【Translation】 Kankinkon 2nd Anniversary ~Hisho Hen~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

監禁婚 2nd Anniversary ~秘書編~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1


Thank god!!!

Haa…a member at the sports club you exercised at collapsed and you attended to them.

It must’ve been difficult, right? But you could’ve at least said something to me, otherwise, I can’t help but be under the belief that you’re trying to run away from me.

I thought I was gonna have a heart attack when I heard that your figure vanished.

Haha! It would’ve been better if it actually stopped? If you want my life to end then say that you love me. Because if you do, I will be so moved that my heart unmistakably will stop.


Ah…so indifferent, but I know this is all a part of the tease.

Oh, on that note, did you really not consider escaping?

At that moment, the guard I had assigned to you lost you. It might be a mere coincidence, but nevertheless, he’s a professional; I don’t think that’s possible unless you purposefully evaded his line of sight.

Is that so? Then it’s fine.

That said, there’s still a sense of fear. Unless I can immediately confirm that you aren’t gonna disappear, I don’t know what might become of me. I would feel so, so uneasy, and feel the need to at least protect our child from harm and confine Hikaru to a seduced room.


Haha! No, no, it’s not a threat, these are my genuine feelings.

Hmm…a way to confirm it. I can’t think of one right now, sorry.

Eh? In other words, you’ll be beside me during work?

I-I understand, it’s only for today right? But even so, it’s the first time you’ve made such a proposition so I was a bit surprised.

M-m, of course I’m all for it.

I’m so happy at the idea of being together with you for a full 24 hours that I’m overly thrilled.


You just have to do the things you enjoy, except, you must remain by my side.

Even though I told you that it’s fine to do nothing, to reply saying that you want to work, that’s something only you would say. You’re now one of the busy proprietors so you could’ve just taken it easy today, you know?

You won’t stay by me if there’s no work required…?

I get it, then I’ll give you some good news.

No, I suppose you could say I consider it bad news. To tell you the truth, my secretary has caught the flu and all those I trust are unable to attend work.

It’s true.

Oh how troubling, let me try confiding in Old Gramps.


We’re in quite the bind today aren’t we, Old Gramps?

See? He’s the other party.

Oh that reminds me, Old Gramps, could you send well-wish bouquets to everyone that’s on leave? Naturally, include a message card as well.

Thank you, I’ll leave that to you.


And that’s how things are, I’m in an emergency since all those I trust are gone. It’ll be of great help if you could be my temporary employee for one day.

What a relief…!!!

The thought of us heading off to work together makes me look forward to work more than ever.

Now then, let’s continue this discussion in the car. The items for an easy hand-off should be prepared there so could you briefly check them?

Don’t look so anxious. Rest assured, you’re talented so you can definitely do it.

You’re too modest, I’ve always admired your work ethics. Do you realize how unfortunate it feels when our time together would be longer if you had been a little less capable?

If I’m supported by you, who’s so competent, I might find my original secretary inadequate when they return tomorrow.


Hehe, I’m serious.

Now then, it’s about we leave.


Track 2


Say, we’re sitting in the car like this, does it not remind you of the day we were first bound together?

Eh? You forgot?

I remember it vividly, after all, it was the moment my dream was fulfilled. That day you were innocently cute…

Oh, you’re still cute now though.

In any case, it was so tight that day that I had a hard time fitting it all in. However, that difficulty made me incredibly happy. I was truly moved at the notion that you retained your virginity for my sake.

As for now…

It has been molded into my shape and it’s now able to softly but firmly wrapped around me.


Huh? Why are you so angry?

Oh, you need not worry about that, he’s the driver from when I went to greet your family for the first time and he knows fully what happened.

Hmm? Why did you start shivering all of a sudden? Is the air conditioning set too low?

Hey you, set the temperature higher.


Now then, it should be more tolerable now.

How troubling, if that wasn’t able to stop your shivering then I’ll make it so that you focus on something else.

For example, teasing your favorite clitoris through your underwear like this…

See? You trembled.

You’ve become rather sensitive ever since you became my wife. If I rub it like this…

Ah, look, it’ll stiffen immediately. That’s an aspect that’s different from before, isn’t it?

Regardless, I’m happy that you’re feeling it from the cold.


Eh? I’m not fooling around?

……I’m genuinely trying to get this place wet.


You’ve come to enjoy having your ear licked and this place teased more than you did before, no?

I can’t tell since it starts overflowing right away. And the desire to make you feel better drives me to tease you a bit too much.


Oh sorry, it’s a phone call, it seems. I’ll talk to them for a bit so suppress your voice, okay?

Haha! I won’t stop touching you, I’m dextrous after all so I can make you cum even while I’m talking.

Yeah yeah, we can talk later.


It’s you? Since you called me at this time, the results must be out, right?

Is that so?

I understand, in that case, proceed with the plan. That said, I’ll tell you one thing, there’re no second chances the next time you fail.


Aah…it’s completely soaked. You were so, so cute as you desperately suppressed your voice and you quivered next to me, I was about to shove it in while taking the call you see.

You mustn’t glare at me with such eyes, I’m increasingly reminded of that day.

I’ll want to ram that thing into these wet steamy insides.

Hahaha! I wonder if it’s because of the situation? It’s been a long time since I last saw that look of despair on your face.

You look like you’re given up lately so I’m happy to have swayed your emotions.


Hey, how about we actually go all the way here? I’m feeling nostalgic about the past.

That’s true, I didn’t bring a condom and if we were to go all the way, it would be our first time having bareback sex in a long time.

You should’ve learned from that time that this type of resistance is futile. Besides, right now, you have all the more reason not to resist me.

I guess it can’t be helped, I wanted to ease into things a bit more but at this rate, with you resisting, I won’t be able to put it in even when we arrive at the company. In any case, I’m inserting it okay?

Though I say that, you probably remember…


It’s tighter than usual, it’s squeezing around me as an attempt to push me out.

But nope, I won’t pull out until you cum at least once. If you hate it regardless, then you ought to shake your hips more and escape from me.

It feels so good when I rub against you every time you struggle.

Hey, you don’t actually want me to pull out, instead, you want me to cum inside don’t you? Because look, you’re clenching down so tightly.


Hmm? Are you really that against it?

Then you ought to try harder. Look, because you’re wiggling your hips so indecently…

You can tell it’s gotten bigger, right? I’m already about to cum.

You still don’t have enough strength to escape. You poor thing, at this rate, everything I’ve stored up will be released deep inside you.


Come on, come on, you feel my hard penis that’s close to ejaculating deep inside you don’t you?

Hahaha! It’s been a long time since I last saw your genuine tears.

Normally it would’ve been a bit salty, but why do your tears taste this delicious?

It’s fine to spill more tears, I’ll grind up against your womb as I lick them all up and then pour my cum inside, okay?


It’s a shame but…it seems like I’ve reached my limit, I can’t endure it any longer.

It’s futile even if you resist. But well, I never had any intention of letting you escape in the event you did.


Cumming, I’m cumming!!!


That felt good didn’t it? I’m glad that you came as well in the end.

Hmm? Why are you denying it? Even if you deny it I can tell by the movement of your insides.

Oh, I see, are you feeling a little frustrated?

Amidst the fear of me cumming inside, while screaming “No, stop!” as your womb sucked on the head, you came, didn’t you?

How cute.


Sorry, I’m joking actually.


More, hit me more!!! I’m happy that I’ve elicited such intense emotions.

Ah…calm down, please don’t cry so much.

Here, blow your nose with this handkerchief. Your face is a mess from your tears and mucus.


Yup, it’s more or less clean now.

Since your makeup came off, let’s call a professional make-up artist later okay?

By the way, about that joke…

I’m sorry for startling you. I’m feeling a bit lonely because regardless of what I do lately, you’d always say “feel free,” and that’s why I said such a mean lie.

Mhm, it’s a lie. Look, see?

Yes, I had a condom on from the start. Before we got in the car, I left you for a bit didn’t I?

At that time I was secretly erect so I put one on.

Man, it was surprisingly hard to hide the fact that I was erect.


Haha! Did you seriously think I did it raw?

Of course not, I’m abiding by the promise I exchanged with you properly. …At least while you’re aware that is.

It’s a lie, I won’t cum inside while you’re unconscious.

To you, I’m probably a horrible rapist even now, but now that we’re married, I want to become a man that can fulfill the wishes of you, my wife. And it’s not just a dream, I have the power to reach it.

And so, as your husband, I want you to have some faith in me, and if possible, I wish for you to like me even the slightest bit. Please don’t brush everything off with “feel free,” I’m happy that you accept me but occasionally, it brings me great loneliness.


Ah, no, your will is important, or rather, that’s the most important part.


I was testing things out today but what I want is your heart. That’s what I’ve always said even before we got married was it not?

I see…I understand. It’s impossible right now, isn’t it?


Though you say that, in reality, you were emotionally touched weren’t you? Right?

I can tell.

Ah, it seems like I’ve grown hard of hearing recently, I can’t quite hear what you’re saying.

Oh it appears that we’ve arrived at the company.

Well then, please take my hand, my dear Princess.


Track 3


Yes. Yes, thank you, I’m grateful for your cooperation. Well then, I’ll see you again at the party the day after tomorrow.


Oh, you’re already done with the work I entrusted to you. As expected of a capable proprietor, you’re talented, aren’t you?

You know, preferably you should leave that to that person, my actual secretary…

That is true. I get it, you’re my secretary for one full day.

Eh? What are you surprised by?

Haha, I’m pretty much the representative of the group after all. I put my best efforts into work because the periods where leadership would be entrusted to me solely due to my position as family head is gone.

For this reason, the current Saijou Family head stands in a more unforgiving position than before. And this also implies that as the era progresses, it is a requirement for one to raise their abilities.


No, I’ve never once considered clinging onto the company for my own sake. I’m the family head as the result of being brought up to become one and I didn’t know any other ways of living.

If I really tried searching there probably would’ve been a way but until shitty old man…I mean, my grandfather died, I was forced to follow the path of a successor and it was a pain to contest his directives.

And prior to that, I didn’t have any interests. No matter what I did, no matter what I ate, it was evidently true. I thought it was rather impossible to be moved or angered at that reality.

It might be because that shitty old man crushed everything I held precious.

When I think back on it now, I was probably planning on living like a machine because I’ve exhausted my mental energy.


I was already tired of reality when I was a primary schooler so I became apathetic.

So for me, the moment I fell in love with you at first sight, I remember being so excited that I was about to cease breathing.

When reevaluated, I think it’s quite an amazing power. It’s more potent than any psychiatric medication, you were able to revive my dead heart.

Naturally, the impact of that moment lingers to this day.

Although it may anger you, I don’t regret raping you even now. If you ended up liking and marrying another man as the result of me using a different method…I would’ve killed everyone and then died together with you.


No, no, I’ve changed a little now. The moment you are in love with another man, I’d kill them and then lock you up somewhere so that nothing else could enter your line of sight.

See? I’ve gotten gentler.

I guess so, the house arrest was probably the worst period for you. Different from before, I understand that now, and so, I’m holding back quite a lot right now.

The situation of being restricted by me aside, I do my best to make sure that your days are happy and doing my utmost at work is part of that.

As long as I maintain a solid foundation, I can guarantee your lifestyle. Besides, the Saijou Group has grown a great deal compared to when my grandfather was alive so Hikaru shouldn’t be lost in waysides unless a major incident occurs after he inherits it.


Eh? I never imagined you would ask me that now.

Like I’ve said before, I treasure Hikaru. As he carries your blood, he’s what I love the second-most in the world.

Ah, no, I guess that’s not the best expression, this is why you’re always uneasy right? Because I think of everything in relation to you, you’re scared that I might stop loving Hikaru one day aren’t you?

But don’t worry, even if you were to cheat per se, I’ll still cherish Hikaru. I would never abandon nor treat him poorly because he’s the proof that you’ve given me.

Yes, proof. The proof that I’ve loved someone and chose passed down my blood.

Considering my past self, it’s an impossible miracle.

And so, although you may not believe me, I’m grateful to you.


Your existence, your gifts, the world that you see, they’re all treasures to me.

Hmm? Why do you look like you’ve swallowed a bitter bug?

Oh, are the teeth that were sore the other day hurting?

I knew it. Haa…good grief, to be incapable of fixing even a cavity, that hospital should be shut down, I’ll call them with a complaint right now.

For you to grasp my hand, is there something wrong?


I see. I get it, you were turned on weren’t you?

To tell your truth, while watching you work in my office, my crotch was hard the whole time.

It’s such a wonderful sight to see you in a suit. You’re always wonderful but I guess it’s because of the novelty, my heart’s racing faster than usual.

Jeez, you don’t have to be embarrassed.

Look, it’s bent back enough to enter you at any time.

Eh? I really was erect the whole time, I was sitting so nobody noticed it seems.


Haha! I’m glad I adjusted my schedule, if I had walked outside, everyone would’ve been flustered.

Eh? No way, it’s impossible to do that now, we have to head outside for affairs in the afternoon no? So until then, we ought to do something about this.

And so, you know, you just have to let me rub against you insides 3-no, 5 times.

Please let me put it in.

Come on, say yes. I’ll keep licking you until you say it.


Yes, I promised, once I rub 5 times, I’ll cum right now.

Thank you.

Then could you place your hands onto the glass panel and stick out your butt?

I guess so, it’s true that all walls are glass but don’t worry, everyone’s so busy at work so they wouldn’t be looking at the neighboring buildings. Besides, since this building’s the tallest, no one can see unless they’re using binoculars.

Yup, yup, just like that. Regardless of what happens, you mustn’t drop down onto your knees okay?


To see your pussy in the light of day…oh, how beautiful it is. It’s glossy like a ripe fruit.

Hmm? I haven’t broken my promise, this is sort of akin to a warm-up so that I can keep my promise with you because if I don’t make you wet, you’ll end up hurt.


Nope, nope, I can’t let you escape now, you’ve made a promise with me after all.

What a waste, your love juices are flowing nonstop and it’s close to spilling. For it to be overflowing so much that I can’t lick it all up, you’re such a tease, aren’t you?

Not being wet is a complete lie, in truth, you’re excited at the thought of having sex in a different environment, aren’t you?


Ow! You’re suffocating me, I can’t breathe.

I’m so happy to be smothered to death by your pussy!!! More, do it to me more. Come on, do it with all your strength.

Eh? Is the asphyxiation play over? …I really enjoyed that play just now though.


Hmm? Oh, if it’s about the condom, I took the occasion and put it on during our asphyxiation play just now.

Not at all, I just have to hold onto it next. Look, I was about to cum if I didn’t grip it.

In that case, I should stick it in right away?

I get it. Then as promised, I’ll cum immediately after I rub 5 times, okay?


Because I licked further in today, it’s wetter than usual and it feels good.

I know, I’ll cum after rubbing 5 times; that’s what we promised after all.

Now then, one…two, three, four, five.


Look, as promised, I came after 5 times. Since you’re the other person, I can ejaculate even after just once.

That said, I’m troubled, even after I came once, I’m still hard. At this rate, the situation of leaving everyone with shameful memories hasn’t changed.

For the sake of protecting the order within the company, I ought to cum one more time, don’t I?


Eh? I haven’t broken the promise though? As I stated, I came after rubbing against you 5 times.

Besides, your insides are squeezing down on me like that wasn’t enough. In reality, you wanted me to drive it all the way inside you, didn’t you?


Aah, I’m hitting your deep spots. It feels so good that the tip feels like it’s about to melt.

Eh? Do I really need to cum already? I can still last a moment longer.


It hurts for you to say that.

I guess so, I mustn’t slack at work right? Then, in the end, I’ll make it all the more. I’ll focus on your favorite spot and end it that way.


Cute, you’re so cute. Why are you this cute?


I’m cumming, I’m cumming again. I’m cumming from your soaking wet pussy.


Thank you, it has subsided a little thanks to you.

Now then, I’ll wipe down your body so wait just a sec. I go grab a towel right now-

I see, you don’t need my help huh. In that case, I’ll have someone else bring it since people should already be at work.

There’s no need to hide it anymore so I’ll confess. I’ve achieved my goal of enjoying office love with you, after all.


Yes, I realized from the start that you purposefully played along with my lie for the sake of protecting Hikaru. I played the fool so that you wouldn’t notice if possible.

And so, please mock me with these lips again, I want to be forever engulfed in this happiness with you.

It’s been a long time since I’ve last heard the line, “Is this happiness?”

Of course I’m happy, even if I’m looked upon with scorn till the day I die, my world shines brighter than it ever had before.

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