【Translation】 Kankinkon 2nd Anniversary ~Futsuu no? Date Hen~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

監禁婚 2nd Anniversary ~普通の?デート編~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1


Thank god!!!

Haa…a member at the sports club you exercised at collapsed and you attended to them.

It must’ve been difficult, right? But you could’ve at least said something to me, otherwise, I can’t help but be under the belief that you’re trying to run away from me.

I thought I was gonna have a heart attack when I heard that your figure vanished.

Haha! It would’ve been better if it actually stopped? If you want my life to end then say that you love me. Because if you do, I will be so moved that my heart unmistakably will stop.


Ah…so indifferent, but I know this is all a part of the tease.

Oh, on that note, did you really not consider escaping?

At that moment, the guard I had assigned to you lost you. It might be a mere coincidence, but nevertheless, he’s a professional; I don’t think that’s possible unless you purposefully evaded his line of sight.

Is that so? Then it’s fine.

That said, there’s still a sense of fear. Unless I can immediately confirm that you aren’t gonna disappear, I don’t know what might become of me. I would feel so, so uneasy, and feel the need to at least protect our child from harm and confine Hikaru to a seduced room.


Haha! No, no, it’s not a threat, these are my genuine feelings.

Hmm, a way to confirm it. I can’t think of one right now, sorry.

Eh? For you to suggest a date…

Are you serious? Are you really willing to have a date with me?

Why would I be against it? For you to take the initiative and invite me on a date, what a wonderful day today is. Naturally, the course of the date can be whatever you like.

……I’m really looking forward to the type of date you’d propose.


This is bad, this is bad, I ended up imagining all sorts of things when I think about how I’m going on a date with you and I couldn’t help myself, please let me kiss you one more time.

No need to be in such a rush, okay? Just one more.

Hmm? Did you notice that that’s gotten hard?

How embarrassing, I’m sorry that got an erection simply from touching you.


Can you tell that it’s gotten bigger than before? I won’t be able to walk beside you at this rate so I ought to cum at least once don’t I?

Don’t worry, just like we’re tight on time, I’ll end it quickly.

“No”? Oh, you mean you want me to caress you more thoroughly?

I don’t mind, I’ll lick it in its entirety and coat it with my saliva, and I’ll suck on your swollen clitoris until it’s stiff. Afterwards, I’ll take my time and grind against you until your womb lowers.


Why did you thrust me away all of a sudden?

“Feel free”?

You want me inside already? But wouldn’t that only be painful for you? If I don’t make it wet, it won’t be able to enter smoothly you know?

Eh? You’re in that much of a rush to have this large thing inside you?

I understand. In that case, let’s use this recently developed aphrodisiac enhanced lube.

It’s okay for me to stick it in so why are you so startled?

I want to take in all your suggestions, but nevertheless, I can’t go along with you wishing for it to hurt; I’d like you to feel good every time.


Then turn your back around and place your hands on the window.

Hmm, are you sure about that? I’ll become more uneasy the further our date seems, so as expected, in regards to Hikaru…

I’m happy for your proactive desire. So, come on, place your hands over there.

I’ll apply the lube now okay?

It might feel cold for a split moment but don’t worry, it’ll feel hot soon enough.


Your place here is always nice to the touch. Even though I’ve had sex with you countless times, it still excites me every day.

Hmm? Not yet, I ought to wet the entire petal and I’ll tease this clitoris as I apply it.


Your clitoris is hard now, isn’t it? I wonder if the pleasure is due to the lube or my finger…

Eh? Is the lube really that effective?

The effect was weak when I tested it but I guess it’s more potent on women.

Huh? Of course I tested it on myself, there’s no way I would suddenly use it on you, is there?

I smeared it on myself and masturbated while remembering the sensation of your insides. And since I did it while watching a video I took without your knowledge, it felt really good.

Ah, now that I’ve told you, it’s no longer a secret.

Oops, what a blunder, I’ll make sure to keep it a complete secret next time so please forgive me, okay?


Oh, your little entrance has already started twitching; it’s temptingly soft and my fingers can fit inside now it seems.

Eh? Hurry up and finish the deed?

I know that you’re looking forward to a date with me but could you bear with it for a little longer?

!? That’s…

For you to spread it from the back and show me the depths of it yourself, ah, what an obscene and beautiful sight this is. I was close to covering your butt with my cum, you know?

That said, it would be a waste for it to end without me inserting it after you went this far.

Please let me stick it in now, okay?



Oh, there it is. I’ll put it on right now so wait just a sec.

This is a perfect fit. Ah, before that…

Hehe, I ought to preserve this sight of you spreading your ass cheeks thirsting for my penis, don’t I?

I feel like I can ejaculate countless times to just this.

Hmm? No, no, I won’t delete it, I’ll make it my treasure.


Hahaha! You’re cute when you’re embarrassed too.

Okay, okay, don’t run, I’ll end it quickly like you wanted.


Your insides are quivering because I didn’t warm them up yet. It squeezed down on me and had been this tight the first time I violated you too.

But different from before, as long as I thrust into you like this…

Look, it has already softened. It’s wrapping around me viscously as if it’s licking me.

I’d actually prefer to savor it slowly but it seems as though you’re impatient for our date so I’ll cum in one go okay?


You really enjoy it when I grind up against this deep spot don’t you? Your inner thighs are already drenched with something other than lube.

I’m glad that you’ve taken a liking to this aphrodisiac enhanced lube.

I’ll let loose all my cum deep inside you, okay?


The tip is making a mess out of your inner depths.

You like cumming from this spot, don’t you? Because I love it too.


Are you about to cum? You’re about to cum as you moan so cutely at the window-side where you don’t know who might be looking, aren’t you?

Go ahead, I’ll cum as your insides rub against me when you cum.


Your orgasming pussy feels so good!!!

Me too, I’m about to cum. I feel like I’m about to cum buckets.

Cumming, I’m cumming!


With this, we’re both refreshed and can enjoy our date to our heart’s content right?

You’re already exhausted?

Haha! I’m sure if you eat something delicious during our date, your energy will return.

Okay, then…how about we get ourselves ready for our outing? I’ll wipe away the lube and your juices so could you spread your legs a little wider?


Oh, that is true, I can’t get rid of the portion that’s inside. But well, the effect will fade as time passes so there’s no need to worry.

Hmm? It’s true, I’ve never really……told any lies. Plus, I kept my promise of using contraceptives, no?


Okay, that’s about it, I’ve wiped away all of it.

Don’t pout. Turn this way, if we don’t quickly leave, I might feel uneasy again.

Are you looking forward to the date that much?

Me too.

Let’s go then.


Oh, I don’t mind if there’s a particular place you want to visit, I’m leaving it all up to you.

I’m anxious to know which places we’ll go.


Track 2


Hey, are you feeling alright? It’s been a long time since we last walk amongst a crowd of people so you’re tired are you not?

No, I’m perfectly fine with it. It’s fun and refreshing to walk in such a bustling place.

Though…had you not been beside me, I would think of the people as pests.

Huh? I really am not in any pain.

To worry about me, as expected, you’re kind.


Eh? We’re gonna line up here? …But this line is super long, you know?

If you want to have some of that tapioca drink, I could have our security personnel-

I mean, I don’t mind waiting in line but it looks like we’ll be in line of about 30 minutes so I’m worried whether that’ll tire out your feet.

As one would expect of the proprietor of a sports club, your arms and legs are robust. I ought to increase my training so that I don’t lose to you.

Now then, let’s get in line.


Haa…but even so, it really is a long line.

Since the average hourly wage around this area is 1100 yen per hour give or take, waiting in line for 30 minutes means we’ve wasted 550 yen worth of labor. And if the drinks are 500 yen each, the value of one drink is approximately equivalent to 1 hour’s pay.

As such, if it’s a drink you’d strive to obtain despite that, it certainly must be good, right?

Huh? Oh, a couple people in front of us have left, I wonder if they’ve gotten tired of waiting?

It’s great that our wait time has gotten shorter.


Mmm, I’m so looking forward to it. I wonder what tea they use…

Speaking of which, the tea I got my hands on the other day was recommended by Gramps.


Hehe, we’ve finally bought them.

Eh? We’re supposed to stand here and drink?

It’s true that everyone’s drinking as they walk but isn’t that bad etiquette?

Ah, no, if that’s what you want, I’m fine with it.

Let’s drink then.


This has quite an interesting flavor, doesn’t it?

Yes, it’s rather fascinating. The smell of the tea, the cheap-tasting sweetness, the faint taste of milk, one wouldn’t fathom that it’d be worth the 30 minute wait.

In other words, the reason everyone waited in line is because they’ve found a unique entertainment value in drinking the beverage.

I got it! When drinking this together with you, there’s meaning for it to be cheap. No, wait, rather than valuing price, the current generation places greater importance in meaning; that is what I’ve realized.

I gladly accept those sentiments.


That reminds me, the economics professor I met the other day said the exact same thing.

As expected of my wife, you’re well-learned. My love for you is growing even deeper.

Hmm? What’s the matter? You look somewhat down.

Eh? I don’t find it boring at all!!! It was a unique experience discussing economics with you as we waited in line for the drink so I had fun.


Oh, where are we going next?

Eh? Uniqlo? …The Uniqlo clothing brand?

Are you dissatisfied with the designer I called to our estate? Because if so, I’ll get a different one next time-

I see, that’s fine.

You were a director’s daughter to begin with, but you really like modest things, don’t you?

Haha! That is true, frankly speaking, your family wouldn’t be considered upper class but I never knew you liked that brand of clothing.

Oh? You often brought them from here before we got married?

In that case, it makes it all the more interesting.


Wow! As expected of a holiday, there’re tons of people. Buying clothes amidst all these people is almost like a festival.

I’m getting all pumped now.

Eh!? You’re gonna coordinate an entire outfit for me?!!

I’m so happy, I’ll treasure those clothes for the rest of my life…!!!

Well then, how do you plan to coordinate it?


Eh? This passion pink jacket and these purple pants?

I’m happy with whatever you chose but I don’t think pink would suit me. And when combined with these purple pants, it’s got a bit of a, how should I say it, exquisite sense to it…?

No, it’s not bad at all so please don’t cry.

It’s not bad so I’ll quickly make arrangements okay?

Huh? You’re coming as well.

I understand. It’s fun how we’re acting somewhat like a normal couple isn’t it?

Oh, mhm, let’s go then.


What do you think? Since I’ve already paid the bill, I can wear it as is.

Thank god! I’m not the one who should say this but I think I’m pretty well-dressed.

You really are amazing, in addition to the value of things, you made me realize the potential I never knew I had.

Why are you drooping your shoulders? Are you exhausted already?

I see, but if you really are tired, don’t push yourself and just tell me, I’ll call for a car right away.

Hmm? The suit I wore earlier?

I asked our security personnel to throw it away.


Eh? It’s true that it was 2 million yen, but if I have clothes you’ve chosen, I have no need for it.

Aah…when I’m wearing these clothes, it feels as though I’m enveloped in your love.

Ah, wait! Where are we going next?

Oh, the movie theatres?

It’s my first time going there. Like I said, I don’t actually hate it, any place I visit with you is heaven.


Err, our seats…are around here I think.

There they are. It’s here.

You have a hard time just finding the seats to sit at, not only that, there’s so little distance between you and the person next to you that there’s pretty much no personal space. There’s no knowing when you’re gonna get stabbed by someone.

Haha, I never said I hated it. Considering that I’m with you, I think of this confined space as a lovely love nest.

Speaking of which, why did you purposefully choose the movie theatre? We have a home theatre at our house.


I see, there’s certainly a different effect compared to when you’re watching at home. I sense that this movie will become a special piece of work for me.

Oh, it looks like the previews have begun. This is interesting.

Come take a look, the person in the seat in front of us is fiddling around with their smartphone. I read from some article that this is a nuisance for those around them, was my memory mistaken?

Eh? You’re gonna leave them be?

But think about it, everyone in this place has paid the same amount of money to come and see the movie. In other words, everyone should be entitled to the same entertainment.

For us only to be discomforted by the light emitted from that smartphone…that person should experience the same.


Oh, they closed their smartphone. I wonder if they had a pang of conscience.

In any case, that’s a relief.

Heh? I get it, I’ll keep quiet.

Did I say something unpleasant?

Thank god, that way I can fully immerse myself in the movie universe.

Oh, previews are close to finished. I don’t often watch action movies so I’m looking forward to it.


Track 3


This ordinary date was fun, I feel like I’ve seen your splendor in a new light.

Eh? No, I never once thought today was humiliating. Did I do something to worry you?

Really? Hearing that gives me a peace of mind.

Hmm? Oh, I won’t remove the Uniqlo clothing just yet, since you went through the trouble of coordinating it, I’d like to continue wearing it.

Even when we returned from Disneyland, you had me remove the Alice band, didn’t you?

I guess it’s shameful for a proper adult to act merrily.

But I’m sorry, I don’t feel like taking it off today regardless. I want to immerse myself in this happiness a little longer.


Eh? You want me to take it off that badly?

Then…could you undress me with your own hands? I’ll give up if you do. If you don’t want to then this joyous feeling of mine will continue till morning.

I see, so you want it off that badly. You never allow my happiness, do you?

Just kidding!!! I know full well that you’re thinking of me.

Now then, could you please remove my clothes?


When you’re undressing me like this, it’s almost as if you’re yearning for me and it excites me.

Haha, sorry, I’ll make sure to stay still. So come on, take the bottoms off as well.

Oh, I never told you but my underwear is Uniqlo too.

What’s the matter? Are you fine with me having this joyous feeling till morning?

I see, then you ought to persevere and remove it. Crouch down to your feet and remove everything.



Haha. Sorry, I was aroused so my penis hit your cheeks.

That wasn’t my intention, but when the tip rubs against your cheeks…it’s soft and silky, and it feels really good.

Oh, don’t move. If you move it’ll end up inside your mouth.

Oh, it’s already in.

I didn’t intend on this either. It feels so good that I can’t help but move my hips.


It feels good, it feels really good. The insides of your mouth are so hot and slippery that I’ll cum before long.

Is the pre-cum a little bitter?

I wonder if it’s because I spent the whole day suppressing my desires while staring at the profile of your face but I’ve accumulated quite a lot.


The base of your throat feels good and your wobbly tongue is touching the tip-


Sorry, it was hard on you, right? I accidentally lost myself in it.

But it was almost as if you were trying to bite it off just now, I was surprised for a moment because I thought I was gonna lose it.

Hmm…it’s still erect but I’m a little concerned, I might not be able to use it anymore. And if that happens, it’ll be tough on you too.

Please let me test it inside you, okay?


No, you aren’t heavy, you feel light every time I carry you. I wonder if it’s because you’re my “angel”?

Since you did it earlier, I’ll be licking that wet place of yours this time around.

Don’t hold back, we ought to make it fair.

Now then, lift your hips so I can remove your underwear.

Oh, do you not have the strength to lift your hips?

I see. You’re exhausted from today, right?

In that case, you don’t need to take off your underwear, I’ll just shift it aside and lick it that way.


Haha! As always, you’re modest and kind but nevertheless, I’d like to show my gratitude after you made me feel good. Pleasant is a shared thing so there must be equality.

……Even if we don’t feel the same.


Hmm? Oh, the taste of that aphrodisiac still remains from this morning.

Since I couldn’t wipe the inside, I wonder if there’s a thicker taste. Let me probe around with my tongue and check.


Oh, it’s overflowing.

More. Give me more of it.


You squirted already, were you perhaps aching since morning?

I guess I wasn’t the only one holding back.


Refuting it is pointless because these nipples are completely stiff. While acting calmly, the tips of your breasts throbbed each time your undergarment rubbed up against them, didn’t they?

Is that so? If you chose to say no until the bitter end then I suppose I shall roll it around with the tip of my tongue.


What’s the matter? You were leaking such a sweet voice earlier.

You look like you’re about to cum just from your nipples.

Oh? So you say this doesn’t feel good at all?

Then I’ll suck on them lots while rolling around the other nipple.


You’re about to cum?

You can’t endure it any longer, can you? Come on, just cum. While you say it doesn’t feel good at all, your body’s quivering and jolting around.


That’s odd, you came again even though it doesn’t feel good.

Can you tell that your little entrance has been twitching non-stop since earlier? It seems to be in pain so I’ll plug it up right away okay?

Yes, I know, I’ll be wearing a condom.

However, I’ve developed a special way to go about it.

Yes, special. This is a special product that isn’t on the market.

You see, this comes with plenty of that aforementioned aphrodisiac on it. If I grind against the entire length, you’ll feel so good that it’ll make you faint it seems. That’s what the researcher said.


Please don’t say no to it, look, I’ve already put it on so it’d be a waste no? As to not waste such a precious product, please make sure to savor it fully okay?


Even though we just did it this morning, it’s tight again. This firm grip feels so good that I’m about to start drooling.

Hmm? Hey, are you okay?

Could it be that the pleasure was so great it made you swoon?

I want to cum inside you right now. Shall I fill the inside of your womb with this?

Oh, you regain consciousness already.

No, no, I didn’t say anything.


It feels so good that my voice is leaking out as well.

Yes, it’s true.

Please reward me for keeping my word. The greatest reward with that sweet voice…


I’ve found the problem areas with this condom. When I use it, I feel so good that I can’t control myself either and my mind’s close to melting.

Well, can you still say that this doesn’t feel good? Even though I’m hitting this deep?


Hehe, it’s not convincing if you say it with such a delirious voice, all I hear is that you want to cum so badly that it’s unbearable.

Then, I’ll answer your body’s desires and mess you up with this hardened tip so let’s cum together okay?


I feel like I’ve ejaculated quite a lot into the condom. I probably could’ve impregnated you had I released it inside you though…

I know, I definitely won’t impregnate you a second time so feel at peace and let yourself lose consciousness.

You don’t trust me eh. But you know what, think about it, there’re still times where you may become pregnant even when condoms are used. It’s not a 100% effective birth control.

In other words, I would not necessarily be breaking the promise.


Don’t glare at me so intensely, I’m simply referring to the possibility of it.

Yes, there’s an extremely low probability.

That said, it’s probably higher than the chances of you loving me.

Huh? No, it’s nothing.

You’re dazed from orgasming just now so I think you must’ve heard an auditory hallucination.

……Because I believe it’ll happen.

Till the day you die, I’ll wait eternally for you to say “I love you.”

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  1. Kiseki Kaira

    Sometimes their relationship makes my heart bleed continously…. God damn I can’t wrap my heart over Touji and MC :/

    Also, don’t you feel cringe or flustered when you’re translating any r18 scenes lol I imagine myself being cringed over the use of words…. Good work and thank you tho!!!!


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