, and since we just ate, I’ll shoot out tons.

Here I go. I’m cumming!


I really am cumming…

Please get pregnant okay Master?

It’s seeping out.

More, let’s do it many many more times, Master.

That’s right, let’s do it in the positions you used with that “boyfriend.” It’s unfair how you did all sorts of positions with him.

If I remember correctly, the way to do it is to turn this way. What was it called? Missionary?

Eh? “No”? You’re not actually against it, right?

……I might bite you again.


You’re not against it, right?

Yup yup, then insert my dick into your pussy while in the missionary position.

Come on, hurry. HURRY!!!

For you to insert my penis into your pussy yourself Master, I’m so happy. If we mate in this manner, I can touch and lick your breasts as I move my hips.


Master’s breasts are tasty too, I ought to take care not to bite them.

Master, pet me.

Hey, hey, I’ll shove my dick deep into your pussy so say “good boy” and pet me lots.

This position feels good and copulating is such fun!!!

I was so excited that I accidentally injured Master’s skin with my nails. Sorry. That said, I don’t mind however injured you are Master so no need to worry. I’ll lick this wound too okay?


I’m about to cum again.

Mating feels so good and is such fun. Master, I love you, I love you.

I’m cumming so accept it. Take in the semen that’s being released by my dick with your pussy okay?

Cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


It feels so good…

I’m still cumming and Master’s pussy’s twitching and swallowing up my cum. I’m so happy.

Hey Master, it’s not over yet, my dick during my ruts won’t subside with just this.

This time, Master, you can ride on top of me. You did it with that “boyfriend”, did you not? The one where you get on top and start making the bed creak.

Let’s go for that, let’s go for that okay?

Listen to what I say!!!


I just have to lay down like this right?

My dick isn’t shriveling up at all, I’ll be in your care, Master.

Come here.

Yes, yes, touch my penis and stick it inside you, Master.


It’s going in…

Master’s insides, your pussy is a mess from my semen. I’ll pour even more cum inside you, okay Master?

And here, I’ll stimulate this place with my tail since you seem to enjoy defecating. There’s no need to hold back okay? I’ll stroke it slowly with my tail.

Oh, this place is dirty too, my semen has already dripped down this far.

Your pussy tightens each time I rub against this place.

You should move too, Master. Don’t sit there idly, don’t concern yourself with the painful area of your leg, concentration on sex more instead. It’s far better compared to your times with that “boyfriend” no?

He could only mate once or twice, right? But I can continue indefinitely.


Hey, does it feel good? It feels good, doesn’t it? Can you tell that I’m reaching way deep inside?

Master, Master, that’s good, it feels super good.

To be able to copulate like this, having a human appearance is amazing.


I’m cumming, I’m cumming once again. Cum too, Master.

Look, I’ll tease both your ass and clitoris so cum. Cum.

Cumming, I’m cumming!


So good, I’m releasing so much yet it’s still not stopping and it’s spilling over. But although your pussy’s overflowing, the penis plugging it up is out.

See? There’s red mixed in with the semen.

Was my dick so big that it broke your pussy?

But I guess it’s fine, we’ll mate time and time again after this and Master’s pussy will become a pussy that’s dedicated for sex with me so get used to it.


I love you, Master.

I’ll never allow you to escape, I’ll never let you go.


Track 6


Master, Master…answer me.

You’re incredibly delicious, Master. You’re far tastier than any dog food and your pussy feels good as it twitches and convulses.

Haha! You’ve stopped breathing and can no longer speak, though.

But for you to feel this good and be this delicious, it’s as I would expect of my beloved Master.


I’m so happy! If I eat Master in her entirety this way, Master will become completely and utterly mine and live within me.

We’ll be more connected than ever, we’ll become one.

I’m so happy, Master!!! I’m cumming, I’m still cumming so take it in.


Master, I’ll eat your pussy last. I’ll suck even the marrow out of your bones. So, let’s meld into one when you enter inside me.

So until then, let’s mate, okay Master?

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